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Chapter 59 – Messed Up Relationships

Chen Tianlei stared at me blankly, then said after a while, “From the amount of funds you have, I can guess that you aren’t just a bit influential in the mainland. Perhaps you don’t care about my company, and your purpose is just to take revenge for your fiancé. Never mind, Chen’s Corporation is yours now, do what you want with it!” It was as if Chen Tianlei saw through my thoughts.

With that, Chen Tianlei started packing up his stuff. Meanwhile, I also felt into deep thoughts. At that moment, my gaze stopped on a photo on Chen Tianlei’s desk that was about to be put away!

“Mr. Chen, this photo…” I pointed at the photo with a bit of shock, because the background of the photo was a small alleyway near the market place in Songjiang city. Chen Weier’s family lived there. The night Chen Weier and I hugged was in that alleyway! That’s why I was exceptionally familiar with it!

Hearing my question, Chen Tianlei quietly picked up the photo and wiped away the dust on it. He took a deep breath and said a bit nostalgically, “This photo was taken in my hometown was I was younger. It’s of my little brother and I!”

My question brought up Chen Tianlei’s memories. While he was the corporation chairman, he didn’t have the time to think back on all that, now, he has nothing else to do, and so he started thinking back to the time back in the days. Therefore, he continued, “Back then, my family was poor and couldn’t afford to support two children. That’s why I left my hometown and got smuggled to Hong Kong with my friends. At the start, I was just a worker at the docks, then I went to build buildings for other people with my friends. After I got some money, I started getting my own team of people to build stuff. I never would have thought that in several tens of years, I managed to get something done… I just don’t know if the people in my family are well, it’s been several tens of years, I’ve always been busy. I really wanted to go back before, but I didn’t have the time. Now that I have nothing to do, I should go back and see! I can tell from you that mainland’s economy is great, the people are rich, I wonder how my younger brother is, he should have a family already…” Chen Tianlei muttered to me.

“I… am also from Songjiang…” I suddenly felt that something wasn’t right as a thought flashed across my mind. Yet, it was a bit vague, so I couldn’t take hold of it.

“Ah!” Chen Tianlei momentarily blanked, then looked at me with a bit of surprise as he said in an excited manner, “You’re from Songjiang? It seems like the people at home have gotten rich! Then I don’t need to worry!”

I could only smile wryly. Poor people were everywhere, me being rich doesn’t mean that everyone is rich. However, the people’s living standards did improve quite a bit!

“Oh yeah, do you know Chen Tianyu?” Chen Tianlei suddenly asked.

Chen Tianyu! This was what I tried my hardest to grasp, but failed at just now! I was shocked in my heart, and could guess the relationship between them, it seems like this really is going to be difficult!

That’s because, this Chen Tianyu is one of my father-in-law, Chen Weier’s father!

Although I had hoped that it was only a coincidental name, I fear this might be the truth! Chen Weier’s family lived there, and Chen Tianyu had mentioned to me before that he had an older brother that swam to Hong Kong!

Since it became like this, I had nothing more to hide, so I just said, “I know one that’s thirty-eight years old, and lives near the market place. I wonder if that’s the person you’re asking about?”

“That’s right, he’s thirty-eights years old this year. I used to live near the market place! You… You know my younger brother!” Chen Tianlei said in surprise. “How is he!”

“He’s very well, he just had his kidney changed a few years ago, and it was very successful. He also recovered very well. Right now, he opened a restaurant with his wife back home, which has very good business. They already turned it into a franchise all over Songjiang province!” I said.

“What, he was sick? But it’s good that he recovered, not bad, not bad at all. My little brother managed to do something!” Chen Tianlei said happily, sweeping away all of the said emotions he had before.

“That’s not right… How do you know about it in such detail? What… What is your relationship with him!” Chen Tianlei was too busy with getting happy just now that he didn’t notice the fact that even if people lived in the same city, how could one person know about the other person in so much detail? Now that he thought of it, he asked with a strange expression.

“Chen Tianyu is my father-in-law,” I didn’t hide it from him.

“What! He’s your father-in-law! That… that means that A Long hit his young sister with his car!” Chen Tianlei’s expression turned even more strange. It was difficult for anyone to accept this coincidence.

“No… The one he hit is one of my wives…” I explained.

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“Oh!” Chen Tianlei suddenly understood. With his current position, he wasn’t surprise about me having a few wives. However, he just got more confused about my identity. Chen Tianlei knew that the F&B industry was very profitable, both real estate and the F&B industries had huge profits. Technically speaking, Chen Tianyu’s family must be very rich. That means that the young man, me, who was their son-in-law definitely wouldn’t have a normal background, he could tell that from me casually spending a few billion to take over Chen’s Corporation.

“Ai! It’s all because of the damn ******* A Long, this time we fought among ourselves, speaking of which, we are essentially relatives… Never mind, I lost, alright, I’ll stop blabbering on. I’ll take this chance to go back and see Songjiang, and see my piece on the way,” said Chen Tianlei.

This was the result I least wanted to see. I, who has already decided to screw them over completely, could not continue anymore. No matter what, I can’t keep making life difficult for Chen Tianlei and co. due to Chen Weier. As I watched Chen Tianlei leave, I suddenly felt a bit lost.

In the Chen family home.

When Chen Tianlei called Chen Zelong to the study, Chen Zelong walked in while looking down in depression.

“A Long, our Chen family failed. Right now, Chen’s Corporation has already become someone else’s property!” Chen Tianlei did want to teach his son a lesson, so using this chance, he decided to exaggerate the truth and force Chen Zelong to learn something.

“Dad, I know my mistakes…” Chen Zelong murmured. “Dad, don’t we still have money, we can start over all!”

“There’s none left, we have nothing left! Dad used the shares in his hand to repay the loan from the bank, since a lot of loans were made using my name, I had to return it!” Chen Tianlei bullshitted.

“What! We have nothing left!?” Chen Zelong said in disbelief.

“Yeah, nothing left! Including the mansion we’re living in right now. It will no longer be ours tomorrow!” Chen Tianlei said.

Hearing that, Chen Zelong immediately went dumb. He never would have thought that his mistake would cause such a devastating disaster for Chen’s! It was only at this point that Chen Zelong finally understood the difference between him and the other person.

Thus, Chen Tianlei and Chen Zelong bought tickets the next morning and flew back to Songjiang.


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