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New Series Pickup – Slutty Chivalrous Woman

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Nope, sorry to disappoint you, there is no mass release for Very Pure and Ambiguous – The Prequel today, however, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t getting anything.

Spread the love, spread the joy, spread the ****. Embrace the lewdness within you on this special Valentines Day. Please come join Qin Mengyun as she explores her inner self on her path to vengeance!

Yep, here’s a new novel pickup by yours truly (i.e. me). This is going to be an R18 published novel titled “Slutty Chivalrous Woman (浪情侠女)”, I hope you’ll enjoy the first two chapters!

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Suddenly, the door was wide open, Hu Yuqing, who was completely naked, stood in front of Qin Mengyun. Qin Mengyun instinctively took her hand out, yet she didn’t know where to put her wet hand. Qin Mengyun nearly wanted to find a hole in the ground to crawl into. Just as she wanted to move away, she felt as if her legs lost all strength in them, causing her body to fall onto Hu Yuqing.

“Ai! My Mengyun-meimei, why did you come here?”

A hint of pink spread through her skin as Qin Mengyun looked down at her feet. She was as delicate at water. She didn’t even retort against Auntie Hu’s intimate way of addressing her. Hu Yuqing knew that Qin Mengyun’s heart was already moved, thus, she moved over daringly to hug her, then dip her head and blew lightly against Qin Mengyun, “The night’s cold! Cold in!”

She didn’t know why, but Qin Mengyun was unable to resist at all. She softly allowed Hu Yuqing to half-push her into the room. The naked Ba Renyue on the bed already stood up and was standing by the bed, waiting for her! Qin Mengyun, who just entered the room didn’t even blink. The first thing she saw was that meat stick between his legs that had already hardened and stood up, as if disrespectfully showing itself off to her. It caused her mind to go into chaos. Qin Mengyun didn’t manage to say anything, she just stood there shyly. On the other hand, Ba Renyue seemed like he blanked out, since he didn’t move at all. Hu Yuqing, took the opportunity that Qin Mengyun was unaware to go behind her, and slide her hand down under Qin Mengyun’s arms, then wrapped her arms around the shy Qim Mengyun lightly. All the while, Qin Mengyun allowed her to manipulate her, and let her move away her slender arms that covered her firm breasts, displaying every inch of the curves on Qin Mengyun’s young body.

After who knows how long, Qin Mengyun saw that Ba Renyue in front of her eyes seemed to have been awestruck. Even the meat stuck down there seemed to get stimulated by something, it appeared to be even bigger than it was while it was ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ Hu Yu Qing just now. Only at this moment did Qin Mengyun realize her nakedness. Out of the three people in the room, although she had a bit of clothes on, that was the muslin from the guest room, it was so thin that it was transparent. Under the bright candlelight, it did nothing to hide her body at all. Adding onto the fact that Hu Yuqing hugged her from behind, and spread out her arms, she was standing in front of Ba Renyue in a “大” shape. No wonder he was admitting this gorgeous female body. Due to Auntie Hu’s hug, Qin Mengyun didn’t fall limp onto the ground. Although the posture was so embarrassing, Qin Mengyun couldn’t escape it, not to mention asking Auntie Hu to change her posture. Furthermore, there was an intense thirst in Qin Mengyun’s chest, she really wanted to hand her innocent body over to the Ba Renyue in front of her, and let this caring person take her virginity so she could taste that wondrous feeling. Yet, she had just offended him during the day, so a girl’s shyness and the fear of his revenge stopped Qin Menyun from speaking out her request, while also stopping her from telling him to move his gaze away.

Since she didn’t know what to say, Qin Mengyun just didn’t say anything and stood a bit straighter, straightening her waist, and sticking the girl’s firm peaks out, in order for Ba Renyue to see it more clearly. At the same time, she dipped her head shyly. Only now did Qin Mengyun notice that there was a large standing mirror beside the bed, which was completely reflecting herself in it. Her angelic face revealed a bit of shyness, her eyes were crystal clear, full of water-like softness. The hair that was normally wrapped up tidily had also slowly fell down, half covering that shy and beautiful face that wanted to speak, adding onto her sexiness; that snow-white skin without any imperfections had already been tinted with a bit of redness; that thin muslin let the light through as if it wasn’t there, putting more emphasis on Qin Menyun slender and miraculous curves and soft celestial body; what caught the most attention was that pair of young girl’s peaks that was slightly trembling, it was standing up firmly without anything blocking them, even though they were round, they were not extremely big, perfectly fusing into that perfect body. Her pink areola was even more alluring under the contrast of her snow-white skin. And what about Qin Mengyun’s slender and long legs? Her pair of seductively long legs were pressing shyly together in order to cover the hole that was never seen by anyone before. Yet, the half-transparent muslin and her pink skin put a contrast to a small patch of blackness. Due to her alluring legs pressing together, it caused the people that were looking to lose their souls. Even Qin Mengyun was shocked, although she knew that she should count as a beauty, she never knew that her body was truly heaven’s work within this thin muslin, and was so sexy that it was able to make people go crazy. The Daoist clothing that she wore during the day already found it her to cover her celestial-like beauty, and had nearly made Ba Renyue lose his mind. Now, her crystal body actually appeared in front of him under just a thin layer of muslin, no wonder Ba Renyue watched as if he lost himself, while that meat stick god even more lively.

Thinking about how her beautiful body was actually exposed in front of a stranger like this, Qin Mengyun couldn’t get more embarrassed. Yet, Auntie Hu, wasn’t standing calmly behind her. Those full breasts actually started rubbing on Qin Mengyun’s back. A girl’s skin already did not have a single place that it was sensitive, and Hu Yuqing’s breast was so warm and soft, resulting in Qin Mengyun feeling a sense of warm itchiness to keep passing through her body, so her already moving heart became even more chaotic.

“Hu… Auntie Hu… Mengyun… Mengyun wants to go back…”

“Don’t leave so hurriedly!”

The warm breath lightly blew against Qin Mengyun’s ear, blowing away Qin Mengyun’s sanity that she had so difficulty mustered up. Not only did Hu Yuqing not step back, she walked two steps closer to Qin Mengyun, “Don’t be shy, Mengyun-meimei, as a woman, you will eventually be ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓓ by a man, it’s something sooner or later. If you have never tasted this, then you lived for nothing. Look, just how great is the atmosphere tonight, the bed’s warm, and there’s an experienced, good and caring man in front, just how pitiful will it be if you don’t try how it feels! Your face is so beautiful, your body is so slender, your skin is so white while revealing a hint of red, it’s so soft and delicate, if you have never experienced what happens on the bed, that’s truly blasphemy!”

