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[Vol. 1] Prologue

“It’s the departure of the Hero Dale!”

 That Bastards throaty voice echoed throughout the clear sky.

 As I watched the big gate slowly opening with a dull Gokon sound, I wondered what will happen to me after it fully opened……

“Now then, Dale-dono, let’s go”

 The female knight to my right advanced on her horse while letting out a dignified voice, seeming full of motivation.

“Dale! Let’s give that D something Demon Lord one hell of a beating!”

 The spirit, who floated to my left and advanced while waving her fist, also seemed full of motivation.


 Why are those guys so full of motivation, I can’t keep up with their tension.

 After the big gate finished opening a large number of people rejoicing entered my field of vision, those guys as well, huh…….

“Long live the Hero!”

“Dale-sama! Please kill the Demon Lord!”

“Sir Heerooo, do your beeeest”

That cheering of all the people regardless of age or sex is really noisy……

“Hero Dale! Be sure to accomplish the subjugation of the Demon Lord Dalewatts by all means! I’m asking this of all of you as well!”

 A dignified voice resonated from the terrace in the rear, the king of this country, wearing a crown, a luxurious mantle and having a majestic moustache, called out to us, though his voice wasn’t that loud it was enough for us to hear him.

“Understood! Leave it to us!”

 The female knight to my right who stood upright and hit her chest with her fist, answered to him, though I think she doesn’t have to respond every single time.

“Leave it to us~!”

 The spirit to my left also answered him while waving its hand, if even you decided to give an answer, I don’t have any other choice but to do so as well……

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“……Yes……Leave it to us……”

I used a somewhat powerless voice, but I can’t really help it……Anyway, – -.

――Why do I have to subdue myself!?

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