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The Ancestor of our Sect Chapter 12

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, this will be the last chapter from us. You may read the rest on xaiomoge’s site from now on. Thank you for your warm support and for sticking with us through the end. Know what I am not willingly giving up this project to xaiomoge, I just do not want to ruin the author’s work and the visitor’s reading experience, that’s why I will let him have the project, for now. I will keep my eyes peeled on this project and whenever he drops it, is the day we will resume this project.

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The Ancestor of our Sect Chapter 10

Wew, this chapter is quite long. Took a while to edit. Anyways, we have 2 more chapters among this batch before we drop The Ancestor for good. For now, let me just congratulate the xaiomoge about winning the rights to continue the translation of this project. I sure hope you feel happy about it. Please do not disappoint me and the other fans of this series. Keep up the good work.

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» Chapter 10 «

The Ancestor of our Sect Chapter 9

Bad news guys. Apparently, the official source of The Ancestor (iQing) is out of service due to uncontrollable factors. We have no idea when or if the site will ever become operational again. So, what does this mean for The Ancestor? Will the translations be put on hold? Will the author upload the chapters on a different site? Whatever the case, let’s pray for iQing to overcome these difficult times and restore their service.

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» Chapter 9 «

The Ancestor of our Sect Chapter 8

I tried reaching out to xaiomoge to resolve this conflict in chapter releases as peacefully as possible, but he does not seem intent to hand over the translation of this project to us nor is he willing to collaborate.

I do not have the intention to get into a petty fight over translation rights on a novel which we do not officially own, not only was that childish, it’s also very rude to the original author in question. I do not want to ruin this novel for the other readers due to a petty squabble between translators. So if the other translator really intended to bring the fight to us and steal this project from right under our wing, then we will just give it to him and find something else to pick up.

And I have to apologize for publishing chapter 7 before having the chapter edited. I was kind of wishing to take my time editing all the previous chapters and eventually edit chapter 7 before releasing it, but when I see xaiomoge releasing 5 chapters that day, I kind of panicked and released it prematurely. Anyway, all the previous chapters on Re:Library have now been proofread, though not mandatory, I do recommend giving them a read over, the story should now flow much better.

We also changed a few terms, which will all be listed below.

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» Chapter 8 «


Chao Xue Tower -> Snow Watch Tower
Tian Jian Sect -> Heavenly Sword Sect
Tianxuan Temple -> Scorpio Temple
Tian Li Sword -> Empyrean Glass Sword

[Pickup Series] The Ancestor of our Sect

Due to a certain request on this post, I’ve decided to try my luck at reaching out to the translator of The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t expecting anyone to reply as I left a comment on the translator’s site, but to my surprise, I did receive a reply about half a month later.

Since then, we’ve been in discussion about how we should push forward with the continuation of this series. In the end, it has been decided that Re:Library will be sponsoring this project. This is the third Gender Bender series sponsored by Re:Library, along with Female Knight & Dark Elf and Not Sure, Another World Reincarnation.

Those who visited Re:Library frequently should already know about our Project Gender Bender initiatives by now. I’ve been going out of my way to invite other Gender Bender translators to host their projects on this site in hope of one day making Re:Library into a Gender Bender Haven. As the first phase of our project, we are gathering supporters on Patreon and using the money earned to employ translators for hire.

The plan is going well, too well in fact, as we just gained three more new projects before reaching our goals on Patreon. So to be completely honest with you, I am paying for these three new projects from my own allowance. And also a special thanks to our sponsor, MechaCoin, who has donated an astounding 175 bucks to help fund these projects.

If you wish to support The Ancestor of our Sect and ensure the continuation of this novel, please head on to our Patreon page and make your pledge. For now, refrain from pledging to this project until we’re sure which direction this conflict with another translation group is taking us.

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∴ P.S. I am aware another group just re-released the first four chapter, I need to have a talk with him.