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Chapter 60 – Science Madman

Initially, I did decide to get Chen Tianlei to come back and manage Chen’s after a deep consideration, but I was refused by him in a roundabout manner. He smiled and said, “I, an old man, finally got a day to let go of everything. What’s more, I’m going to use this chance to teach A Long a lesson!”

I couldn’t force the matter, so I could only hand Chen’s temporarily to Guo Qing. Don’t think that Guo Qing is just a mob boss, he does have a lot of proper businesses, and the management team there were all hired through headhunter companies with a high salary.

What I never would have imagined was that my revenge plan actually caused Chen Zelong, this wasteful young master, to finally learn his mistakes and chance. After a period of time, when I finally meet him again, he would be like a completely different person!

I had nothing to do after a few days, so I decided to walk around by myself. I had arrived in Hong Kong for nearly a week, yet I didn’t have time to see its scenery. When Guo Qing offered to accompany me, I refused him. The reason why simple, he looked so scary, how am I supposed to pick up girls if he scares them all away!

It was only then did I finally understood what the “new era mobs that loves the party, loves the people and loves the nation” that Guo Qing talked about is like. Guo Qing’s subordinates couldn’t have more free time, they actually went on the streets to help elders cross the road. A lot of them even put on volunteer badges and stood with the police! I completely went dumb after seeing that!

I faint, I actually caused Guo Qing to build up such a helpful and responsible organization… I wonder what other gangs in the underworld would think! What I didn’t know was that other gangs were already getting displeased. The main person of this Underworld Meeting was to deal with the Three Rock Gang’s actions!

As I walked confidently on the road, I arrived at the recruitment center for Shuguang Corporation in the city after going around a few times. It seems like Shuguang’s reputation as world wide, the only phrase you could describe the recruitment place was “ocean of people”!

I struggled to push away the people in order to get to the recruitment table. However, before I got over, a few people said in displeasure, “What are you doing! Don’t you know that you need to queue up!”

I could only smile wryly, they actually thought I can to apply! However, that’s hardly surprising, Shuguang Corporation is only hiring some marketing and sales personnel, the higher-ups and research department is sent directly from the headquarters, so the number of people they were hiring was very limited. These people naturally tried their best to get in.

Just as I felt beyond awkward, a voice rang out behind me, “Xiao Liu, why did you come?”

I turned around and found myself looking at the director of Shuguang Corporation’s Hong Kong branch office, Zhang Jiang, this person was previously Uncle Zhao’s assistant, so he naturally knew me. Although he doesn’t know my real identity, he knew that I had a great relationship with Uncle Zhao, so he was very courteous towards me. We also got more familiar with each other after Uncle Zhao told him to work with me to act out that “land selling plan” not long ago.

At this moment, the people around me have started to make way automatically, due to Zhang Jiang wearing Shuguang Corporation’s work clothes as well as his badge. How could the people that came to apply not dare to make way!

At the same time, the people that scolded me also lowered their head in embarrassment. When they saw me with most important person in Shuguang Corporation’s Hong Kong branch, they also treated me as a higher-up in Shuguang Corporation.

I didn’t think too much about it, since they didn’t do anything wrong. Thus, I walked forward with Zhang Jiang. Since Zhang Jiang was walking in front to create a path, it wasn’t difficult for us to walk through.

“What, Zhang-ge, you’re the managing director, why did you come to the recruitment place in person. Isn’t this all the job of Human Resources?” I asked casually.

“Yeah, originally, I was talking about the corporation building’s plan with a few architects in the temporary office when I got a call saying that someone here just had to see the managing director. There was no other way, which is why I came over,” Zhang Jiang shrugged and said.

I nodded, I was the one who set the rules for Shuguang’s higher-ups to treat everything seriously. Although they might not be able to be completely respectful in all situations, at least they won’t put on airs like the management in some companies, causing it to be harder to get them to do something than trying to fly into the sky.

Before we arrived at the very front, we saw a ragged shirted middle-aged man with messy hair and facial hair continuously say something in front of the recruitment table. I quickly walked up and heard the man say, “Doesn’t your corporation claim to have the most advance technology in the world, I have even more advance technology than yours here!”

The employees responsible for the recruitment could only explain, “Sorry sir, we are currently recruiting sales and marketing personnel, the personnel for the research and development department is sent here directly by the headquarters, so we have no right to interfere either!”

“I want to see the person in charge!” The middle-aged man said.

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“Sir, we already notified the managing director of our branch office, he is on his way. He might be here very soon!” The employee said in a neither overbearing or overly submissive tone.

I was very pleased with his attitude, if other business meets this sort of person during their recruitment, don’t talk about helping him contact the managing director, it’s already very nice of them not to chuck him out!

Zhang Jiang also saw the situation and quickly walked over with me.

“Ai!” Zhang Jiang sighed. “It was always like this in the headquarters, there are always some people that claimed to have gotten hold of advance technology and wants to work in Shuguang Corporation using it, but most of them are just liars!”

I nodded, this sort of situation did exist. Shuguang Corporation did possess a lot of core technology that it has no put into public yet, these technologies were many years more advance than the current technological level. What made me feel happy was that these things were completely developed by the people at the headquarters, I only made some pointers for the key parts. What’s more, I also had technology from ten years later that I haven’t shown anyone, adding onto the technologies that the two aliens gave me… Basically, Shuguang Corporation could definitely remain in a technological advantage within several hundred years.

“Hello, I am the managing director of Shuguang Corporation’s branch office in Hong Kong. Sir, what business do you have with me?” Zhang Jiang asked politely.

“Oh? You are the managing director. That’s great, I was looking for you! Can you make decisions?” Hearing that the managing director arrived, the middle-aged man said excitedly.

“That depends on what it is, although I am the managing director, there are higher-ups at the corporation’s headquarters,” Zhang Jiang explained.

“Then let me tell you! I am researching a new type of fuel, if I succeed, then it can replace oil! However, what I lack now is money and laboratory equipment!” The middle-aged man took out a stack of information and said.

“About this… Sir, our Shuguang Corporation doesn’t have any business related to energy yet…” said Zhang Jiang.

“Heh, you’re just afraid that I’m a liar, right? I’m telling you, I’m called Sun Sikong, I am an academician at the International Academy of Sciences of Hong Kong. This is my work pass!” With that, the middle-aged man took out a booklet of identification onto the table and continued. “What I need now is funding, a large amount of research funding for my research. I can give you all my results products, all I need is enough research funding and a good lab for me to work in!”


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