The Ancestor of our Sect Chapter 10

Wew, this chapter is quite long. Took a while to edit. Anyways, we have 2 more chapters among this batch before we drop The Ancestor for good. For now, let me just congratulate the xaiomoge about winning the rights to continue the translation of this project. I sure hope you feel happy about it. Please do not disappoint me and the other fans of this series. Keep up the good work.

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3 thoughts on “The Ancestor of our Sect Chapter 10”

  1. Well, I kind of paused here for a second or two…
    Sigh…. Unfortunate but hopefully he’ll really continue it..!
    Let’s cheer up~!! This is also good one way or another for the site and Silva, since it’s also bad to stretch too fast anyway.

  2. While i do understand that another translator has it so i can still read it at the very least… This news makes me sad that you’re stopping this project, don’t get me wrong though, i do understand that funding can go elsewhere as well as a result

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