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[Vol. 4] Chapter 7 – Military Exercise VII

Lunos, while raising a battle cry, started to swing his wooden sword at me from left and right.
 I desperately try to block them.
 Mmm, this turned into a desperate situation.

“How is it? If you don’t get serious you’ll get defeated, you know?” 

 Just seeing a good-looking man such as Lunos smirking like that made me even angrier.
 That guy, he completely forgot that I’m his employer!
 Is it even possible for such an unreasonable thing to occur in a world using the feudal system?
 It’s generally strange for the villain Carlo to receive such a treatment.

 ……That’s what I thought despite fighting desperately, then at that time.

『Uwaa, it’s a surprise attaaack』

 I heard the blue army’s soldiers’ cries drifting over behind Lunos.

(PoV – F)

“- – Honourable Leader, we received a message from Carlo-sama. Their unit will soon engage in battle with the blue army.”

“Understood. Alright, from this point on we’ll leave this place and start our charge. For the opposing team not to see us we are going to sneak around the blue army’s forces and attack their flanks.”

“Finally, huh, Leader? A call to arms.”

“Umu. Don’t let anyone escape as best as you can. Charge!”

 A while later it was the cavalry unit led by F who abandoned the fort and assaulted the retreating blue army’s soldiers who tried to reach their camp.

(PoV – Carlo)

“What’s with this uproar?”

 Lunos who got distracted by the noise coming from the back took some distance from me and stopped his attack.
 Phew, I was able to take a break as well.

“Looks like they weren’t allowed to simply retreat.”

“Right, do you feel like quietly admitting defeat now?”

“No way. Rather, their sacrifice would be in vain if I don’t defeat the enemy commander”

 Lunos, why can’t you just give up?
 What should I do…….?
 That’s it, though I never tried that before but let’s try it, shall we?

 The method of increasing one’s speed and power by pouring magical power into weapons such as the Oricalcum Sword is a skill originally used by the Hero and now by me.
 However, its power varies depending on how well the weapon’s material can absorb magical power.
 In that respect Oricalcum is superior but it’s quite inefficient with common iron etc. Furthermore, one can hardly expect anything happening with a wooden sword like the one I’m using right now.

 In the novel I wrote, I created a finisher I thought about letting the villain Carlo use as a trump card when he’s fighting the Protagonist, the Hero.
 It’s to pour magic power into “one’s own body” not a weapon, thus strengthening it.
 In other words, it’s magical body remodelling (Though one’s appearance doesn’t change).
 It’s exactly what a villain, or rather a monster man would use.⌈1
 If it’s that it’ll be fine, right?

 As I didn’t practice it up until now I don’t really have any control over it but I feel like I can at least land one blow.
 Let’s go for something like “Thunder” with which F defeated me in the Sword Fighting Competition’s finals.
 Alright, first let’s charge the magical power.

“- – Fine. Lunos, I’ll go at you seriously now.”

“Finally feeling determined? I’m glad, because, although I got defeated by the leader, I wanted to make sure whether I ‘m the third or second.”⌈2

“Take care, even though it’s just a wooden sword you’ll get hurt if you get hit”

“For Carlo-sama to look that serious, I’m looking forward to it. Please don’t hold back”

 ……Phew, I was somehow able to gain some time with that exchange.
 I can’t afford to charge my magical power while he attacks me with the same vigour as some time ago after all.
 But causing such a delay isn’t much of a problem as I’m a villain.

 I threw away my wooden shield which I held in one hand and raised the wooden sword I held in the other.
 I had Satsuma’s Jigen-ryu’s saying “There is no need for a second blow” in mind.⌈3
 Swinging one’s sword without considering the opponent’s counter attack, bringing certain death, it’s a “One-hit-kill” technique.
 When I read it in a book I thought about wanting to use it someday because it is cool.

“……Lunos, here I go”
“Did you throw away your shield because you think you don’t have to defend? Fine, I’ll keep you company.”

 Lunos and I faced each other on top of our horses.
 We looked at each other and judged each other’s breathing.


 As White King started to run I released all the magic power I loaded in my body at once and swung my sword as we pass each other.


 As I raised a shout filled with my fighting spirit I swung my sword down on Lunos.
 Lunos wasn’t able to wield his sword as it was too fast and powerful but he was somehow able to block it with his shield.

 This result.
 My sword which should bring certain death and was blocked by Lunos’ shield – – splendidly broke.
 What’s more, it got smashed into smithereens.

 Well, that’s obvious, it’s only a wooden sword so it’s natural for it to break.
Though I broke Lunos’ wooden shield at the same time but I’m the one with just the wooden sword’s handle left in my hand.

“My, that was an amazing strike. This Lunos admired it. So, what do you plan to do now?”

 At first, he was dumbfounded by this excessive force but after Lunos turned his horse and saw my situation he smirked again.
 Well, it turned out like this.
 As I threw away my shield I’m now empty-handed, Lunos, on the other hand, still had his wooden sword in his right.
 This isn’t even a match anymore!


 I gave White King the signal to run and like this, I started to run away.
 I’m worried that I’m just villain-like in that aspect.
 Though it would be a problem to just leave the soldiers and escape but it’s better than a general getting killed.

“To run away at the last moment. Please wait!”

 Though Lunos followed me if it’s White King I’ll somehow be able to escape.
 As I thought this a familiar figure appeared in front of me.


 Ooh, isn’t that F?
 A present sent from heaven.
 F who assaulted the opponents back as per Nals’ strategy seems to have come over while worrying about me.
 Honestly, I’m saved.

“F, Lunos’ opponent!”

“My pleasure”


“For the leader to come from the rear, you sure are careful. I give up, I don’t have the confidence in winning against the leader without a shield.”

 Lunos plainly surrendered to F which ended the fight and secured a big victory for our red army.
 Many of the blue army’s soldiers who wanted to retreat were killed by the action of F’s cavalry unit and old man Marcus recognised his defeat obediently as we surrounded their camp.

“We wonー!”


 With the red army’s shouts of victory the military exercise safely came to an end.
 Good grief, like this the military reform should advance more smoothly as well.

“Marcus, F, Lunos, shall we return?”


 Like this, we returned to Braham.

 I feel like we forgot something……Oh well, whatever!


  1. Kaijin. A humanoid Kaiju like those from power rangers for example 
  2. Best swordsman 
  3. For the ones interested: Jigen-ryu 

[Vol. 4] Chapter 6 – Military Exercise VI

“Then, shall we start? All units, charge!”

 As Lunos uttered these words the blue army started its charge.

 Each unit was led by a knight, the foot soldiers charged and the archers advanced while shooting arrows.

(PoV – Carlo)

“Here they come, use the Echelon formation!”⌈1

 As Nals told me I ordered them to take a diagonal formation with the hill on the right-hand side in front and the forest on the left-hand side behind them.
 The well-trained foot soldiers were immediately able to form a diagonal line while the ones at the front raised their shields to protect the spear wielders behind them.

“Archers, nock your arrows! After having attracted enough of them shoot!”

 The archers nocked their arrows at once and waited for instructions in a posture ready to shoot at any time.

“Alright, shoot!”

 At my command, 100 archers poured their arrows down on the closest enemies.
 It seems like they were able to splash paint on some soldiers with that single volley.
 I hear the frustrated voices of the other party.
 On the other hand, thanks to patiently waiting most of the arrows could be blocked and the damage to our infantry was just minor.

(PoV – Lunos)

“Don’t be daunted, attacking their front won’t work, attack their flanks!”

 At Lunos’ words the soldiers of the blue army turned around to attack the red army’s flank, but then they used the Echelon formation with the soldiers holding long spears in the back stabbing them instead.
 The 5 meter long spear’s effect was tremendous, not only did they splash red paint on foot soldiers one after another but also on horsemen.

“Ku, if it’s like this then……!”

 Lunos showed a sour expression as he saw his allies engaging in this hard fight, at that moment the unit which took a detour through the forest charged at them.


『There they are, turn around and defeeend!』

 The blue army’s surprise attack corps vigorously aimed their charge at the last troop of the Echelon formation but the red army’s pike men who had not yet engaged in battle changed direction in a splendid movement as if they were awaiting them and were able to deal with them.
 Furthermore, the archers who were standing behind them were able to reduce the blue army’s assault group’s numbers.

“The surprise attack also failed, huh? Then, above all”

 Lunos shouted to his allied units.

“Whole army, retreat to the camp! Ask for further instructions from General Marcus in the camp! Retreat!”

 After he shouted this he looked towards Carlo who was giving out orders and then muttered.

