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Chapter 67 – A plan arises

The class was instantly filled with a round of laughter, causing Zhao Yanyan to stomp her feet in anger. She was truly annoyed with my lack of motivation!

“Hai hai! Liu Lei, according to what I know, you sleep in my lesson every time, you finally aren’t sleeping, yet you aren’t paying attention in class, this studying attitude isn’t right…” The professor started scolding me continuously.

After that, he immediately changed his tone and said, “Okay, let’s continue to look at this program, the program should be written like this…” With that, he started writing on the blackboard, as if he forgot about me. However, he didn’t tell me to sit down.

Isn’t this deliberately messing with me! Yet, since the professor didn’t speak, I should sit down, since I should respect my teachers at school a bit more.

However… Hehe, since you messed with me like that, shouldn’t I repay you in full as well? AS I looked at the program he wrote on the blackboard, a plan arose.

“This program can be written like this…” The professor explained as he wrote. “Alright, does anyone have any questions?”

“Professor, the way you wrote the program is too tedious, although the execution result is the same, why not make it more simplified?” I immediately said.

Everyone in the class, including Zhao Yanyan, looked at me with a weird expression. They didn’t understand why I, a student that never listened in class, would suddenly say that, could it be that I was deliberately causing trouble?

The professor pushed his glasses up and said to me, “Oh? Then how does Liu Lei think it should be simplified?”

I walked towards the stage, took a piece of chalk, and started writing on another blank space on the blackboard. The hundred plus lines of code was simplified to fifty something lines.

When I put down the chalk and walked back to my seat, the professor looked at me with a shocked expression. Then, he nodded understandingly, which actually caused me to become a bit confused.

I took the chance to sit down. Hehe, the feeling of standing like an idiot really isn’t good!

“The program after Liu Lei’s simplification is very good, not only did it improve the code, it also improved the efficiency of execution, this will use less RAM…” The professor started to tlak about the program I wrote.

Zhao Yanyan looked at me with an admiring expression, but said, “You guessed it, right!”

“…” This made me recall what Zhao Yanyan had said to me during high school as well.

“Don’t you never study?” Zhao Yanyan asked me in confusion.

“Ugh… Who said I don’t study, it’s just that I spend all the time during the day to chat you up, and have no time to study, I have to fight through the night under the lights every day….” Gaga, I did fight through the night every day, but I fought Chen Weier during the night.

“Che… I’m going to ignore you now!” Zhao Yanyan turned around with a blush.

Hehe, I don’t believe that you can escape my grasp!

“Liu Lei, come to my office for a moment!” said the professor after class.

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Going to the office? It can’t be, he can’t be scolding me due to me taking his spotlight, right?

I followed the professor to his office… Huh? Faculty head’s office? This geezer is the faculty head? ******* hell, now I’m screwed! I thought he was just a normal professor.

“Liu Lei, you don’t remember me?” The professor closed the door, poured a cup of water for me, then sat back onto the sofa.

“You…” I swept over the name plate on the office table. Dong Yuchen. I don’t have any memories of that, why did he ask me this? Could this guy be reborn as well”

“Professor Dong, have we met before?” I asked in a testing manner.

“Yeah, not only have we met before, I even gave you a prize!” With that, Professor Dong turned on the computer on his desk.

A prize? I was more and more confused, when have I gotten a prize before? Could it be the National Teenage Computing Competition I entered with Zhao Yanyan? I thought back to it. The person that presented me with the prize did seem to be him, the only thing that changed was his hairstyle. Thus, I said, “Professor Dong, are you talking about that National Teenage Computing Competition?”

“Yeah! You remember!” Professor Dong nodded, “That was the first national computing competition, and I was the main judge, so I had a really deep impression of you! I still have your piece from back then!’ With that, he opened a file, and executed an application, causing the computing screen to instantly show my the piece I wrote back then, Zhao Yanyan in a white jacket standing at the entrance of Huaxia University.

Suddenly, Professor Dong pointed at the computer screen and said to me after thinking about it a little, “This girl is the girl sitting beside you in class?”

I nodded.

“No wonder, I felt that this girl looked really familiar the first day! Yet, why did you think about using Huaxia University as the background back then?” Professor Dong asked.

“Ugh… That’s because we set Huaxia University as our target in the future,” I said casually. Of course I couldn’t say that I was reborn!

“So it’s like that! It seems like you guys got what you wished for. However, Zhao Yanyan back then didn’t look the same as now, right? Your piece…” Professor Dong finally asked me the fatal question.

“Ah!” I momentarily blanked, ****, I can’t let him continue asking like this, otherwise, I’ll let it slip sooner or later, so I had to quickly change the topic. Thus, I said perfunctorily, “This is also my imagination of what she is like after she matures, I didn’t think that it really is similar, haha.”

Professor Dong nodded, but didn’t continue delving on it, he started to get to the main point, “Fortunately you didn’t sleep today, otherwise, I wouldn’t have known that someone so talented was among my students!”

“Hehe!” I chuckled dryly in embarrassment.

“Oh yeah, I’ve been getting troubled over talents recently. The situation is like this, our school’s computing faculty is preparing to start a software company, mainly for Hanzi character recognition! I’m going to be the leader for this project, come and help out, Liu Lei!” said Professor Dong.

“Okay,” I thought about it, then said. “however, this projects seems to need a lot of funding, do we have enough money? From what I know, not only does the software for OCR have to be good, it also needs to be supported by the scanning hardware!”

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“Hehe, the chancellor already approved us for the funding, we can use the money from the school’s Huaxia Investment!” said Professor Dong. “Liu Lei, it seems like I didn’t find the wrong person, you even know OCR, so you did do quite a bit of research on recognition systems!”

Huaxia Investments? Isn’t that the company Zhang Jiaming is in charge of, it seems like Wang Peng was right, the money in Zhang Jiaming’s hands can’t be underestimated!

“I just read a bit of it on foreign websites!” I said humbly. Hehe, the amount of profit for OCR wasn’t a lot, so I didn’t get Uncle Zhao and then to research it, since I had a lot of incomplete projects on hand. However, this doesn’t mean that I don’t understand about it.

“Okay, that’s a promise. I’ll get a few more students to research with us, I’ll notify you by phone after it’s all set!” said Professor Dong.


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