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6-Year Old Sage Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Negotiating with the King

「Well, well. Quite the small visitor we have here」

The King gazed at me from his chair without changing his position.

「Your Highness? Is there something you need?」

I’ve heard a soldier-like voice from the other side of the door.

While I considered the possibility of combat, the king shook his head.

「Don’t mind. It’s nothing」


An intruder suddenly teleporting into your room is considered nothing?

Huh. This king is a bit weird.

「It seems there is no barrier preventing teleportation, isn’t it rather insecure? King」

「I’m not senile to fail to understand you aren’t here to kill」

He’s quite relaxed.

But he doesn’t seem like the overconfident type.

From his presence alone, I could understand he was a man of considerable ability even without detection magic.

「Instead of that… claim to be the person I was looking for. Care to explain?」

「Don’t tell me you aren’t the one who tries to find the sage in the Madison Kingdom?」

「Ho. So a child like you in the Savior?」

The king laughed in amusement and stretched his own hand.

He must be looking at my status, his brows moved ever so slightly.

「…..This magic capacity value. Fuhaha, interesting」

「You believe me now?」

「Who knows? You might be just a kid with abnormally high magic capacity」

「I’m glad you aren’t the king who swallows such kind of stories immediately」

That being said, my magic capacity is beyond abnormal.

I highly doubt there is a second kid like me in this world.

From this number it was plainly obvious I’m special, and the King knew it.

In the king’s keen eyes, there was a hidden spark of curiosity.

「Ah. Is princess Clarisse doing well?」

「She’s under house arrest. She’s probably reflecting now」

Having said so, the king narrowed his eyes full of meaning.

Is she under house arrest because of me?

I’ve done something bad to her.

While inwardly worried about the princess, I didn’t let it show on my face and casually changed the topic.

「I don’t have time for idle chat. There is curfew after all」

「Curfew? I don’t even know how much truth there is to it」

It’s all true, though.

「I’ll say it bluntly. Would you mind leaving me alone?」

Hearing my words, the king laughed.

「It seems you don’t wish to appear on the grand stage just yet. Sealing the princess’ mouth was also your doing?」

「Being eyed by someone like a king is troublesome in a variety of ways」

「No matter how much money an honor we give you? With your power, saving the world would be easy」

「I don’t plan to act for a country’s sake or the world’s sake」

I’m so tired of that.

Instead of money or honor, I’d very much prefer a selfish life.

「Hmm. Whatever. I only thought of showing you our good intention in the first place…….But what are you going to do? The world won’t leave you alone」

「Yes, it won’t. You are the brightest king I’ve ever met」

「Don’t misunderstand. Our country only wants to secure you. I won’t immediately force you to do anything. But, eventually, there will be a time when we’ll need your help. Before anything else, I wish for you to avoid losing the power of the sage」

「Eventually? Are you planning to start a war with some other country?」

My expression hardened.

The king answered me with a daring smile.

「My goal is the world peace」

「World peace……」

That’s quite the dream he has.

「Demon race is strong. If they declare war on us, the world of humans will fall. The sage can act as a deterrent」

「You are saying that not only your country but the world needs me?」

「Do  you think you can find any other king who can utilize your power better than me?」

Is it something you should say about yourself?

He’s even laughing like a kid.

I don’t dislike this king’s character too much.

But my wish lies somewhere else.

「Something like world peace doesn’t interest me」

「You just need to express your support」

「Wait, King. Don’t try to coax me like a kid. To be honest, after my existence became known, it would bothersome to refuse every single offer」

Although we are talking peacefully, the king might use forceful means if I push too hard.

「It’s our country’s fortune to locate you」

「It is indeed」

Can’t help it. The lineage of Meiri’s prophets supposedly produced many excellent prophets.

Meiri itself specializes in magic development. No other nation invaded this small country for the last several hundred years fearing their magical retaliation.

Even though it’s territory is small, Meiri’s hidden power isn’t something you can scoff at.

….Well, despite all its power, Meiri doesn’t try to expand its territory by invading other countries.

All things considered, his desire for world peace might have some weight to it.

「The princess said. Other countries might eventually notice me」

「There are other countries employing prophets. As long as you stay away from them, the possibility of them noticing your awakening is rather low. However, that’s true only for our present circumstances」

「Thought so……I’ve decided. But I have conditions」

I stretched my index finger.

「First, I’ll only be helping you after school or on holidays. Only in a way that doesn’t obstruct my homework. Don’t interfere with my school life. I’m still level 10, so my endurance and magic power is shallow, I won’t be able to do a lot anyway」


「Also, you are required to interfere when another country tries to contact me」

「This is a matter of course. If we can monopolize the sage that is」

「And the most important! Don’t disturb my peaceful life!」

That’s a pretty important point.

「I want to spend my time in peace, without attracting too much attention」

「…….You have so much power, yet you want to have an ordinary life?」

A moment after the king asked that he burst into laughter.