“Well then, this is a precious opportunity. Please keep me company a little longer.”

(PoV – Carlo)

 Yeah, it went well.
 It was Nals who prepared for this, so of course.
 Though I was a little surprised by their surprise attack operation but the soldiers acted calmly and were able to deal with them thanks to this formation.
 If it’s continuing like this we’ll be able to win without a problem……I also had some time to think freely.

“Whole army, retreat to the camp! Ask for further instructions from General Marcus in the camp! Retreat!”

 As I heard Lunos shouted this I thought “We won this” but why is the person himself coming over here?!

 Eh? Eh?
 Why won’t you retreat?

 While I was still puzzled Lunos came over and stopped in front of me.

“Carlo-sama, I want to have a fight!”

 What is he saying?

“Wai, wait a minute, this isn’t the right place to do this”

“I don’t think it’s particularly strange for enemy commanders to engage in combat”

 As he said that he attacked with a wooden sword and shield in his hands.
 Is there no room for discussion?

 As I saw his match with F in the Sword Fighting Competition I understand Lunos’ strength all too well.
 When I had a fight with Lunos as the masked mercenary Akatsuki because of that incident with the kidnappers we only exchanged 2 to 3 blows.
 Originally it was just a farce and I immediately escaped using magic but I was able to experience his strength on my own body.
 As one would expect from the “Ex” strongest knight of Braham, he’s a powerful enemy.
 Besides, he’s a handsome guy popular with the girls so I don’t want to fight him!

 Even if I win I can’t be happy about it as his female fans will hold a grudge against me and if I lose I’ll get frustrated.
 That’s why I feel like I won’t be forgiven even if I say I didn’t want to.
 Why does this guy want to fight me that much?!

“What’s wrong? Wouldn’t it be bad if the commander gets defeated?”

 Oops, while I was thinking about such things I was nearly killed (Though it’s just paint).
 As I heard Lunos’ words I pulled myself together.

“Why are you trying so hard? This is just an exercise, right?” 

“Because it is an exercise. Wouldn’t it be a shame to let this golden opportunity slide? Ever since I saw the Sword Fighting Competition’s finals I thought about wanting to fight you once!”

 I tried to persuade him while parrying the wooden sword which was about to cut me as he said that.

“Well then how about doing that on another day? Would you obediently withdraw from this place then?”

 Lunos’ fast sword swings became faster and faster but thanks to it being a wooden sword I was barely able to block.
 I can’t use my Oricalcum sword and if I use magic the thing with Akatsuki will come out, so forgive me.

“To talk while still being able to deal with this speed, as I thought Carlo-sama isn’t an ordinary person.”

 As he said that Lunos started to attack more and more with a grin on his face.
 Even if I wanted someone to help there were just foot soldiers and archers around.
 As that was everyone’s first time seeing someone fight toe-on-toe with a knight in a one-on-one they completely forgot to chase the enemy army and just watched.
 How disappointing.

 Even if we win overall if the commander gets defeated it doesn’t feel like a complete victory, I mean, it’s not cool at all.
 Or rather doesn’t that practically mean our defeat?
 Mmm, I unexpectedly got myself in to a desperate situation――


  1. Echelon formation on page 5 

[Vol. 4] Chapter 5 – Military Exercise V

“So, shall we begin?”

 At the tactician Nals’ words, I also started to move.

“Nals won’t go?”

“I’m not good with horses. I’ll just wait here for the results.”

“Then, let’s depart. Don’t let them destroy our rows. Show them your training’s results.”


“As soon as we encounter the enemy party on our way we’ll immediately engage in battle. Show them your might!”

『Ooooh- -!』

 The farmer-soldiers’ morale was high.
 They worked diligently while doing such a hard and monotonous training.
 I fully understand how boring marching practice is as I had to do it in school.
 However, after I told them this is training for the sake of protect their own land they started to work hard without complaining for unknown reasons.
 Thanks to that their movements seemed to have significantly improved during these few months.
 Even though I say that I only heard about it as I left the training mostly to F.

 ――Considering the soldier’s speed we’ll encounter the opposing party soon, I guess.

 While recalling the location Nals showed me on the map we advanced.
 It seems like the other party was going through the forest in order to hide, otherwise they would be seen from the fort so we advanced on the border connecting the grassland and forest.
 As they were trained and the road was easy to walk on they appeared to move faster.
 Since all the foot soldiers held five metre long spears it would be rather difficult to advance through the forest.
 After a while, I saw a horseman coming over.

“Reporting, the enemy is still advancing through the forest. Their numbers are approximately 200, 1.5 kilometres ahead.”

“Did they notice our movement?”

“That does not seem to be the case.”

“Is that so? Good work. Please continue searching for enemies.”


 Before long the knight took off again.
 Good, good, the highly mobile reconnaissance unit is functioning well.
 It’s advantageous to know the movement of one’s opponent.

“We should be able to encounter the opponent moving through the forest in a while. Get ready to fight as soon as I give the signal.”

 As I didn’t raise my voice while giving these orders to not get noticed I didn’t receive an answer either.
 However, looking at them nodding I knew they understood me.
 They were all well trained.
 They want to win, huh. We came this far after all.

 While I was thinking about such things and having moved forward for some time a different horseman came out of the forest.
 I raised my right hand signalling everyone to stop.

“Reporting! The enemy is very close! You will soon be able to see them.”

“Got it, then, please go and deliver this report to the fort.”


 The knight rode up the hill.

“Everyone, our opponent will soon arrive. Give it your all. Get ready to fight!”

 At my command they got ready for the battle.
 The 150 foot soldiers got divided into troops of 30 standing in 3 rows with one row consisting out of 10 soldiers.
 There were five infantry troops wielding 5 metre long spears lined up next to each other and 100 archers positioned in the back.
 Like this, we waited for our opponent to arrive.
 I also held a wooden sword and shield in my hand.

(PoV – Lunos)

“Sir Lunos, I see the red army approaching from the front! It’s the enemy!”

 A knight reported to Lunos who was advancing through the forest.

“What? Let’s go immediately”

 Lunos also hurried his horse and went to look at the situation.
 He saw Carlo himself leading the soldiers at that place.

“Looks like he mostly took foot soldiers and archers with him. To appear at this place, have our movements been read?”

 Lunos didn’t expect his opponent Carlo would leave his camp unguarded.

“But what’s with those spears’ length? They won’t be able to move properly with these.”

 The adjutant who also came to look at the situation was similarly surprised.
 The spears of the foot soldiers who came together with Carlo were surely awfully long.
 Lunos who felt it would be troublesome to launch a frontal attack made a part of his soldiers circumvent the other party and attack their flank.
 He gave his adjutant 50 soldiers and ordered him to go and attack their side from the forest.

“Well, even if the other party has a strong front they still would be weak against a side attack. At the time we started to engage in battle you attack them from the side.”

“Certainly, Sir Lunos”

“Until then we’ll earn sometime somehow”

 Lunos exited the forest with the remaining soldiers.
 Carlo took his position at the front and waited.

“Carlo-sama, so it was true that you read our movements!”

“We were just following Nals’ readings, I didn’t do anything.”

“Again with the modesty. Besides, what’s with these? Those enormously long spears”

“Those are, well, you’ll understand when you fight them”

“Is that so? Please let us pass through”

“I can’t do that either. If I let you pass through here there aren’t any soldiers back there, you see”

 Carlo’s words weren’t lies.
 There was only Nals back there.

“I’ll show you what foot soldiers and archers can do even without knights”

“Fine, then shall we start soon?”

 At Carlo’s words, Lunos judged that it would be time soon for the detached unit to attack.

“Then, shall we go? All units, charge!”


 The blue army led by the knights raised a courageous shout and started their charge.


  1. N/a

[Vol. 4] Chapter 4 – Military Exercise IV

Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald, a knight also known as “F” rode up the hill on his horse.
 40 other Imperial Guard knights rode after the Imperial Guard Order’s leader.

“Don’t loosen the reins! We have to take the fort before our opponent no matter what!”

 They intended to occupy the fort on top of the Alamos hill.
 Nals, the tactician, told them in a sharp voice that it’s absolutely necessary for the strategy to occupy the fort.
 As the biggest advantage of letting the cavalry act independently was their higher mobility F could understand that fact.

“Leader, we’re close to the fort!”

 A knight riding diagonally behind F raised a loud voice.
 It was the gigantic knight in his late 20s wielding a long Halberd who got defeated by Carlo in the Sword Fighting Competition’s semi-finals.
 He was the only Imperial Guard Captain appointed to the red army, which was led by Carlo, becoming F’s adjutant.

