Chapter 12 – Who Cares?

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Author: Azure Studio Original Source: iQing Word Count: 1704 characters
Translator: Nexus Flamehart English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1213 words

After walking out of the Sword Archive, Luo Qing suddenly said, “That was Qin Chen, the Sixth Elder of the Scorpio Temple.”

That nuisance was the Sixth Elder? Sue Kirin was a bit surprised. Though thinking back, she recalled having seen him right after she’d appeared from the Sword Hill. At that time, he seemed to have been standing next to Luo Qing.

“He has a grudge against Little Ting?”

Luo Qing nodded, “Remember the disciple that was standing next to Senior Sister Li?”

Sue Kirin nodded and mentioned that she remembered. How could she not remember it, after all it had happened just a few moments ago.

“That disciple is named Li Hong, his little brother… well… let’s start with Qin Chen. He was originally a leader of our generation. A prodigious talent who also happened to be incredibly friendly, but ever since the battle five years ago where he lost one of his arms, he changed. Since then he became cynical and his standing began to fall. He started to assault the female disciples in the temple and even abuses some of the disciples. He’s rumored to have embezzled funds in the temple, but he was finally discovered by Elder Liu who pressured him into compliance. And six months ago, Qin Chen was sparring with Li Hong’s younger brother and killed him, more to the point though, Li Hong’s younger brother also happened to be the apprentice of Senior Sister Li.”

“Wow, there was such an abominable event?”

“Well, Senior Sister Li learned afterwards. At that time, Li Hong took his brother’s body to Senior Sister to grieve. After Senior Sister learned what happened she became very angry, she took Li Hong to find Qin Chen and even went to the Sect Mistress to plead her case.”

“What happened?”

“It was most likely done by Qin Chen. Qin Chen is using a flexible sword. He is the only one who uses that kind of sword in the temple, and the wounds of Li Hong’s younger brother were consistent with Qin Chen’s sword. However, the case has yet to be closed.”

Sue Kirin just wanted to ask why, but Luo Qing continued to explain before she got the chance to ask. “There wasn’t enough evidence. Qin Chen denied it and although there was a great deal of suspicion against Qin Chen, he made major contributions to the temple in the incident five years ago. Elder Liu also felt that he owed Qin Chen’s father a great debt for stopping a blade that otherwise would’ve taken his life. He is something of a two-generation elder who provided great service to the temple. Moreover, Elder Liu felt that he owed Qin Chen’s father a favor, at the same time, he also harbored a guilty feeling towards Qin Chen. After all, his father died to save himself, so he did everything he could to protect Qin Chen.”

Having said that, Luo Qing sighed, “With only a one-sided statement from Li Hong, the Matriarch really couldn’t do anything to him. What’s more important is that Elder Liu belongs to the same faction as vice-chief Ye, and with the vice-chief Ye not speaking up at the time, the Matriarch was at a loss and could not do anything. Not to mention, it’s not like Qin Chen is the only person who uses flexible swords in the whole world, nor can it be proven that the killer was not some random master who managed to sneak into the Scorpio Temple. Senior Sister Li knows more than anyone that nothing will come of it even if she bring up the problem again. She and Sect Mistress are like sisters. Neither wants to embarrass the other side, without any better solution coming to mind, they have been forced to swallow the loss, so it’s fair to say at this point that Senior Sister hates Qin Chen.”

Luo Qing’s tone of voice was very dull. While it seemed like she was merely talking about something that didn’t affect her, Sue Kirin inexplicably felt that there was some kind of unspoken emotion behind it all. A repressed feeling.

“If it was the Little Ancestor, what would you do?”

“What would I do?” Sue Kirin turned to look at Luo Qing and asked in a robotic manner. Luo Qing asked so suddenly that she didn’t know how to respond.

“The matter regarding Qin Chen, what would you do?”

“Why are you suddenly asking me?”

Sue Kirin started to look up, blinking her eyes in surprise.


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Luo Qing muttered to herself for a long while, then she smiled and said, “I am a bit curious.”

“I’ll beat him until he confess.”

After that, Sue Kirin waved one of her tiny fists in an angry fashion. Yep, that was a small fist capable of penetrating a thick and solid trunk.

Luo Qing laughed out loud, and gently glanced over at Sue Kirin.

“Hehe, how can you just beat someone like that…”

Sue Kirin wrinkled her nose and licked her lips.

“Seriously, you guys are just so indecisive sometimes.”

“Is that so?” Luo Qing was a bit surprised. Apparently, she had never been aware of it.

Sue Kirin spread her hands and said, “isn’t that so? You should know that there isn’t always a correct answer for some matters. There are many occasions where the problem doesn’t lie in whether you can do it or not.”

“What is the problem then?” Luo Qing stopped and asked curiously.

Seeing as Luo Qing wasn’t keeping pace, Sue Kirin stopped and looked back. She smirked and answered with conviction, “the problem is whether you want to do it or not.”

Luo Qing stunned for a while, then she lowered her eyes and responded in a confused tone, “But is doing something like that really alright?”

“Alright or not alright?” Sue Kirin smiled, turned, and took another step. “Who cares?”

Luo Qing did not respond, Sue Kirin didn’t know what she was thinking about, but she continued to talk. “People are all living for themselves. No, it’s better to say that they can only live for themselves. But—” The Loli’s tone suddenly became mischievous, “—whether or not there is something in yourself, that is another matter.”

Soon Sue Kirin could once again hear footsteps behind her, they were a little rushed, but light and energetic.

The two walked side by side.

Sue Kirin glance at Luo Qing. The Elder in question had already been looking at the Little Ancestor for a while without saying anything.

“What are you looking at? Have you never seen such a beautiful Loli?”

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Luo Qing shook her head and answered honestly, “The Sect Mistress said this before, that the Little Ancestor was very strange.”

A dark expression flashed across Sue Kirin’s face. “Oh, is that what you think as well?”

“I think the Little Ancestor is strange, but it’s a different kind of strange.”

“Strange in what way?”

Although she was called ‘strange’, Sue Kirin didn’t know how to take it, but she still asked.

“Weird kind of strange,” Luo Qing flashed a rare mischievous smile.

“Hey, this is called straightforward, okay?”

“Straightforward, is it?”

Luo Qing lowered her eyes and gave a bitter smile.

“Truly, Little Ancestor. Your personality is a little enviable.”


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