[New Series] Demon Sword Maiden

Is there any gender bender fans out there? Cause a new series has just been added to the shelf of Re:Library. The title is tentative and will change accordingly when I translate more chapters and am 100% sure of it.

This is a Chinese transmigration novel written by Luo Jiang Shen. It is the story of a boy who found himself in a world that resembles ancient Japan, and that… he became a her. Truth be told, I don’t really know anything else other than that either, I read as I translate and I only picked this up because it’s gender bender, because… why not?

Without further ado, here’s the first Chapter of Demon Sword Maiden: Night Parade of a Hundred Ghosts

6 thoughts on “[New Series] Demon Sword Maiden”

  1. If this was the one I read before I was blocked by the paywall…it’s pretty great. Too bad it’s been a year or so ago since I read this. 🙁

    Good luck with the translation~

  2. Yes!!!!! I finally found a like-minded comrade!! As you said, Silva, who need something other Gender-bender tag to pick the novel XD!! (Though, the moment I remember this being a Yuri did Fire me up even more heheh!) Anyway, thanks for picking this golden egg up and hope to see this novel shines its best in your worthy hand, Silva! Wish you best of luck!

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