“Alright, occupy the fort. Shoot up the signal as soon as you’re done!”

 The horsemen surged inside and confirmed that the other party had yet to come occupy the fort.
 As per the rules as soon as one team was able to occupy the fort they had to immediately shoot up a signal in one’s team’s colour.
 On F’s order one of the knights shot up a red signal.

“Phew, looks like the first mission was successful.”

“Honestly, I’m tired. However, thank goodness that the other team hasn’t come yet. Well, it’s natural as we spurted here on horses.”

 Together with his adjutant F looked down from the fort but couldn’t see the other team.
 Even though they should be slower because there were foot soldiers and archers mixed in their unit but it was rather weird that one couldn’t see them at all from this hill.

“Still, for the tactician’s words to turn out to be true. Even the fact that we won’t be able to see the other army”

 In the case of such a development F received rather strange instructions from Nals.

“Isn’t it fine? If you can’t see the other army around after you occupied the fort and shot up the signal then there’s no need to protect it afterwards.”

“Why? We’ll lose if the fort gets taken.”

“It’s fine. The knight leader should always be ready to let the cavalry charge as soon as you receive a signal.”

 While recalling this exchange with Nals before their departure F ordered his adjutant.

“Tell everyone to take a short break and to prepare to be able to leave here and charge at any time when ordered.”

“Is that really fine? No one will be here then.”

“Well, it’s fine, probably”

“I’ll obey the leader’s orders, though I don’t quite understand it.”

(Honestly, I also want to know whether this will be fine)

 That is what F unintentionally whispered in his heart.

(PoV – Carlo)

“A red signal went up. It seems like we succeeded.”

 Nals answered my, Carlo’s words.

“It’s natural for us to be successful till here. The problems start from this point on”

“Does Marcus really not aim for the fort?”

“I’m not 100% sure but I’m probably not mistaken.”

“The reason?”

“The General knows that we’ll use the cavalry independently. Given that, it’s only natural for us to arrive at the fort first. I think it’s rather hard to conquer a fort with 50 knights occupying it.”

“Well, that’s right”

“What can we do to break this deadlock? That’s that General’s character. The possibility of him simply using force is rather low. I’m pretty sure he’ll want to attack us from behind.”

“Why would he attack our back?”

“The General and Sir Lunos have great confidence in the Knights’ might making them greatly underestimate the infantry’s and archers’ power. Well, I’ll explain the rest later. Let’s patiently wait for the reports to arrive here.”

 After a few minutes, one horseman of the reconnaissance unit returned.

“Reporting! I discovered an enemy military unit in the forest on the south side, their numbers are approximately 200!”

“Is that so, can you tell us their exact location?”

 Nals listened to the knight as he showed the enemy’s location on a map lying on the desk.
 As I watched from the side I could tell that their position was rather far from here.”

“As expected”

“Well then, shall I take the soldiers and meet them?”

 Nals shook his head left and right as he heard my words.

“The report from the north side has yet to arrive. Before we have that report we can’t make a move.”

 Nals answered leisurely.

“The ones scouting the north should return soon. Shall we get ready?”

 Hearing Nals’ words I also stood up.

“Is it really fine to take everyone with us? If we leave this place unguarded and fall it’s our immediate defeat, isn’t it?”

“It’s alright. If enemies are approaching from the north side the reconnaissance unit would have return sooner. The fact they haven’t returned after this long means that the rest stayed back in the camp to protect it.”

 Just as we had this exchange the two knights scouting the north side returned.

“Reporting, No enemy soldiers were sighted on the north side till the enemy’s camp!”

“I see, as I thought. Did you see the enemy’s camp?”

“Though it looks like some soldiers were protecting the enemy’s camp their numbers are unknown as we couldn’t get closer. My apologies.”

“Thank you. I know you’re tired but could you deliver this letter to the knight leader inside the fort next?”


 The knight took off with the letter Nals prepared.

“So, shall we begin?”


  1. N/a

[Vol. 4] Chapter 3 – Military Exercise III

“It’s almost time”

 General Marcus stood in front of his army which raised the blue war flags while looking towards the fort on the hill and murmured.
 The Imperial Guard’s captain, Lunos, waited beside him.
 A few minutes later black smoke was visible in the blue sky above the fort.
 Lunos who saw that directed a few words towards Marcus.

“It went up, didn’t it?”

“Umu. I’m counting on you.”

“Yes, I’ll be off then”

 After having bowed to Marcus lightly Lunos turned to the soldiers and raised his voice.

“Let’s go! Raid unit, follow me! We might encounter the enemy on the way so, Captains of all departments, you can’t let your guard down!”


“Then, let’s go!”

 Thus Lunos led the soldiers out of the camp.
 They took the route going around the south side of the hill.
 By the way, the distance between the red and blue camp to the fort would be about 1,5 kilometres in a straight line.
 Although it’s not that far one has to climb up that steep slope.
 Taking the route around the south side of the hill the distance to the opposing camp is approximately 5 kilometres.
 As their army is a mix of archers, cavalry and infantry the blue army led by Marcus and Lunos will take around one hour.

“What fine weather, the sunlight is warm.”

 While on his horse Lunos unintentionally muttered.
 One could see the blue winter sky shining through the trees if one looked up.
 The wind wasn’t as cold as the sun was shining from the south unceasingly, fortunately.
 In summer the sunlight is interrupted by the tree’s leaves but now in winter all of them fell and the sunlight is able to shine through.
 The Alamos hill in itself was grassland on which only a few trees were able to grow but at its foot a forest spread out.
 Right now Lunos was leading the soldiers on the boundary between the grassland and the forest area.
 He was riding along the forest so that the archers and infantry can advance easily.

“However, the others did nothing but some strange training. Did Sir Lunos see that?”

 An adjutant who was riding next to him started to talk.
 The man in his late 30s seemed serious and grew a beard.
 He was also an Imperial Guard Order’s captain.

“Yeah, I saw it. He lined his infantry up and just let them walk.”

“Yeah, they were going in circles again and again while executing these movements and strides. How on earth are they going to fight with that? What a laughingstock.”

 Lunos fell silent without answering the adjutant who seemed amused.
 He didn’t think that their master Carlo would do something without any reason behind it.
 When he witnessed Carlo’s skill as he uncovered Viscount Gerg’s crimes Lunos came to the conclusion that Carlo has the mysterious talent to think deeply.

(What is the meaning behind that training, what measures did Carlo-sama take?)

 This marching training was based on the knowledge Carlo (=Ryosukes) obtained from a book of his original world “The infantry’s leadership decides over a battle’s victory or defeat”.
 The infantry in this world were basically commoners half-forcibly drafted so their moral is pretty low.
 It was a normal occurance for them to flee in all directions as soon as the situation seemed to be a little disadvantagous making it impossible to maintain a front.
 If we were to fight a battle with the Barbarians who mostly consist out of cavalry it’s obvious that the infantry won’t be able to keep up with their horses’ movements which makes it impossible for them to hold formation ending with the infantry eventually fleeing.
 What Marcus was concerned about the matte of separating the cavalry from the infantry was that he believed the foot soldiers would be impossible to control if the commanders, the knights, were gone.
 Ryosuke’s answer to that was the marching training of the infantry but Lunos didn’t know about that at this time.

“Well, the infantry and archers are just a disorderly gathering of some people with their commanders, the knights, gone, we can’t lose”

 At the moment Lunos answered the adjutant he noticed some kind of ruckus at the front of them.

“What happened? Report to me what happened here.”

 Having been told that a knight came galloping over from the front.
 He stopped his horse next to Lunos and started to report.

“There are some foot soldiers making a fuss saying they saw enemy riders”

“What? Their numbers?”

“It’s just one horseman.”

“Just one horseman, you say? Could it be that they were mistaken? It can’t be that there’s just one horseman acting alone.”

 While the adjutant was amazed by this ridiculous story Lunos wore a difficult expression and started thinking.

(Are you telling me they just moved one horseman of the cavalry? It’s hard to believe that they would divide the cavalry for some reconnaissance soldiers……Did the cavalry unit come here as well without aiming for the top? If so, then it’s just like we expected.)

 As he thought so the adjutant raised his voice.

“A red beacon got shot up from the fort. Seems like they were aiming for the fort with the horsemen after all.”

“I see, If it’s like this everything is going as planned. Later the infantry and archers will follow them as reinforcement. Their camp should be insufficiently guarded by then. Let’s hurry and head there!”

 Lunos commanded the party to raise their marching speed.