「Fuhaha! Interesting. As expected of the chosen sage. Very well. I accept your conditions. I only want you to become even stronger. Don’t fall back on your studies, young sage」

「Of course. I’ll fulfill my part as an ordinary child」

……That being said, I’m not going to learn about the sage’s power, but about normal school life instead.

「However, young sage. You are a child with a great deal of courage. Even though it’s small, Meiri is a prominent country in the world of magic, yet you talk to its king so casually. Even the kings of other countries don’t allow themselves to talk like you do. That being said, you’re not being reckless because of your age. Are you trying to provoke me on purpose?」

「What are you talking about? I have no idea」

「Fu. What a brazen child」

「Back at you. To seriously negotiate with a kid, you must be a weirdo yourself」

「Haha, you aren’t wrong」

The king and I looked at each other and laughed.

「I have a personal question for you」


「Why are you so intelligent despite your age?」

That’s a very good question.

A shrugged my shoulders as I answered.

「Who knows? Perhaps because I’m the sage?」


6-Year Old Sage Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Chapter 11 I’ll Talk to the King

A few days after the admission meeting.

Somehow passing through the aptitude examination, I spend my days at leisure while waiting for the school to begin.

The day when the Demon King attacked almost seemed like a dream.

However, the calm didn’t last.

There are rumors about suspicious people looking for the sage in the city.

I’ve heard these rumors from the mayor of the neighboring city.

「They wear robes to conceal their identities…..But some people saw the emblem of Meiri on their swords」

「Meiri……I see…….」

「Those people are investigating the city.『Were there any disasters or a big magical phenomenon around here?』they ask」

Said the mayor and looked at my father with a confused face.

Father silently nodded, but I could more or less guess what he was thinking about.

Because I’m thinking the same thing.

As promised, princess Clarisse kept my identity hidden.

However, the King probably knew about the Demon King’s death and launched his own investigation.

That was bound to happen eventually, so I’m not particularly surprised.

As I fell in thought while eavesdropping from the other side of the door………

「Young master? What is it?」

When I hurriedly turned around towards the voice, I saw our maid with a tea-tray amusingly looking at me.

「Wawa! N-nothing!」

That’s bad.

I was too engrossed in their conversation.

I ran away from the room in a hurry

I breathed out once I climbed the stairs.

My my.

So it did happen.

At the moment, the knights of Meiri are secretly searching for me.

However, eventually, they might approach our king to request cooperation.

As long as you don’t tell anyone about the sage’s awakening, you can come up with as many reasons as you want to.

This would gradually turn the situation unfavorable.

My father is a count of the frontier territory.

If I leave this problem unattended, my father would be put in a precarious position.

I want to avoid dragging father into my problems.

……Can’t help it.

….Let’s have a proper conversation.

Even though I predicted it, it still weighs on me.

I don’t want to make my parents worry, I’ll go alone. How should I reach Meiri then………let’s do it this way.

I had a plan ready specifically for this purpose.

I’ve acquired Teleportation Magic (self) upon defeating the Demon King.

However, my magical power is too shallow to actually use it.

That means I have to ask someone else to do it.

In our family, only father and eldest brother have teleportation magic.

While my father was busy talking with the mayor…..

I made haste to Logan’s room.


「You forgot something in school?」

My older brother put his pen on the desk and turned towards me.

I approached him and looked up with an embarrassed face.

「Yes, big bro. A treasured coin I received from our late grandpa. I took it with me to an examination but dropped it somewhere」

「Good grief, Eddie. You can’t bring valuable things to school」

「Un, sorry」

He didn’t lose his calm even while rebuking me.

Like my parents, this eldest son is weak when it comes to his youngest brother.

「Can’t help it, I’ll go with you on a carriage」

「You can’t…..When papa and mama learn about the coin, they’ll definitely scold me. That’s why I wanted you to quietly teleport me there」

「Teleport, but that’s……」

「With your teleportation magic, I’ll be there in a moment. Then I’ll return with Max on the carriage」

Max takes a carriage to the school every day.

Logan has『Teleportation Magic (others)』 allowing him to teleport other people.

I was lucky that he didn’t have 『Teleportation Magic (self)』.

Thanks to that, Logan couldn’t go with me.

「Still, I’m too worried to let you go alone. After all, that thing happened a few days ago……..」

「Mou, big brother. I’m almost a 1st grader in the royal academy. I can pick the lost thing by myself」

When I started sulking, Logan smiled in defeat.

「……I see. You’re already at this age. I suppose it’s the big brother’s duty to let his little brother experience the world……..I’ll prepare the teleportation magic」

「Thanks, big bro! I’m excited!」

「Hahaha. Don’t be in such a hurry」

Teleportation magic activates via a magic circle drawn below your feet.

He picked up chalk from the desk as well as a big piece of parchment and a map.

「Eddie, stand to the side. Don’t touch the magic circle. I would be a problem if you accidentally rewrite something.」


Logan confirmed the longitude and latitude using the map and incorporated them in the magic circle.

I looked at it from a distance.

