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The Ancestor of our Sect

The Ancestor The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder (一派之长为老不尊) is a Chinese Web Novel written by Azure Studio (湛蓝工房) and translated by NexusFlamehart. It is completed with 1300+ Chapters.

Category: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Martial Arts

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Sue Kirin was a loser. Thirty Years old with no hope for advancement at his job and no redeeming features except one, Magic. For as long as he could remember he Kirin had dedicated his life to practicing the Arcane. Unfortunately, when he was passing down his knowledge to his niece, she lost control of her power resulting in a backlash of vicious energy that resulted in her being sent to the hospital, her life in critical danger.

Kirin tried everything to help his niece to no avail, just as he had begun to lose hope a man claiming to be an immortal cultivator appeared claiming to be able to restore his Kirin’s niece to perfect help on one condition.

“Have you ever heard of parallel worlds?”

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