[Teaser] – I Actually Became the Dragon Race’s Princess

I, Akatod Bussjonan Mondelli D. Scarbusla Lincoln Klass Caesar II1, am the lord of this empire.

I, who have enjoyed the highest of glory. Even the sun pales in comparison to me. The moon and the stars can only serve as background to bring out my greater brilliance.

I, who have slept on the widest bed in this empire. Many gems are embedded to the sides of the bed. My bed is a sacred object that mortals can only see the most common part of it in their dream. My pillow contains the essence of the world, a mortal won’t be able to comprehend it even if they exhaust their wisdom.

I, who lived in a palace as high as the heaven. The tiles of the palace are made out of crystals. The palace walls are made out of polished diamonds. And the palace ground is laid with gold and jade.

I, who wore the most gorgeous clothes in this world, donned a crown embedded with the Goddess’ Tear.

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Every time I awaken, Heaven will caress my face with the most precious first ray of the sun. And the wind goddess will use the most refreshing wind to bring me the sweetest of scents.2

When I am fast asleep, everyone will zealously look at me with reverence. When I am awake, they will not dare to look straight at me under the pressure.

“Look, mommy, that person is sleeping in the cardboard box.”

“Don’t look, let’s go quickly.”

To be Continued…


  1. Can’t be bothered to translate this long as hell name, Google Translate it is. Though I don’t know why it’s a different name from the synopsis…
  2. Wow, someone narcissist much?

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  1. Thanks for the teaser! Going by the synopsis and the short intro, looks like it would be interesting. Hope it’ll get picked up by someone in the future. 😀

    1. Haha, just don’t expect much from this though. I doubt I have the ability to man two projects at once, so this will most definitely only serve as a stress reliever for when I want to translate something different.

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