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Chapter 5 – Scorpio Temple Assassination (Part 1)

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Author: Azure Studio Original Source: iQing Word Count: 5970 characters
Translator: Nexus Flamehart English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 3564 words

The tip of Sue Kirin’s nose itched. Something was messing with her nose and whatever it was, it smelled like jasmine. It was that scent that helped her wake up.

The pillow beneath her was a bit warm and it had incredible elasticity, it felt really good.

“Umm…” Sue Kirin groaned and turned her body to adjust the position she was in. Then, she felt something.

What is this? She grabbed it unconsciously. The object was hard and wide, it also didn’t seem to radiate any heat. If it had she might’ve been scared enough to jump up of the bed.

Sue Kirin opened up her eyes slowly; the flickering light made her feel uncomfortable. When her eyesight adapted to the lighting within the room, she finally realized what it was that she grabbed earlier. It was a longsword, a blue-cyan long sword. What she held was its scabbard.

Why is there a sword here? While Sue Kirin wondered that, a soft voice came down from above.

“Little ancestor, that is my sword.”

“Oh, my bad.”

Sue Kirin put the sword down in a hurry and suddenly noticed something strange.

Why is someone here? Sue Kirin turned to the source of the voice and the first thing she saw was a pair of cyan-blue eyes.

The owner of those eyes was a girl that was about eighteen or nineteen years old. Although her looks were ordinary compared with Qi Qiqi, she had an expression that transmitted an unknown sense of kindness. She was like green tea. Although it only possessed subdued colors and a faint scent, when you drink it you can feel something exceptional from it. They looked at each other.

Sue Kirin was a bit lost because she had just woken up.

“You are…?” She asked stiffly.

“I am Luo Qing, Chief told me to come take care of you.”

“Uhm, so how should I call you?” Sue Kirin didn’t like calling people by their full name.

“I am your martial nephew, you might as well call me Qing Er.”

Qing Er? Sue Kirin pursed her nose. To be honest, she didn’t like calling others using such honorifics. Her eyes turned clockwise.

“How about I call you Little Qing?”

“Qing, Little Qing?” Luo Qing seemed to be taken by surprised.

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“It’s not that I don’t like it…” Luo Qing flashed a smile, “I am just a bit surprised by this nickname.”

“So, Little Qin… ACHOO!” Suddenly, Sue Kirin sneezed. Her nose felt uncomfortable. The culprit, she discovered, was a long strand of hair.

It was at that moment that Sue Kirin realized that she was lying down while facing up at Luo Qing, with Luo Qing’s waist next to her ear. She turned her head a bit, then she realized that Luo Qing was kneeling and that she was using Luo Qing’s lap as a pillow.

Was this the legendary lap pillow thought only to exist within legends? Sue Kirin was stunned for a moment when she realized her situation.

“Ah! Sorry! I’ll get up right away!” Sue Kirin said frantically as she tried to support her upper body before frowning as she was taken aback by a sudden pain.

Luo Qing extended her hand to help Sue Kirin, “It’s okay, don’t rush yourself.”

“No! I must insist. ”

Luo Qing blinked before saying, “Little ancestor, you are pretty interesting… Ah!” She felt that she may have said something wrong, so she covered her mouth with her hand.

“Is that so? Am I interesting, you say?”

“I didn’t mean to insult you, little ancestor.” Luo Qing looked down, seemingly blaming herself.

Insulting? Sue Kirin was surprised, how was that insulting her?

On second thought, respecting your elders was pretty important to the so-called sects. Sue Kirin understood her problem and thus responded with faux anger.

“It’s fine, I am pretty chill, just consider this as talking to a friend.”

“Friend…” Luo Qing repeated her words with shock. Sue Kirin didn’t worry about it and decided to change the subject.

“By the way, why was I… uh, sleeping on your lap?”

“You passed out. Don’t you remember what happened?”


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How did I pass out? Sue Kirin started searching through her memories. Before she lost consciousness she was having a conversation with Qi Qiqi and accidentally pissed her off. Qi Qiqi then crushed a table as a threat, causing Sue Kirin to immediately apologize, but then she said something wrong again, and…

Sue Kirin jumped and said, “I remember! I was beaten up by that violent girl!” Her voice filled with indignation.

“V-violent girl, you say?”

“That damn ‘Twenty One!1’ How long was I passed out for?”

“About half-day,” Luo Qing said with a laugh, some anger hidden in her tone, “Is that so, the Chief claimed that you suddenly passed out. Turns out it was all her fault.”

“How dare she lie! Nobody would pass out without any reason!”

“Actually, Chief has a good character; she just might… um, loses control sometimes?”

