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Chapter 7 – Scorpio Temple Assassination (Part 3)

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Author: Azure Studio Original Source: iQing Word Count: 4123 characters
Translator: Nexus Flamehart English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2692 words

Sue Kirin turned and walked towards her room as soon as she finished this sentence.

“What? Why are you telling me to carry that big pot1 instead of Ye Zhen?” Qi Qiqi watched Sue Kirin’s petite back as she walked away. Though she screamed internally, she didn’t dare say anything out loud, not after witnessing the battle that had just taken place before. It had proven that the little ancestor was far more than just an empty title.

While Qi Qiqi was reveling in the injustice, she heard the sound of heavy breathing, the kind of heavy heaving one would make after holding their breath for a long time.

“Master?” Situ Wood raised his voice suddenly with a worried tone.

Qi Qiqi looked suspiciously at Ye Zhen who was panting and had one of his hands pressed over his chest.

Is that an internal injury? Qi Qiqi and Luo Qing questioned as they exchanged looks.

“Are you okay?” Luo Qing asked as she briskly walked to Ye Zhen’s side, extending a hand to him in concern.

Ye Zhen raised his palm and motioned that he was fine.

With that being the case, Qi Qiqi turned her attention away from him and directed it toward Situ Wood.

Qi Qiqi, who knew Ye Zhen well, turned to his disciple and spoke, “Junior Brother, you’ve worked hard.”

Ye Zhen’s disciple looked confused, but Qi Qiqi simply continued.

“Even if you don’t want to, you will answer my next question. What exactly do you think the title of Matriarch means?” That idiot! He was acting as a proxy without even knowing it! Qi Qiqi could only stand helplessly with her gut full of anger.

Although Situ Wood was a combat junkie, he wasn’t really the kind to revel in hunting others as his master had implied. Nor was he the kind of person to casually challenge a master, and he certainly wasn’t skilled enough to do so and live to tell the tale afterward.

The reason he wore a mask and attacked the little ancestor was almost certainly because of something that his master, Ye Zhen, had taught him.

However much she wished for Situ Wood to respond that Ye Zhen was just using him, it was not her place as an outsider to say anything about how Ye Zhen chose to discipline his disciple, she was not Situ Wood’s master after all.

“What do you think of the little ancestor after meeting her?” Qi Qiqi asked, cutting straight to the main point as she felt it was a more important matter.

Situ Wood’s once sluggish eyes sprung to life instantly, raging like a flame and full of instinctual wildness. “Very strong.”

Ye Zhen was Qi Qiqi’s uncle, Situ Wood was his disciple, and yet Qi Qiqi was the daughter of the previous Patriarch. She grew up in the Scorpio Temple, and as such, her position was still higher than him. She was the senior sister in terms of rank, but of course, that’s excluding the rank of matriarch, which she felt didn’t count.

Although Situ Wood had only been a disciple of Ye Zhen’s for a meager five years, his power level had already surpassed Qi Qiqi and was second only to Luo Qing within the Scorpio Temple. Even Li Wanting and Liu Chenzong were weaker than him.

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It must be noted that Situ Wood often bothered Ye Zhen to have a few bouts with him. Sometimes Ye Zhen would cave-in to his demand and exchange a few moves with him, to which the eager disciple could only evaluate his Master as being far stronger than himself.

Ye Zhen, who was stronger than Situ Wood by an entire realm, was curious to hear that his disciple evaluating the little ancestor as “very strong.”

“How is she compared to your master?”

“With Master’s specialty in melee fighting, Master might be able to win, but in any other scenario, she would beat him.”

“You’re sure about that?” Qi Qiqi was surprised by his answer, at first she’d assumed that, at best, the little girl would be her uncle’s equal. The little ancestor defeating him in long-distant combat was well within expectation, the image of that mighty fire dragon was still vividly imprinted in her mind after all. However, according to Situ Wood, even in melee combat Ye Zhen might not necessarily be able to defeat the little ancestor.

Qi Qiqi simply couldn’t understand that logic. In her opinion, the ancestor’s Martial Arts were pretty much half-ⓐⓢⓢⓔⓓ Gongfu. And what’s with that LOLI KICK! It’s full of mistakes, could that even be considered a kicking technique?!

“Matriarch, he is correct. Truly, I wouldn’t know how to begin fighting an opponent like that.”

Ye Zhen seemed to calm down, but Qi Qiqi could see that his hands were still shaking. It seemed that Ye Zhen had been more shocked by the dragon then anyone could expect.

The words, “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it!” rang true in the Temple Matriarch’s heart, but she knew better than to say it aloud. After all, even though Ye Zhen hadn’t fought the dragon personally; his favorite disciple, Situ Wood, had nearly been barbequed by it as the Little Ancestor had said earlier.

What the heck was a barbeque anyway?

Although there were a lot of things that she wanted to say, Qi Qiqi had already mastered the art of wearing her heart on her cheek2, so instead she spoke quietly, “Vice-Chief Ye, could you elaborate?”

