Chapter 10 – Martial Demon

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Author: Azure Studio Original Source: iQing Word Count: 4749 characters
Translator: Nexus Flamehart English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 3045 words

“Hey, Sue Kirin hurry up and get out of bed! What time do you think it is?”

Sue Kirin’s mind felt hazy, she heard a familiar voice. It was Qi Qiqi.

Her nose was assaulted by the cold morning air.

“Five minutes, just give me five more minutes!”

“What five minutes, how long do you think five minutes is?” Qi Qiqi asked confusedly, not that it mattered as she began to shake Sue Kirin awake.

“The sun is already high up! Rise and shine!”


Sue Kirin ignored her, turned over and continued to sleep without even opening her eyes.

How early is it? If she had to guess it was about eight in the morning. After years of experience lazing around in bed, Sue Kirin could tell the time just by the humidity in the air. Yes, it was quite the practical skill that didn’t even require a watch. On that note, did this kind of ancient world even have clocks?

Forget it, it’s not worth thinking about. Sue Kirin thought as she forced herself back to sleep.

“Very well, you can just stay like that!” Qi Qiqi’s voice grew angry.

Although she’s the leader of a sect, she has a terribly short temper, though Luo Qing would say the same thing about me. Thought Sue Kirin.

“Little White, hit her!”

Sue Kirin had no time to think about the identity of Little White as she was shocked by the sudden strike to her stomach.

She opened her eyes on reflex and saw a furry, cat-like object hit her straight on with a punch.

“What the hell is that thing!” Sue Kirin exclaimed, she was so surprised that she could only barely squeak out the first thing that came to mind.

With a bang the two collided violently, and the strange cat punched Sue Kirin in the nose.


The tiny cat’s fist surpassed the little ancestor’s expectations and was able to knock her back somewhat.

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Bang! Sue Kirin’s head suddenly smashed into her pillow. Ah, that pillow was made of jade.


The pain that was originally a sharp pinch before rapidly escalated until it felt as if Sue Kirin had been stabbed straight toward the temple. She sat up reflexively and painfully squeezed the tears from the corner of her eyes.

Her left hand flew up to clutch at her nose that had been punched by the odd cat, likewise, her right hand went to cover the back of her head.

“Oww, that hurt!”

The sound of smug laughter filled the little ancestor’s ear and she turned to see Qi Qiqi who quickly glanced at the ground.

“Twenty-One! What are you doing! Don’t you know this hurts?” Qi Qiqi looked back with a blank expression and asked, “Twenty-One? What’s that?”

Sue Kirin stopped for a moment. Really? Is that what you’re focusing on?

“Your name, it has three sevens, if you add three sevens then you get twenty-one, no?”

Perhaps it was because of how dumb Qi Qiqi’s expression was, but Sue Kirin subconsciously responded and immediately regretted it.

It’s a pity that you can’t unring a bell.1


Qi Qiqi body shook violently, her knuckles were white, and she was speechless with rage.

“What are you pointing at?! Don’t you know that when you are pointing at someone else, four fingers are pointing at yourself?”

Sue Kirin was beaten and unhappy, but she couldn’t think of anything to say that wouldn’t result in Qi Qiqi’s small fists punching her face in.

However —-


Suddenly, Sue Kirin was slapped.

Silent. Everything was still and silent.

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Sue Kirin stared blankly at Qi Qiqi who was standing beside her. The sect’s matriarch maintained her posture, having not moved a centimeter. In other words, it was not Qi Qiqi who had hit Sue Kirin.


Qi Qiqi couldn’t help but break out into a fit of giggles.

Apparently, she was still holding a grudge from when Sue Kirin laughed at her the other day. Qi Qiqi sat on the floor and slapped the ground with a big smile plastered on her face.

Sue Kirin didn’t bother to bicker with her, all she wanted to know was who hit her.

The attack had come from her own arms, she realized after noticing that there was a very light creature there.

She slowly turned her head, looking towards her chest.

There she saw a white cat with eyes that belied anger very obviously.

No, rather than a cat, it’s more like an object that looked like one.

