[Vol. 1] Chapter 1 – I’ll do it personally

There exist three worlds.

 The world, in which human beings live, the human realm [Dinesh].

 The world, in which the angels live, the heavenly realm [Evans].

 And the world, in which we demons live, the demon realm [Bahadur].

 The blood-like red moon illuminated the mountains, which drilled out of the magnificent earth dyed in red, representing the beautiful Demon Realm. In the middle of this beautiful piece of earth, cut into a big mountain, was a castle, this is my home!

 It feels really great sitting on this splendid chair, my throne, made for my exclusive use.

 With a height of close to 2 meters covered in splendid muscles, this jet black mantel just served to heighten my physical beauty.

 The shark-like jagged teeth are my charm point, and even though I’m concerned by the two horns and the jet black shaggy hair almost stretching out to my lower back, this couldn’t be helped as the blood of ogres is also flowing inside of me.

 My name is Demon Lord Dalewatts, the demon that unified the various races of the Demon Realm.

“Alfred, how is the progress of the Human Realm’s invasion?”

Alfred is a plump 150cm tall demon with red skin. His sharp ears rose up as he gave his report seeming frightened, as he scratched his head. Though he is like this now he was the last person who defied my unification of the Demon Realm, but now he is working as my close aide and a Demon General of the army.

“Yes, with the Four Heavenly Kings as core our army is advancing steadily. However, there’s only one place us demons can’t put our hands on, because of the barrier stones created by the angels.”

 Barrier stones, they were made by the angels to create a barrier preventing demons from entering…… I didn’t know those things were in the Human realm.

“How about the Heavenly Realm’s, the nest of those hateful angels, movements?”

“The Heavenly Realm remains silent, maintaining their powerful barrier.”

 Annanet who was beside Alfred answered.

 Annanet is a female demon who is a General the same as Alfred. With her height of about 170cm she was slightly tall and her face couldn’t be seen well as she wore the hood of her slightly torn white robe, she was covered in, very deeply. I have never seen her face in our long-lasting relationship. I met her when I was still at a young age and ever since then she supported me with various matters. She is an excellent subordinate, however, her red eyes which occasionally flashed from under the hood were actually pretty poor.

“As I thought, they won’t move, huh……It’s different from the Demon Angel War 500 years ago! The Demon Realm is in my hands!! And soon I’ll hold the Human Realm in my hands as well! Chohahahahaha–“ 

 When I was born the Demon Angel War, the war between the demons and angels, was already close to its end.

 Because powerful demons and angels kicked the bucket in that fight the Demon Realm’s power balance collapsed, the powerful guys of the Heavenly Realm united and, as if running away, also shut themselves behind that barrier they created, like this I was able to unify the Demon Realm with ease.

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 Just remembering that makes me feel pretty good, I can’t stop laughing.

“However, it seems that the human realm will hold a certain ceremony”

“- – Hahahaha……Ha?”

 The good feeling I had just now instantly cooled down after I heard Annanet’s words.

“A certain ceremony, you said?”

“It seems like the angels handed both a sword and the barrier stones to the humans before they created the barrier and it is said that [Whoever can pull out the Angel’s Sword shall become a Hero and subjugate the Demon Lord]. And the ceremony to pull out the sword will start soon.”

 I see, that’s why there are barrier stones in the Human realm. Before the angels locked themselves away they gave those to them, as expected of those darn angels.

“Please excuse me for just reporting this now, but we didn’t have conclusive evidence yet. The other day we carried out a certain experiment to go past the barrier stones and it succeeded.”

 How unusual for Annanet. Normally she would first report to me before she carried out a plan but this time she reported to me after it got carried out. Well, I’m sure Annanet had her reasons.

“Good, good, I do remember times where I wasn’t able to see you around — so what is that method?”

 I have a big heart, if the report is good, it is the King’s duty to forgive their subordinates.

“Thank you, the method is my own unique magic, Necromancy–”

“Necromancy, you say?! So one can only go through the barrier if one becomes a Zombie……Hiih!”

 Alfred cried out to interrupt her words and Annanet glared at him with her red eyes showing from the hoods gap.

 Alfred froze similar to a frog glared at by a snake…… I understand. I, too, get glared at by Annanet’s red eyes sometimes. One reason might be because her eyesight is poor.

“Alfred, listen to what I have to say until the end. If it’s normal necromancy one would surely become a Zombie. However, as we advanced our research it is now possible for the soul of a demon to possess a human’s body, that would be a living human being –”

“I see! It’s impossible for a Demon, but if it’s a human’s body they can enter without a problem, something like this?! No, wait, two souls in one body, what’s more in a human bohyoo!?”

“Al~fre~d, can’t you listen until the end, you *******?!!”

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 Alfred who got glared at with full force seemed like he would collapse at any moment, but bore with it as that wouldn’t fit the elegance of a Demon General…… However, it’s that fellow’s bad habit to always interrupt others.

“Haa~ let’s return to the main topic, but it would be a nuisance if I went into detail so I’ll explain it briefly. If two souls enter one body it would certainly cause a huge burden. However, if you mix magical power into the demon’s soul the weak human soul will disappear, which means one can take over the human body as is. It is also confirmed that because of the magical power which continues to flow from the Demon Realm the demon’s body which will get left behind will be in the state of apparent death, this makes it possible for the demon to return to its original body.”

“Splendid!! Let’s push forward the invasion using this method right now!! –Hm? What is it?”

 Why did Annanet look bewildered (I can’t really see her expression but I just understood her because of how long I knew her) even though I praised her?

“I’m afraid it is rather difficult to capture a large number of human bodies right now…… Among the humans captured for experiments, the healthy ones are limited to 10 people and we have to decide which demons are qualified to invade as well–”

 I see, it certainly is rather difficult for us to capture a lot of intact humans right now. Besides, there aren’t many demons who have high intelligence and a large quantity of them run rampant as soon as they see blood.

 However, I’m no fool, so I came up with a strategy that will solve our problem in one go!

“Whether it’s humans or demons, if they are alone they are nothing to worry about.”

“What do you mean?”

As I thought, Annanet didn’t understand my thought process either and her red eyes looked bewildered. As I coolly pointed my finger out, I have decided!

“I shall directly destroy the Angel’s Sword and dispose of those who’ll draw it!! The humans shall taste despair!! Chohahahahahaha!!”


 ――Absolutely perfect!! As expected of me!! If it’s like this there won’t be a problem!!

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