I was my first time seeing him drawing a magic circle since my memories came back, but his speed was quite impressive.

There aren’t many who can draw a magic circle with such precision and swiftness.

「Alright, it’s done」

At that moment, I suddenly shouted.

「Wa! I saw a mouse behind the curtains!」

「M!? What did you say? What here a minute!」

「Big bro, it’s under the desk now!」

「A-Alright! Here!?」

While my elder brother was busy crawling under the table, I picked up the chalk and rewrote the magic circle.

I adjusted longitude and latitude.

……In other words, a destination.

…..Might as well fix some questionable lines.

Brother’s magic circle is correct, but it puts too much of a burden on someone like me.

Just when I finished my revisions and put the chalk back, brother stood up.

「How is it, big bro?」

「Umu….sorry. It got away. I’ll tell the maids later」

「Un, sorry for startling you, big bro」

「No. I’ve made you wait. Stand inside the magic circle」


When I stepped inside the magic circle, it was immediately activated.

I closed my eyes and relaxed feeling the flow of wind around me.

I felt as if I was floating.

The inside of my body felt ticklish.

After a brief moment, I opened my eyes and found myself in a different place.

The wind surrounding me died down soon after.

It was a certain office.

「And who are you supposed to be?」

A bearded man seating on chair asked of me with a raised brow.

He didn’t even flinch at my sudden appearance.

Seeing his dignified demeanor, I understood he wasn’t a fool.

I’ve met too many kings in my previous life, it’s easy to distinguish between an outstanding kind and an absolute idiot.

Right now, only the King and I were present in the room.

There sensed guards on the other side of the door but none inside.

If my first impression of him is correct, it would be of great help.

While thinking along those lines, I spoke to the King.

「Weren’t you searching for me?」


I gave him a carefree smile and stretched my hand.

「Didn’t you want to talk with me? So here I am, King. Let’s have a proper conversation」


6-Year Old Sage Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Magic Aptitude S-Class

Revised the previous chapter from the middle 1

10 days after I defeated the Demon King.

My mother took me to the Royal Academy for an examination.

Today I’m here to buy the necessary books and clothes as well as to pass the physical examination.

And as the most important event, have my magic aptitude measured.

「I wonder what would happen on your examination. Mama is worried. They will raise a commotion the moment they see your genius!」


I gave it a dry laugh.

A special measuring tool is used in the aptitude examination.

The resulting value determines the possibility of a person learning various types of magic.

They use this value to measure the talent and further divide everyone according to their class.

In the Royal Academy, students are divided in A, B, C, D, E, F classes according to their ability.

My goal is, of course, F-class.

However, I have the power of the strongest sage within me.

An outrageous number would come out if they examine me normally……

Of course, I have countermeasures prepared.

I confirmed the existence of a piece of paper in my pocket, in a way my mother wouldn’t notice.

This should solve everything.

「Good luck, Eddie. Mama is off to handle all the paperwork」

「Un. I’ll do my best」

I waved with a smile.

「Mama? Hikk, mama……」

「Wa! What kind of tool is this? Seems fun! Give it to me!」

「Kya! Mou, boys are really rough!!」

While other children were having fun causing a commotion, I passed the physical examination and wrote some tests in peace and quiet.

My below average height bugged me but……..I’m still growing, I suppose.

It’s within a reasonable margin. Yep.

And finally……

「Attention, please. Those who are about to undergo an aptitude examination should line up here」

I headed towards the place with a number of children lining up.

In an aptitude examination, one should put his hand in a dome-like magic tool.

After a few seconds, the tool will spit a piece of paper with a characteristic sound.

I decided to peek at the value of a child next in line.

【1st grade №83 G. Norton】
Magic Aptitude C
Possible to Acquire Earth Magic (weak)
Earth Magic (medium)
Healing Magic (weak)
Paralysis Magic (weak)
Paralysis Magic (medium)
Strengthening Magic (weak)

Thank’s god.

The papers didn’t change at all.

My plan should work without a hitch.

It was my turn next.

「E. Radcliff-kun. Please proceed」


As instructed by the female teacher in a white robe, I put my hand inside the magic tool.

A feeling of neither warmth nor cold transmitted to my palm.

A few seconds later…….

The magic began producing a document of unimaginable length.

「Eh!? What is happening!? It doesn’t stop!」

The teacher rushed towards the magic tool in surprise.

1st grade №83 E. Radcliff
Magic Aptitude SSS
Possible to Acquire Fire Magic (weak)
Fire Magic (medium)
Fire Magic (strong)
Fire Magic (super)
Water Magic (weak)
Water Magic (medium)
Water Magic (strong)
Water Magic (super)
*** ***

「W-What the…..!?」

「Royce-sensei, what has happened!?」

Abnormally agitated, the teachers gathered together.

Waa, this quickly got out of hand.