Cat-like body, cat-like claws… No matter whether Sue Kirin looked left or right, she could only see the creature before her as a cat, but logic rejected the idea. After all, how can a cat have two tails? Moreover, the strength of its fists were no different from that of an adult human. Could a cat have that kind of strength? Even the old king next door wouldn’t believe it.2

The cat seemed to be annoyed at how Sue Kirin was staring at it, thus it clicked its tongue and spit on Sue Kirin’s blanket.

Sue Kirin was stunned. Just what the heck is this nasty cat!!!

“What is this thing?” Sue Kirin asked, robotically pointing a finger straight at the cat.

“What thing! Why are you calling Little White a thing?” Qi Qiqi resentfully protested.

“Apologize to the world’s smallest white cat! Even Shin Chan’s Whitey is cuter than it?”
After that, Sue Kirin’s face ate another foot.

The white cat jumped to Sue Kirin’s face and used it as a foothold to bound back to Qi Qiqi who opened her arms to catch it.

“Serves you right!” Qi Qiqi judged Sue Kirin’s behavior, and the white cat nodded in approval, snorted in amusement, and cuddled into her chest.

Sue Kirin didn’t know why but her anger suddenly declined sharply. She glanced at her chest, then over at Qi Qiqi’s chest that had earned the cat’s approval.

What? Isn’t she just flat though? Sue Kirin took on a sympathetic expression.

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“You have a very rude look on your face, are you thinking about something you shouldn’t be?” Qi Qiqi looked suspiciously. Sue Kirin coughed and quickly turned away.

“So what’s that hairy thing?” Sue Kirin yawned and stretched out, then opened the quilt she was sleeping in and put on the delicate embroidered shoes that she’d been given while asking her question.

She didn’t have a plan in mind, she just woke up and was still feeling tired.

“I just said don’t call it a thing! Little White is a Divine Cat, a martial demon!”

While Qi Qiqi spoke, Sue Kirin couldn’t help but glance at the matriarch’s chest that was so flat it resembled a landing strip for an A380 airplane.

Divine Cat? Then why don’t you call Alibaba? Actually, what is a martial demon? When Sue Kirin asked the question Qi Qiqi shot a look in her direction as if she was looking at an idiot.

“You don’t know what a martial demon is?”

Sue Kirin shook her head, unmindful of how she was being looked at.

“I dunno, is it some kind of food?”

“Eat your big head! A martial demon is an animal that can learn martial arts!”

The little ancestor’s expression turned strange. “Are you sure this isn’t a demonic beast?”

“What is that?”

Sue Kirin sighed at that. It was easy to imagine martial demons being similar to the demonic beasts in her original world, but demonic beasts used magic instead and the martial demons practiced martial arts… What kind of world is this? Originally, she thought that this was a world of martial arts, but it turns out to actually be a Xianxia? But, then again—

“Are you actually a cultivator?”

“Cultivator? What’s that?”

Yeah, this was probably not Xianxia-type world. No, at this point I can’t say for sure if this is a wuxia or xianxia-type setting, for all I know this could be a new setting, a different kind of world? Like a fantasy world for instance?

Sue Kirin wondered if she should start looking for a way back to her own world.

“What’s going on that made you wake me up so early?” the little ancestor turned to see the sun high in the sky and asked without hesitation.

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Qi Qiqi looked at the sky outside the window incredulously, and then turned back to the late sleeper.

“Early? The hour of the snake is already here!”

In other words, it was eight or nine in the morning! Sue Kirin almost fainted, usually she wouldn’t get up until lunch at the earliest. But then she thought about how people in ancient times would get up early, and sighed helplessly.

“Yeah, it’s early… anyway, what did you want?”

“SUE-KI-RIN! Did you forget what I told you just yesterday. I told you to get up and come to me. I will take you to the sword archive to find Senior Sister Li, but what? I’ve been waiting for two hours and you never showed up! So I come over and see that you are still lying in bed and sleeping! Still drooling!” Qi Qiqi said more and more, finishing by pointing a finger at Sue Kirin.

The words flew through Sue Kirin’s left ear and came out her right. She used her sleeves to wipe off her mouth that was still a little wet with drool.

Then she opened her mouth, “you asked me to get up early yesterday, I remember that clearly.”

