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Chapter 1 – Transmigration and Meeting 21 (Part 1)

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Author: Azure Studio Original Source: iQing Word Count: 4408 characters
Translator: Nexus Flamehart English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2932 words

After the impact, Sue Kirin expected to be paralyzed by the electric shock. Conveniently though, all he felt was a bit of an ache on his butt and not much else.

“Old Ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ, just wait and see what I’ll do to you!” After getting up, Kirin immediately started cursing.

However, in front of him was a small hill with an uncountable number of swords spread across it. At the crest of the hill, there was a single sword.

There were dozens of variations between the swords, no two were completely identical. The only similarity between any of the weapons on the hill was that they were all Classical Chinese Swords. Moreover, it was obvious that they had all suffered through the winds and frost of time. They all seemed desolate, barren, or perhaps depressing was the most accurate way to describe them.

Kirin felt as if he was trapped in a giant web. It was so stifling, he could barely breathe. The feeling was so intense that he was forced to shift his gaze away from the hill of swords, instead, he surveyed the area.

The hill of swords was located in the center of the field, its total size was about the length of two football fields. He saw that he was surrounded by a series of vertical cliffs. Below was a ring-shaped canyon. To the left of the hill of swords was a small wooden house. Around it were few trees that he couldn’t identify and a large field that seemed to have been abandoned a long time ago. Dense clusters of weeds made the farmland their home.

“Seems like I really did transmigrate. That was easy,” Sue Kirin turned away before suddenly remembering something.

“Oh right, I almost forgot!” Before he left, Qi Guiyuan required Sue Kirin to learn his Cultivation Method as well as a few martial arts techniques. The only problem was that Qi Guiyuan claimed that it was impossible to cultivate the technique before arriving on the “other side.” At the time, Sue Kirin didn’t understand what “the other side” referred to.

Sue Kirin revolved the Qi within his body as per the method’s instructions. Guiding the energy through specific routes in his meridians. The Qi path seemed to follow a pattern, but Sue Kirin couldn’t figure out what it resembled.

After finishing one cycle, the Qi automatically followed the set path to complete a secondary revolution even without Sue Kirin’s guidance.

“So this is the so-called [cultivation]?” Meanwhile, a mutation occurs.
As if conforming to the previous cycle, the Qi in his body started to shine with white light and rapidly compress.

Even though the mutation only lasted for an instant, Sue Kirin’s vision seemed to dip closer to the ground.

In other words, he became shorter and by no small amount.

“What the…”

Before he could finish his exclamation he noticed another abnormality. His voice had changed. Even though Sue Kirin didn’t have a deep voice, anyone that heard him could tell that he was a man. It definitely hadn’t been so clear and cutesy.

“Is this because of the crash? Have my ears popped from the shock of transmigrating? Sue Kirin was confused. In order to determine whether he’d misheard, he decided to try coughing a little to clear his throat.

“Ah~ah~ah… Testing, Testing, O hai yo, one, two, three…”
No matter how much he tried, the voice he heard was still the same pretty female tone, and to make matters worse, it was a child’s voice.

“How did I get a girl’s voice?” Sue Kirin blinked furiously, his mind a blank. This wasn’t so much due to surprise as much as it was that he didn’t know how to react.

He looked down and carefully opened his hands. He saw slender, delicate fingers with white translucent skin.

These were definitely not his original hands. Then, he took a glance at his body. It was petite to the extreme. The T-shirt that had at one time been comfortably snug on his body became incredibly baggy. The collar was hanging wide it had slipped to one side, revealing his round shoulder. It didn’t look like he was wearing the T-shirt as much as it seemed that the shirt hung off his body. His pants fell to the ground long ago. Instead, the hem of the T-shirt ended up covering half of his thighs. Looking down even further revealed a pair of clean, crystalline feet directly contacting the ground.

There was no doubt in his mind that he looked like a loli in an oversized T-shirt.

A gust of wind passed by making a few strands of hair slap him directly in the face.
Sue Kirin turned slightly and saw the bright, black hair the ran all the way down to his chest.

“Are those…”

A thought popped into his head, everything up to now strongly pointed to a certain possibility.
Sue Kirin suddenly raised his head and began looking around. Eventually, he caught sight of what he wanted next to the lonely wooden house and ran toward it. A small lake.