“Hmm… En…”

The sensation of Auntie Hu blowing against her ear was like adding fuel onto fire, causing the fire within Qin Mengyun to burn even more intensely. Her slender waist twisted around lightly as she lightly moaned. She subconsciously straightened her back, causing her peaks to stand out more, seducing Ba Renyue further. At this moment, Qin Mengyun was already light-headed, he jade-like legs rubbed against each other, her virgin hole was already drenched, the desire in her body called a thousand times, ten thousand times at her, wanting her to accept Auntie Hu’s good will and have a taste of the most delicious thing in the world.

“Please… Hmmm… danian… dajie… stop doing that… Mengyun… Mengyun’s body feels so… so hot… hot… Ai… En… So… So comfortable…”

Seeing that Qin Mengyun pretty much lost her soul, Hu Yuqing knew that she was really willing already, she looked towards Ba Renyue, “Say, Ba-didi, why aren’t you moving at all, am I supposed to help you put Mengyun-meimei on the bed? How could you let Mengyun-meimei you would treat her delicately like that?”

“Aiya!” Ba Renyue smiled lecherously. However, he sat on the floor instead, as if everything was alright, “This Mengyun-xiaojie as pretty as the angels have not opened her mouth and allow me to touch her yet! How would I know if she truly wants me to put her on the bed, and show her my talent, tease her in order to take her virginity and let her have a taste of it?”

Hearing Ba Renyue say such frivolous words, Qin Mengyun was so embarrassed that she wanted to run back to her room. However, the heat in her body was burning so intensely, and Ba Renyue’s frivolous words added oil to the fire, causing the fire to burn even fiercer, as if it was trying to burn her completely, causing her to feel rather light headed. Auntie Hu also added fuel to the fire as she lifted her bulging breasts and teased the pink nipples, causing her to be unable to resist moaning. Auntie Hu’s other hand moved to the side of her waist as it touched her lightly. Slivers of flames that seemed to burn up from her waist baked Qin Mengyun’s body along with the fire in her body, causing Qin Mengyun’s half naked body to tremble lightly along with Hu Yuqing’s touch, “Hmmm… That’s true, us ladies can’t be forced, good Mengyun-meimei, just say something! Ba-didi waited for you for so long.”


Although Ba Renyue smiled lewdly in front of her eyes, and seemed even more strange when she had met him, the same face and the same sort of frivolous words that disgusted her at dusk seemed all the more great, and seductive. Between her lost, Qin Mengyun was starting to lose herself, as she started speaking the lewd words that she wouldn’t even dare to think about normally from her cherry lips, “Ai… I… Mengyun… En… beg… begs you… Ba… Ba-gege… Come… Come and hug me… put me onto the bed… Show… Hmmm… Show me your talent… Tease… Mhmm… Seduce Mengyun… Take Mengyun’s virginity… Virginity… Good… Ah… So… Mengyun can… can taste… taste the… the most amazing… most miraculous taste… Hmmm… So… Mengyun will break forth into enjoyment…”

Qin Mengyun did not actually know that such lewd words could actually be moaned from her mouth, what’s more, she didn’t think that the effect would be so great. Just after she uttered it, the fire in her body seemed like it all rushed into her head, and burnt away any reservations and shamefulness to dust. At that moment, she seemed to be even more sensitive than before, her entire person boiled, her hole was even more wet, if the words just now was something she said because she was led on, now, she truly wanted to be ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓓ by a man.

Hearing Qin Mengyun’s passionate reply, and that sweet angelic voice’s plead, Ba Renyue immediately got up and dashed up. From the first time he saw her, she wanted to take her virginity and break this beautiful nun’s hymen, then move around intensely on the bed with Qin Mengyun. If he didn’t know that it can’t be forced, and that he had to hear Qin Mengyun say it herself with a hint of shyness, he wouldn’t even be willing to wait!

“Hmm… Ahh… Mhmm… Why… Ai…”

Qin Mengyun’s moans became sexier and sexier. Ba Renyue that went up to her used his hands to remove the muslin that was covering her body, then the two demonic hands lightly supported Qin Mengyun’s beasts, then used his forefinger and middle finger to squeeze Qin Mengyun’s perky nipples. Although this action was a bit rough, and not as light as Auntie Hu’s, after he started moaning, he also slowed down his actions, causing Qin Mengyun, who was feeling extremely comfortable to moan softly; what’s more, he didn’t only use his hands, his mouth kissed and licked Qin Mengyun’s burning cheeks, ears, and hair, teasing Qin Mengyun so much that she was about to be paralyzed from the comfort. Auntie Hu did not hold back either, her firm breasts rubbed on Qin Mengyun’s back, and using a woman’s delicate and sweet kisses, planted kisses after kisses on Qin Mengyun’s long neck, luring the heat in her body to rise. Her fingers on Qin Mengyun’s slender waist pressed a little harder, forcing Qin Mengyun to stick her body forward, letting her feeling the caress of a man playing with her breast. The lewd water of a girl in heat was extremely easy to come out, adding onto the fact that Qin Mengyun had once learn the art of collection, under the wavering her of spirit, her body only became more sensitive. Under the ocmbiend attacks of Ba Renyue and Hu Yuqing, her legs couldn’t clamp together anymore, the lewd water from her hole gushed out, not only wetting the entrance of the hole, but even her slender legs. Between Qin Mengyun’s squirt, Ba Renyue furthered his attacks, one of his legs separated Qin Mengyun’s legs, breaking away the last line of her defense of her chastity, in order to receive and feel the lewd liquid that has flowed out of Qin Mengyun. At the same time, his hands moved over Qin Mengyun’s smooth and delicate skin, removing her remaining muslin with Qin Mengyun’s reluctant acceptance and Hu Yuqing’s help, stripping Qin Mengyun into a naked white sheep. He put his mouth over one of her breasts, as his tongue played around with Qin Mengyun’s perky nipples and started sucking. Qin Mengyun felt a hit and soft tongue tip sweetly and warmly servicing her beyond sensitive breasts and nipples. The licking relaxed her entire body, and made her feel as if the pores on her entire body were licked open. Her body was soft and light as she truly felt light-headed.

“Mengyun-meimei, does… does this feel good?”