  1. N/a

[Vol. 4] Chapter 2 – Military Exercise II

Meanwhile, General Marcus and the Imperial Guard’s first corps’ captain, Lunos, were on the east side of the hill.
 They were talking over a desk behind which soldiers holding blue war flags were lined up.

“General, what’s the strategy?”

“Umu, right. First about Carlo-sama’s move. Since splitting up the cavalry is a centrepiece of this time’s military reform they’ll probably use tactics making use of the cavalry’s high mobility, no doubt”


“Letting the cavalry act independently is surely effective in terms of speed. But on the other hand, their numbers won’t be high, no matter how much of an elite group the Imperial Guard Order is they won’t be able to do a frontal attack.”

 As Marcus said this he pointed at the centre of the map which was lying on the desk.

“They’ll most certainly try to take the fort right from the beginning.”

“There’s no doubt that they would be able to conquer the fort with their speed. How troubling.”

“Right. Although they are no more than 50 it’ll be time consuming to remove the Imperial Guard Order’s knights once they confined themselves in the fort.”

“Soon after reinforcement would arrive. In that case it would be even harder to remove them.”

“That’s right, look here”

 Marcus drew a big arc going around the hill’s south.

“We will go south around the hill without aiming for the fort but directly aiming for their camp”

“I see, attacking their back, is it?”

 By the way, one has won if one succeeds in conquering the opposing team’s camp and fired up a beacon.

“However, what if the opposing team has the same idea?”

“No matter how fast they are they just have 50 horseman. We’ll leave one third of our soldiers in the camp to prepare for that case.”

“So we protect our camp with 100 soldiers while attacking the opposing camp with 200.”

“That’s right, I leave those soldiers to you, Lunos. Even if Carlo-sama puts the other 250 soldiers other than the cavalry corps inside the camp they are just the mish-mash of people called farmer soldiers and the commander also hasn’t experienced real warfare yet so it’s just a disorderly mass not worthy to be afraid of.”

“Even if we encounter the cavalry party we’re definitely able to break through with this difference in military power.”

“If the cavalry acts independently from the infantry the difference in speed increases as well as the risk of their individual defeat. Let’s make use of that, shall we?”

 The strategic plan was completed and Marcus stood in front of the soldiers together with Lunos and started to talk.

“Everyone should have heard about Carlo-sama’s live-changing military reform by now. I think there are some among the Imperial Guard Order who aren’t satisfied with this. The purpose of this exercise is to show those people the effectiveness of this new formation. In other words – -”

 General Marcus paused for a bit and then raised his voice.

“This time our role is to be defeated. They expect us to overwhelmingly lose for us to understand that “This military reform was right after all” in the end!”

 Hearing Marcus’ words the soldiers start to murmur.
 That’s natural as they were told that one’s role was to lose.
 Lunos unintentionally asked Marcus in a low voice.

(Is it fine for you to talk that frankly? Does the General intend to win?)

(Well, watch)

 Marcus raised his voice once more.

“However. This one doesn’t intend to take defeat so easily! I got permission from Carlo-sama to fight with all we got. How is it, gentlemen? Don’t you want to win and get Carlo-sama down from his high horse?!”

 The soldiers murmuring became louder.

“Let’s show them how a magnificent victory looks like right at this place, gentlemen! That’s right, let’s give everyone a reward if we win! Gentlemen, do you feel like winning now?!”

『Ooooh- -!』

 As they answered to Marcus’ question the soldiers pushed up their fists.
 Then, following this, Lunos also shouted.

“You guys, if we win this today we’ll get to drink some delicious liquor tonight!”

『Oooooh- -!』

“You can see off the past year with a good feeling with this money!”


“That’s good, this isn’t just some exercise! We’ll certainly win while treating this like an actual battle!”


“Umu, everyone seems to be in high spirits.”

 As he saw the surge of the soldiers’ morale, General Marcus contentedly stroked his beard.

“That’s right, this much should be enough”

“Well then, it should be time soon. Please prepare the raiding party.”

“Certainly. I’ll entrust the camp’s defence to you.”

 Like this, they got ready.
 They only waited for the beacon signalling the exercise’s start to be shot from the fort.


  1. N/a

[Vol. 4] Chapter 1 – Military Exercise I

“The end of the year is finally approaching”

 Even though I didn’t call him that old man, General Marcus, came over to Carlo’s, my room.
 He sat down without waiting for my permission as always and suddenly said something like that.

“You’re right, is there anything else?”

“No, well, it’s about the thing we talked about. I thought it’s time soon”

 The thing we talked about?
 What does he mean by “the thing we talked about”……Ah!?

“The exercise, is it?”

“Right, right, that”

 Marcus said joyfully.
 After that whole matter with the labyrinth, I completely forgot about that (sweats).
 But that being said, this old man who bent forward seemed to absolutely look forward to that.

“A, about that matter, let’s leave it to Nals. Pikaru, please call Nals!”

 The bald Pikaru immediately went and got Nals.

“What can I do for you?”

“Nals, how’s the matter with the exercise going?”

“Yeah, everything is in place. We can execute it anytime.”

 What a relief, I’m saved!
 If Nals also forgot about that this would have been a serious problem.

“So, how do we do this?”

“There’s the Alamos hill north of Braham. We’ll use the fort on the hilltop.”

“Ho hoh, and then?”

“The General and Sir Lunos as well as Carlo-sama and Sir Fitzgerald respectively lead their army and set up their camp on the east and west side of the hill. The team which is able to conquer the fort wins.”

 The Alamos hill is a big hill in the vicinity of Braham’s northern part and the fort (even though it’s called that it seems to be rather small) will be the key element in a battle against the northern Barbarian riders in a defensive battle.
 The army led by General Marcus and Lunos starts in the hill’s west and the new regiment led by me (Carlo) and F starts in the hill’s east.

 As for the numbers, the cavalry consists out of 50 Imperial Guard Order’s knights, the infantry was made out of 150 farmer-soldiers and the archer unit had 100 members in them totalling in 300 soldiers.
 We would let our armies clash and whoever dominated the fort within 4 hours, the duration of the exercise, wins.
 However, if one’s camp got taken by the other team one loses.
 By the way, as this is an exercise all the weapons are made of wood, there was paint smeared on swords as well as on spears and arrows and when either the torso’s armour or helmet got colour on them one has to withdraw.
 This totally feels like a survival game.⌈1

“In other words there are three important things one has to consider. Protecting the base, attacking the opponent and conquering the fort.”

“How very interesting. So, Nals, will you be on Carlo-sama’s side?”

“Yes, as this is my chance to show my skills as a tactician.”

“Fine, let’s have a good look at your skills. Then, when shall we start?”

 That old man is really motivated.
 But this side won’t lose either, I’m depending on you, Nals.

“There are still preparations to be done so how about in a week?”

“I have no objections. Is that fine, Carlo-sama?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. Then it’s decided, until next week.”

 Like this, we decided on a date for the military exercise.

“Well, then, I’ll excuse myself and discuss some things with Lunos. I’m looking forward to the day”

“Yeah, we won’t lose.”

“Please don’t hold a grudge in case Carlo-sama does lose, hohoho. Well then, I’ll take my leave.”

“Nals, do you have a plan?”

“Let’s see, well, please look forward to it”

 Nals grinned and winked.

 ――The day of the exercise.
 F and I were in full armour and reached our camp together with Nals.
 In front of us were 50 people mounting horses and 250 foot soldiers and archers, in total 300 soldiers.
 The red war flags towering over the 50 mounted soldiers carrying spears and bows was a magnificent view.
 Though for an army this isn’t a big amount of soldiers but when one thinks that one has to lead them it’s a different matter.
 If this were an actual war the number would be greater.

“It’s quite the sight looking at it like this, isn’t it? Is everything ready?”

“Yes, according to prior instructions I selected 20% of the cavalry, 10 soldiers to form the reconnaissance corps.”

 F answered calmly.
 I see, Looks like the high-speed reconnaissance corps was lined up in the back.
 They were all rather small but fearless and seemed to be agile.
 The Alamos hill in front of us was bigger than I thought.
 The Fort in question could subtly be seen on the top.
 It’s quite the long distance and the inclination is unexpectedly steep.

“So this is a long spear, huh? It’s certainly long.”

“It is five meters long after all, but in training it was really effective.”

 The length of the spears the foot soldiers carried were five meters, which is very long.
 F seemed to be surprised when he was told this but it seems its effects were visible in actual training.

“Is it strong?”

“Yeah, this will be our key to achieve victory. This infantry unit will be led by Carlo-sama.”

