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Chapter 70 – Then make a decision

“Are you going to move or not! Do you not know who I am?” The bandaged head guy jumped off his car.

Hehe! Today’s interesting, that Zhang Jiaming at school asked me whether I know who he is, and now this bandaged head is asking me too, what’s with these people!

“Say, your head is wrapped up like a mummy, did you get beaten until you got amnesia so that you don’t know who you are?” I mocked.

“****, do you not recognize my car plate? There isn’t anyone in Songjiang that dares to fight over parking slot with me!” The bandaged head guy pointed to his car palte and roared.

I was speechless, did another underworld boss pop up during the few months I was in Songjiang? Why else would he speak so cockily!

I looked down. This guy’s car plate is a66666, ****, it seems very amazing, but it’s still slightly worse than mine. I didn’t bother arguing with this pretentious fellow anymore, since I still had stuff to do. Since I already remembered his car plate, I’ll get Guo Qing’s subordinates to beat him up one day.

I pointed to my a88888 car plate and said, “Don’t you know my car plate?” Then, before waiting for his reaction, I turned around and walked into the police station.

I didn’t think that just after I walked into the police station, that bandaged head guy also entered. He momentarily blanked after seeing me, then turned to a police. He took out a piece of paper from his pocket and said, “Superintendent Zhang, this is my inspection report. Look, there is severe inner bleeding within the skull and severe concussion, I might end up in a vegetative state! That’s why, the culprit must be severely punished, you must make sure he ends up with ten or twenty years in jail. I have to let people know that the people that piss me, Yan Yitong, off will only die!”

That Superintendent Zhang received the inspection report awkwardly, then said, “Director Yan, don’t get so worked up. We already captured the suspect according to regulations, and didn’t let his family post bail. However, is your inspection report…”

“What? You don’t believe it? How about I take the bandage off for you? You wouldn’t be able to see if even if I take it off, your eyes aren’t x-ray, can there be a mistake in the hospital’s proof! Severe concussion! I’m telling you, hurry up and deal with that ****** ****, otherwise, I’m going to the people’s congress to apply pressure!” The bandaged head, Yan Yitong, said.

I glanced over. It’s such a coincidence, so this bandaged head guy is that construction site owner that got hit. Thus, I went up and said, “This is Director Chen, right? I’m Chen Zelong and Chen Tianyu’s family member, does this Director Yan look like he has a concussion?”

“About this…” That Superintendent Zhang didn’t think Chen Zelong’s family would be right here, so he was beyond awkward. Yet, this Yan Yitong didn’t give up either, so he was put on the spot.

“You’re Chen Zelong’s relative?” Yan Yitong started to get worried, because he had checked my car plate out at the door, which caused him to feel a little scared.

Yan Yitong has heard about it before. Song a88888 was Guo Qing’s car, but then this car vanished for a while so Yan Yitong didn’t pay much attention to it. Now, he couldn’t help but be shocked upon seeing it.

That was because I lent my car to Guo Qing for a while after going to Yanjing, and Guo Qing had already become a celebrity in Songjiang province. He had plenty of properties under his control, giving him an image of an entertainment millionaire. His position in the society was definitely no worse than Zhao Junsheng.

On the other hand, Yan Yitong has never heard of Chen Zelong having some powerful relative. Could Guo Qing’s relative go and become a worker at a construction site? Thinking that, Yan Yitong felt more confident, it seems like Guo Qing must have sold his car. The person in front of him doesn’t seem like someone on the underworld, he might just be a rich boss.

Thus, Yan Yitong also got more aggressive, “How can you see a severe concussion? I didn’t deal with you about the issue just now, I’m telling you, you better be careful!”

“Are you threatening me?” I said plainly. “If you don’t want to have a real concussion, then stay put!”

“Superintendent Zhang, this brat is intimidating me!” Yan Yitong turned towards Superintendent Zhang and said.

“About this… Sir, please be more careful with your words, your words have already become a crime of intimidation…” Superintendent Zhang said to me.

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“Hehe, this is intimidation, then I wonder if him telling me to be careful earlier was intimidation?” I smiled.

“About this…” Superintendent Zhang was a bit speechless.

Seeing that I was like a coward, Yan Yitong become fearless. From his perspective, all mob boss were like him, always being extremely cocky, those that spoke like me were just a little rich.

“I’m telling you, it’s fine for me to intimidate you, because there’s no one in Songjiang that I don’t dare to make a move on!” Yan Yitong pointed at me and said.

“Who are you trying to make a move on?” At this moment, a voice rang out form the entrance. It was Jiang Yongfu.

“Director Jiang!” Superintendent Zhang quickly went over. “It’s so late now, why did you come here for?”

“It’s no big deal, a good friend of mine said his relatives were captured by you guys and not allowed to post bail, so I’m coming to see what happened! Say, Superintendent Zhang, it is a period where everything’s strict, I already got the city’s police department to send it down, you guys should have received it down already, right? Right now, us, the provincial police department has already established a specialized group to punish those that are not following the law, not enforcing the law properly, going against the law, and breaking the law despite knowing the law. I don’t want old subordinates of mine like you guys get suspended!” After Jiang Yongfu became an official, his way of speaking became more eloquent.

“Director Jiang, we have no choice, because the identity of the victim isn’t simple. He’s famous in our city and also a representative of the city’s people congress, that’s why we didn’t let the family members post bail…” Director Zhang looked at Yan Yitong and said.

“Director jiang right, hello, I’m the victim, Yan Yitong, you must help me!” With that, Yan Yitong reached out to shake hands with Jiang Yongfu and hand over a name card.

Jiang Yongfu ignored his right hand, and merely received the name card from his left. He looked at it. Chairman of Yellow River Real Estate Limited, Representative of Songjaing City’s People’s Congress, Yan Yitong.

Jiang Yongfu snorted coldly, “So it’s Director Yan, I think that you look alright, since you still know to give me your name card. Are you tricking people with your inspection report?”

“How would I dare to trick Director Jiang! This is the inspection report, please have a look!” Yan Yitong handed the report in his hand to Jiang Yongfu.

“Which hospital’s inspection report is this. Do you need me to get a car to drive you to the provincial department’s provincial hospital to have another inspection? Yan Yitonng, I’m telling you, don’t think that we, the higher-ups, don’t know what you’re doing. We didn’t just get one or two letters reporting you. Don’t think that I don’t dare to do anything to you because you are a representative of the people’s congress. If you break the law, I’ll still order the city police department to arrest you!” Jiang Yongfu casually threw the report onto the table.

We all understand, Yan Yitong, make a decision. How to you want to deal with this today!” Jiang Yongfu pointed at the report on his table and said. “You and this hospital has already committed document falsification!”

“Director Jiang… Deal with it however you say!” Yan Yitong balanced the pros and cons, then said with his teeth clenched.


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