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Chapter 64 – Who’s this person?

“Is it about Yanyan?” My heart immediately tensed up. I know that Liu Yue calling me right now was most likely about Zhao Yanyan, that was because Liu Yue was rather independent, for things related to the business, she would only tell me the situation of the revenue every year, and not mention other things to me.

“Yes… Zhao Yanyan woke up, but she…” Liu Yue paused for a moment.

“What happened? Just say it!” I asked anxiously. My voice subconsciously loudened by several times, causing the people around me to stare at me.

“But she doesn’t remember you anymore!” Liu Yue said with a sigh.

“Don’t remember me? What do you mean!” I asked anxiously.

“When I mentioned you, she was completely blank, but she remembers everyone else… The doctor said that the shockwave to her brain caused her to have partial amnesia…” Liu Yue explained.

I received two news at the same time, a good news and a bad news.

I don’t know if I should be happy or depressed at this moment.

However, Zhao Yanyan being safe is my biggest comfort! No matter what, I’ll hurry to the hospital first!

Although Liu Yue said that she would get someone from the car shop to come and get me at the airport, I couldn’t wait any longer, and so I hurried towards the hospital after stopping a cab.

After I got to the entrance to the ward, I hard clear laughter from within. Who else was it apart from Zhao Yanyan!

My sullen mood immediately lightened, I don’t know why, but I felt a bit more relaxed at this moment. Perhaps, this is the feeling of truly loving someone.

I knocked on the door and walked into the ward. When I saw Zhao Yanyan, who was smiling happily as she chatted with Liu Yue, I really had an urge to rush up and hold her in my embrace, but I restrained myself.

When she saw me enter, she frowned and looked at me. She felt like the person in front of her was unusually familiar, but she couldn’t remember him. As for Liu Yue, she quickly said, “Liu Lei, you came back!”

“Oh! So you’re Liu Lei! Liu Yue has always mentioned you these few days, you must be Liu Yue’s boyfriend, right?” Zhao Yanyan smiled at me.

I faint… She really doesn’t recognize me…

Hearing Zhao Yanyan say that she kept on mentioning Liu Lei, Liu Yue’s face couldn’t help but heat up. When she heard Zhao Yanyan say that Liu Lei is her boyfriend, her face immediately blushed. She didn’t know why, but even though she felt that it was clearly wrong, as if she was taking advantage of Zhao Yanyan, she couldn’t help herself.

Seeing Liu Yue blush, I couldn’t help but sigh silently. However, I didn’t have the main d to consider other matters right now.

Looking at Zhao Yanyan’s innocent look, I suppressed the urge of telling her what happened before. I know that even if I said it all, she can’t accept it all right now. However, I did have to draw a clear line with Liu Yue for now, or else it would be even harder for Zhao Yanyan to accept me. Thus I smiled and said, “Hehe, we’re just normal friends.”

The moment I said that, Liu Yue expression darkened a little, but it returned to normal very quickly. Zhao Yanyan did not notice, but since I was extremely sensitive, I was able to feel Liu Yue’s change, it’s just that, what was I supposed to do right now?

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“About that… I’m going out to buy something, Yanyan didn’t eat breakfast yet…” Liu Yue also felt the awkward atmosphere, and found an excuse to leave the ward.

“Yanyan…” Seeing that Liu Yue left, I was unable to suppress the feelings within my heart, so I said passionately as I sat down beside Zhao Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan felt rather wrong about my way of addressing her. She frowned and said in displeasure, “I don’t know you, call me Zhao Yanyan, we aren’t very familiar with each other…”

“I… Do you really not remember me?” I asked without giving up.

“What’s wrong with you, I’ve never seen you before!” Although Zhao Yanyan just woke up and felt a bit blurry, she didn’t have such a person in her memory. From her perspective, this person was clearly trying to get close to her with a thick face, and he even called her “Yanyan” intimately!

“Yanyan, if you don’t remember me, then can you remember who you spend the three years of high school with?” I continued to ask.

Three years of high school? Zhao Yanyan tried her hardest to think, but did not recall anything. Although she remembers tads and bits of some things, it was as if she couldn’t recall something important. However, she just thought that this was a normal case of just waking up, the doctor had said that it was normal, so she didn’t treat it as anything. She never would have thought that she would completely forget someone.

“Please stop talking? I just woke up, the doctor told me not to use my brain too much, but I can tell you, I really don’t remember someone like you!” Zhao Yanyan said mercilessly.

“Yanyan, actually… actually we’re a couple!” I couldn’t suppress my emotions anymore and finally spoke out the truth. I continued, “Yanyan, did you forget, we were deskmates in high school, we learnt about computers at Shaoniangong together. Your first time lying to your home was sneaking out to the theatres with me, which was where we had our first kiss, also, we went to Yanjing to enter the National Teenage Computing Competition, and in the hotel we…”

“Enough, haha!” Zhao Yanyan interrupted my words and laughed coldly, “Liu Lei-tongxue, don’t you find this hilarious? This is so old, pursuing a girl using this method is too outdated!”

The words “Liu Lei-tongxue” caused my heart to feel cold. This means that Zhao Yanyan had completely drawn a boundary between her and I. She actually treated my words as a way of pursuing her! However, thinking about it, it did seem like the plot from some third-rated tv show!

I knew it was pointless to continue, so could only shut up.

At this moment, Liu Yue returned. When she saw Zhao Yanyan and I look in different directions, acting extremely awkward, she said, “I bought three people’s portion, let’s eat together!”

Coincidentally, I didn’t eat anything since I just got off the plane, and was truly a bit hungry, so I didn’t act courteous. I just received the chopsticks and started eating. This caused Zhao Yanyan to frown, as she said to me, “Why are you so thick-skinned, you don’t feel awkward at all!”

The moment I said that, not only I, but even Liu Yue felt troubled! However, Liu Yue didn’t say anything, since she couldn’t help in this situation either.

Before we finished eating, Uncle Zhao pushed open the door. Seeing that I was here, he said happily, “Xiao Liu, you’re here! Did you finish taking care of the things in Hong Kong?”

“Yeah, Uncle Zhao, I handed it to the branch office manager, Zhang Jiang, to handle,” I said.

“Dad, who is this person?” Suddenly, Zhao Yanyan interrupted Uncle Zhao and my conversation and asked while pointing at me. She seemed to be very displeased with the familiarity between Zhao Junsheng and I.

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“Yanyan, you…” Zhao Junsheng looked at his darling daughter in confusion as he said strangely, “What did you say?”


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