When she heard the words “loses control,” Sue Kirin shuddered in fear. An image of that poor, innocent table came to mind.

“Does she usually lose control like that?”

“No, it rarely ever happens,” Luo Qing smiled while covering her mouth, “Little ancestor, you were the only one to succeed in making her losing control in the past few years.”

“Yoyoyo, should I be proud of that?” Sue Kirin responded snappily.

“That’s not a bad idea.” Luo Qing joked.

“No thanks.” Sue Kirin stood up and replied.

Luo Qing followed suit as Sue Kirin left her lap. However, maybe because she had been kneeling for too long, her feet felt a bit sore. As such she almost lost her balance and fell down. Sue Kirin quickly pulled her up.

“Thank you, little ancestor.”

“Don’t go thankin’ me! This is just me returning the favor! By the way, you didn’t need to give me that lap pillow, why not just put me on the bed?”

Luo Qing blinked a bit, realized something, and pointed to the side while smiling bitterly. The item she pointed at was the bed in question. It had a large hole blown into the center.

“What happened?”

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“The Chief said that you crushed it.”

Shameless Qi Qiqi! I can’t believe that there is another person in this world that is as shameless as me! Sue Kirin felt a strange admiration for the girl.

“Sorry that you have to go through all this headache,” Sue Kirin scratched her hair and apologized with an awkward face.

Luo Qing squatted down to unpack a bag that was sitting next to her feet and responded, “the Chief works hard taking care of all kinds of business for the temple; it is my duty as the seventh elder to relieve some of the weight from her shoulders.”

Oh? So this Little Qing is an elder of Scorpio Temple? Sue Kirin was surprised because she expected that all of those so-called elders would be at least 70 years-old.

Then, Luo Qing took out a set of clothes and placed them in front of Sue Kirin. It was a small dress tailored to look like Daoist clothing.

“That is…?”

“The clothes that I wore when I was young,” Luo Qing answered with a bit of hesitation, “The clothes that you are currently wearing don’t seem to suit your body.”

Sue Kirin looked down at the T-shirt that was lazily covering her body and nodded with a sigh.

“Uh, I will go ask someone to bring in hot water, little ancestor, you might want to wash your body off before changing your clothes. But, if you mind that I wore these clothes before…”

“No problem…” Sue Kirin suddenly thought of another matter, “Wait, you said that you are going to ask someone to bring hot water? You guys don’t have water heater here?”

“Water heaters?” Luo Qing seemed a bit lost.

“Eh? You aren’t going to tell me you don’t know what water heaters are, right? You know, those things that use electricity—”

“Elect…?” Luo Qing tilted her head, “You mean thunder?”

“Well, it’s sort of the same thing I guess.”

“Little ancestor, you must be joking. Thunder is the work of heaven, how could it be used in such a convenient way?”

Old fashion clothes, Martia Art sects—No way…? A possibility came to mind and grew like grass after the arrival of a new spring… it continued to grow bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

“What time period are we currently in?” Sue Kirin swallowed her saliva and asked after a bit of hesitation.

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Luo Qing blinked a few times.

“Hua Dynasty.2

Hua Dynasty? Sue Kirin never heard that before. But since it was named after dynasty, it was obvious that she is at ancient time. BUT, even taking the Qing Dynasty3 from her original world as a comparison, it was history from hundred years ago!

Sue Kirin felt lost. The question that she’d originally put aside due to all of the recent events rose again from her mind and pronounced its existence. Putting aside the fact that she’d been pulled into a transmigration scenario, it seemed that not only had she world-traveled, but she had also gone back in time. To Sue Kirin, it felt like she had been put into the middle of an unknown forest, she was overwhelmed by uncertainties. She didn’t have any knowledge of this place, not even the time period.

“Little ancestor, you seem shocked? You should take a bath, for now, seems like you are tired as well.”

“Oh, okay.” Sue Kirin responded and shook her head. She pushed back the sense of fear to the corner of her consciousness, doing her best not to pay attention to it. Not to mention that after Luo Qing pointed it out, she found that her body felt kind of heavy, she must really have been tired.

“Alright, if you insist.” Sue Kirin put on a smiling face and blinked at Luo Qing as she spoke.

Luo Qing smiled as well, she seemed to find Sue Kirin’s actions to be very cute and funny, “Okay, I’ll help little ancestor prepare the hot water.”

“Thanks, I’ll foot the bill for your next meal!”

“The meals at our temple are free…”

Sue Kirin’s face froze.

“Then we’ll just go eat outside, outside…”

“Then I must thank you first, little ancestor.” Luo Qing said before she turned to leave.