He was in such a rush that he almost tripped over himself a few times, nearly tumbling into the ground.

The water of the lake was clean from end to end, reflecting light as if it were a mirror. He timidly stuck his head out. His now long hair tumbled down from gravity until the tips were touching the lake’s surface.

“Is that me…?”

Round eyes that glimmered with a golden glow. Jade-like small nose. Delicate pink lips. Cute white teeth that fit so elegantly in the oval-shaped face reflected in the water mirror.

Sue Kirin put out his hand and squeezed his face. Its slippery and elastic texture made him subconsciously stop pulling and instead pet his own skin.

“How did I become such a cute loli?!” Sue Kirin’s mind was muddled, but almost instantly he recalled what happened a moment ago. Just because his appearance changed to look like a loli, didn’t necessarily mean that he truly became a female. Thus, Sue Kirin glanced at his hand.

“Should I check it or not?”

After struggling for almost fifteen minutes he stretched out his hand, the target, his own chest. His tiny palms grasped his chest.


He took a few moments to grasp around, assessing his assets. There were two hills on his chest and they were not small. He knew that this feeling could only belong to a woman.

“I really have them!”

Unfortunately, that evidence wasn’t definitive enough for him. “This could just mean that I’ve become a Futa!”
Sue Kirin choked back his saliva before aiming his hand down to his crotch.



In other words, not only had he become a woman, but he was a loli of all things. Sue Kirin gazed up at the sky in mourning for his lost soldiers, but no tears came out, only an intense rage that urged him to bellow, “Qi Guiyuan you set me up!”

“Wait a sec, all this gender-bending only happened after I used Qi Guiyuan’s cultivation method. Maybe that’s the root of the problem?”

He immediately acted on his idea, forcibly stopping the revolution of Qi within his body.

For a moment he fell into a daze and was struck by a fit of nausea. It almost felt like someone was clutching his throat shut. His whole body felt awful. It was a terrifyingly uncomfortable experience.

Sue Kirin didn’t even have time to think about what side effects abruptly halting his Qi flow could cause before the change happened. His eyes seemed to elevate further from the ground.

He had regained his original appearance.

“What just happened…?”

Sue Kirin lost his concentration for a second, allowing the Qi in his body to return to its automatic revolution once again. As if on queue he instantly shrank back to his loli form.

After a small pause, Sue Kirin shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Is this some sort of joke! Other characters might be turned into a loli while in combat at most1, but me? There is almost no difference between this and just gender bender into a complete loli!”

Halting the Qi circulation within one’s meridians is no different than halting one’s breathing. It is not impossible, you just can’t do it for long. Besides, nobody wants to die, and nobody would just stop breathing without good reason.

Not just transmigration, but turning into a loli as well? A manly mind within a loli’s body. What kind of crap is this? Gender bender? Sue Kirin cried out, thoughts flying off in every direction.

He… or rather, she was holding her knees and sitting next to the lake, sighing in despair. Yet, after sighing three times she took the chance to think the over the change.

Compared to her male face, that was exceedingly ordinary, this cute loli appearance was absolutely better! Besides, Sue Kirin had been single his entire life so it wasn’t like she experienced the joy of being a man anyway!

“Flipping genders isn’t such a big deal, right? It might be more fun to be a female! Hell, I could be a super cute ultra loli!”

Of course, Sue Kirin wouldn’t admit that “gender-bending” wasn’t his primary focus compared to “gender-bending into a loli.”

All in all, Sue Kirin accepted the reality of this gender-bending thing easily. Exhibiting a “Take things as they come” attitude. The decision was so simple that she didn’t have a single thread of regret.

Anyway, what should I do now? She was suddenly confused. Even though she had been told by Qi Guiyuan to protect his great-granddaughter with her best effort, Sue Kirin had no clue where to find her.

Most importantly, she had no idea where she was. Seeing that the entrance to the canyon wasn’t very far away, Sue Kirin decided to flee the area. She needed to find Scorpio Temple after all.

Before that, she needed to find some other clothes to put on first. She couldn’t just run around with her underwear slipping off underneath.

