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Fan Art Contest Winners Announcement

Hey everyone, Selutu here! Remember the Very Pure and Ambiguous – The Prequel fan art contest we had not long ago? Well, I’m very pleased to announce the winners today! I had initially hoped to get more entries, but alas, I suppose 3 is good enough!

Without further ado, let me present to you the winners and a few simple words from them!

Zhao Yanyan – MaCcoy

Zhao Yanyan MaCcoy

“Hello, a fellow reader here! I submitted one thinking “hey, maybe i can get a free chapter so why not.” I was going to draw a simple one with no effort at all but then i realize i was going to ruin my image on the characters so i tried my best making them and putting their personalities in my drawings. It was harder than i thought ? but i did it, it’s not exactly what i imagined but i tried my best and i’m happy about it”

Zhao Yanyan – Lois

Zhao Yanyan L

Longtime leecher who has really enjoyed your translations and announcements. Just sent a drawing to cheer our translater up. Jia yo~ =)

Liu Lei – Worth

Liu Lei Worth

That is what I would imagine if the bad guy stole his wife’s. I’m just a high school student that couldn’t donate and wanted to help.

Once again, I would like to thank the three of you for the entries to this contest. Although I got less submissions than I had hoped for, I’m really thankful for you to take your time and submit something!

Now, for the prizes, since there were only three entries, and the fact that I never put up a formal voting system between us (since some people were MIA and some just didn’t express their opinions), I have decided to give you guys a joint first place! This means that you can all claim 5 chapters each!

Please email me any time in order to get your prize~

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