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Chapter 63 – Good and Bad News

I forcefully held back my laughter. Guo Qing is truly able to bullshit, don’t I know what he’s like when he was at school! What’s more, if he dared to hit Ye Xiaoxiao, would I have let him off!

“Hai hai! Alright now, let’s stop fighting. The Underworld -Meeting is a meeting to solve issues peacefully, you might as well get your subordinates to fight outside instead of fight like this!” Uncle Xing waved his hand. He wasn’t offending either side like this.

Hearing that, Boss Yao returned to his seat in anger with a savage light still shining out from his eyes.

“Alright everyone, let’s talk about any issues we have. No getting physical! The main purpose of this Underworld meeting is so that we can discuss about the splitting of territory properly…” said Eleder Xing.

“How do you want to split it? Does everyone want to quit Hong Kong and leave the territory to us, the Three Rock Gang?” Hearing that they were wanted to split the territory, they understood that they got envious that his territory is large, and to force him to give some up due to them having more people.

Seeing that Guo Qing was so cocky, they were all furious and looked towards the Azure Gang. From their perspective, if someone acted so cockily in front of the Azure Gang, the Azure Gang would definitely not be fine with it. To their surprise, the boss of the Azure Gang, Zhou Feng, acted like he didn’t hear it and just sat their leisurely.

These people thought about it for a moment, perhaps it was because of the Three Rock Gang being rather powerful recently, so the Azure Gang wasn’t willing to make them the enemy. However, since they (the other gangs) had so much people, would they be afraid of the Three Rock Gang? They believed that if they fought with the Three Rock Gang, the Azure Gang wouldn’t say anything, right!

“What’s there to talk about! I’ll just say it directly, ever since a mainland gang came to Hong Kong, our good days have come to an end and have never felt peaceful!” Boss Li, who had a bad temper, stood up and said.

“Yeah, our subordinates grabbed two girls to play on our own territory, but then a certain gamg’s people rushed over and kicked them into eunuchs!” Another boss that didn’t say anything also said suddenly.

“Boss Chen, your Bamboo Snake Gang did cross the line. What we should avoid most is ****. Then again, there is the police to deal with this, how’s that the business of a certain gang? Are they national security?” Another boss said.


Hearing their rambles, I looked at the people that were acting. It was clear that they had already discussed it before hand! They aimed to target the Three Rock Gang in order to force Guo Qing to give somethings up since they have more people, however, their plan was not going to succeed!

“Excuse me, is the certain gang you’re talking about us, the Three Rock Gang? It seems like you guys, the bosses of various gangs, seemed to have blabbered on for quite some time!” Guo Qing looked at these clowns and laughed coldly.

“Yes! That’s right, it’s you guys, the Three Rock Gang!” This time, everyone there except the Azure Gang and Elder Xing all answered together.

“Oh? Is that so, so it seems like us, the Three Rock Gang, got in the way so much… Since its like that, then I think…” Guo Qing paused for a moment, then said. “Then everyone just stop being in Hong Kong, please excuse yourselves!”

“What? What the ******* hell do you mean? Do you mean that you’re going to go against all of us gangs?” Hearing Guo Qing said that, the bosses of various gangs immediately got pissed off. They all stood up and pointed at Guo Qing.

“Whatever, weren’t we enemies before?” Guo Qing said like he didn’t care at all.

“****! Bros, get the people and murder then!” Boss Li, who had a terrible temper, roared.

A group of black suited hulks holding assault rifles immediately rushed in. However, the target of these people aren’t us, but the bosses that were badmouthing us!

“Don’t move, whoever move dies!” The black suited hulk in the lead said coldly.

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“Who… Who are you people? The spies we placed near the Three Rock Gang’s headquarters didn’t report any news in?” Elder Xing was rather calm, and so he asked these people. He had already sent spies to the Three Rock Gang’s headquarters and different properties, one the Three Rock Gang makes any moves, he can get prepared beforehand. However, there wasn’t any news before at all!

At this moment, the Azure Gang’s boss, Zhou Feng, who haven’t spoken till now, directly walked in front of me and said, “Director Liu, what should we do next?”

“Do whatever needs to be done,” I said plainly. Sometimes, you can’t be soft when you’re dealing with these people. What’s more, leaving these people were would just be harmful.

“Do it!” Zhou Feng waved his hand, and gun shots instantly rang out. The group of bosses that were still pissed off just a moment before instantly became a group of corpses. The only one left was Elder Xing, who was sitting wide-eyed at the center of the meeting room.

“What, are you very confused? Are you wondering why am I standing together with the Three Rock Gang, even though we were complete enemies a month ago?” Zhou Feng smiled towards Elder Xing and said.

Elder Xing nodded stiffly.

“The reason is simple, the boss behind the Three Rock Gang and us is the same person!” With that, Zhou Feng said to the subordinate beside him. “Send him on his way, he knows too much!”

A gun shot rang out, and Elder Xing fell onto the floor. I didn’t say anything while looking at the room of dead people. The laws in Hong Kong was different from the mainland. Fights between mbs happened rather often, and the police couldn’t do anything about it. What’s more, these people were trash, each one dead is one less to deal with.

I got Guo Qing and Zhou Feng to deal with cleaning up together. Within a night, Hong Kong’s underworld was completely reshuffled, since the other gangs lost their bosses, they were absorbed by the Three Rock Gang and Azure Gang very quickly.

As for why the Azure Gang stood on my side, that was simple. Chen’s Corporation is the Azure Gang’s largest shareholder. Now that Chen’s is under my wing, Zhou Feng naturally had to pay his respects to me! When he found out that I am the boss behind the scenes for the Three Rock Gang, Zhou Feng was shocked for a long way. He felt like they were unable to fight against the Three Rock Gang, now that they shared the same boss, they might as well make peace. I also ordered Guo Qing to not attack the Azure Gang.

After all, the underworld has its meaning of existence. There will always be groups that wanted drugs or prostitutes, you can’t ban it completely, that’s why I decided to leave these industries to the Azure Gang.

After dealing with it all, I should also return to school. It did take more than a week’s worth of time here, the military training at school is over already, and class has officially started.

When I got off the plane after arriving in Yanjing, the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Liu Yue.

“Liu Lei, did you come back?” Liu Yue’s special voice rang out form the phone.

“Aye, I just got off the plane and turned on the phone when your call came through,” I said.

“There’s a good news, and a bad news…” Liu Yue hesitated for a moment, then said.


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