Wind Magic (weak)
Wind Magic (medium)
Wind Magic (strong)
Wind Magic (super)
Earth Magic (weak)
Earth Magic (medium)
Earth Magic (strong)
Earth Magic (super)
*** ***

「Eddie-kun’s examination result doesn’t stop!! How could…….how could this happen!?」

「Calm down!! But still…….there is every single registered kind of magic written here!!」

「This is the most prodigious talent since the foundation of the academy……no, a genius!! Put him in A-class……no, it’s enough to make a special S-class with individual lessons!!」

All the stares gathered on me.

The other children gathered around me too because of their curiosity.

「What’s about this kid? Does he have some amazing magic?」

「This is much more than I have…..」

It’s about time.

I took a deep breath and said in the most innocent voice possible.

「Wa! This magic tool is broken!」

「B-Broken…..? But that didn’t happen even once before….」

「What else it can possibly be!? Such numbers are totally unprecedented!!」

While the teachers were busy quarreling, I put my hand in another magic tool…..or so I pretended to do.

Instead, I took out a paper from my pocket.

「Told you! Look! That’s what I got from this machine」

【1st grade №32 M. Radcliff】
Magic Aptitude F
Possible to Acquire Blunt Magic

The teachers looked at each other before glancing at my paper.

「Uwaa, this is…..」

「Amazing…..I haven’t seen such a low number since the second son of Radcliff’s!」


This is a legit status of a person with F-class aptitude.

As you might have guessed from the name, it belongs to my second brother, Max.

A brother whose specialty lies with the sword, not magic.

When he was 6 years old, he went through the same examination and was assigned to F-class.

At the paper from that time landed in my hands.

I hid it away before the teachers noticed anything.

It was worth waiting for the commotion to happen, to divert their attention from the wrong number and name.

「Perhaps it did break」

「That’s bad. We have to move these children from this line to the other!」

Having said so, the teachers scattered to do their work.

「Sorry, Eddie-kun. You can go. The paper stays with you」

The kind female teacher said apologetically before recording my number.

「Un! Then I’ll take it home. Goodbye, teacher」

I patted my chest to relax and put the paper back in my pocket.

I owe you one, Max.

I gave sincere gratitude to my older brother.

Thanks to him, I’m saved from all the trouble.

With this, I’ve successfully passed the examination, just as I planned.

All’s good that ends good.


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6-Year Old Sage Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 The World is Aiming For Me, Maybe

Finished adjusting the content!1

Together with princess Clarisse in the room.

I wonder how long I’m here.

I’m still being hugged……

When her sobs finally died down, I tried calling out to her.

「…..Calmed down yet? Princess-sama」

「Y-You’ve seen something embarrassing……」

Clarisse released me in a fluster before wiping her tears and taking a deep breath.

Her nose was still red, but I’m glad she calmed down.

「I won’t tell anyone, be at ease」

「…..Fufu. Thank you very much」

With an impish laugh, the princess narrowed her eyes.

She looks pretty young when she does that.

Just when I was busy thinking about things 6-year old doesn’t think of…..

「You are so young but already a gentleman. You’re also the prophesied Savior. I shall pay you due regard. Eddie-kun……..No, Eddie-sama」

I was surprised at the sudden change in honorifics.

The youthful expression vanished from her face replaced with a serious air.

It’s not a face one would use to speak with a child.

An equal, no, she saw me as someone she looked up to.

Isn’t it pretty bad…….?

When I increased my vigilance, parents came to check on us.

Nice, I’m lucky today.

Let’s be a kid and hide behind my parents’ back.

Or so I thought and tried to rush out……..



Princess Clarisse grasped my right hand and prevented me from escaping.

「Eddie-sama, I have an important question」

「…….What? Princess」

「You don’t desire status and fame as the Savior. Am I right?」

I nodded in response.

「Un. I want to live as I always did! The school starts next month too」

Hearing my answer, princess Clarisse closed her eyes as if to solidify her resolve.

「I understand your feelings. However, please be careful, Eddie-sama. There is no guarantee our country was the only one to learn about the Savior’s existence」

……Well, I expected as much.

「It is very possible another country will approach you to get your power. Eddie-sama’s power can change the destiny of a country, no, a whole world」

「It can’t be…….Eddie is still 6-year old…….」

Parents came to my side in a panic.

「Even the most excellent of prophets can’t possibly know that Eddie-sama is the Savior. However, they can still approximate the location. Like my country did. I Eddie-sama so desires, our country is always ready to protect you」

Being the center of everyone’s attention I…..

「Thank you, princess-sama. But I’m fine as it is」


I don’t want to request a country’s protection.

Even if my status is low, I don’t feel like losing to most of the enemies.

I don’t want to owe a favor to a country.

I’m going to live free and in peace.

For me, this was even more important than my own life.

「If I go to the princess-sama’s country, I won’t be able to go to school. Besides, people in the castle will be surprised by my sudden appearance. Why is this kid here, or something like that」

「…..Yes. You’re right. I’ll do as you say」

I was honestly surprised when princess Clarisse gave up so easily.

She supposedly came all the way here to secure me.

As a result, she even lost her knights.

