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Chapter 61 – I’ll be Your Assistant

“About this…” Zhang Jiang couldn’t decide either, since the company isn’t recruiting technical talents like him.

I gazed at the person in front of me, and suddenly thought back to the scene when I first sold the technology to Microsoft, causing me to couldn’t help but be moved! This person might really have some abilities, if what he says is true, then this will be an huge step in the history of science! I reached out my hand to stop Zhang Jiang, who was about to speak and said to Sun Sikong, “Please let me have a look at your data right now!”

“Who are you? Can you make decisions?” Sun Sikong asked.

“If your research truly has value, I can naturally get Shuguang Corporation to provided necessary conditions for you!” I said with a smile.

Hearing that, Sun Sikong momentarily blanked and looked at Zhang Jiang in confusion. How can this person exaggerate like that when even the Shuguang Corporation’s managing director can’t make the decision?

Seeing that I spoke and that Sun Sikong looked towards him, he nodded, meaning that what I said was true. Zhang Jiang naturally new about my ability, because it could see the relationship between Uncle Zhao and I since I was able to get Shuguang to open a branch office in Hong Kong just due to a piece of land!

After getting Zhang Jiang’s assurance, he immediately turned his attention towards me as he quickly handed the file on the table to me.

I opened it to looked, then was shocked. What Sun Sikong was researching was actually an engine that used water as the fuel! If anyone else saw it, they would definitely think he’s crazy or an idiot, but the Animasians’ spaceship that I just saw a few days ago caused me to be shocked to no end!

This Sun Sikong’s research was actually this advanced! I continued to read it and found that Sun Sikong’s theory was extremely similar to the data that the Animasians provided me. That means that the research direction Sun Sikong was taking was right! It’s just that there are a lot of technological details that aren’t possible yet!

I continued to read and found that what Sun Sikong was researching was truly too shocking, if this was all announced to the public, there will definitely be chaos everywhere! Thus I said to Sun Sikong, “I can provide you funding, and build a laboratory according to your requirements, but you can’t join Shuguang Corporation. This is a private support from me.”

Hearing someone was willing to give him money for research, how could Sun Sikong care so much! He was a science madman himself, and treated research as his greatest joy in life, he didn’t care about other things at all, thus he replied, “No problem, as long as you provide me with research funding, I don’t care what you do with my research, it’s none of my business even if you sell it or throw it away!”

“Alright, there’s a lot of people here, come with me to where I’m staying, we’ll discuss it further!” I said to Sun Sikong.

Seeing that I was actually interested in these random things, Zhang Jiang thought it was just a sudden interest, and thus didn’t ask much about it, since I said I would spend my own money, which Zhang Jiang didn’t care about.

I stopped a cab and arrived at Guo Qing’s mansion with Sun Sikong. After we got off, I brought him straight to my room.

“Your research project is great, do you have any other research results?” I poured a cup of water for Sun Sikong and said.

“Yeah! But…” Sun Sikong hesitated and said, “These are all money burning projects, a single energy generation system would cost at least five hundred million…”

“Hehe, you don’t have to worry about the funding, since I promised you, then just throw yourself into research!” I decided to assure Sun Sikong.

Hearing that, Sun Sikong’s eyes shone brightly as he quickly took out many project plans from his briefcase and handed them to me, “I, Old Sun, is not exaggerating, as long as there is enough money, I can make anything. Just look at these, there is desert treatment; transformation of sea water into fresh water; oh there’s this as well, this is a theoretical model for a new spaceship, if it was researched into, it might become the legendary UFO; and here, these are some of my technical opinions…”

As Sun Sikong continuously introduced them to me, I was completely shocked, the person in front of me was a complete science madman! ****, I was truly way too lucky to meet this sort of person.

Although a lot of the projects were in the theoretical stage, it was already very impressive, since he had researched all of it by himself!

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When Sun Sikong saw my shocked expression, he was definitely very proud of himself.

Yet, once I saw Sun Sikong’s smug, I felt the urge to give him a blow! At this moment, I already had the intention to get him to work for me, that’s why, if I wanted someone like him to work for me full heartedly, the best method was to prove that I was better than him. I still need him to develop something for me!

Therefore, I smiled faintly, “So they are just models! I won’t hide it from you, I am also an amateur science lover, the reason I got you to come was because I also did thorough research in terms of using water as fuel!”

When I had spent all my free time these few days browsing over all of Planet Animas’s technology. Using my extremely good memory and the theoretical knowledge I learnt in my previous life, I had already learnt all of these things. These knowledge were often based on some advance theory that I had studied in my previous life, and those advance theories from my previous life were actually just beginner knowledge! Despite that, I did manage to get the general gist of it all, but if I wanted to create these things, I did need the help of other people and Sun Sikong was a great candidate for it!

“What?” Hearing me say that, Sun Sikong immediately showed a furious expression and roared, “What do you mean by this, do you look down on me? Say it bluntly if you’re not going to invest in me, you don’t need to say this sort of thing!” Sun Sikong clearly didn’t believe in what I was saying.

I looked at Sun Sikong, who was angry, and merely took out his research on using water as a fuel very calmly, put it on the table and started explaining the things on it.

That caused Sun Sikong to slowly turn his anger into shock, and eventually endless excitement.

That was because not only did I spoke out the main theory of his research, I pointed out a lot of mistakes in the details and added on to his ideas! Of course, these were only vague things, despite the Animasians’ information was very detailed, I could only be vague about it!

“This is amazing! Amazing! Thank you so much! Come and research with me and be my assistant… No, I’ll be your assistant! This is too amazing!” Sun Sikong said to me as he noted everything I said down.

I looked at Sun Sikong’s looks and smiled wryly, “Academician Sun, I said it already, I only have it as an amateur hobby! You need to complete the research. Of course, I will put everything I know into a file for you!”


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