[Pickup Series] The Ancestor of our Sect

Due to a certain request on this post, I’ve decided to try my luck at reaching out to the translator of The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t expecting anyone to reply as I left a comment on the translator’s site, but to my surprise, I did receive a reply about half a month later.

Since then, we’ve been in discussion about how we should push forward with the continuation of this series. In the end, it has been decided that Re:Library will be sponsoring this project. This is the third Gender Bender series sponsored by Re:Library, along with Female Knight & Dark Elf and Not Sure, Another World Reincarnation.

Those who visited Re:Library frequently should already know about our Project Gender Bender initiatives by now. I’ve been going out of my way to invite other Gender Bender translators to host their projects on this site in hope of one day making Re:Library into a Gender Bender Haven. As the first phase of our project, we are gathering supporters on Patreon and using the money earned to employ translators for hire.

The plan is going well, too well in fact, as we just gained three more new projects before reaching our goals on Patreon. So to be completely honest with you, I am paying for these three new projects from my own allowance. And also a special thanks to our sponsor, MechaCoin, who has donated an astounding 175 bucks to help fund these projects.

If you wish to support The Ancestor of our Sect and ensure the continuation of this novel, please head on to our Patreon page and make your pledge. For now, refrain from pledging to this project until we’re sure which direction this conflict with another translation group is taking us.

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∴ P.S. I am aware another group just re-released the first four chapter, I need to have a talk with him.

15 thoughts on “[Pickup Series] The Ancestor of our Sect”

    1. We might have to drop this project before we can pick it up. The other translator seems unwilling to drop it, and he’s being kind of… unreasonable (for lack of better words). I don’t want to pick a fight so… we’ll just go at our own pace and wait to see what happens…

      1. I mean I understand why he is being unreasonable since it seems you guys are translating it now just to keep a hold to it. There were no translation for more than 2 years and when the other translator starts translating this novel which felt as if it was dropped this site then suddenly throws a single chapter the same day. Highly coincidental. Plus I would root whoever doesn’t drop the novel. Cheers.

        1. I don’t believe you understand what’s actually going in here. To begin with, it’s not a coincidence that we both released the chapters on the same day. We have both been working on The Ancestor on the background and Re:Library made the first move by posting an announcement that we will pick up this project. When the other translator saw our announcement, he panicked and released all the 5 chapters he had translated, which in turn caused me to panic and released chapter 7 soon after.

          Then I got in touch with the other translator to have a “discussion” with him. I kindly asked if he’ll be able to let us hold onto the translation, but he refused, then I compromised and suggested a collaboration, he also rejected that idea.

          As my last resort, I reallocated the current translator to a different project and tried inviting him as a hired translator, which has also been refused by him.

          So that left us with no choice but to drop the project, we respect the author and do not want to ruin the reading experience of the readers due to a petty fight over (fan) translation on a project which we do not officially own.

  1. Nice..!! Thanks for getting it up again.!
    A nice addition~ ^^
    Well, maybe I’ll be able to donate after 2 months. Still not sure though.
    Good luck..!!!

    1. Don’t worry if you can’t do it though. I won’t hold you account for it 😛

      Though it was quite surprising to see someone else releasing the first four chapter of this series just when I made my announcement yesterday. I did try to link this page to NovelUpdates, but it didn’t get accepted :/

  2. Oh god, I thought no one would pick this one up, thanks, even if something goes wrong and you don’t manage to stick with it.

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