Scorpio Temple, located atop Scorpio Mountain. In the past, Scorpio Mountain was just an odd mountain without a name near Luoyang city before the founder of the Scorpio Temple started his sect here.

After Scorpio Temple expanded as one of Five Great Sects in the world. Only after many years had passed did people start calling this mountain by Scorpio Temple’s name.

The Scorpio Mountain had five main peaks, East, South, West, North, and Central peaks. The central peak was the largest and where the main body of Scorpio Temple rested atop.

The main hall of Scorpio Temple was at the very center of Central peak. The architecture had an atmosphere belonging to the era preceding the Qin Dynasty was simple and dignified.

Most of the Scorpio Temple’s key figures were gathered within the main hall.

“Elders, what is your opinion about Heavenly Sword Sect’s invitation?” Said a girl in a red dress, who was seated in the sect’s patriarch’s position, after putting down a letter. She was the matriarch of the Scorpio Temple, Qi Qiqi.

“Heavenly Sword Sect is trying to find the way by throwing a stone.”2 Answered the one who was sitting on the left side of her, the vice chief of Scorpio Temple, Ye Zhen3.

“Senior Brother Ye has a point,” The Seventh elder, Luo Qing4, who had been sitting on the left end side of the rows nodded and responded.

“Heavenly Sword Sect has been aiming for a position as of one of the Five Great Sects for a long time. They didn’t have any especially strong members before, so they didn’t dare to commit any high-profile schemes. The situation has changed now that they have a Heaven Realm master.”

“Oh? So the only sect out of Five Great Sects that only has one Heaven Realm master became their primary target?” Xia Xue taunted while playing around her ponytail in one hand and holding her cheek with the other hand.

“Madam Patriarch, you must be sure to attend the meeting. If we do not participate then we’ll be marked as not giving them face, giving them an excuse to seek trouble with us in the future.”

“We can’t just allow this to happen,” Liu Chenzong5, the white-haired elder of management, said with disdain.

Xia Xue6 looked at him for a moment before saying, “It seems that we are a sect that must rely on the prestige of our ancestors to keep our position among the Five Great Sects.”

“Elder Xia, why do you still have the mood to spout such sarcastic remarks under these circumstances?”

“Hey, I’m just stating the facts.” Qi Qiqi frowned while looking at the two bickers like cats and dogs. The moment she tried to speak out in an attempt to stop them –

“Alright, that is enough.” Law Enforcement Elder, Yang Yuening7, said with a wry smile.

“Hey, I didn’t start the fight,” Xia Xue responded while Yang Yuening gave her a glare, which flooded the room with silence.

Qi Qiqi nodded to Yang Yuening in appreciation.

“Before we talk about Heavenly Sword Sect’s plan we have to think of a way to respond to their invitation. Since they went to the trouble of sending the invitation directly to our mountain they must have some sort of plan.”

“Matriarch has a point,” nodded Yang Yuening.

“So, how shall we respond? What is your opinion?” Right after Qi Qiqi finished speaking, Liu Chenzong immediately responded.
“We must go, if we don’t agree to send someone to the meeting, others might see it as showing weakness.”

“Oh? So we should send people just so everyone can see us be humiliated?”

“It would be better than swallowing our pride.”

Xia Xue really seemed to have a bone to pick with him as she unceremoniously replied, “Dear Matriarch, Elder Liu seems to have a masochistic streak. Since he wants a slap to our face, why don’t we just send him to the meeting?”

Liu Chenzong stood up from his seat in anger and stared at Xia Xue.


“You what? Didn’t I call you with a name? Seems like Elder Liu doesn’t understand anything about courtesy after all!”

Ye Zhen, who closed his eyes after speaking earlier suddenly shot up and shouted, “Enough!”
Xia Xue went silent as her mouth twitched. Liu Chenzong sat down while still staring at her.

“What a mess!” Qi Qiqi sighed. She looked at Ye Zhen.

“Vice Chief, what is your opinion on this matter?”

“My chief, It’s true that we do have to attend this meeting, but how we choose to attend is a different manner.”

Qi Qiqi agreed with a nod.

The whole world could see that Heavenly Sword Sect was trying to test the waters and that their primary target would be Scorpio Temple.