Ba Renyue increase his attacks and used his famed technique. Hu Yuqing had also taste this, even if he forced himself upon her, after the light sucking and slow licking on her breasts, she would turn willing. What’s more, Qin Mengyun was a virgin that had already lost her reason. Hu Yuqing slowly retracted her hands and stopped her movements, she merely supported Qin Mengyun’s body, allowing Ba Renyue to do what he wants.

“Hmmm…. So… So ticklish…. So numb… Ai… my entire body feels light… Mhmm…”

“When I put it in later, it would be even more comfortable than this!”

Even though Ba Renyue couldn’t speak clearly with his mouth around her beast, he still added.

Unknowingly, Qin Mengyun was already put onto the bed by the two people, and laid shyly and nakedly on the bed. Her watery eyes were half closed, her beautiful face was dyed red in lust, her nipples at the tips of her breasts got even perkier. As she breathed heavily, her legs trembled weakly. When they were separated in Ba Renyue’s hands, the lewd carrying a young girl’s aroma leaked out, instantly wetting a section of the bed sheets. Originally Ba Renyue wanted to tease her some more, and then defile the ⓛⓤⓢⓣⓘⓝⓖ Qin Mengyun after he turned her even crazier. However, he was unable to suppress that burning flame in his heart after seeing the cool chivalrous woman losing all her cool as she waited weakly to be picked by him. Ba Renyue leaped down and used his strong arms to hold Qin Mengyun’s naked body tightly, causing her to be unable to escape. He pushed his waist forward, and the meat stick plunged fiercely into Qin Mengyun’s delicate hole like a snake entering a hole.

Although Ba Renyue’s meat stick wasn’t too large, but since she was having her virginity taken, so she couldn’t afford such a heated attack, adding onto the fact that Qin Mengyun was destined to be surrounded by lust, so her hole was even tighter than a normal virgin, getting ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓓ fiercely like this by a man’s hot meat rod instantly gave her a ripping pain. If it wasn’t for the teasing of the two people beforehand, causing her ⓛⓤⓢⓣⓘⓝⓖ hole to already be beyond slippery, she really might have fainted from the pain. However, Qin Mengyun, who was in immense pain, could no longer stand it, she knew that a virgin having her hymen broken was an extremely painful, but she never would have imagined that it would hurt that much. She clenched her teeth as her muscles also tightened. It was as if her tender hole was going to bite off the meat stick as it contracted. She managed to move her hand out of Ba Renyue’s embrace, and pushed his chest. However, when Ba Renyue was pushed, his body moved up alongside his up, causing the meat stick to stick in even more.

“Ah… Ugh…”
Qin Mengyun nearly cried in pain and her cheeks tensed up, as she was unable to even a single sentence to express it. Seeing that, Hu Yuqing, who was lying by her side, quickly patted her shoulders, and massaged them slightly in order for her to come down.

“Good Mengyun-meizi, relax a little, this pain is unavoidable, after it hurting once or twice, the feeling afterwards will make you lose your soul… Take your hands away, don’t squeeze down there, it’ll be much better.”

Hearing the instructions of someone that has experienced it, Qin Mengyun clenched her teeth and relaxed her hands slowly as her eyes filled up with tears. At the same time, her hips also stopped clenching. It really was as Hu Yuqing expected, her pain slowly reduced, but since her tender hole was already very narrow, even after relaxing, it still clenched that meat rod tightly without letting go. Originally, despite his meat rod that was ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ a virgin hole felt amazing, due to her squeezing so hard, he started to hurt as well, only now did he feel it relax a bit. In order to not let Qin Mengyun suffer too much, so that he can enjoy this beautiful Daoist nun once again, Ba Renyue decided to just stay there and not move, while letting his meat stick enjoy the sweet sucking of a young girl.

“Mengyun-meimei, does it still hurt?”

“No… Hmmm… It doesn’t hurt that much…”

Qin Mengyun might softly, and allowed Hu Yuqing to intimately kiss her earlobe, and squeeze her peaks softly. The soft and sweet movements once against brought up her lust, “Danian… Dajie… You’re so amazing… Although… Although it still swelled up so much… But… But when I relax, it doesn’t hurt that much… Instead, it’s… so full… Mhmm…”

Hearing her words, Hu Yuqing’s eyes nearly lit up, she was an experienced ⓢⓛⓤⓣ, how could she not understand this? She had seen that Qin Mengyun was not only as beautiful as a flower, but also had a flirtatious feeling that comes from within, that’s why she should be a passionate lady inside. Adding onto the fact that Qin Mengyun’s hole was still extremely tight despite her relaxing, and that Ba Renyue had his eyes closed as if he completely lost his soul to the feeling, this girl was obviously a child that the heaven’s brought to the world to enjoy all of the lust within it. How could she easily let this sort of beauty that could enjoy with her and Ba Renyue go? She bit Qin Mengyun’s ear lightly and said softly, “Don’t be hasty, Mengyun-meizi, after a while… Let Ba-didi stay a bit more in your body, when your body gets used to it, you’ll know the amazing feeling.”


Having her sensitive ear slowly sucked by Hu Yuqing, Qin Mengyun heated up again. Adding onto the fact that Ba Renyue bent down again under Hu Yuqing’s instructions to use his tongue to tickle Qin Mengyun’s perky nipples, she very quickly felt the flames of lust in the body burn again. As the pain in her tender hole swiftly subsided, she couldn’t help but slowly wiggle her thin waist, and try to slowly get close to the meat rod that was ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ her.

Ba Renyue was beyond happy after finally seeing the reaction of Qin Mengyun’s body. Just as he was about to move and send Qin Mengyun into a lewd heaven, Hu Yuqing stopped him.

“Mengyun-meimei, does it feel more comfortable now?”

“Mhmm… Mhmm…”

“Is it starting to itch… inside?”

Hu Yuqing knew that, if she wanted Qin Mengyun to drown in the sea of lust and willingly be manipulated by them, the key was on the night of her hymen-breaking. They had to tease and seduce her enough, and let this fairy-like chivalrous woman of the Wulin admit her itchiness and speak out her need. Only then would the shyness and chastity within the girl’s heart be erased. Otherwise, after this night, Qin Mengyun might really be enraged due to the shame!