Ye Zhen clenched his fists but nodded before speaking in a refined manner, “The little ancestor’s martial arts is not up to standard, but her fighting style is indeed very strange. Matriarch, you should’ve seen it during the fight earlier. When my disciple engaged in melee with the little ancestor, a sudden explosion would occur in unexpected places. As a result, your rhythm would be disturbed and easily lose sight of the target.

“It’s true, those attacks did seem to appear out of thin air with next to no warning.” Luo Qing, who had been silent the whole time, nodded in agreement.

Qi Qiqi, following her example, did the same.

Each and every so-called secret technique was very unique. To say it bluntly, a secret technique was not only powerful but it also completely defied common sense. However, the reason they were called secret was that they were completely dependant on the element of mystery. If their opponent used the same secret technique frequently, it was naturally possible to find a way to break the technique.

“After you understand the truth behind an event, the veil of mystery is lost and its true face will be revealed.”

“The words of the Matriarch ring true. If I understood more about how the Little Ancestor’s technique worked, then my chances of beating her would increase.” Ye Zhen and Qi Qiqi nodded in tandem, having come to a mutual understanding.

“Especially in close-range combat, Little Ancestor movements are no different than an amateur.” Situ Wood added with a snort. Luo Qing nodded in agreement.

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Qi Qiqi raised a hand to clasp her chin and considered the information.

“So Little Ancestor would be considered a Master in the Middle ranks of the Heaven Realm?”

“Oh no, Little Ancestor is far more powerful than me.”

“What do you mean?” Qi Qiqi frowned.

Ye Zhen sighed and spread his right hand forward so that all could see.


Qi Qiqi was so focused on Ye Zhen’s palm that she didn’t know whether she’d made the sound or if it had come from somebody else.

The outstretched palm was covered in countless scars that looked as if they were cut by an unknowable number of knives.

“The little ancestor’s cultivation is very close.” He spoke simply and matter-of-factly, holding the silence for a long time. Luo Qing’s expression seemed to light up vaguely.

“Close? What do you m-” Asked Qi Qiqi before she was cut off.

“The Realm.”

That Realm!? The Matriarch was stunned for a while, but the moment she processed the information, she exclaimed, “is it-”

Qi Qiqi hadn’t said three words, but Ye Zhen and Luo Qing nodded, obviously taking her meaning.

“No way.”

“The dragon’s destructive power is very close to Liberation. I would have to muster everything I have to reach that level, yet little ancestor can do it so easily. That gap in strength, surely someone like you, Matriarch, can understand.”

Outside of a few exceptional individuals, having a power on par with Liberation and having a person who had cultivated to a similar level was basically the same thing. In a fair world, two warriors in the same realm of strength would always come to a draw when they exchanged blows, however, when it comes down to it, most times the difference between warriors of the same realm mostly depended on combat experience and martial skills as opposed to one’s Cultivation Base.

Although Qi Qiqi knew that Sue Kirin had cultivated to a high level, she hadn’t realized that the girl had progressed so far that she was already at the peak of the Heaven Realm. The Sect Mistress was surprised and at a loss for words. Ye Zhen also seemed to be unable to decide how to feel. Luo Qing was not the kind to express her opinions frequently, this could be seen easily enough from the faction she aligned with in the Temple.

“Are you all done talking yet?” Sue Kirin shouted from a distance, breaking the silence.

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Qi Qiqi nearly cursed, quickly exchanging looks with Ye Zhen and Luo Qing.

“Did she hear what we were saying?” The Sect Mistress asked in a hushed tone.

“I don’t know.” Ye Zhen answered quickly, followed by Luo Qing who merely shook her head.

“Hey, are you listening to me?” Sue Kirin asked, her voice so close that it was practically right behind them.

Qi Qiqi turned and found that Sue Kirin, whose face was scrunched up as if she smelled something nasty, was walking toward her in a strangely fast way.

Ye Zhen approached Qi Qiqi and spoke, “Matriarch, little ancestor still seems to be unhappy. My disciple and I shall retire first, lest—”

“This pot is for you!” Qi Qiqi almost replied unconsciously, but chose instead to choke back the words, nodding lightly without looking back at him.

“Little Ancestor, your juniors do not wish to bother you, so we shall retire first.”

Ye Zhen bowed to Sue Kirin, took his disciple, and turned away.

But was forced to stop after taking a few steps by the little ancestor’s call.

“Is something the matter, little ancestor?”

Qi Qiqi did her best not to laugh out loud. Although Ye Zhen’s face was turned away, she still saw the moment he was stopped and shook his shoulders in defeat.

“Well then, come on over,” the Little Ancestor waved one hand at the elder and shooed his disciple with the other hand, “you’re uh… Wood something, right? You can go on ahead, I will call you back if I need you. I have something I want to say to your master.”

Situ Wood turned with an, “oh,” and left.