“Then why didn’t you come like I asked?”

“It wasn’t time for me to wake up yet!”

Instantly, Qi Qiqi’s expression became ugly as if she’d just eaten a cockroach.

Sue Kirin shot a smug look at other girl, only to see Qi Qiqi standing there, her face large and red like an apple..

Sue Kirin got out of bed, picked up her clothes that were on the bed, and tried to change. Unfortunately, Qi Qiqi was still standing in place. Sue Kirin stood at a height of 1.4 meters, with Qi Qiqi’s height being 1.65 meters, she was practically a wall in front of the loli.

“Hey, you’re blocking my way.”

Sue Kirin noted with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

However, Qi Qiqi didn’t move.

Sue Kirin raised her head a little impatiently and wanted to say something, but she was stunned the moment she saw Qi Qiqi’s face.

Then she panicked.

“Hey! You, why are you crying!”

Qi Qiqi was still puffed up like a balloon, but teardrops had already began to form in her eyes.

“You’re bullying me! All I wanted to do was come to you in the morning, but you have that attitude!” Qi Qiqi bit her lower lip. She had already begun to cry, but was still trying to hold some of the tears back.

I’ve been wronged. Sue Kirin thought as she was confronted by Qi Qiqi’s words.

“This… ah, I apologize.”

Sue Kirin couldn’t think of any better options than to apologize.

Qi Qiqi sniffed and snorted before wiping away her tears.

Sue Kirin scratched her head awkwardly as she stood there waiting for Qi Qiqi to finish.

“Hey uh… could you help me get dressed?”

In retrospect, Sue Kirin really wanted to scold herself for being stupid. What’s up with this sneaky girl?

However, the result was beyond her expectations.

Pfft— Qi Qiqi started laughing.


Qi Qiqi covered her mouth and tried to stifle her laughing, but when she looked at the loli, she snorted and immediately had to turn away if she didn’t want to erupt with laughter.

“Well, are you going to help or not?”

“Hmph, hand it over then!”

Qi Qiqi gave her a blank look, put down the divine cat named Little White, and took the clothes.

“Spread your arms!”

Sue Kirin did as requested and suddenly a small kimono-style dress was draped from around her back.

The kimono looked like a big piece of cloth. There were two holes in the cloth, so it was supposedly a sleeveless design. She passed her hands through the holes on the left and right sides.

“Fasten the buckles yourself.”

“Oh, where?”

“The inside of the collar.”

Sue Kirin bowed her head clumsily and clasped the buckle.

After that, Qi Qiqi picked up a belt with the bells on both ends, wrapped it around Sue Kirin’s waist, then tied a bow in front of her stomach and tightened it all together.

After that, Qi Qiqi picked up the big outer gown and shook it open.

“You can do that on your own!”

Sue Kirin snorted and took the outer gown, it sort of resembled a sleeveless windbreaker and Sue Kirin quickly put it on. After that, Qi Qi picked up the two ropes hanging around the loli’s waist and pulled them to the front without loosening them.

Next, Qi Qiqi satisfactorily nodded while pulling out several combs from her sleeves. Each of the combs had different teeth and were distinctive.

“What about your hair?”

“Oh, yesterday’s style is good.”

Sue Kirin’s thoughts were still a bit sluggish as she considered what had just happened. Do women always carry combs around with them? Naturally, she didn’t think that all women would be like Qi Qiqi and carry around bowls and chopsticks at all times.

Qi Qiqi combed her hair with smooth motions, regardless of how complicated the hairstyle was, she finished it in just a few blinks of the eyes without needing to look in a mirror. Not that she would’ve been able to see well through the bronze mirrors that were most common, they weren’t bad but water would give a better reflection.

Qi Qiqi puffed up her chest and sat up with a satisfied look on her face. It was a face that said, “Yup, as expected of me.”

After seeing her expression, Sue Kirin felt like she needed to remind her why she was even there.

“Aren’t we supposed to be going to the Sword Archive?”

“Oh right, I forgot.”

Qi Qiqi blinked and seemed to think deeply about something for a moment.

“Let’s go!”

After that, Qi Qiqi turned and walked away.

