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Chapter 69 – Don’t take my spot

I flipped through the contact list in my phone as I walked, found Jiang Yongfu’s number and called. Ugh, it’s actually out of service!

When I saw Chen Weier, I asked about it a lot, but she couldn’t tell me exactly what happened. Zhao Junsheng was in Yangjing, so he wasn’t of any help either, there was no helping it, in order to deal with the issue as quick as possible, I got two of the quickest plane tickets and flew over to Songjiang city that night.

Just before getting on the plane, Chen Weier called her home again, telling them that I would be returning with her, so there was no need of Mother Chen to get worked up.

After getting off, I called a cab with Chen Weier, and sped straight to the direction of her home.

Although Chen Weier’s family got rich, they didn’t move houses, and still lived where they originally did. Right after entering, we saw Mother Chen pacing around the house anxiously.

What surprised me was that Chen Tianlei was actually there as well. He was smoking with a frown on the sofa. Seeing that I arrived, he said anxiously, “Liu Lei, help me think of a way, I don’t have much contacts in the mainland. Ai, this child, A Long, he has a bad temper, and got beaten up at the police station!”
“Chen Zelong’s also at the police station?” I asked in confusion.

Thus, Mother Chen told me what happened. Originally, after Chen Tianlei handed me Chen’s Corporation, he lied to Chen Zelong, telling him that they were bankrupted. Then he brought him to Songjiang to find Chen Weier’s father, which is also his younger brother Chen Tianyu. From Chen Tianyu, he was able to borrow three thousand kuai, letting the father and son to rent an apartment nearby. Since Chen Zelong also became a lot more sensible, and started working to support them. Yet, finding a job in the mainland was really difficult even more university graduates. What’s more, Chen Zrlong was also a young master that didn’t know anything. It was fortunate that Chen Zelong’s body was rather fit, so he found a construction company and started doing manual labor.

However, after the project was over, that owner actually refused to pay, and even got some mob-like delinquents to beat all of the workers, including Chen Zelong, with stick. Furthermore, they also threatened the workers and said that if they dare to ask for their pay again, they’ll make them disappear off the face of the earth.

Chen Zelong obviously could not take it, his young master temper immediately surfaced. That night, he went to wait for that owner at his company, and smashed his head with a brick. In the end, Chen Zelong got taken away by the police. Chen Tianlei wasn’t familiar here, and didn’t know the mainland law, so he hurried to Chen Tianyu’s family so that Chen Tianyu could help him think of a plan. Hearing that Chen Zelong hit someone, Chen Tianyu immediately went to the ATM to withdraw some money and hurried to the police station. Yet, the people at the police station didn’t let them pay bail, or even see them. In the end, Chen Tianyu got pissed and fought with the police and so was caught as well.

I was rather confused, normally, these cases should allow bail. No one died, it’ll just end up with compensating more money, why couldn’t they even see him?

“Which police station?” I asked.

“The market place police station near our home,” said Mother Chen. “Xiao Liu, you have to think of some way, you have a lot of contacts, you managed to help Chen Yong last time!”

I nodded and said, “Did you get in contact with the victim?”

“Not yet, I went over to the police station with his big bro, but they refused to tell me the contact for that boss or his family!” Mother Chen shook her head.

“Alright, wait for me, I’ll go and see what’s the issue!” I said.

“Then be careful!” Chen Weier reminded me.

I answered, then got a taxi to go straight to my home. There was a phonebook in my drawer with Jiang Yongfu’s home’s number. Originally, I could find Grandpa Zhao as well, but I would feel awkward about troubling him, what’s more, it’s already midnight, disturbing a senior’s sleep isn’t good.

When I got back home, I explained it my parents imply. This caused my dad to immediately want to go with me, but I didn’t agree, and said to my dad, “Dad, don’t worry, don’t you know about what I’m capable of. There definitely isn’t going to be a problem! What’s more, Chen Zelong does have some wrongs here, but that boss deserves it. Don’t worry, I’ll deal with it properly!”

My dad nodded, he also knew that his son was much better than him at handling matters, and thus didn’t say anything.

I found Jiang Yongfu’s number, and immediately dialed over. It was fortunate that this number wasn’t out of service.

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“Hey, hello, I’m looking for Minister Jiang,” I remember Jiang Yongfu had already been promoted to the Minister of the Publicity Department of the City’s Municipal Committee.

“Oh? Who are you?” A woman’s voice rang out from the other side. “Our family’s Old Jiang has rested already, call tomorrow if you have any business!”

“I’m Liu Lei, please help me call him. It’s urgent matter!” I said.

At the same time, I heard Jiang Yongfu’s voice from the other side of the phone, “Who’s calling?”

That woman said, “I don’t know, he seems to be called Liu Lei something, and was even calling you minister. He definitely isn’t your superior or someone familiar, or else, how would he not know that you’re promoted! I think that he’s most likely asking you to do something…”

Before that woman finished, Jiang Yongfu interrupted her, “What do you know, I noticed that I’m putting on less and less air when my job gets more important, yet you are putting on more. Hurry and give me the phone, don’t cause any delay in proper business!”

That woman murmured something to herself, then right afterwards, I heard Jiang Yongfu’s voice, “Little bro Liu, why did you think of calling old bro so late?”

“What, you got promoted again?” I asked strangely.

“Hehe, it’s like this. The higher ranking I am as an official, the more stuff there is to do. I’m not as free as I was when I was just a police chief. Now, I don’t even have time to play a bit of Mahjong,” Jiang Yongfu complained. “I just got transferred a few days ago, the old director just retired, so I’m going to the provincial police department to be a deputy director to take charge for now.”

“Hehe, congratulations, Director Jiang!” I said.

“What congratulations, what did you find me for?” said Jiang Yongfu.

“It’s like this…” Thus, I told him about Chen Zelong’s situation.

“Oh? Wait for me at the market place police station, I’ll go over and see what’s going on for you!” said Jiang Yongfu.

“You’re such an important official now, it’s not that good for you to deal with this, right?” I asked.

“What’s wrong with this. What’s more, inspecting them handling cases is my responsibility,” said Jiang Yongfu.

I took out my Mercedes s600 from my garage, then drove directly to the market place police station. Just after arriving at the entrance, and parking my car, a car horn rang out behind me. I looked back and saw a white Ferrari. There was person with a bandaged head that stuck his head out to roar at me, “****, move your car, don’t take my spot!”

Hearing that, I chuckled. This person’s so funny, he couldn’t find a place to park, so he’s telling me to move.

“There isn’t anything wrong with you, right?” I asked. “Does your family own this place or what? Do you have the deed?”

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