Ye Zhen wasn’t really sure what to do, so he walked up to Sue Kirin’s side. The little ancestor in question didn’t say anything and simply watched Situ Wood walk away until his figure disappeared from sight.

“Ye Zhen, I’m going to call you Lil Zhen.”

Lil Zhen. Qi Qiqi couldn’t help but burst into a fit of giggles as her the little ancestor gave her a look for the sudden outburst.

Qi Qiqi grimaced under the little ancestor’s expression and sent a glance toward Luo Qing for support, only to find her Senior Sister’s face covered by a strange expression as she reciprocated the glance.

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“Lil Zhen, how come you want to leave so soon?”

“The little ancestor is peerless and powerful, this undeserving grandson suffered internal injuries from the little ancestor’s move. I am planning to return home and recuperate.”

Ⓑⓤⓛⓛⓢⓗⓘⓣ! Even if you lost every hair on your head, that’s still not enough to be called an injury. Qi Qiqi mentally spit at him.

“Is that so-”

The little ancestor stepped forth, took one of Ye Zhen’s hands in her own, and looked up at the Vice-Chief with a smile.

“What if I say you can’t leave?”

For a moment everything had grown so silent that the air seemed to thicken.

She wouldn’t….? Qi Qiqi shed a bead of cold sweat. Sue Kirin couldn’t really killed Ye Zhen, it would be too much of a waste. But then, would Ye Zhen sit still and let her kill him without a fight? Obviously not, but if they came to blows then the result was something that Qi Qiqi couldn’t imagine turning out well. In the worst case scenario, the Temple would suddenly lose two masters. They’d be finished.

Qi Qiqi shot a helpless glance at Luo Qing and for once her friend rose to action, stepping forward in a dignified manner.

Just as Luo Qing was preparing to speak, Sue Kirin cut her off.

“Turn around.”

“This…” Ye Zhen hesitated.

“I SAID TURN AROUND!” Sue Kirin said with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

Ye Zhen could do nothing but follow her order, even while his body was coiled and obviously ready to strike back at a moment’s notice.

Sue Kirin smiled and then lifted a slender, jade-like foot up high and kicked Ye Zhen a solid five meters away with more strength than Qi Qiqi could’ve ever imagined coming out of the little girl’s body.

She didn’t leave things there, no. As soon as the Elder had gotten up from the ground, she jumped after him, aiming another kick at Ye Zhen’s ⓐⓢⓢ.

“This is for breaking my desk! Let’s see if you dare to act like a know-it-all again! C’mon! Why aren’t you acting anymore!”

As Sue Kirin’s second foot landed squarely on Ye Zhen’s ⓐⓢⓢ, the sensations finally caught up to him and his smile twisted into a grimace as he yowled in pain at the top of his lungs.

It was unbearable. Ye Zhen clenched his fists and attempted to break free but-

“Yoyoyo, you want to fight back? Try it, see what others will say when they hear you were deceiving your master and bullying this Ancestor.” Sue Kirin dared and Ye Zhen immediately lost his voice.

Has no one ever told this guy a family scandal must not be divulged to an outsider? Qi Qiqi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Ye Zhen was definitely deceiving the master, but saying he was bullying the ancestor was a little… She knew that Sue Kirin was being kind in her own way by sending away Situ Wood so that Ye Zhen didn’t lose face in front of his disciple.

“Matriarch, it’s time you tell Little Ancestor to stop,” Luo Qing said flatly.

Qi Qiqi responded quickly, the two of them moved toward Sue Kirin and pulled her away, even though she complained, she didn’t fight back.

“Let me go! Let me kick him a few more times to ease my anger! You women, if you don’t let me go I’ll call for people.”

Call who? Is she going to shout? Qi Qiqi had black lines on her forehead.3

“Deputy Ye, why are you still here?” Luo Qing shouted at the Vice-Chief.

“Thank you Matriarch and Elder Luo!” Ye Zhen shouted back as he left, unmindful of how he looked.

Sue Kirin saw the old man leave and spit. “You’re running away too quickly.”

“Little Ancestor, you shouldn’t be angry.”

“How can I not be angry? He made me look like a clown.” Sue Kirin glanced at Qi Qiqi, apparently thinking she was an accomplice.

“I apologize,” said the Temple Matriarch, embarrassed.

Sue Kirin snorted, but didn’t seem to mind much afterwards.

“I’m hungry, Little Qing, is there any rice?”

“Sorry little ancestor, I forgot.”

“What? Forgot?” Sue Kirin asked, eyes wide open.

“Yes,” Luo Qing nodded.

Sue Kirin turned and pointed at Qi Qiqi, “This is all your fault.”

“Uh… this had nothing to do with me. How could it be my fault?” Qi Qiqi wondered, dumbfounded.


  1. Not an actual pot in the literal sense, basically, it meant “burden”
  2. A person who wears their heart on their cheek keeps their true emotions hidden, usually to keep themselves from getting hurt and/or to hurt others.
  3. Not sure what they call this expression:
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