「Is it okay not going?」

「How can I possible decline the request of my savior?」

「But didn’t you come here because of me……」

「I’ll convince father myself……But Eddie-sama. About your location…..」

I grinned in response.

「It’s alright! Because I’m going to school!」

「…..I see! If you enter the academy’s dormitory….」

Hearing my father’s words, I nodded.

「If they only know the place, we can just move somewhere else」

My family looked at each other.

Would that work? They must have thought.

However, they didn’t think too deeply.

Their son said「I want to keep it secret」and they are fine with that, I also don’t want to hide too much from my family.

Well, that is fine in its own way.

Because I love this side of my family.


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Second Arc: The Ruler of Darkness, Birth

6-Year Old Sage Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 The Princess Showed Me……

Having woken up, princess Clarisse requested an explanation from mother and father.

Meanwhile, I changed clothes and washed my face while staying in my room.

Parents were busy talking with the noble princess.

When I met her in the forbidden forest, I talked without restraint due to the circumstances, but she’s not originally a person I can casually talk to.

However, not much time has passed before I summoned by the princess.

Apparently, the princess wanted to talk to me.

What is happening?

While inwardly cautious, I headed towards her room.

Most likely, she is a princess of a small country north of us.

I have a recollection of the emblem I saw on her armor.

It’s an emblem of Meiri, a country that existed even before I reincarnated.

That country is right next to a Demon King’s territory.

I have a bad feeling about this, to be honest.

I remember my past life.

After I became famous as the strongest sage, each nation requested my support.

Exterminate some monsters, defeat a Demon King.

I should stay alert.

「Excuse me」

When I entered with my head lowered, princess Clarisse, who was cured of any injuries, approached me herself.


「Princess-sama. I see you are feeling better. I’m glad」

I grinned and laughed.

I’m getting used to smiling like a 6-year old.

「I’m glad you are fine too. Any injuries? There aren’t any, right?」

「Un! Princess-sama carried me all the way, so I’m fine」

Princess Clarisse smiled back at me.

Looking closely, she had big eyes, plump lips, in other words, an exceptional beauty, as expected of a princess.

However, there was a shadow in her smile.

Even though she was in a safe place.

The events in the forbidden forest must still be on her mind.

「Count Radcliff, would you mind leaving us alone for a while?」

Hearing the princess’ words, I looked at my father.

Father looked back in surprise.

「Alone with Eddie……..understood」

「Eh………papa, mama, are you going?」

Please wait a minute.

I don’t want to be left alone with her.

She’s a princess of a country, you know? Is it okay to leave a 6-year old child with her?

She might ask something weird when no one’s around…..

「Eddie. Don’t be rude to the princess」


As expected, you can’t decline so easily.

Parents bowed to Princess Clarisse and excused themselves.

「Etto…’s my first time talking with a princess and I’m nervous. First time seeing one too!」

In this life, of course.

In this situation, a normal child would probably shower her with questions.

Let’s try that.

「Ne, what country’s princess are you?」

「I’m the third princess of Meiri. I’ve received a prophecy, which says that a savior has awakened to defeat the Demon King. I came here to secure him」

As I thought…..

「So you are searching for hero-sama! Good luck! I’m rooting for you!」

「Eddie-kun. You are a mysterious child」

「Eh? W-What do you mean?」

Princess Clarisse observed me with her full attention.

Her gaze was a bit too sharp to look at a child.

「You have very intelligent eyes. Count Radcliff said that you coincidentally defeated the Demon King. But he’s wrong isn’t it?」

「…….What do you mean? I have no idea」

Let’s assume that Princess Clarisse and the Demon King came here after receiving the same prophesy about the sage’s awakening.

I’ve told father to disclose the matter of the Demon King’s death to the princess if that was the case.1

We won’t be able to hide it anyway, no matter how you think about it.

I’ve managed to deceive her about the orc but the Demon King is a different matter.

Even if I try to wiggle my way out of this, she would just ask who defeated the Demon King.

It will fall apart the moment she investigates further.

I thought about substituting myself with parents or brothers, but that wasn’t very realistic.

It’d fail the moment she asks them to show the power capable of defeating a Demon King.

I don’t want to implicate them.

Instead of forcing this unreliable story, negotiating with the princess would be much better.

「In that forest, you came out to protect me. It wasn’t a coincidence. You did it on your own will」


I stayed silent for a bit and thought it through before answering.

「Did you ask papa the same question?」

「No. I wanted to hear the truth directly from you」

「…..I see」

「At that time I was led by the nose, but you did defeat those orcs with your magic」

「……Un, you’re wrong, big sister. At that time, I didn’t know what to do and decided to look」

This much was true.

I’ve helped her simply because it would leave a bad aftertaste.

「I didn’t do it to protect you」

「Nevertheless, as a result, you used your magic to help me escape」

…….Well, she’s right.

Princess Clarisse is convinced.

I won’t be able to change that.

In that case. let’s admit everything and go straight to negotiation.