“Itch… Mhmmm… Mhmm…”
Her delicate body had heated up again, especially the hole where a man’s stick was stuffed in. Qin Mengyun felt that it was even tighter, and inside of it was truly itching. However, a girl’s shyness stopped her from begging the man. Just as she was feeling troubled, Hu Yuqing had led her on, causing her to say sweetly, “It’s so itchy… inside… Mhmm… Re-Really… Why… Why is it so itchy…”

“Mhmm, good Mengyun-meimei, itchiness is a good sign, you’re going to feel comfortable soon… Let Ba-didi plunge a feel times, it’ll slowly stop the itch, which is when it’ll start feeling good…”

“Mhmm… Yes… Ba… Hmm… Ba-gege… Do… do it a few times… lightly… do it lightly… Let Mengyun have a feel…”

Having waited for so long, Ba Renyue finally got the beauty’s words. He raised his meat stick and moved slowly. Speaking of that, it was rather weird. After getting lightly plunged a few times by him, Qin Mengyun felt a wave of comfort surge up within her hole, and softly stopping that itchy feeling. Yet, it gave rise to more emptiness, and more need.

“Ahh… Good… Good gege… So good… Ai… Meizi is going to… die from the comfort… Good gege… Ba-gege… Har-Harder!”

This time, Qin Mengyun did not need Hu Yuqing’s words to lead her on. After the tremendous pain, a great feeling she never felt before overwhelmed her. Under the influence of the fire within Qin Mengyun’s body, miraculous pleading begun to sound out.

Seeing Qin Mengyun’s open her eyes, he smiled. He knew that this girl was on the path already, and had experienced the fun within it. Thus, he started using his actual ability and started plunging into the deaths. The movement of his waist also increased as he stabbed further into her. The feeling of ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ Qin Mengyun was so good that it could not be describe with words as he furiously thrusted into her. Her hole sucked tightly onto his meat rod as her water flowed. As her hole got lubricated with the wetness, Ba Ranyue’s meat rod thrusted more powerfully, causing Qin Mengyun to raise her waist and ⓐⓢⓢ to meet up with Ba Renyue’s thrusting. She even put a hand on Ba Renyue’s waist as if she was enjoying it to the fullest.

“Hmm… Good… Great… Good stick… Ah… Why… Why is it… So amazing… Ai… So good… So good that meizi is going to die… Mhmm… En… Right… Right there… Har… Harder… Ah… Going… Going… to fall… Ai…Aiyo…”

After ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ her for quite a while, Ba Renyue suddenly howled. He could feel that the chivalrous woman underneath his body has already been brought to her climax, but that beyond miraculous hole still sucked at him endlessly. The feeling was bliss. Ba Renyue had already let out once on Hu Yuqing’s body, so his second time should last longer, but Qin Mengyun’s tender hole was so good, causing his impulsion to ⓒⓤⓜ to become more intense, resulting in his ⓢⓔⓜⓔⓝ gushing out as if he never ⓔⓙⓐⓒⓤⓛⓐⓣⓔⓓ before. As for Qin Mengyun? After a round of thrusts, she felt something gush out of her body. Immediately after that, a gush of miraculous liquid flowed in, the feeling of which caused her to feel immense comfort. She nearly collapsed from the joy she felt, despite not understanding what had happened.

“Ai… My good Ba-didi, you caused Mengyun-meimei to lose all her Yin essence, it’s time to rest!”

Hu Yuqing let Ba Renyue who seemed to have all his energy sucked out of him to fall to the side as she looked at Qin Mengyun softly.

“Da… Ai… Dajie… Mengyun… Mengyun felt so good… En… Thank you… Mhmm… What happened with Mengyun… Just now… Just now… it was like… something fell out of me…”

“My good Mengyun-meimei, you’re so lucky.”

Hu Yuqing kissed Qin Mengyun’s soft cheeks tenderly and said softly, “That’s your virginal Yin essence, it was all brought out with Ba-didi’s thrusts. Only when a woman is ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓓ to her most enjoyment would they let it out. Dajie, I, have been screwed in the bed for who knows how long before learning the feeling of that. I didn’t think that Mengyun-meimei, you, would feel it during your first time! Since you’ve already felt that great, you truly are destined to experience it.”

“Ai… Da… Dajie… Let Mengyun call you dajie, okay…”

Qin Mengyun turned away her shy cheeks. Having tasted the miraculous feeling on her first night, Qin Mengyun really wanted to try it again, but her hole pained a little, so there clearly was some consequence. It seems like there was no way to try it again tonight, “Don’t… Don’t make fun of Mengyun like that… dajie…”

“Alright, alright.”

Hu Yuqing hugged her softly, then flipped over the blanket lightly as she tried to carefully wipe away the ⓒⓤⓜ and blood flowing out of Qin Mengyun’s hole, “Mengyun-meimei, good meimei, you just had your hymen broken, you have to take a good rest. Leave everything to tomorrow, okay? Don’t go back to your room, just stay for a night in dajie’s embrace. How’s that? Later on, I’ll tell Ba-didi to go to your room, to help you get your Daoist clothes. Just rest properly.”


When Lv Jialing woke up the next morning, she immediately went to make breakfast. She had originally wanted to wake people up, but Qin Mengyun was not in her room, and her Daoist uniform was already gone. As for the other side, she knew that her mother and Ba Renyue were enjoying the previous night, so they might not want to wake up, nor did she want to go and call them, so she could only sit by the table and blank out, and leave everything to when her mother wakes up!

When she head a loud sound behind her, Lv Jialing turned her head. The sight she saw nearly call her eyeballs to fall out of her sockets. Qin Mengyun wobbled as she frowned slightly, it was as if her foot her leg was injured. Her was only able to limp out with Hu Yuqing’s support. Lv Jialing quickly went up to support them, and help Qin Mengyun slowly walk to the tableside and sit down.

“What? What happened to Mengyun-xiaojie… Did she get injured?”

“No… Nothing… It’s nothing…”

Hearing Qin Mengyun’s soft words with a hint of sexiness and embarrassment mixed in, which was much weaker than the previous day and totally unlike the self-respectful tone she used before, Lv Jialing checked her out carefully. Although it was the same daoist clothing, the same person, today’s Qin Mengyun was sexy, and her skin glittered. She was not as held back as the previous day, and her snow-white skin had a faint red tone to it, while she carried a shy look on the face. Although it seemed as if she was wounded, her expression showed more satisfaction rather than restraint. Adding onto Ba Renyue’s figure that was sneakily hiding behind them, afraid to appear, how could Lv Jialing not understand as she was someone that had been through that as well? She relaxed and let out a soft sigh. When she looked at Qin Mengyun’s shy appearance as if she didn’t’ want to see anyone, she couldn’t help but bend towards Qin Mengyun’s shoulders then clap and cheer, “ Aiya! I know, Mengyun-xiaojie got lost her virginity.”
When she woke up in the morning and found herself naked in Auntie Hu’s embrace, Qin Mengyun, who thought of the actions the previous night, got so shy that she didn’t know what to do. She had wanted to cover hide it all, but the secret that she hid was actually exposed by Lv Jialing with a single sentence. Qin Mengyun, who was already dead embarrassed, could not bare it any more, it was as if a fire lit up on her face. She could only dip her head without saying anything as she listened to Lv Jialing wave to call Ba Renyue in. Lv Jialing sat by Qin Mengyun’s side, and still refused to let her go verbally, “You let him take your virginity after just knowing our village’s Ba-xiaoge for one day. Mengyun-xiaojie is so cold and innocent outside, but she’s actually a lewd girl within, I really couldn’t tell!”

