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Chapter 66 – So you have good intentions?

That’s why, in order to not disturb Zhao Yanyan’s listen in class, I started sleeping whenever class started. This made me recall the high school times, I was like that as well, Zhao Yanyan would listen intently on the side, while I slept my days away.

Zhao Yanyan was already completely speechless, she thought more than once, why’s this person like that, sleeping whenever class starts, and it just had to be beside her!! Although she didn’t have anything to do with him, the professor didn’t think so! Looking at the professor’s ambiguous gaze, they must have misunderstood that he was her boyfriend. Ai, so embarrassing, why does this fellow like sleeping so much!

Just as I was enjoying my sleep, I was slapped away. I opened my eyes, and saw an okay-looking boy in a suit stand in front of me.

“Hey, this classmate, can you sleep somewhere else?” The boy deliberately posed very coolly and said.

****, I intentionally got pissed, is this person a ******? How’s it his business where I slept? Thus, I said coldly, “Why do I have to go somewhere else?”

That boy clearly blanked, then said very cockily towards me, “You don’t know who I am?”

“Are you a ******? Did your head get kicked by a mule?” I found it hilarious, first, this person tells me to sleep somewhere else, and now he asked me if I knew him! The world truly is big enough for all sort of things to happen!

Hearing that, the boy’s face turned green. He was kind of a famous person in Huaxia University, right? However, he thought about it, this person was a new student in first year, it’s normal for himself not to be unknown to them, thus he said, “I’m called Zhang Jiaming, from the second year of Business Management!”

Zhang Jiaming? Never heard of him. I tried my best to think about the memories from my previous life. There wasn’t this person! It seems like as time passed our reborn, the butterfly effect is more and more apparent. The things that has begun to happen is completely different from my previous life.

When a student beside Zhang Jiaming saw my expression that still confused, he quickly explained on the side, “This is the manager of Huaxia Investments!”

Huaxia Investments? Oh, I remember, I do have some recollection of this name. Huaxia Investments is an investment organization that Huaxia University established in order to encourage students to start their own business, it invests in the company that the students establish in exchange for a portion of shares. It was somewhat similar to the current venture capital firms, but this organization strictly focused on Huaxia University’s students.

Seeing that I nodded, Zhang Jiaming’s lackey continued proudly, “How’s that, hurry up and move, our Director Zhang is going to pick up a girl! I’m telling you, if you get into a good relationship with our Director Zhang, he can send eighty or a hundred thousand to you instantly!”

****, it’ll be weird if this funding is managed by this person don’t lose way too much money. Now I also understand why a lot of the businesses that students start fail, the management regulations are too terrible!

“Sorry, I’m not interested in your investment. Okay now, please stop disturbing my sleep… Oh, also, if you have any ill thoughts about my girlfriend, I’ll make sure you leave here horizontally!” I said coldly.

“Brat, don’t not recognize when someone is praising you! I’m telling you, there is no advantage for you if you offend Director Zhang, it’ll cause you to have lots of trouble in Huaxia University! Director Zhang getting interested in your girlfriend is her fortune, many girls throw themselves at our Director Zhang, but he’s not interested at them at all!” Zhang Jiaming’s lackey barked wildly at me as he pointed just like a ****** dog.

“Oh? Then try!” I reached my hand out to pick him up like someone picks up a chicken.

“What… What are you going!” The lackey clearly did not expect I’ll use force.

“What? You are barking wildly beside my ear and disturbing my sleep, don’t you know that the consequences are severe?” I lifted him up with one hand casually with minimum effort and said.

“Okay now, this classmate, let’s not get angry!” Seeing that I wasn’t any kind of nice guy, Zhang Jiaming quickly tried to calm us down. Then he scolded that lackey, “Wang Peng, how many times have I told you about your ****** mouth, it’s always causing trouble for me!” With that, he gave a cue to Wang Peng.

“Ugh… Ah, hehe, sorry, Director Zhang!” Wang Peng immediately understood him.

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“What’s the use of saying sorry to me, hurry up and apologize to this classmate!” said Zhang Jiaming.

“Oh, this classmate, I’m so sorry!” said Wang Peng.

“Hehe!” I snorted coldly and threw Wang Peng to the side. This pair of master and servant was clearly acting, do they think that I can’t tell. If this Zhang Jiaming did not signal Wang Peng, would he dare to act so cockily!

“Alright, sorry for disturbing!” Zhang Jiaming did very well to cover, but from the lecherous gaze he looked at Zhao Yanyan with, as well as the spiteful gaze he looked at me with, how was it possible for me to not understand what he was thinking!

It just that I was busy pursuing Zhao Yanyan right now, so I didn’t have the time to deal with them. Since I spent all my time with Zhao Yanyan every single day aside from when I’m sleeping, I wasn’t scared of him doing anything.

“Why were you so aggressive towards them just now!” After Zhang Jiaming left, Zhao Yanyan asked me with a blush. It was clearly because I called her my girlfriend just now.

“It’s obvious that that Zhang Jiaming didn’t have any good intentions, he clearly just want to chat you up, and didn’t that Wang Peng say it a well!” I said.

“So you have good intentions? Don’t you want to… that me?” Zhao Yanyan blinked and looked at me with a smiling and not smiling intention.

During university, I was able to retain the good habit of never bringing my books to class.

This day, I truly wasn’t sleepy, perhaps I slept too much recently, causing me to not be able to even fall asleep. I just brought Chen Weier to get a room every day, causing the girly to be dead tired, while praying for Zhao Yanyan to return to my embrace quickly. Otherwise, she would be screwed to death by me.

Seeing that I wasn’t sleeping and blanked out while staring at her on the side, she pushed the book between us embarrassedly and said, “Let’s share a book, you should listen to class, otherwise, what are you going to do during the test! Don’t think that I’ll give you the answers!”

Hearing that, I felt a sudden joy, that means Zhao Yanyan started caring about me! Hard work truly does pay off! Just as I was getting happy, I heard someone suddenly call my name, “Liu Lei, come and answer the question just now!”

I raised my head in confusion, and saw the professor in charge of the lesson looking at me.

****, isn’t he messing with me, how am I supposed to know what the question was!

Just as I was getting annoyed, Zhao Yanyan kicked me and said quietly, “The second to last line on page 69!”

I quickly picked up the book and swiftly flipped to the page and started reading, “Huaxia University Press, set price 29.38 yuan…” ****, just as I was thinking about how caring the chick Zhao Yanyan was, actually telling me the answer, I saw that I misread the page number, and actually flipped to page 96.


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