“If we don’t send people to attend the meeting, Scorpio Temple will definitely become a laughing stock. A school heralded as a member of the Five Great Sects that recoils when provoked by the Heavenly Sword Sect. We have to go, but the tricky part is deciding who to send?”

The recently expanded Heavenly Sword Sect is now playing an important role in the Jianghu8, its position is only slightly inferior to the Five Great Sects.

According to the protocol, Scorpio Temple should send out an elder of considerable strength to the meeting. However, the only person who has equal strength to the head of Heavenly Sword Sect is the Heaven Realm master, Ye Zhen. He must stay within Scorpio Temple to act as a deterrent, so he can’t go. Plus he wouldn’t accept the request even if we brought it up to him.

Yet, the rest of our elders are only at the Earth Realm, hence they would be too weak to face the head of Heavenly Sword Sect. In the current situation, it’s likely that they will attack with full power from the start. Thus, we shouldn’t send out an elder in a high position, we must narrow our choices down exclusively to the members with the title of Elder but who have no actual authority.

Consequently, there were only two choices. Xia Xue and Luo Qing.

Xia Xue was instantly crossed off the list. After all, her temper and character were clear for all to see. So the duty fell to Luo Qing. She was one of the seven elders of the sect, maintaining the lowest ranking, yet also being one of the strongest. She had almost reached the Heaven Realm. Moreover, she is kind and courteous, Qi Qiqi couldn’t think of a choice better than her.

“Elder Luo, I would like you to take the lead in representing the Scorpio Temple in this meeting, what do you think?”

The green-suited lady who sat on the left end of the rows seemed to have seen this coming. She nodded without showing a hint of surprise. Just right before Elder Luo had a chance to agree, however…

“Matriarch! The sword hill!”

A female disciple unexpectedly broke into the main hall. When Qi Qiqi heard the words Sword Hill she jumped up in surprise.

“What’s happening at the hill of swords?”

The female disciple took a deep breath in order to calm herself down, “There are some movements within the hill of swords! It seems like someone has made a breakthrough!”

Right after the disciple finished the sentence, Qi Qiqi moved. The matriarch of the Scorpio Temple left nothing behind but a blazing shadow as she flew towards the hill of swords.



  1. Reference to Ore, Twintail ni Narumasu?
  2. A Chinese Idiom that essentially means “to test the waters”
  3. Ye Zhen’s name in Chinese is 叶震 (Yè zhèn). Ye is a common Chinese Surname with them meaning “Leaf.” Zhen is a name that means to “Shake” or “Quake”
  4. Luo Qing’s name in Chinese is 洛青 (Luò qīng). On it’s own the Surname Luo doesn’t particularly mean anything, it is just a common name. Qing is a name that means “Dark Green”
  5. Liu Chenzong’s name in Chinese is 柳承宗 (liǔ chéng zōng) Liu is a Surname that means “Willow.” Cheng is a name that means “To bear” or “To Carry.” Zong is a name that means “Model” but interestingly enough it is also a word that can be translated as “Sect.” As an elder of the Scorpio Temple, it could be said that he is a Willow Tree that Carries the burdens of the Sect on his shoulders.
  6. Xia Xue’s name in Chinese is 夏雪 (xià xuě). The Name Xia means “Summer” while the name Xue means “Snow.” I wonder if the author was trying to give her a name that balanced her hotblooded nature with her beautiful appearance.
  7. Yang Yuening’s Name in Chinese is 杨岳宁 (Yáng Yuè Níng). Yang is a surname that means “Poplar.” Yue means something along the lines of “High Mountain”. Ning means “Peaceful” or “To Pacify.” It’s interesting how many of the Elders in the Sect have names based off of Vegetation and Nature. Yang Yuening especially has an interesting name, since it hints that he is the strongest elder in the sect while also saying that he is the most stalwart. He is a mountain that pacifies all obstacles.
  8. Jianghu 江湖 (jiānghú) literally translates as “Rivers and Lakes”, but figuratively refers to the “underground world of martial arts”. A section of society consisting of martial artists, gangsters, thieves, beggars, prostitutes, merchants, entertainers, and anyone else wanting to operate outside of mainstream society or in the grey area of the law.
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