“Jialing-jiejie, don’t-don’t laugh at me! How-How did I know…”

“Alright, Jialing, stop teasing Mengyun-meimei,” Hu Yuqing laughed softly. “We finally managed to get close, and you finally got a good meimei, don’t be so uncivilized with your mouth.”

“Yes, Jialing understands.” Then, Lv Jialing lightly blew against Qin Mengyun’s ear as she supported her, causing Qin Mengyun to blush again. “Mengyun-meimei, you just lost your virginity, so it’ll be difficult to move around. Don’t be so anxious to leave, stay at home for a few days! I think! Within Ba-xiaoge’s heart, he really misses you, and is reluctant to part with you!”

Seeing Qin Mengyun’s shy reaction, Lv Jialing deliberately softened her voice, “Last night, mom probably demonstrated to you first, tonight, it’s Jialing’s turn, Mengyun-meimei, you have to watch carefully on the side, after Jialing feels good, it’s your turn.”

After seeing Lv Jialing’s reaction earlier, Qin Mengyun had already guessed that she had a thing with Ba Renyue, she just didn’t think that Lv Jialing would admit it so blatantly and even tell her to watch on the side, and be lewdly played around by Ba Renyue in turns. However, since she just had her virginity taken, she didn’t know how to react, nor did Qin Mengyun truly dare to say anything to refuse, she could only mutter shyly, “Since Jialing-jiejie said to, Mengyun naturally… doesn’t dare to refuse… But… But Mengyun had just… just lost her virginity last night… And got… got hurt by Ba-gege… It still… It still hurts inside… Jialing… Jialing-jiejie… Just let Mengyun go tonight…”

“Ai… My good Mengyun-meizi…”

Seeing Mengyun’s embarrassment and shyness that caused her to unable to raise her voice or continue speaking, Lv Jialing couldn’t help but feel naughty. She hugged Qin Mengyun lightly, in order to prevent her from escaping. As she fed her breakfast, Lv Jialing whispered in her ears, “So you’re afraid of it hurting! This is a stage that all women must pass through, there is no escaping it, it’s just a matter of sooner or later. If you are really scared of it hurting, allow Jialing to teach you a way for it to not feel pain! As long as you hold it in, and let the man ⓕⓤⓒⓚ you a few more times, it’ll feel great! At that time, Mengyun-meizi, you’ll know that. Women all love men! As long as we get hugged and ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓓ by men, we’ll feel beyond happy…”


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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Within the meditation room, a Daoist wearing clothing woven from feathers sat on a meditation cushion, as if he was thinking about something. His hair was combed tidily, while the number of white hair he had outnumbered the black, despite this, there was not even a single wrinkle on his face, causing him to look like a true person of the path.


The sound of a person reporting broke the silence in the room, “Disciple Qingyuan wishes to come in.”


A Daoist opened the door and walked in, and at the same time, letting in a sliver of moonlight and cicadas chirping. The Daoist respectfully greet this shifu, then sat straight on the side. Although this Daoist looked younger than the Daoist on the cushion, his hair was already starting to turn white, clearly indicating that he was a middle-aged man already.

“What is it, Qingyuan?”

“Qingyuan had just saw his martial sister packing her luggage, in preparation of leaving the mountains tomorrow. Although she was born intelligent and had shifu’s guidance, causing her martial arts to be no worse than normal masters of the Wulin, she’s still a woman, and doesn’t know the dangers of the Jianghu. Having her walk through the Jianghu by herself, it’s a bit… a bit too dangerous…”

“Your teacher knows what you want to say.”

The old Daoist smiled faintly, then became more serious, “But Mengyun isn’t just going out of the mountains to travel in the Jianghu, this child lost her parents at birth, and is dyed in vengeance, your teacher and Master Qiushan were entrusted by her mother’s dying wish, so we had no reason to stand idle. Yet, the old monk had left earlier, leaving all of this to your teacher. Due to the decision back then, your teacher cannot escape from the Wulin’s bloodshed; despite that, your teacher doesn’t want you, Qingyuan, to also get involved. Mengyun has her own fate, just let her go!”

Seeing Daoist Qingyuan’s hesitation, the old Daoist smiled, “Just say whatever you want to say! However, your teacher will not allow you to leave the mountains no matter what.”

“Qingyuan doesn’t actually want to enter into the chaotic society, it’s just that.” Daoist Qingyuan thought about it for a moment, then finally continued, “Qingyuan was organizing the books in the loft and found a piece of paper, it was… was Mengyun martial sister’s horoscope and fortune…”

“Oh, that!”

The old Daoist’s expression changed slightly as his reminiscing expression showed a bit of helplessness. It was as if he is angry, while also finding it funny, “Back then, your teacher and Qiushan were walking along the Minjiang River, when we heard a baby’s cry in the woods on the southern shore; when we arrived there, we saw the little baby Mengyun and her birth mother, who was heavily wounded, and adding onto the fact that she had metrorrhagia, she didn’t have much time left. Thus, we could only listen to her final wish of raising Mengyun. Yet, it was a Yin year, Yin month, Yin day, and Yin hour, causing the atmosphere in the woods to feel even more sinister. According to your teacher’s calculations, it was the most Yin of places, that’s why your teacher and Qiushan brought Meengyun along to find a fortune teller to tell her fortune. According to the old fortune teller, if Mengyun’s characteristics was on a man, that was extreme luck, with lots of wives and mistresses, but Mengyun was a girl, and had been born in a Yin place, she will have a disaster of lust, and will have a lot of love misfortunes in her life, there was no way to avoid it, no way to solve it. This wasn’t something that I could tell Mengyun, the heavens decided that she would be a passionate woman, and her fate decided that she will have relationships with a lot of men. This was her fate. Your teacher can only faintly reveal it to her, and let her get into more contact with the books about what happens inside the room, so she would let it go, and don’t place too much emphasis on chastity. The bird has left the nest, since we have let her go, don’t worry so much, understand?”