Looking at Luo Qing disappearing from her sight, Sue Kirin sighed, ‘If I have to pick a wife, I must go for this kind of type; Qi Qiqi might be extremely beautiful, but I don’t think my body could follow up…’

Luo Qing is not just kind, but also very efficient. She found someone to carry in a bathtub full of hot waters within 15 minutes.

After everything was ready, Luo Qing asked Sue Kirin if she needed help. Sue Kirin found the idea too embarrassing so she rejected it, instead, she asked Luo Qing to teach her how to use the mysterious bath tools they had since she’d never seen them before.

World travel… transmigration! Sue Kirin sighed and moved her hands in an attempt to take off her T-shirt. But right at the next moment, her hand stopped.

Wait! Hold on! I am currently a female! A cute *** mother ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ loli! Is it really okay for me to do this? Although, it is my own body anyway…

Sue Kirin felt the struggles. Do I undress or not? Realistically, I have to undress, and admittedly there is a hint of underlying lust in the action. If I choose not to undress then I can stay afloat morally.


Even though I as a lolicon am currently a loli, I am not a pervert to the level that would I would lust for my own body! No, I haven’t fallen to that level yet.

—-Her mental preparation was just her textbook nonsense, in actuality, she undressed herself while looking at her own shadow displayed from a bronze mirror not too far away.

Petite body, a tightly balanced frame, her delicate face held hints of both maturity and childishness. Her white skin was like a superb white suit, glossy and charming, it looked to be very tender and smooth.

Sue Kirin suddenly noticed that her shaking hands were going toward some dangerous zone of her body.

Self-control, my kirin arm4! Sue Kirin pressed down on her disobedient hand. She quickly stepped into the bathtub in order to get rid of those dirty thoughts faster. When she sat down, the water within the bathtub instantly overflowed. The temperature was moderate. Hot water covered her full body, she could feel all of her pores opening. Sue Kirin extended her arms with pleasure and started to count the ants on the beam above her head.

So I did travel to another world and it is an ancient time period…

A heavy sigh came out of her mouth.

There’s an old saying that goes, “Having an elderly person in the family is a treasure in itself.” I think that having an elderly person in the family is to have a hole, a deep hole…

Sue Kirin was lost in her thoughts for a while, then she started to wash her body. When it came time to deal with her unspoken parts, she closed her eyes and dealt with them quickly. After she left the bathtub, it was almost sunset.

Sue Kirin was using the towel to wipe herself off but frowned when she saw the cloth placed next to her. Ancient clothes had straps, multiple collars, and belts. It was too complex for a modern person like Sue Kirin.

You can’t give up before you even try. Once she finished wiping her body off she picked up the underwear-like cloth, which seemed to be the inner-most part of the outfit. Surprisingly, it wasn’t too different than modern-day underwear. Still, she struggled for a bit before she decided to put them on.

After that was the dress that basically looked like a big blanket to her. She had no clue how to wear it. Sue Kirin held it up to her chest and stared at the unique dress. It showed no reaction. If the dress had its own consciousness, it would have jumped up, knocked down Sue Kirin, and yelled, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU STARING AT ME FOR!”

She waited for a moment until…

“Little ancestor, what happened?” A soft voice suddenly rang out from behind. It was really close.

“Ya!” Sue Kirin was shocked, she turned and quickly fell back a few steps.

“Little Qing! Don’t scare me!”

“Sorry, little ancestor.” Luo Qing looked embarrassed, “I didn’t mean to, I just saw you standing over here and thought you were thinking of something so I didn’t want to interrupt you earlier.”

“How long have you be in here?”

“Uhm…” Luo Qing put her finger next to her lip, “Not very long, just about seven or eight minutes.”

I was seen standing here naked by her for that long! Sue Kirin felt ashamed.

Luo Qing stopped to pick up the clothes that had fallen to the ground.

“Do you mind if I help you with this?”


After Luo Qing displayed the clothes that she’d just picked up. Sue Kirin realized what she meant once she saw them.

“Uhm, that is… yes, please!” Sue Kirin said slightly embarrassed. It was a bit shameful that a grown man needed to ask others for help putting on clothes, but she really didn’t know how to wear them.

“Sorry about that, little ancestor.” There was a trace of sympathy hidden in her tone.

“Eh?” Sue Kirin had no clue why she apologized.

“In the past, grandmaster told me that you joined our sect when you were a child and that you were engaged in closed-door cultivation within sword hill for a long time. I believe that is why you were… ”

Luo Qing realized that she might have spoken out of turn, so she stopped and apologized again.

