The Ancestor of our Sect Chapter 8

I tried reaching out to xaiomoge to resolve this conflict in chapter releases as peacefully as possible, but he does not seem intent to hand over the translation of this project to us nor is he willing to collaborate.

I do not have the intention to get into a petty fight over translation rights on a novel which we do not officially own, not only was that childish, it’s also very rude to the original author in question. I do not want to ruin this novel for the other readers due to a petty squabble between translators. So if the other translator really intended to bring the fight to us and steal this project from right under our wing, then we will just give it to him and find something else to pick up.

And I have to apologize for publishing chapter 7 before having the chapter edited. I was kind of wishing to take my time editing all the previous chapters and eventually edit chapter 7 before releasing it, but when I see xaiomoge releasing 5 chapters that day, I kind of panicked and released it prematurely. Anyway, all the previous chapters on Re:Library have now been proofread, though not mandatory, I do recommend giving them a read over, the story should now flow much better.

We also changed a few terms, which will all be listed below.

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Chao Xue Tower -> Snow Watch Tower
Tian Jian Sect -> Heavenly Sword Sect
Tianxuan Temple -> Scorpio Temple
Tian Li Sword -> Empyrean Glass Sword

10 thoughts on “The Ancestor of our Sect Chapter 8”

  1. If you’re dropping ancestor would you consider picking up “Genderbent loli is not cute”? Either way I really appreciate your efforts with genderbender novels.

      1. Well novel updates lists it as ongoing in country of origin, but the person who was translating it hasn’t updated in around a year with absolutely no mention of whats going on (as far as I can find). As to what it’s about, some guy around university age if I remember correctly wakes up as a loli. After a brief segment of family drama they get taken in by some upper class family and start attending school with their son. That’s kind of where the translation left off. Sorry if the details are inaccurate or fuzzy, it’s been a year after all. Here’s the NU page,

        1. Well, I mean, it’s not like I can’t understand why he’d want to start from chapter 1 considering the previous translators skipped a lot of lines and there were some misinterpretation of the translations all over the place when I did the translation check this past week.

        2. yeah, but for some people, like me, when abandoned novel got picked up, what they expect is the new chapter continuation from where previous translator left behind, and on their own site, translators just tell the readers that they gonna retranslate the previous chapters since there’s many missing lines and wrong translations…
          now the readers gonna reread it again for better translations ~

          if the translator pick up from first chapter, not many people would click it, moreover if they just release it 1-2 chapter when previous translations already few chapters ahead, the new readers just read the previous translation chapters instead….

        3. I do suspect that my sudden announcement to pick up this novel has caused him to panic and released those chapters earlier than he originally intended.

          But either way, that was not cool. He could’ve contacted me first before releasing those chapter and avoid causing a conflict between two groups. Nobody appreciates that, not me, not you, nor the rest of the readers. While I’m not saying he was wrong to pick up a novel that has been dropped for 2 years, but if anything, releasing those chapters after another group has made their intention to pick up the novel public is anything but ethical.

        4. yeah….
          this is why i don’t like ‘unreasonable translators’ they can just choose easy and peaceful way, try talk to each other to solving the problem… but no, they just choose hard route instead….
          and create all this worthless drama…

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