“Qingyuan understand.”

Qin Mengyun had no idea that her shifu and martial brother had such a conversation. On the morning, the next day, she left the mountains and entered the huge crowds of people. However, she had no real clues about the vengeance of her parents, she only knew that there were mainly two people responsible, and the hidden weapons used were Blood Leaf Darts, the same ones as her mother used, so it could have been the martial siblings of her mother’s sect. Within the famous people of the Wulin right now, only the villa master, Xiang Feng, of the Junyu Villa that would use these weird Blood Leaf Darts. Furthermore, the rise of the Junyu Villa was not long after Qin Mengyun was born, so it did seem like Xiang Feng was related. However, her shifu had reminded her not just once that Xiang Feng has become famous for a long time, and is a true master of martial arts. Even though she might not be much weaker than him in martial arts, her experience in the Jianghu was far less, that’s why, Qin Mengyun could only look around within two years of leaving the mountains, in order to increase her experience, and knowledge, she definitely couldn’t make him vigilant.

Ever since she was born, she had always stayed in the mountains, where only the monk shifu, the Daoist shifu and her martial brother accompanied her. Qin Mengyun has never seen the world. Although she didn’t find any issues on the mountain roads, she immediately got troubled after entering the town. This girl’s brows were like a painting, her skin was like snow, while her autumn-water like eyes caused people to lose their souls. She had a hint of coquettishness within her innocence, while there was a bit of sexiness as she looked around. Wherever she went, she was like a magnet, attracting the gazes of plentiful men and women, as well as countless talks, troubling her to no end. If she didn’t wear the clothes of a Daoist nun, or carried a long sword, giving her a feel of a chivalrous woman, there might have already been men who went up to chat with her, then refusing to leave.

Although no one stuck to her, Qin Mengyun couldn’t stand being the topic of so much discussion. She carried the mood of sightseeing before she left the mountains, but it was all gone, she wanted to travel as fast as she could, without any stops at all.

When it got close to dusk, Qin Mengyun, who had walked a very long way, finally found a small town. However, the moment she entered the town, trouble arrived.

“Yo! What a beautiful girl!”

Hearing that sentence, Qin Mengjun already got pissed, all of the anger she had built up in the days surfaced. However, she was someone who practiced martial arts, and what she practiced was the authentic Xuanmen martial arts, so her restraint was stronger than other people, otherwise, the majority of the path she took would have been bloodied, right? Qin Mengyun forcefully suppressed her anger as she ignored that person, and continued forward as she looked out for a hostel or a home that she could ask to stay in for the night. Yet, that person acted like a bee that smelled honey, and just kept on talking around Qin Mengyun. What he said were anything decent either, she really didn’t know where did he get so much frivolous words, it caused Qin Mengyun to cover her ears. If it wasn’t already late, and she had to find a place to stay, she would have used qinggong to leave already, she would not tolerant someone so annoying!

However, there was a limit to her restraint, hearing the person not stopping at all, Qin Mengyun finally couldn’t stand it, her right hand moved so fast that he couldn’t even clearly, then the longsword on Qin Mengyun’s back was already unsheathed and pierced towards that person’s chest. She stared at him softly with a hint of anger, causing him to instantly choke on his words, and stopped talking.

If Qing Menyun did not learn martial arts from Master Qiushan and Daoist Lingmu, who were famous masters of the past generation, causing her to have self-control even in rage, resulting in her holding back, this person probably died already, right? The long sword stopped in front of him, but she held herself back from piercing forward. Only now did Qin Mengyun see the person clearly, the middle-aged face did not look lecherous, and was actually rather handsome, he also looked very study. However, he did feel rather immoral, and adding onto the fact that he crouched down in fear, causing him to look rather pitiful. Due to this Qin Mengyun was unable to bring herself to actually kill. With a wave of her hands, the long sword returned to its sheath, but she still kicked him in anger, causing that person to scramble away in pain.

“Young lady, you are a traveler, right?”

After a while, a voice sounded out from the side. Qin Mengyun stopped herself and turned around to look. It was a middle-aged woman. Her body was voluptuous, but not fat, and her clothes looked like the clothing of the middle to upper class. Although she was on her way to become an old woman, she was still rather pretty, with the warm smile on her face, it caused people to want to get intimate with her immediately.


Qin Mengyun replied with a smile, and nearly lost herself just looking at the woman. It was hard enough to cover her beauty when she held a straight face due to being a bit angry, now that she smiled, it was as if the flowers blossomed and the aroma filled the air, no one would be able to forget her absolute beauty after seeing it, “This lowly girl is just passing by and missed out on a place to stay, I wonder if there is an inn in town?”

“This is a poor place here, so there isn’t any sort of inn,” The lady smiled as she explained. “If young lady doesn’t mind, there is still a few spare guest rooms in my home, how about staying at my home for the night?”

“Then I’ll be troubling you.”

Qin Mengyun let out a soft sigh as she laid on the bed, although it was merely the home of a townie, it felt even better than normal inns. Not only is that woman, Hu Yuqing, hospitable, even her daughter, Lv Jialing, that was a newly widowed wife who was slightly older than Qin Mengyun was also very attentive. It was as comfortable as it was returning home, and there was even a natural hot spring for her to wash in in the mountains! When Hu Yuqing saw her take off her dirty clothes, she (Hu Yuqing) wanted to help her wash it clean. Qin Mengyun let her out of two reasons. The first was that Qin Mengyun couldn’t argue with her, the second was that she did want to change into clean clothes. Qin Mengyun didn’t think that when she walked into the guest room, there were a lot of clothes in the closet that she has never seen before, a lot of them were thin clothing, even though Qin Mengyun knew that it was for when she was sleeping, just seeing them made her heart beat and her face blush, she really didn’t know how this village woman got a hold of these.

However, Qin Mengyun did have the mindset of a girl, so she loved to try new things. Although she was bright red, she still couldn’t help but find a suitable one to put on, and twirl around. It didn’t look like anything special when she was looking at it, but with just a touch, Qin Mengyun found how comfortable the muslin was. In these years, Qin Mengyun had always wore self-made underwear made from burlap, and had already gotten used to that rough and itchy feeling already. Yet, this muslin was different, it wasn’t that as tight as the burlap clothing and was softly warming up her body. The feather-like feeling lightly caressed Qin Mengyun’s sensitive skin, making it so comfortable that she wanted to sleep. Wearing the thin muslin made her realize it was actually so comfortable, causing her to love it so much. Qin Mengyun even took off her underwear, and let her thin female young be completely wrapped in the beyond miraculous touch. Even though being naked under the muslin was embarrassing, there was no one on the side, so she didn’t pay it any heed. Qin Mengyun know that it was impossible, but the comfortableness made her want to ask for a few of these muslins from Auntie Hu when she leaves to be worn in the future!