 Nals said proudly.

“That’s all good but how do we win?”

“How to win, huh…?”

 After having thought a little, Nals started to grin and answered my question.

“Completely, let’s overwhelmingly win”


  1. Stuff like paintball 

[Vol. 3] Chapter 13 – Reminiscence

After we left the Labyrinth we parted with the beautiful priestess of darkness on our way back to Braham.
 We stopped by the adventurer’s guild to report about our exploration.

“Hehehe, it turned out to be quite the amount of money”

 Crescent Moon looked happy.
 Well, of course, as Kitora told her “I don’t need my share so I’ll give it to you” she got double the amount.
 It seems like the spider webs my seniors carried her with much hardship got sold for a small amount of money.
 As my seniors had to carry their spool car swords in one hand over their heads on our whole way home they looked dispirited and bitter but Crescent Moon didn’t care about that.
 Moreover, the promised reward they got was a share for one person divided between them and Pick.
 While crying Bass said, “Let’s never do this again. We’ll never go out with big sis again”.

 Like this, I distributed the shares and returned to the hideout.

“Ehm……Welcome back, Akatsuki-sama”

 I met up with Elsa.
 Not being used to calling me “Akatsuki” yet her figure is innocent and cute.
 As it was been a while since I last saw her I’m also rather tense.
 Though I honestly wanted to hug and kiss her but I couldn’t because I was somewhat embarrassed.

“I’m back. Were you feeling lonely?”

“A little. But I took some walks and was able to see some interesting things. I’m now pretty familiar with this area.”

“I see, I’m sorry for leaving you alone. But I have to go back to the mansion again soon”

“Ah, that’s right, isn’t it…….? But I’m fine.”

 Elsa gave me a stout-hearted answer.
 I feel sorry for always having to leave Elsa alone.
 But I can’t take her with me.

“Elsa, how are your grandparents?”

“According to the letters, Grandfather seems to recover well. I don’t know the details because I wasn’t able to meet them recently.”

 I took out the pouch containing my share of this time’s reward and put it in front of Elsa.

“This money is?”

 Elsa looked inside it before asking me.

“Elsa, take this and return to your grandparents.”

“Eh? That means……”

 Elsa’s eyes filled with tears at that moment.

“That’s not it, I don’t want to kick you out, Elsa. I’m just worried that you’ll be too lonely being alone like this all the time”

“But……Is that alright? And this is so much”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. Also, Elsa. Additionally, if your grandfather’s fine again could you come over together?”

“That’s, ehm, there’s the shop, after all”

“Yeah, that’s why couldn’t you try doing business here? I’ll take care of the money”

 Elsa’s eyes get round in surprise.
 Well, yeah, it’s kind of sudden.
 I also just came up with that.

 But isn’t that quite the good idea?
 If her grandparents came to this town Elsa would be able to meet them a lot more without a doubt.
 Elsa would also be able to help with the shop as she has a lot of free time.

“But to cause you so much trouble”

“It’s fine. I promised Doloa that I’d give it my all to make you happy, Elsa”


“That’s not it. I’m Akatsuki. I told you, right?”

 Without saying anything Elsa embraced me.
 I unintentionally thought about taking her to the bed……That’s what I thought but I couldn’t move one step forward.
 Aah, how cowardly.
 How long will I stay a virgin? (Teary eyed)

“Anyway, you should return first and talk it over with them. I think that’s a good idea.”

“Yes, thank you very much! I’ll talk with them”

“That’s right. As I’ll return to the mansion lock the door to this house well when you leave.”
“Yes, have a good trip”

 I put on my mask, changed my clothes and left the hideout.
 After I walked for some time I took off the mask and returned to the mansion.

“My, where on earth have you been up until now?!”

 As soon as I arrived at the mansion I was discovered by Melissa.
 No, shouldn’t it be fine because I’m not a kid anymore?
 So what if I left without saying anything and being away for some days.
 I also wrote a letter saying “I’m going out for a bit, don’t look for me”, right?

“What’s the meaning of this? Leaving behind all the work and just going out!”

 Then bald, I mean, Pikaru came over while showing his anger on his face.
 No, Pikaru being bald is true.
 Though I try not to call him that out of kindness even while he’s that angry.
If I tell him “I went into a dungeon” he’d get even angrier.

“Ahh, I got it, I got it. I’m tired so let me lie down in my room.”

 I left Melissa and Pikaru behind and went to my bedroom.
 I asked Mirea-san who I met on my way to bring me some tea and then shut myself up in my room.
 I originally had some shut-in tendencies.
 I felt relieved to be alone in my room.

“Sorry, I kept you waiting. I’ll put it here.”

 After a few minutes, Mirea-san brought the tea.
 A cookie was lying beside it.
 Such consideration sure is nice.
 As expected from a mother, or something like that.

“Thank you. Is Lucia-chan well?”

“Thanks to you she’s really well. I’m only troubled by her selfishness.”

“I see, it’s good that she’s lively. Is there anything in your life that you’re troubled with?”

 Mirea-san strongly shook her head and said.

“There’s nothing at all. I’m really grateful and can’t thank you enough”

 Mirea-san deeply lowered her head and left.

 After a long time I fell back on my bed and started to think.
 I thought about having met a lot of people after having reincarnated as the villain Margrave Carlo de Medici.
 It’s quite different from my original world’s me who only go to and fro between my home and the company every day without having a single friend.
 Though among the people I met were a lot of characters of m novel “Yuusha Tensei” but there were also a lot of people not mentioned in it.

 The first person I met was the 17-year-old maid, Reina. Though she’s a beautiful girl she’s a BL enthusiast and would pant while watching Carlo (me), F and Lunos. Moreover, her embarrassing side suddenly got revealed.

 Next was the head maid, Melissa. Though I think she’s a really good person and always thinking about me she recently started nagging a lot. Well, like a mother, I guess?

 The Butler, Pikaru. He’s a reliable bald-headed person not only possessing a high ability in managing the mansion but also high administrative power. Though I’m calling him bald in my mind I won’t say it to his fac. It’s kind of troubling that he’s too serious and inflexible sometimes.

 F, the leader of the Imperial Guard Order. The strongest knight of this Kingdom called Sir Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald, a hard-to-say name. A straitlaced, stiff, handsome guy who’s not used to women. But he is a reliable man.

 A stubborn old man looking like the first generation captain of the space battleship YaOto⌈1⌋ and the former leader of the Imperial Guard Order, General Marcus.
Furthermore, his love for causing mischief is hard to get rid of. But he’s also a capable person one can leave the strategic conduct to.

 The masked female mercenary, Crescent Moon. She seems to be similar to the masked mercenary, Akatsuki, who appears in my novel. She’s greedy and loves money. But she’s strong. She got the best twin mountains going Purun Purun and Boing Boing. A sight for sore eyes.

 The son of one of the peasants under Carlo, Doji. He’s a little slow countryman but he’s highly loyal. He has a great body and is able to swing around axes and clubs with his Herculean strength. One of the few people who know that “Carlo” is also “The masked mercenary, Akatsuki”.

 The cat girl magician, Knopf. Melissa’s niece who is half Cat Person and half Human. She looks young but she’s actually a 30-year-old researcher/mad scientist. It’s currently unknown whether she has a tail. My first magic teacher who uses elementary but super powerful magic.

 The Captain of the Imperial Guard Order’s first corps, Lunos. The number 1 man women want to marry and said to be the best swordsman of Braham (But he got defeated by F). He’s a handsome man who’s popular with the women, which is vexing but useful.

 White King and Reus are my pets. White King is my favourite horse with a big body and grey fur. It’s smart and powerful. Reus is the usually invisible baby salamander spirit. I made a contract with him and he grants me the power of fire magic.

 The duo, Bass and Drum. My seniors as villains. They were originally homeless thieves who kidnapped for a living but after having lost to Akatsuki they became the executives of the evil organisation of subordinates “the Rabbit Group”. I can’t bring myself to hate them even though they are villains.
The hobbit thief, Pick. Like my seniors, she’s part of the “Rabbit Group” and she looks really young outwardly but she’s actually rather old on the inside. Her abilities as a thief are reliable and I (As Akatsuki) use her to communicate with the Rabbit Group.

 My tactician, Nals. He’s not only in charge of strategic matters but also diplomacy and logistics. He likes making figurines and his wooden figurines are rather good. I put him in charge of designing my castle and public work.

 The beautiful priestess of darkness, Kitora. A new comrade (?) with whom we explored the dungeon. Though she is an otherworldly beautiful girl she has the hobby of collecting human bones and making skeletons (?). Considerably strong-minded.