「…….Don’t tell anyone about my power, princess-sama」

「So I was right…….」

Princess Clarisse stayed silent as she grabbed my hands.

Surprised at her sudden action, I looked straight at her.

「This small body has saved me」


「I was saved because of your courage. Truly…..such a disappointing person as me…….」

Princes Clarisse fell silent after saying so.

Her clear eyes shook in sadness.

「Even though my brother tasked me to secure the savior, I was teleported by the Demon King and lost my precious knights

I should have been able to protect everyone…….

I couldn’t even warn you, the Savior, about the danger」

Princess Clarisse pressed her lips together and tears overflowed from her eyes.

Her hands were much bigger than mine, yet delicate nonetheless.

Those hands trembled ever so slightly.

She desperately tried not to cry in my presence.

Her eyes were full of tears she tried to hold back.

Despite being a knight, she, perhaps, lacked experience.

Her age was about fifteen years old.

Too young to call herself a full-fledged adult.

Her current appearance seemed so far away from the one she showed before the orks.

「Princess-sama, were you on good terms with those knights?」

Hearing my question, Clarisse nodded.

「They are veterans who protected me since childhood. My dearest….」

The princess cut of her speech and her lips trembled.

They must’ve been her family.

Unlike my previous life, this time I was blessed with a family.

I want to protect them.

If I ever lose this family…….

I’ve never experienced the pain of losing a precious person.

But just imagining it made my chest hurt.

I want to comfort her……

But I’m troubled.

I have no idea how to console her.

In my previous life, I didn’t communicate with people much.

The only thing I can do is…..

「Don’t cry. These people would definitely wish for you to stay strong」


「Papa said that our maid cleaned their bodies. You can take our carriage to go back to the country」


「They will definitely be pleased. There is something you can still do for your knights, isn’t it?」


She couldn’t hold it back any longer and tears fell like a waterfall.



Princess Clarisse subconsciously hugged me.



Squished between her breasts, I found it difficult to breathe.

But it doesn’t seem like she intended to let go of me.

「Sorry……hikk……Just a little……Before you, forgive me……」

「Princess Clarisse……」

Can’t help it.

I gave up and stroked her back.

Princess Clarisse didn’t let go of me until her tears dried.


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6-Year Old Sage Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Our Child is a Genius!!

After I dealt with the Demon King.

We entered the mansion and gathered in a room.

I sat on a tall chair in my usual gown above the pajamas, feeling like I’ve done it this time.

Mother healed father and brothers’ injuries with magic when she woke up.

Clarisse too rests in our house.

After the incident with the Demon King.

It’s too late trying to deceive everyone.

Mother also helped Princess Clarisse heal her wounds.

However, the sleep magic that I put on her was still active.

「I’ll wake up the princess after the family meeting」said father with an unusually stern expression.

It’s not okay for outsiders to know about my deeds, I suppose.

I have to answer some questions first.

Of course, they also checked me for injuries.

Mother carefully looked all over my body.

I’m not a toddler, you don’t need to go that far.

I said so but no one listened.

「Eddie, it doesn’t hurt anywhere, right……?」

「That’s what I’m talking about since a while ago…….trust me」

「All is good then…..」

After my family confirmed I was uninjured, they felt relieved but assumed complicated expressions right after.

6-year old kid defeated a Demon King uninjured.

In one shot of weak magic.

The reality finally settled in their minds.

In order to protect my family, I had no choice but to destroy him where he stood.

Still, what a bother……

I had a sudden flashback from my past life.

When people saw my strongest power, their reactions didn’t differ too much.

It wasn’t respect or envy reflected in their eyes.

It was fear and hate.

Humans are a type of animal, they couldn’t help but fear the one who was stronger than them.

But when the opposite party is your own family, this changes things.

They are something I’ve finally obtained after the reincarnation.

I don’t wish to lose them.

…..In that case.

I assumed a kid-like expression and swung my head left and right.

All for the sake of making up a reason why an ignorant child like me suddenly learned magic.

「Alright then」

Having sat on the top seat, father looked at the rest of us.

「First I want to apologize for my inability to keep everyone safe as a family head. Please forgive me for my incompetency」

Seeing father with his head lowered, the rest of the family panicked.

「No, Dear. Didn’t you let me escape?」

「It’s precisely because father protected us that we got away without fatal injuries」

「It’s us, your sons, who are incompetent…..」

I had my mouth shut for the time being.

I thought it was fortunate there were no deaths among us.

A child shouldn’t participate when adults talk.

「So Eddie…..」

Father’s eyes bore into me.

The whole family looked at my face.

「How did you cast that magic?」

I took a deep breath and lowered my head.

Like my dad did.

But much more hesitantly.

「Sorry. I saw a dream about magic and really wanted to try it. I wanted to learn magic in secret, so I snuck out」

It was useless to hide that I can use powerful magic.

However, I won’t even tell anyone about my memories of the past life as the sage.

「Did you go to the forbidden forest?」

「Un. I defeated some monsters and learned their magic」

The general outline stays the same.