Although she travelled for an entire day, and thus couldn’t avoid being tired, adding onto the fact that the new muslin was beyond comfortable, and the warm bed allowed her to sleep well and comfortably, resulting in her not wanting to wake up, Qin Mengyun was no beginner at martial arts, and her hearing was better than normal people. That’s why, when midnight came, she was vaguely awakened by a weird noise.

Qin Mengyun followed the sound sleepily, as she walked forward with her hands moving along the wall. The small town was already pitch dark without even a sliver of light. She walked forward with bare feet, searching for the origin of the sounds in a state of half-blindness. The thin muslin was unable to shield her from the wind, and coldness occasionally seeped through her body and the soles of her feet. If it wasn’t because of her being well versed in inner strength techniques, she might have already gone back to the room, got properly dressed, then come back out. As she walked, a sliver of light through the crack of a door entered Qin Mengyun’s blurry eyes. The sounds also became more apparent, it sounded like the collision of bodies with quite a bit of water in between with the “papa” sounds. In between the sounds, there was a mixture of a man’s grunt and a woman’s moan. From the sound of the woman, it was the middle-aged woman that received Qin Mengyun. She seemed to be rather familiar with the man and was doing some sort of thing that was beyond pleasurable. Her tone was sweet and sexy. Only now did Qin Mengyun, who was half asleep, wake up a bit more. From the sound of it, it didn’t seem like a thief had sneaked in, and the woman found it rather normal, so there wasn’t any place for her, a chivalrous woman of the Wulin. It was the time for her to return to her room to rest, but one of her legs just refused to turn. There was a strange feeling in her body that continuously urged Qin Mengyun to see what exactly was going on.

While holding her breath, Qin Mengyun pressed her face to the small door crack. Within the room, she saw a lit candle, which allowed her to see everything with just a glance. The scene in the room nearly caused Qin Mengyun to scream out, if she had not covered her half open cherry lips just in time. The bed within the room had its side to the room door, and Hu Yuqing, who still retained her charm, was stark naked. Her voluptuous body was truly alluring, her hips were in the air, while she supported herself with her hands. Her legs were hanging off an equally naked man as she furiously swayed her waist to the sides. The kneeling man used his hands to hold the woman’s waist as his muscular waist thrusted back and forth. Gushes of lewd water continuously surged from between the legs of the woman between the thrusts. If Hu Yuqing’s head didn’t shake to the side along with the man’s thrusts, Qin Mengyun really couldn’t see her expression from her position. Although she couldn’t see that clearly, Qin Mengyun could clearly tell that the two people were doing some sort of extremely comfortable thing. She knew that Hu Yuqing must be enjoying herself from the excited sways of Hu Qingyu’s waist and hips, even her voluptuous breasts were dancing furiously! Although Qin Mengyun was a chivalrous woman that just entered the Wulin, her shifu had never stopped her from reading the books about the pleasure between men and women, there were even times where he would point out certain parts for her to read. Although she was still a virgin, she was not as unknowledge about these sorts of matters like normal chivalrous women. She even knew some of the techniques to take Ying and replenish Yang. However, those were just knowledge from books. This was the first time Qin Mengyun saw with her own eyes that when men and women were in lewd enjoyment, they could actually get crazy to this degree. It seems like the fun of it was a thousand or even ten thousand times more than what was described in books!

“Ah… So, amazing… Today, you’re, so good… Ah… Ba-didi… Ba-gege… Why… Why are you so… strong… So powerful today… Today… Ah… You’re ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ jiejie so good… Ahh… Jiejie… Jiejie is nearly… Mhmm… ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓓ to death by you…”

As Hu Yuqing’s moans got gradually louder and sluttier, it caused Qin Mengyun’s face to go bright red and her heart to race. Despite it being their private business, and a girl that was visiting should not peek; despite Auntie Hu having turned her head over at times and might have already found someone peeking outside; despite Qin Mengyun’s embarrassed heart of a young girl telling her who knows how many thousands or tens of thousands of times for her to turn back to her room to rest, for some reason, Qin Mengyun just couldn’t turn around. It was as if her legs were stuck and couldn’t move, while her gaze was stapled onto the live ⓟⓞⓡⓝ show in the room. Her ten slender fingers had unknowingly slid into her clothes and started caressing her peaky bust.

When that thin finger that still carried a hint of the coldness of the night finally slid between Qin Mengyun’s legs, and caressed her female secret spot that have never been touched before, Qin Mengyun’s body couldn’t help but shudder. It wasn’t just due to the feeling that she had never experienced before. The two people in front of her had begun to reach the climax of their enjoyment, their expressions were as if they were drunk in that lewd pleasure, but what surprised her was the man with the surname Ba that was furiously pounding Hu Yuqing was actually that frivolous man that had stuck around her when she first entered the town. When she saw him earlier, she already thought that this person was muscular, now that she saw his naked body with her own eyes, she knew that he truly was muscular. Just looking at him let her knew that he had incomparable stamina, no wonder he was able to make Hu Yuqing, a woman in her years of thirst, beg for mercy. Could this be a trap? Having this thought, Qin Mengyun suddenly wanted to leap up, break in and interrogate the two; or return to her room and pretend to be asleep in order to see what would happen next. Yet, just as this moment, a miraculous sensation originating from her secret spot surged through her body, causing Qin Mengyun to feel numb, unable to even move a little. She could only try her best to prevent her fingers from continuing to move, yet she was unwilling to feel them out either. She didn’t even want to move her hand that was supporting her breasts. Although she knew that it wasn’t good to stay like that, she still felt into this awkward situation where she couldn’t bulge.

“Hmm, my good Ba-didi.”

Hu Yuqing turned around, and covered the view from the crack of the door, stopping Qin Mengyun from seeing the face of that man with the surname Ba, “Why are you so fierce today? You didn’t even do any foreplay, and started ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ me right after entering, at the start, you caused jiejie to be in terrible pain, what exactly happened?”