 Then there is Elsa who became my mistress. The girl with whom I had my first kiss with (But nothing more than that). After redeeming her from a brothel of the Capital Ruan she lived in Akatsuki’s hideout in Braham. An absolutely good girl.

 The mother and daughter pair I saved from my seniors together with Crescent Moon who became maids at this place, Mirea-san and her daughter Lucia. By the way, Mirea-san is a good looking widow and Lucia-chan is a cute girl.

 Yeah, that’s it.
 I only listed those who are close to me and became my comrades but there are a lot more huh?
 But there are some people I’m interested in as well.
 I can’t leave out Moulin Rouge’s Onee-san Rozea-san and Fawn Pavilion’s Diva Felica-chan.
 I didn’t go meet them much recently.

 Every one of them is a good characters.
 I wonder what kind of story I’m able to create with these people from now on…….
 While I thought about such things as an author I fell asleep.


  1. Reference to Uchu Senkan Yamato. Meant is Okita Juzo 

[Vol. 3] Chapter 12 – Stone Labyrinth V

“Kitora’s reasoning seems justified. That being the case it doesn’t sound like a bad idea to attack.”

 As I said that Crescent Moon nodded strongly.

“That’s right, even if what you said is wrong we can’t start anything if we don’t move!”

“But don’t you think this situation is also dangerous?”

 As I thought, Knopf is cool-headed.

“Of course it is. That’s why we surprise them and look at the situation.”

 I explained my strategy.

“It’s rather simple. Crescent Moon and I will first approach the den. But we’ll just go in and lure them out. If there are higher-ranked guys among them they’ll come out here as well, right? Even if those fellows don’t come out Knopf will throw fireballs at them from behind. Add oxygen to them and put all your strength into it.”

“I see, first you pull them out and then from behind “Baaang”, huh? How nice.”

 Crescent Moon who listened to me smirked.
 She seemed to like this strategy.

“There seemed to be a considerable amount inside so like this one will have it easier. I’ll throw rocks with my sling from the right”

“Then I’ll cast weakening magic on those guys. That seems to be particularly effective against Goblins.”

 Like this, we created a rough strategy.
 We left the room and returned to the corner from some time ago.

“Crescent Moon, don’t get too close to the fence. You’ll get caught up in Knopf’s magic otherwise.”

“I know about that young lady’s power well. I’m not such a daredevil.”

“Well then, are you ready?”

 First Crescent Moon and I, weapons in hand, jumped out.
 We rushed towards the fence.
 The Goblin sentries who discovered us let out a hoarse cry and ran towards us while swinging their weapons.

“This close is fine, right?”

 We stopped when we reached a suitable distance from the fence and hit the Goblins.
 Following the sentries Goblins came jumping out from beyond the fence.


“Hey, how many are they!”

 Crescent Moon shouted.
 It’s like Kitora expected, there aren’t any high-ranking monsters among them but the amount of Goblins is humongous.
 Forty, no, a little more than forty goblins instantly started to attack us.
 With this momentum it seems like there are still more.
 Isn’t that kind of bad――?

 Shurushurushuru, Dagaaaaaaaan!

 As I thought that fireballs came flying over our heads and exploded on the fence.
 Followed by a huge explosion sound a large number of Goblins got blown away.
 It’s like the special effects in a Hero, no, war movie.

“Now, let’s go, Crescent Moon!”

 We cut down the Goblins which looked back in surprise.
 Additionally, the Goblins got warped in black smoke.
 The ones who got touched by that smoke lost their power and their movements grew dull.
 The power of dark magic sure is great.
 We have to make sure not to touch that.

 We cut down the now dizzy goblins and threw them away.
 When I swung my Great Sword with both hands using all my power two or three Goblins got blown away every time.
 The stones which Pick was throwing hit yet another Goblin knocking it out.

 As Crescent Moon was dancing with her two weapons in her hands she slaughtered the Goblins.
 I exterminated most of the Goblins coming my way so I had room to enjoy the view of those wonderfully shaking giant twin mountains with wide eyes.
 Though I couldn’t really see clearly because we were inside the dungeon but they are as sexy as ever.

“Haa, haa, something like this, huh?”

 As she defeated many of them Crescent Moon was gasping.
 Every time she did her huge twin mountains shook.
 It’s truly a mystery.
 That fellow’s personality is like that but her skin is as smooth as a student council’s vice president’s behind (abbreviated).

“Alright, shall we go inside then?”

We climbed over the blown up fence’s debris and entered the Goblin nest.
 Because of Knopf’s extra-large fireball exploding the surrounding area was in a wretched state.
 She’s already a weapon.
 Let’s ask her later if she could help me fight against the Barbarians and the conservational nobles.
 Thinking like that it was the right choice to have told Knopf “Carlo = Akatsuki”.

“Looks like there’s nothing particularly valuable left.”

 As Crescent Moon said that she seemed disappointed from the bottom of her heart.

“That’s it, this!”

 Kitora was eagerly looking around the debris while saying that in a joyful voice.
 She held some kind of blackish ball in her hands.

“What’s that? Can you sell it?”

 You really only care about that, huh?

“About this, this is a pearl able to distribute magical power. Someone gave the Goblins magical power using this.”

“For what purpose did you look for that?”

 Kitora answered Knopf’s question with a smile.

“For now that’s a secret. But it’s something good”

 Other than this there wasn’t much to get here and eventually the Goblin nest’s exploration ended.

“So, what are we going to do now? There’s a high possibility of there being a strong one in the back, aright?”

 Everyone was brooding over Pick’s words.

“Since we don’t know what kind of enemy it is I think we should be careful.”

 Knopf is still keeping her cool.

“The profit of that would be so-so, the reward given for this exploration is quite reasonable. We can always come back here as well.”

“That’s rare, Crescent Moon. I thought you’d want to go further to earn more money, though”

 As I questioned her Crescent Moon replied slightly shy.

“Hehe, up till now I was far too greedy and I made some bitter experiences because of that on many occasions.”

“Haha, is that so? What about you, Kitora?”

“Honestly, I’m rather interested in these depths I have a feeling I might get a good familiar there. But I got these bones and this pearl so I can return first. My only condition is that you take me with you when you intend to go back here again. Is that fine?”

 Well, my seniors are waiting up there and we shouldn’t keep them waiting for much longer.
 Also if that enemy is much stronger I’d like to bring the reliable F with me to this place.
 So shall we leave it at that for the time being?

“Alright, then shall we go back for the time being?”

It was a considerably complicated labyrinth but we were able to easily find our way back because I diligently mapped everything out.
 From time to time we met some remaining Goblins but we exterminated them without any problems.

“We’re there, it was here, right?”

 When I looked up I saw the trap hole wide open and my seniors looking down through it.

“Head, big sis, welcome back!”

“I let the rope down now”

 We used the rope thrown down by my seniors to climb up.
 Pick and I quickly climb up then pull up Kitora and Knopf with four people.

“Compared to your appearance you’re surprisingly heavy.”

“What are you saying? You’re just too weak!”

 As I teased Kitora she gave me that retort.
 Even a priestess of darkness can be that cute.
 Though her hobby of collecting human bones isn’t cute at all.

 Finally Crescent Moon climbed up and with that all the members were gathered.

“We kept you waiting”

“No, how was it down there?”

 While returning to the entrance Crescent Moon and Pick talked about the events having taken place at the bottom of the hole.

“Weell, I got a bit impatient when I saw that amount of Goblins.”

“Right? But that Baaaaang from before!”

“Right, right, there can’t be such a powerful fireball, right?”

“That’s right, that’s like cheating. It’s just too amazing, Knopf-san!”

“Such a thing, that’s just……”

 The cat girl Knopf got embarrassed by Pick’s and Crescent Moon’s praise.
 Her ears becoming all Funyan was pretty cute.
 But that power sure is like a cheat.

“Weeell, I’d like to see that!”

“Right, I want to see it, too”

 I feel like my seniors will get caught in the explosion if one happens or is that just my imagination?

 Like this, my first Dungeon exploration ended.


  1. N/a

[Vol. 3] Chapter 11 – Stone Labyrinth IV

After we got rid of those two spider monsters and recovered the spider web, we started to investigate the room and discovered the bones and baggage probably belonging to adventurers in the back of it.
 As I thought, they were the ones who became prey to those things, how pitiful.

“My, those are in a good state. 1, 2, 3……I suppose there are 9 bodies.”

“Oh, aren’t these weapons rather good as well? Those might fetch a high price if I sell them.”