I only forgot to mention my memories of past life.

「There I met that princess and used magic to save her. It became something amazing. So I thought, let’s beat that Demon King like the ones before! And I kinda did that……..」


Father and mother looked at each other with unbelieving faces.

Father stood up from his chair, came to me, and squatted.

「You were speaking with the Demon King about something. What was it all about?」

「The protagonist of a book I recently read said something like that. I thought it was a cool line, so I imitated it」

「…..In other words, Eddie. Today you’ve acquired magic, learned how to use it, and even have so much power to it」


That’s a bit too much, as expected.

Everyone would be frightened if their son were to suddenly use magic in such a way.

If they were to learn about my memories, they would think of me as a completely different person.

Perhaps it’s the last time they view me as a family.

Not acting, I gripped the edges of my gown. My family looked at each other and nodded.

「There’s no mistake, Mother」

「Yes, Dear」


Father turned back to me and opened his mouth.

What would he say?

Just when I was worried about that……

「You are…….genius!!」


What did he?

「Genius, no, prodigy!! The best talent since the dawn of ages!! Our cute child is so amazing!!」

Father lifted me in the air shouting 「Hahahahaha! Our child is a genius!」and spun around.

M-My eyes are spinning.

「Eddie, my little angel!! You don’t need to worry! I’m so proud!! My heart almost broke in pieces I learned you fought the Demon King, but I’m elated nonetheless!!」

Mother took me away from father and tightly embraced me.

I-I’ll get crushed.

「Brother is also proud!! I looked forward to Eddie overtaking me but it’s already happened!」

「By sneaking out of the mansion you’ve unconsciously dodged the Demon King! What an occasion! The Goddess of Fortune protects you, Eddie!」

「Let’s have a celebration! Not for the birthday only but also for defeating the Demon King!」

「Wa, mother, I can’t breathe…..!! Guee」

Being hugged by my whole family made me flustered.

I thought they will be afraid of their youngest child suddenly awakening and magically defeating a Demon King. I’ve never expected for a storm of 「Our child is adorable, The best」coming my way.

I might have underestimated my family.

…….I was born in a truly blissful place.

The storm has eventually passed.

「Well then, I guess I should wake the princess up」

「Ah, I’m going to the toilet!」

My hair disheveled from all the skinship, I rushed out of the dining hall.

「Let’s use this moment to check my status」1

Name Eddie
Level 10 <limited>
Job Sage
Endurance 100
Magical Power 230
Magic Fire Magic (weak)
Wind Magic (weak)
Dark Magic (super)
Sleep Magic
Detection Magic
Analysis Magic
Teleportation Magic (self)
Teleportation Magic (others)
Magic Capacity 204531 (reincarnation bonus)

「I’ve acquired the magic of the Demon King. Although, I don’t need super-class dark magic」

I don’t have enough magical power to use it in the first place.

The rest are analysis magic and teleportation magic.

Analysis magic allows you to investigate someone’s status.

Teleportation Magic, well, the name speaks for itself.

Since I have both, I can teleport others and well as myself.

However, teleportation magic doesn’t lose to dark magic when it comes to required MP.

I can’t see myself using it.

「N? I’ve hit the level limit」

I won’t be able to level up further until I undergo a limit releasing ritual in the Magic Temple, but that’ a problem for later.

The experience I got from that Demon King was mostly wasted but that doesn’t matter.

It’s not like I’m aiming to become the strongest.

「On the other hand this things worries me much more….」

I’ve neglected it because I had better things to do.

『Reincarnation bonus』

Interpreting it literally – I’ve got a bonus because of my successful reincarnation.

As far as the numbers go, it’s multiplied by about 1.5 times.

I knew that various things would be pulled over together with my soul when I reincarnated.

But I didn’t expect it to manifest in such a way.

I’ve reincarnated to avoid becoming the strongest sage again but ended up with an even stronger power.

Would my magical power become 1.5 times bigger too?

Magical power should grow as I level up.

「This……..would be quite something if I level up further……」

I have to spend more effort on hiding my true power.

I’ve made my determination clear in the toilet.

Let’s forget about the fact that I used magic in public 2 times in one day.


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6-Year Old Sage Chapter 6

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Fight of the century

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Demon King VS Me

I’ve modified a part of the status.

Reincarnation bonus has been increased.1

Once I reached the place……

「Kuhahaha, are the guardians of the forbidden forest all on this level?」


I’ve spotted my father being held by his neck and my older brothers, Logan and Max, all of them injured.

Opposite of them stood a long-haired man in a jet black mantle.

One of the defining characters of this world.

On the man’s forehead, there was a seal of demonkind, a mark of the Demon King.

「Still not going to hand over your children? Those two greenhorns weren’t that bad — but they had no chance against me」

The voice of the Demon King created a stifling atmosphere.

「Damn……Logan, Max…..I’ll hold him back…….! Use that opening……to escape…….」

「No, father…..! We are the father’s children, Eddie’s older brothers! We will never run away without father!」

「That’s right! We’ll fight together……!」

「Fight? Are you going to fight me in your tattered condition?」

Tattered indeed.

