Chapter 1 The Strongest Sage, Reincarnating

There was a thundering sound in a building called the Temple of Darkness.

There was a pile of corpses of those who challenged『It』before in the corner of the temple.

It was the sound of the Demon King unleashing his blow, strong enough to rock the entire temple.

The swords released by the Demon King pierced into the sage’s body one after another, as they produced red splashes.

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「Sage. Have my praise for pushing me to such an extent……however…..」

He approached the sage, who slowly raised his face, to deliver the final blow.

「Your life ends here!!」

The blood fell down his chin.

Perhaps because the sage didn’t have enough magical power to use healing magic, his body was full of wounds.

There was no healer to fix him either.

Everyone who came here before did so in a party with cooperation in mind.

However, the sage was alone.

Having enormous magical power, the strongest sage had no need in comrades.

Facing the Demon King who was about to unleash his ultimate attack, the sage —-


Laughed at the Demon King’s words.

The blood flowing down his face lit up with blue light.

「Ah, finally. To be honest, I’ve almost fainted from the blood loss. But it doesn’t matter now」

「I-Impossible! What’s with this magical power?」

The Demon King, who was about to finish off the sage, visibly faltered.

「I’ve never felt such enormous magical power……」

「I’m honored to be praised by the Demon King himself. It’s my first time too」

「What!?! B-*******!! What are you trying to do!?」

「– Divine magic,『Reincarnation Art』, activate. With my body, my blood, my magical power as a price –」

Gusha — there was a sound of something tearing apart.


Enduring the shockwave, the Demon King lowered his gaze.

「Impossible……Impossible, impossible!!」

The right side of his body vanished.

The left side was wrapped in light as it gradually turned into dust.

「What on earth is this? What the hell did you do……!?」

「I sacrifice the lives of 1000 high-ranking demons」

The sage had trouble breathing.

「You are the 1000th. It was dull until this point. — As you’ve said, my life ends here. This time」

The moment he said that.

A huge magic circle enveloped the whole temple.

「Sorry. This is my dream. I’m sorry for dragging you into this….you’ve killed a fair share of humans. It’s time repent」

「For me….for me to fall at this place! As a sacrifice to a human’s spell!! Sage-sama, this, this magic…..」

The Demon King vanished before finishing his line.

This was the end.

And the beginning.

After all, all the conditions for this spell were finally completed.

「At last」

If successful, he could reincarnate into a new human being with his memories intact.

「If successful, after all….」

Even though he didn’t fail even once, he couldn’t stay calm in this situation.

「There should be no problem. All conditions have been met. The magical formula is at work. It won’t fail. It’s time for a new life」

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With this『Reincarnation Art』–.

His longtime wish was about to be fulfilled.

The days of saving people left and right are over.

There is no need to accept challenges or defeating demon kings.

Anyway, I want my next life to be more relaxing.

It’d be nice to reincarnate into a rich and handsome scion to play around.

「I’ve saved humanity so many times, you can at least give me this much」

The reincarnation magic was about to be completed.

As if blessing his next life, divine light enveloped the sage.

He closed his eyes with high expectations.

His consciousness dimmed…….


And once the reincarnation happened I….

Found myself the youngest child of Count Radcliff named Eddie.

The memory came back at the 6th birthday.

The moment I woke up on the bed, it came back to me.

Magic rituals, chants, all of his accumulated knowledge rushed into his head.


Extremely nauseating feeling.

As if my insides are being reconstructed.

Far from breathing, I couldn’t even blink, only stare at the ceiling.

The torrent of information died down when my mind was on the verge of collapsing.

「I see…that’s how it happened……I remember everything…….although I feel horrible……」

Groaning, I pushed his face into the pillow.

I’ve made it in a way that the memory won’t come back immediately on purpose.


I’m using words a normal 6-year-old child shouldn’t know as if it’s only natural.

My muddled consciousness finally produced some thoughts. Apparently, my way of thinking didn’t change since the previous life.

「Haa, it finally subsided. That didn’t feel nice at all…….」

To get back all the memories at my 6th birthday.

Should have made it come back in part since infancy.

It’s good that my mind could withstand it.

I’ve put my hand on top of my erratically beating heart and slowly got up.

The problem lied in a fact that during these 6 years I didn’t use magic even once.

Forget about that, there wasn’t even an aptitude examination.

I was told that magic and swordsmanship training is dangerous, so I didn’t have to do it.

The Radcliff house is quite wealthy and I’m deeply loved by my parents and siblings.

The youngest child, who wasn’t considered an heir, could easily spend his whole life playing around.

Having no duties, living as I want, what a blessed life I got for myself.

Even though it’s me, it feels like I’m talking about someone else.

Me of the previous life, me of the current life.

It’d take a while for those two minds to align, I thought to myself.

Be that as it may……

Let’s confirm my status.

「Status, open」


Name: Eddie


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Profession: Sage

HP: 10

MP: 10

Magic: –

Magical Power: –


As you’d expect from a child.

Both, hit points and magic points and few.

Even though I have some magical power, it’s not displayed since I haven’t mastered any spells.

「Whatever, have to learn some magic first」

I have memories of magic rituals and chants.

I also remember the feeling of using magic.

「Un, I have a suitable location in mind」

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