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Chapter 62 – Reflex

“Alright, with this, my research is not far away from success!” Although Sun Sikong was a bit disappointed in me not agreeing to him being my assistant, seeing that I agreed to help him research it, he was still very happy!

The following thing was the construction of the lab. I got Du Xiaowei to buy an island in international waters. This way, it would become a private territory protected by international laws. Without the owner’s permission, nobody can just go on the island! Although the price was very expensive, it was nothing for me, the richest man in the world.

As for the safety issues, I got Du Xiaowei to send a team of faithful direct disciples to protect Sun Sikong’s safety and to prevent the information of the lab being stolen! Ever since I taught the martial arts I created to Du Xiaowei, he taught it to his mercenaries, and of course, some of the more important things like the development of the mental powers was only taught to his direct disciples. Even though their mental powers was like a droplet of water compared to the ocean when compared to me, it was far too easy to deal with normal people!

Don’t say that the security is way too tight, what I was researching here is advance technology on Earth or even in the universe. Although there are no more pirates in this era, there are still a lot of special agents! I don’t want these things to leak out too early!

This private army that was in charge of security was absolutely loyal, Du Xiaowei had already added a mental mark into their brain while he was teaching them out to develop the powers. The mark told them to be absolutely loyal towards Liu Lei and Du Xiaowei, if there was conflicts between the their orders, then Liu Lei’s orders will be the final order.

I was very moved when he did this, he seems like Du Xiaowei did respect me, the martial great-uncle quite a bit.

As for the construction of the laboratory, I used the Animasian’s data as reference and designed it with Sun Sikong together.

Seeing that I prepared everything so nicely for him, Sun Sikong was very glad. He didn’t care whether this was an island with no one on him, it was fine as long as he could do research.

At the same time, I chose some of the information that the Animasians gave me and printed it out for Sun Sikong. When he saw it, he acted like he got some sort of treasure and refused to let go of it!

I ordered Du Xiaowei’s disciples to try and satisfy Sun Sikong’s needs as much as possible and left a card with five billion in. Then, I also left my phone number to Sun Sikong.

After doing all that, the Underworld Meeting was about to start as well. Of course, before that, I had something very important to do…

The Underworld Alliance was afraid of the Three Rock Gang not going, and so, they deliberately got someone to send another invitation over. At the time, I was actually very confused about why the Underworld Alliance was so thoughtful?!

Don’t think that the negotiation and fights between mobs all happened at night. That was something that would only happen in novels or on tv. The Underworld Meeting this time was no difference from a meeting between government officials, it was set at nine o’clock in the morning at Tianchen Hotel’s meeting room. Tianchen Hotel was opened by a rich person in Hong Kong and was no affiliated with any gangs. The location as set here in order to make it fair.

In the morning, after eating breakfast, I got on his extra-long Hongqi with Guo Qing. The driver was Ma Qiang. We didn’t bring any other subordinates there since more people didn’t help in that sort of situation. What’s more, if fighting actually started, I can do it by myself.

Just after entering the hotel, I saw a row of people in suits standing by the door as if there wasn’t anyone there. The mobs in Hong Kong were very cocky and very open, they did hide around like the gangs in mainland.

When the people at the door saw us come over, they immediately reached out to stop us, “We booked this place already, it’s not open today!”

“*******! Are you blind!” Ma Qing immediately got unable after seeing them dare to block off boss and chief. He immediately went up and gave the person a flying kick, causing him to fall over, then he threw the invitation onto the floor.

The suited man had wanted to explode, but once they saw the name on the invitation, he immediately stopped! The Three Rock Gang in Hong Kong was famous for being kind and caring towards the civilians and merciless towards other gangs!

Thus, the other black suited people quickly turned respectful, “So, it’s the arrival of Boss Guo, and Ma-ge, sorry, sorry, please come in!”

They didn’t know my identity, so they just thought that I was an accompanying subordinate. Yet, I didn’t mind.

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When we arrived at the meeting room, I noticed that twenty something people were inside already. When they saw us come in, they glared at us predatorily. Why did I feel like we were lambs entering a tiger’s mouth? However, we seem to be wolves in a sheep’s skin…

“Aiya, Boss Guo, you made us wait so long. Is the Three Rock Gang so big that you’re not taking us small gangs seriously?” Just as we entered the door, a fatty said sinisterly.

“Yeah, that’s right, I’m not taking you seriously,” Guo Qing looked at the fatty and said plainly.

The fatty thought that he could insult Guo Qing a bit, but he didn’t think that he was insulted instead.

Ma Qiang ignored the other people, and got two clean chairs for Guo Qing and I to sit down on. Then, he stood behind us.

Ma Qiang’s action caused the other people to start silently guessing my identity. He was already a boss in Hong Kong, it was natural for him to be respectful towards Guo Qing, but what was the identity of the other person?

After we sat down, the elder on the seat of honor coughed twice and said, “Alright, the boss from every gang is here. Let’s start the meaning! It might be the first time for some people to participate in the Underworld Meeting, so I’ll introduce myself. I am the chairman of the Hong Kong Underworld Alliance in, everyone calls me Uncle Xing!”

“Ai, back in the days, we all got our territory with a knife by knife, gun by gun. It’s the peaceful era now, even young people can be bosses!” Another boss continued.

Guo Qing didn’t even look at that fellow and said, “Yeah, it’s a peaceful era. I think Boss Yao’s subordinates all lack training now. Last time, a hundred something people were got hospitalized by ten odd of my subordinates, mine didn’t even manage to warm up.”

“You!” Boss Yao instantly went speechless. Thinking about what Guo Qing said was truth, he immediately got pissed and slammed down on the table. Then he stood up and pointed at Guo Qing, “You little *******, I’m telling you, don’t get full of…”

Before he finished, a cup flew over and smashed on his front teeth, instantly knocking off several of his front teeth. Boss Yao covered his bleeding gum and stuttered out something that couldn’t be heard.

Guo Qing was the one that threw the cup. After that, he said, “Sorry, when I was in school, whenever the teacher points at me, I’ll get angry, and throw something on the table in reflex, so it became a habit! How about this, later on, when the meeting is over, I’ll get someone to put on a few golden teeth for you?”


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