Sue Kirin rolled her eyes and followed after.

As a result, Qi Qiqi was stopped as she walked out of the door.

“Senior Sister!”

Sue Kirin’s eyes were shining and she saw a delicious loli running towards herself.

Oh. She thought. That Loli is looking for Qi Qiqi.

The girl in question looked somewhere in the range of twelve or thirteen, wore a pink dress, and was somewhat taller than Sue Kirin. She had a lovely little round face, adorably big apricot eyes, a pretty little nose, cute little cherry lips — all in all, she was an extremely cute loli.

“Why are you drooling!”

Qi Qiqi elbowed Sue Kirin, the latter of whom had only just gotten her wits about her and quickly wiped the drool from her mouth.”

“Little Qi, this is just uh… nevermind, who is that?”

Qi Qiqi gave the little ancestor a strange look, before bringing her hands up to her hips and puffing her chest out in pride.

“My apprentice.”

“Your apprentice?”

Sue Kirin was surprised. She looked at Qi Qiqi’s chest and looked at her apprentice’s chest. How can the apprentice be bigger than the master?

“Why do I feel like you’re thinking of something rude?” Qi Qiqi shot a skeptical look at Sue Kirin.

As Sue Kirin considered how to throw the matriarch off the trail, her apprentice arrived in front of them.

“Little Qing, you-”

“What’s your name?” just as Qi Qiqi had begun to speak, Sue Kirin cut her off.

After Sue Kirin asked the question, she walked around the apprentice —apparently named Gong Tianqing— as she inspected the girl thoroughly.

This quality… Were the lolis of ancient times always so high quality? Sue Kirin was shocked and happy at the same time.

Gong Tianqing seemed to be very intimidated by Sue Kirin and timidly replied, “ Greetings little ancestor, this one’s name is… Gong Tianqing.”

Sue Kirin was stunned. Gong Tianqing? This name was only one word away from being the same as her niece’s.

She stopped and took a better look at Qi Qiqi’s apprentice who had begun to remind her a lot of her niece.

“Lit-tle An-Cestor, you’re scaring my apprentice.”

Qi Qiqi’s voice rang in her ears, scaring Sue Kirin. Since the day she was knocked out by the other party, a shadow had formed in her heart, and she was always afraid of Qi Qiqi. Well, it’s more like she was afraid of the other girl’s fist.

“Lil Qing, what are you looking for?”

Qi Qiqi asked with a gentle tone that Sue Kirin had never heard from her before.

Who the heck is this? Sue Kirin was so shocked that she couldn’t be more surprised. She’d never expected that Qi Qiqi could be so gentle.

Qi Qiqi shot a threatening look at Sue Kirin, seemingly to have sensed the way the little ancestor was looking at her.

“Senior Sister, something happened. Vice-chief Ye asked you to go over there for a discussion.”


Qi Qiqi looked awkward, she glanced at Sue Kirin and stopped talking.

With such an obvious reaction, Sue Kirin naturally recognized the importance even if she didn’t know what specifically they were talking about.

“Don’t worry about it, if you have something to do my business can wait till later.”

Qi Qiqi was surprised but nodded, “If you say so, I’ll be back soon.”

Sue Kirin was ready to say good—

— “If the matriarch is too busy, then I can escort little ancestor.”

Somehow Luo Qing had arrived at her door silently and without anyone else noticing.

She slowly walked toward the two.

“This…” Qi Qiqi hesitated, then nodded and said, “Then I’ll just have to trouble you Senior Sister Luo.”

Luo Qing smiled and shook her head and noting that it was no trouble at all.

“Well Lil Qing, let’s go.”

Qi Qiqi led Gong Tianqing and left, quickly leaving Sue Kirin’s field of view.

“Little Ancestor, let’s go,” said Luo Qing.

Sue Kirin snorted and wondered how was it that Luo Qing always managed to appear when someone was in need.


  1. Nexus: Directly translates to “spilled water can’t be retrieved”. Which is a Chinese expression meaning that you can’t take back an action once made.

    I swapped it for the western equivalent.

  2. Nexus: Some awkwardly written joke about your neighbor sleeping with your wife. I don’t really know how to translate it.

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