“Isn’t it just because I suffered?” That Ba man said hatefully, “I, Ba Renyue has never seen such a merciless girl, I only said a few sentences, but she already pointed her sword at my chest. But merciless is one thing, that little nun was truly awe-inspiringly beautiful, I have never seen a nun so beautiful. If she fell into my hands one day, then I really don’t know whether I should treat her delicately or ⓕⓤⓒⓚ her until she asks for mercy!”

“So, it’s like that. You were taking it out on your Hu-jiejie,” She seemed to have lightly poked Ba Renyue’s forehead, before turning around. Then Hu Yuqing turned half of her body over, and looked over at the door with a slightly bit of intent, then turned her face around and smiled. Suddenly, she said as if she thought of something, “She knows how to use a sword? As is a nun? Awe inspiringly beautiful? Could you be talking about Mengyun-xiaojie that asked for accommodation here?”

“She’s staying in your home?” That man wanted to get up, but was pulled back down onto the back by Hu Yuqing, causing his entire person to be covered by her. “What are you doing? Laozi is still angry, and I can use her to let out my anger, and see how I repay the shame caused by her blade. I promise I will ⓕⓤⓒⓚ her until she breaks, and make her know that I, Ba Renyue, is not someone easily messed with.”

“I won’t allow you to do anything to Mengyun-xiaojie, no matter what, she’s my guest. Good Ba-didi, you at least have to give face to jiejie, me, right?

“Then… fine!”

“Get it right, I’m going this for your good,” Hu Yuqing giggled cutely, she really didn’t sound like a middle-aged woman. It seems like sex really did nourish her. At the same time, Qin Mengyun also relaxed after hearing this conversation. Since this Auntie Hu was so protective of her, it didn’t seem like a trap. “Mengyun-xiaojie is a good girl, she so white and delicate, and she’s still a virgin, how could I let you defile her like that? Furthermore, she’s a chivalrous woman of the Wulin, and has well versed in martial arts. You, Ba Renyue just have a bit of brute strength, if Mengyun-xiaojie is unwilling, if you want to be forceful, it would be weird if you didn’t get slain!”

“Ah?” Ba Renyue’s voice sounded a little confused. It wasn’t because of Hu Yuqing’s words, it was because by lying sideways, her hand that slipped down naturally pointed outside, causing Ba Renyue to really not understand what was going on.

“But, thinking about it, it is a shame,” Hu Yuqing sighed and changed her tone a little. “You, Ba Renyue is handsome, have great stamina, and truly have a way with women on the bed. Although you are a bit too hasty, overall, doing these sorts of things with you is still a sort of enjoyment. It’s a shame! If you didn’t give Mengyun-xiaojie such a bad impression at the start, and the fact that it wasn’t really convenient for me to say this, I really want to advise Mengyun-xiaojie to let you take her virginity. This sort of thing will only be done right by a good man. You do can’t as a top choice! Woman! If we don’t know the most enjoyable thing about it, then we really lived for nothing. Ai! If Mengyun-xiaojie doesn’t meet an understanding man, and didn’t have a good start on the bed, causing her to be unable to enjoy the feeling of it. That truly is ruining such a charming and angelic beauty.”

Hearing that, Ba Renyue understood and quickly followed Hu Yuqing’s words, “Yeah, such a delicate beauty, it’s like she came down from heavy. It’s a shame that I, Ba Renyue does not have the luck. If I had the fortune to be with her for one night, I promise that I would treat her delicately, and definitely hold back my impatient lust, and let her truly enjoy the fun of the bed.”

“Stop talking,” Hu Yuqing smiled in a slutty manner. “Didn’t you just say that you were going to ⓕⓤⓒⓚ her till she breaks?”

“Aiya, my good sis,” Ba Renyue also smiled. “What I meant was that I will definitely cause her to break forth into enjoyment! Haven’t you also tried the feeling before? However, that Mengyun-xiaojie is still a virgin, it would be unavoidable for it to hurt a little. If I wanted to let her truly feel the joy, I would have to spend a lot of effort! You tried it yourself, so do tell, with my ability, can I really cause Mengyun-xiaojie to fly into the sky?”

“Of course, that’s… Not an issue!”

Hu Yuqing’s smile was beyond alluring. As her gaze moved, she exclaimed as if she found something amazing, “Ai, why are you hard again? Look at you, you just caused sis to fly into the sky as feel as if she reached immortality, why did this amazing stick turn hard again? Could it be that you are still not satisfied with your sis’s body? I have to say it now, getting ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓓ once by you, my body is all sore, I can’t go again.”

“Isn’t it because of that angelic Mengyun-xiaojie?” Ba Renyue sighed, “Although she’s a bit fierce, she does have a bewitching beauty, her delicacy also makes people’s heart race upon seeing her. Although I got kicked by her, I am still thinking about her constantly and not blaming her at all. AI! The moment I think of her, my rod hardens, it’s just a shame that she’s shy, and even if she wants to, she won’t play with me.”

“Say what you will, no matter how much you want, you can’t force her. She’s a pure and good girl, unless she agrees, or else you can’t touch her!”

“Of course, I have to treat her delicately! I, Ba Renyue, is not a brute, without her agreeing in person, I won’t even touch a strand of her hair.”

The two people’s conversation got more and more over the line and even more the topic onto her. They made it sound as if she was lying naked on the bed already, allowing Ba Renyue to enjoy himself, do whatever he wants, and play with it however he wants. All of this made Qin Mengyun embarrassed and angry, and want to go back to her room to rest. Yet, it was as if one of her slender legs was nailed down, unable to move. Adding onto the fact that she had just seen the two enjoy themselves to such extent, it was as if a fire covered her entire body, causing Qin Mengyun’s body to become scorching hot. She had a thirst that she never felt before. Not only did it not lead her back to her room, it made her listen at the lewd talk in the room even more intently. Her hands also couldn’t help but touch the sensitive spots on her body, causing her body to become even more in heat.

Oh my god! Why did it turn out like that? Qin Mengyun originally did not want to bother them, and just do it for a while, then return to her room after extinguishing the fire. She didn’t think that it would feel better and better, causing her to be unable to stop. During her caress, it was as if her hands got the hang of some techniques, and her slender body actually became far more sensitive than before, resulting in her feeling more and more comfortable as she caressed her body. It even caused Qin Mengyun’s breathing to hasten. Originally that fire merely burned in her abdomen, but now, it was searing all over her body. It’s not like she didn’t know that there would be no end to this if she continued, yet her lust overwhelmed her, so she couldn’t leave even if she wanted to. She could only lean on the side of the wall to stop herself from collapsing.


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