 Hmm, so you won’t even let the dead rest in peace?
 But, well, as they might retort to that I kept it to myself.

“Hey, could you please pick up those bones and carry them back?”

“Yeah, this equipment, too, please. Be careful with it because those are my merchandises.”

 Kitora and Crescent Moon were instructing my seniors as if it was nothing.
 As those two heard that their expressions changed and they started to complain.

“Eeeeh, we should carry that?”

“More importantly, is this some kind of payback for you to make us carry back those bones?”

“Isn’t that natural? Who else but you should carry them? That’s the reason why we took you with us.”

“Payback, you say? Who do you think you’re talking to? I’m a priestess”

 Those two people’s protest got instantly repelled.
 They were made to reluctantly collect the bones and equipment and carry it back after all.
 The baggage they carried on their back which was a lot consisted out of equipment and the bones of the dead and in their hands, they held swords turned spool cars.
 Really, my condolences.

“We can’t go beyond that hole, I guess we have to return like this.”⌈1

“There don’t seem to be any hidden passages either.”

 As she heard Crescent Moon’s and Pick’s statements Kitora asked in wonder.

“What are you saying? There are still places we haven’t visited yet.”

“Eh, where?”

“Haven’t you noticed already? Inside of that hole, of course.”

 Kitora answered Knopf while she wore an expression as if it’s natural.
 Honestly, I don’t think we should go inside that hole.
 I have a feeling that this won’t turn out well.

“Are you telling us to go down that hole like this?”

“That’s impossible, Head Akatsuki, big sis Crescent Moon, please do something”

 Even if you look at me with a face like that I don’t know what to say.
 Talk to Crescent Moon and Kitora.
 Oh well, should I interfere a little because I feel kind of sorry for them?

“Even if you come you’d just drag us down so you’ll wait at the entrance.”

“Well, that seems to be the case, our work would increase rather than decrease. I think so, too”

 Crescent Moon agreed with my suggestion as well.

“No, but telling us to just wait is……”

“Isn’t it fine, Drum? Head and big sis said it’s fine. I’ll do as they said.”

 Like this, we decided to leave my two seniors with the baggage behind and fall down to the bottom of the hole.
 First, the female hobbit thief jumps down the hole with ease a rope in hand as reconnaissance.
 Knopf chanted the aria for a light spell so we could see our surroundings.

“It’s alright! There are no signs of there being anything special”

 After we received Pick’s report we dropped down the hole along the rope one after another as well.

“Alright, Crescent Moon you drop down first. Then it’s Knopf followed by me and lastly, it’s Kitora’s turn”

“I’m fine with it but don’t look up”

“Yeah, be careful. That mister is quite skilled with girls”

 You don’t have to say that to Kitora, Crescent Moon.
 Looks like it’s still because of the matter with Elsa.
 I didn’t want to particularly peek up her skirt anyway.
 I only intended to help her if Kitora might fall.
 Well, it would be something like accidentally seeing it then.

“Stop saying such things. Crescent Moon, hurry up.”
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll go”

 Crescent Moon and Knopf dropped down first followed by me as well.

“Kitora, be careful not to fall down.”

“I know even if you don’t tell me”

 Aah, this priestess of darkness isn’t cute at all even though she’s so pretty.
 The hole was deeper than I thought, we were 3 metres below the floor.
 It’s all stone here as well――


 The moment I thought that the buttocks covered in black Goth loli clothes fell on top of me.
 I received a direct hit and was staggering but I managed to somehow catch her in my arms.

“Ouch, didn’t I tell you to be careful?”

“Isn’t it your fault for absentmindedly standing there? More importantly how long do you intend to touch me?”

 Then I noticed I was carrying a beautiful girl in my arms.
 She glared at me with a strong-willed expression.

“As I said before, how long do you intend to touch me?!”

 I silently put Kitora down on the floor.
 She sure was soft but I didn’t fall in love.
 Ah, that’s wrong.
 I didn’t do it intentionally.

“Well, fine, let’s move on.”

 It’s not fine at all!
 While one-sided false suspicion was placed on me we started our underground exploration.
 This dungeon seems to be pretty big.

 Unlike the first floor which had a simple structure, this floor was structured like a maze.
 Anyway, I have to continue mapping diligently so that we won’t get lost.
 There were curved passages as well which confused one’s sense of direction.

“Here they come again!”

 As she shouted Crescent Moon cut down a Goblin coming from one of the small side rooms.
 Although it’s just rudimentary monsters like vampire bats and Goblins who appear there are a lot of them.
 Especially the Goblins steadily appear in one to five groups.

“Is there a Goblin nest around here somewhere?”

“Thinking about it, with that many there’s no doubt about that, right? I wonder if Goblins will be our only problem.”

 Crescent Moon answered Knopf’s question.
There are reports that Goblins do not always build a nest alone but there is the possibility of them getting ruled by the higher ranked Hobgoblins or Orcs.

“Please wait a minute”

 Pick sent a gesture to everyone to keep silent then she carefully looked around the corner.

“……Looks like there is some kind of nest over there”

 After she was looking around quietly for a while she slowly came back without making a sound and gave us her report.

“The passage is blocked by a wooden fence and there are several guards protecting it.”

“Was there anything else but Goblins?”

“As far as I could see there wasn’t anything else.”

“I see, what should we do, Mister? Anything to say about this?”

 Crescent Moon who heard Pick’s words looked at me.
 Mmm, what should we do?

“We’ll be found sooner or later if we stay here. Let’s return for a bit and think about this.”

 We returned to the passage we came from and entered a small side room to work out a strategy.

“We don’t know the exact number of our opponents nor do we know if there’s anything else but Goblins in there.”

 Crescent Moon complained.
 If there was really someone among our opponents who was dominating the Goblins then their movements would be completely different from their usual ones.
 Although if it’s just Goblins they just have huge numbers but if a guy with higher intelligence is among them the risk drastically increases.

“That’s right, huh? I wish we could somehow find out if it’s just Goblins”

“I suppose it should be fine. Though it’s nothing more than my simple guess – -”

 As Kitora started to speak with a thoughtful expression Knopf urged her on to talk.

“It’s fine so please tell us”

“I think this dungeon was made by someone with the intention to draw in adventurers.”

 As she said that Kitora looked into each of our faces.

“Perhaps the centipedes’ and spiders’ purpose was to examine the invading adventurers?”

“By examining you mean their strength?”

“Right, our competency. So, the ones who cleaned up everything up there either fall down here or come down her intentionally.”

“Then are the Goblins part of this trap?”

 This time Kitora didn’t make fun of Crescent Moon and answered her question seriously.
 That would be the only time when I think about it.

“Of course there’s that possibility. But aren’t Goblins too weak for that? No matter what you say the spiders just now were a lot stronger.”

“Well, if you put it that way, you’re right. Then do the Goblins have another purpose?”

“Yeah, I think so. Well, I thought about it, but- – aren’t they just baits?”

“Baits, you say?! The Goblins?”

 Pick raised a crazy voice.
 Kitora nodded.

“That’s right, bait. Didn’t we go down the pit a while ago? In other word, this space from that floor to the bottom is completely artificially made and one can’t freely come or go. So the creatures in this basement need food to live. If it isn’t Undead that is. That’s the purpose of the bait.”

“In other words, there are stronger monsters down there who eat the goblins to live?”

 Knopf seemed to be able to understand her thoughts.
 But isn’t that strange?
 Even Goblins have to eat to increase their numbers to complete the food chain.
 If they don’t do that the Goblins would immediately become extinct.

“But what do the Goblins eat? If the Goblin’s number doesn’t increase the balance would immediately collapse.”

 As I posed that question Kitora laughed before answering my question.

“Do you think so? But it’s not like that”

“Then what is it?”

“Goblins are thought to have a generally strong propagative power. That’s true but they can’t breed among themselves. As there aren’t any females among them. Therefore they can only increase their numbers through impregnating females of us **** sapiens and our sub-races.”

 A group only consisting out of males with now females in them.
 That sounds miserable but I’m a little relieved.
 But therefore I can’t forgive them attacking females of other races.

“About that, those guys in here weren’t born naturally. Those tribes were created with dark magic. Goblins created with dark magic can only live if they are given dark magical power. Ah, just for your information I didn’t make them!”

“Ehm, well, I don’t really get what you want to say.”

 Crescent Moon was rushing her to get to the point.

“What I want to say is that this dungeon might be made by someone using dark magic. If those Goblins were produced by that guy’s magical power they might keep them as bait for some strong monster down here or something like that.”

“So what you want to say is there isn’t anything else but Goblins there?”