“My apologies, little ancestor. Please don’t blame me, I was just a bit depressed. ”

Although Luo Qing didn’t finish her sentence, Sue Kirin knew what she was trying to say. Perhaps she was trying to say that Sue Kirin knew nothing about what was going on in the world. Sue Kirin didn’t want to explain. That was the setting that Qi Guiyuan gave to her in the first place, it might cause suspicion if she tried to explain it.

After that, Sue Kirin was treated like a doll by Luo Qing. Following her instructions, the few pieces of fabric turned into a stylish dress upon Sue Kirin’s body.

“Come, little ancestor, come and sit here, I will help you comb your hairs.”

Sue Kirin obeyed and sat next to the dresser. Then, Luo Qing took out a towel from out of nowhere and started wiping off her hair. Soon, she once again took a comb from out of nowhere and started combing Sue Kirin’s hair.

Do all women carry a comb with them? Sue Kirin thought when she saw Luo Qing took out those items from her within her cuff.

“Little ancestor, you have the prettiest hair that I have ever seen aside from the chief.”

Luo Qing’s tone sounded very calm, but the feelings of envy that radiated from her eyes belied the truth.

Of course, there was no woman who didn’t want to be beautiful. However, Sue Kirin didn’t understand that kind of feeling, so she simply responded, “Is it?”

“Aye, little ancestor, what kind of hairstyle do you want?”

“Hairstyle? Ah, I hadn’t thought about it yet! How about just let it lay down like this.”

“That would be such a burden for you, wouldn’t it? Little ancestor, your hair is way too long.”

After Luo Qing pointed that out, Sue Kirin realized that the tip of her long hair was already touching the ground. If she stood up, the back of her hair must reach her calf.

“How about twin tails?”

“No good, it would still be too long…” Luo Qing seemed to be excited.

“Right, if little ancestor doesn’t mind, how about you let me decide?”

“Oh, sure that’s fine.”

Luo Qing raised her sleeves and put on a “Let me handle this” face before she started working on Sue Kirin’s hair.

First, she separated Sue Kirin’s long hair into a pair on both sides, then she used two extra ribbons to make those pairs into buns on both sides of Kirin’s head. The buns weren’t enough to hold all of her hair, so rest of it was left to gravity.

Luo Qing held up her chest. She looked over Sue Kirin’s new hairstyle from different angles before finally nodding with satisfaction.

“Little ancestor, what do you think?”

At first glance, the hairstyle was basically just twin tails with a pair of buns added. However, it was because of that simplicity that it made Sue Kirin look ordinary and classic while still appearing cute and spirited.

“Little Qing, I have nothing left to teach you with!” When she saw Sue Kirin bluffing while holding her chest up in pride, Luo Qing laughed while covering her mouth.

“Strange little ancestor.”

“Am I?”

Sue Kirin asked while pointing a finger towards herself. Luo Qing nodded in confirmation.


We are living in a different time period and different worlds after all… As she thought about it, a cold feeling came from the depths of her heart. That feeling was called loneliness.

Sue Kirin thought that she could just ignore what Luo Qing had said, but she figured that it wasn’t possible for her to do so. Even though she thought of herself as the kind of person who didn’t give a ⓢⓗⓘⓣ about anyone else, it didn’t mean that her heart was as hard as wood. As long as you are still alive, it is impossible to feel nothing.

“Don’t think too much, little ancestor.” Luo Qing smiled, “Not everything that happens in this world can be as we please. You must learn how to move on, ah…”

Rather than persuading Kirin with her own experiences, Luo Qing decided to comfort her. However, it was unknown what kind of emotions were hidden behind her words? Sue Kirin didn’t ask, it wasn’t something that should be asked.

Everyone has that kind of experience, something deep in their heart that they don’t want anyone else to touch upon. Sue Kirin didn’t know if it was something that Luo Qing didn’t want anyone to talk about or not, but it didn’t matter.

“Alright, let’s change the subject. Little ancestor, you should be hungry, let me go and ready your meal”

Luo Qing broke the silence first. She put on a soft smile, it seemed that she’d recovered from her moment of loss.

“Oh, thanks for the trouble.”

“Is there a meal that you’d like to have for dinner?”

Sue Kirin thought for a moment, then pushed out a finger, “I want the 35 Dollar Set A Prawn Meal!”

“What is that?”

“Eh, never mind, it was a joke.” Sue Kirin said depressed. She’d forgotten that Luo Qing was from ancient times.

“I’ll eat anything.”


Luo Qing nodded, then said, “Please wait for a moment” and left.


  1. 7+7+7=21, you get the gist
  2. Hua华, came from 华夏, 中华, which is the word that refers to China mainland
  3. Last dynasty of china
  4. 麒麟臂, refers to those hands of nerds that masturbated too much
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