I felt cold inside my heart.

This guy’s at fault for making my mother cry.

The cold anger burning inside of me became even more intense.

「I’m not a devil. If you’re just cannon fodder not worthy of mention, I don’t mind letting you go. Should I throw you into the forbidden forest? You can’t fight anyway」

The Demon King stretched his hand, took my father by his neck, and lifted him in the air.

Holding his breath, father nevertheless glared at the Demon King.

I see.

Thanks to unnecessarily talkative Demon King, I understood many things.

Apparently, the Demon King somehow knew about my awakening this morning.

It should be some kind of divination magic at work.

Perhaps this princess appeared here for a similar reason – that is, to contact 『sage』.

Good grief.

The strongest power attracts problems like a magnet.

But I shouldn’t dwell on this.

These people are my precious family.

Let’s make full use of my power to set an example.

「Those who go against me shall experience the abyss of death. All of you will die…..」

「……Hey, Uncle, what are you doing?」

I stood in front of the Demon King, as I asked.

I saw my father’s and brothers’ despairing expression on the edge of my sight.

「Eddie!? Why are you here!? Run away!」

「…..Hoh? His soul smells so revolting……..Are you the sage, child?」

The Demon King looked at me and grinned.

With the eyes of a slaughterer.

I tilted my head with an innocent face.

「What is sage? I don’t know」

「Eddie!! Eddie is…….guh!!」

Said my brother despite his serious wounds.

Not only my brother.

It’s impressive they are still conscious.

Perhaps because he covered my brothers, father’s wounds were the most serious, it was obvious he persisted on pure willpower.

You have balls to injure my family.

「Kuhaha! I was tired of waiting!! The only being that can threaten my existence. Oh sage, since you’ve been reborn in this world, I’ll crush you before you grow stronger!」

Before I grow stronger?

Too bad.

You are a day too late.

「Haa…..The Demon King of the past didn’t go to the frontlines personally. The times have changed」


「Are you a kind of Demon King that doesn’t have any subordinates and has to do everything himself?」

「The hell!?」

「But isn’t it strange for the Demon King to come here all alone to kill me? Don’t you have any subordinates to share the important information of the sage’s awakening?」

「B-*******! What are you talking about!?」

You are too agitated.

It’s obviously a bulls-eye.

The ruling positions for the various territories of the demon race are hereditary, like in most human kingdoms.

Of course, territory equals power. Their sizes, populace, and the number of talents greatly vary.

The Demon King I’m about to annihilate belongs to the lowest class.

「Whatever. How about you answer my question, Uncle? What did you do to papa and my brothers?」

The Demon King frowned when I looked at him.

「*******, your magical power has already…..」

Apparently, he finally noticed my power.

He must’ve peeked at my status with some kind of magic.

By the way, immediately after that.

The Demon King shook away his confusion, opened his eyes wide, and laughed loudly.

「……Haha!! Even though you’ve awoken, what is it with this magical power!? And your magic!? How dare you appear before me with such meager skills!?」

My remaining magical power is 60.

My magic is all beginner level.

Fire Magic (weak) and Wind Magic (weak) takes exactly 30 MP to cast,

「You only have two shots! What can you possibly do? Fuhaha! Just an arrogant child. Your stupidity saved me the trouble of searching for you」

The Demon King raised both of his hands as he laughed.

Black magical power gathered inside his hands.

Seeing the inflating magical power in his hand, father sighed.

「It’s dark magic……!! Eddie, Logan, Max, run away!! Even if it’s only you…..」

「You can’t papa. You can’t outrun magic of such a scale. Leave it all to me」


Amongst their sorrowful scream, I put magical power in both hands.

Fire on my right,

Wind on my left.

The strong wind appeared around me and rustled my gown and pajamas.

Only two shots?

No. It’s more than enough.

「Fuh….an eyesore of a sage!! Die!!」

The moment the magical power in the Demon King’s hands was about to explode.

I merged fire and wind magic together before releasing it.


Magic responds to me.

My flame was surrounded and empowered by the wind.

The fire empowered by all the oxygen rapidly swelled, exceeding the boundaries of beginner magic.

「I…….Impossibleeeeeeeeeeee!! Aaaaa……….」

The Demon King’s body scattered in the wind together with his magic.

After the explosion of hellfire calmed down, I stared at the place where the Demon King was before looking at the sky and shrugging my shoulders.

For some reason, everyone reacts exactly the same when a Demon King dies.

「I’ve defeated plenty of Demon Kings like this uncle. Using even less magical power than I have now」




Turning around, I saw incredible facial expression on my family’s faces.

I thought of acting as a child, but I might have overdone it.

I blinked a few times and held my head with my hands as I laughed.

「Somehow, I defeated The Demon King. Tehe」

「…..No, Eddie!! Tehe won’t cut it!!」

……As I thought, it doesn’t work.


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