“Well, if I guessed right, that is.”

 I see, that’s a considerably justified reasoning but what should we do?


  1. She means the trap hole Pick discovered 

[Vol. 3] Chapter 10 – Stone Labyrinth III

“Waah! Sa, save meee”

 I heard a scream to my left.
 That was Drum-senpai’s voice.

“What happened?”

 As I rushed over――
 Drum got entangled in some kind of thread and hung upside down.
 The thread glitters with a golden shine and draws beautiful, radial, geometric patterns.

“Drum, what are you doing? Are you playing around?”

 Bass who was surprised by this view uttered these words.

“Are you stupid? I somehow got caught in this sticky thread and when I thought about untieing myself I ended up like this.”

“Can’t be helped. This Bass-sama will help you so wait. Pick, lend me a hand.”

 To prevent having two more people soon entangled in the thread they tried to cut it with a sword to save Drum, but…….

“Wha, what the hell?”

“Uwah, this stuff is so sticky I can’t cut it at all. I don’t want this, release me”

 Shortly Bass and Pick were also entangled in it.
 The more they struggled the more they got stuck.

“This……So it’s that after all.”

“That’s right, it does look like it’s that”

 Both Knopf and Crescent Moon were nodding at each other.
 Yeah, I think so, too.
 There’s no doubt that this looks like a cobweb.

“Was it this you were talking about when you said “I got it”?”

 I asked the beautiful priestess of darkness, Kitora.

“That’s right. It seems like I was proven right in a way.”

 Kitora shrugged as she answered.

“That being said, the thing back there is……”

“A Spider-type monster, huh?”

 Judging by the size of its nest it’s probably considerably big.

“So, what are we going to do with those guys?”

 Crescent Moon looked at the three people in question.

“Sa, save us, please.”

“Big sis, please get us out of here quickly”

 Hearing those words Kitora spoke coldly.

“This is very troublesome. If you touch it you’ll get stuck in it and aren’t able to leave, even cutting it doesn’t work. Though it might be flammable but if that’s the case these people will most likely burn together with it.”

“Stop that! I don’t want to burn to death–!”

 Pick shouted surprised.
 My seniors were going Wah, Wah as well.

“If you just move around a bit won’t it soon come out?”


 At Knopf’s words, the three people suddenly stopped moving.

“It’s surely hiding around here somewhere observing the situation. How about we use them as decoy?”

 At Crescent Moon’s ruthless words those three people shook their heads in silence.
 Even though they actually wanted to protest in a loud voice they didn’t dare to in fear of luring the spider.
 Oh boy, I feel sorry for them.

“It can’t be helped. Well then, you guys, let us know when the spider appears.”

“Head, you can’t be serious?! That’s so cruel”

“That’s right, please save us otherwise we’ll go to the afterlife”

 Even though they were protesting like this in a low voice, just a little louder than being silent, I still refused.
 Because I’m a villain, sorry.

“Then let’s wait at some remote place.”

“That’s right, we’ll immediately rush over as soon as you shout”

 Kitora and Knopf were just as cold.
 Crescent Moon quickly turned her back to them and left.

“Shout to let us know when the spider comes out. But until then you have to endure.”

“****, when I die I’ll take you with me”

“Uuh, I’ll curse you for real~”

 As one would expect from my seniors, their comments were really villain-like.
 But it didn’t have much force behind it as they spoke in a low voice.
 Well, don’t worry because we’ll come save you.
 We decided to wait for a bit.

 We waited silently.
 I felt like time was passing strangely slowly.
 Though we just waited for about ten minutes, huh?
 Then I heard the sound which stopped a while ago again.

 Rustle, rustle, rustle

 The sound of something moving slowly and quietly.
 You can tell by the atmosphere that it was considerably big.
 I patiently waited for the perfect timing.


“Uwaaaah, something’s there, something’s heeeere!!”

“Head, big sis!!”

“Noo, don’t eat me, don’t eat me!”

 Those three suddenly started to panic.
 It seems like they couldn’t endure hearing that sound as it was a sign of it approaching.
 All four of us rushed over.

“It came out, there it is!”

 Crescent Moon pointed at a place illuminated by a floating fireball.
 When I looked in the direction she pointed in–it was there.
 It was a huge Jorougumo with a body being about one meter long and its legs extending to up to 3 meters.⌈1
 It had a brilliant yellow striped pattern on its black body and had its mouth wide open showing its poisonous-looking fangs.

“Aah, First large centipedes now a giant spider, why is this dungeon filled with those creepy things?!”

 While Crescent Moon was rambling on she took out her sword.
 I took out my two-handed great sword as well.
 They seemed to complain when I burned them last time so should I fight without using fire magic this time around?

 I and Crescent Moon took our stances as the vanguard and the rear guard consists out of Kitora and Knopf.

“Let’s go, Akatsuki!”

 With her Scimitar in one hand and her Gladius in the other she started her assault.
 She did a good job in dodging those eight legs and cutting it but that spider’s movements were fast.
 I also slashed at it from the spider’s blind spot as it tried to avoid Crescent Moon’s swords.
 This one’s powerful.

 My sword hit one of the spider’s legs resulting in it getting cut of and spurting out some liquid.
 The big spider jumped back.


“Black Flash!” 

 Then Knopf and Kitora evoked their magic.
 It looked like both spells hit and caused considerable damage.

“Alright, I’ll give it the finishing blow”

“Big sis, behind you!”

“There’s another one of them coming!”

 As Crescent Moon got closer to the suffering spider my seniors’ voices echoed though the room.


 When Crescent Moon turned around she saw another giant spider different from that Jorougumo silently approaching from behind.
 Its size was about 1 meter, its colour was brown, it didn’t have long legs and fine hairs were growing all over its body.
 There were multiple eyes with a deep-black shine to them lined up making it seem sinister.


 That spider suddenly jumped 3 meters at once and threw itself on Crescent Moon.
Is that guy a jumping spider?!⌈2

 Crescent Moon’s reaction to that spider’s excessive speed was delayed.
 The spider held Crescent Moon down with its legs then it opened its big mouth filled with sharp fangs.

“Shiiit, hey, let me go!”

“I’ll help you now, you guys take care of the first one!”

 I shouted those things to Kitora and Knopf while I was rushing over to Crescent Moon.
 Crescent Moon was desperately trying to avoid the fangs trying to bite her by twisting her neck.


 I pierced the side of the Spider’s body while being careful not to injure Crescent Moon.


 Still, the jumping spider monster didn’t let go of Crescent Moon.
 It still had its mouth wide open to take a bite.
 When I pulled my great sword out of its side I pierced its mouth from above using both hands.


 Then the huge jumping spider slowly released Crescent Moon before it completely ceased to move.
 When I looked over to the other spider it seemed like it got stuck to the ground by some black smoke which probably got released by Kitora while it got turned into Swiss cheese by Knopf’s air rifle magic.

“Looks like it’s over”

“I, I’m saved. I couldn’t react to it that quickly. I was almost gobbled up.”

 While Crescent Moon said this she rubbed her upper arm as she seemed to feel bad.
 Well, it was only natural for her to get crept out after being held down by something like that.
 But she didn’t seem to be injured which was good.

“It seems like you took care of that one rather well”

“It was easy because Kitora firmly kept it on the ground”

“It was already considerably weakened, to begin with. This was just a basic dark spell.”

“Hehe, well, everything’s fine as long as the results are good. With this, this case is settled.”

 As Crescent Moon was exclaiming joyfully a criticising voice erupted from the darkness.

“The case is settled my ***! Help us quickly!”

“That’s right, my blood is flowing to my head. I’m at my limit……”

“Big bro, big sis, please save me.”

 Looks like those three are considerably well, too.
 Can’t be helped, shall we save them now?
 But how do we save them?

“That spider web is definitely acidic so it should dissolve if it’s treated with some alkaline water solution.”

 While Knopf was thinking she began to talk.

“Then get that Ali something and dissolve this thing!”

 My seniors were immediately reacting to that and went Wah, Wah again.

“But that thread sure is great. One can’t have enough of that. Wouldn’t this be really popular if one takes it back?”


 About one person immediately reacted to Knopf’s words with sparkling eyes.

“That’s right, it would be a waste to jut cut it, burn it or dissolve it. Hmm……That’s it!”

 Crescent Moon picked up the sword Drum seemed to have dropped when he got entangled.

“Like this”

 As she put the sword on the thread she started to turn it around and around.
 Round and round and round and round she skilfully rolled it up.
 You’re pretty diligent when money is involved.

“Big sis, don’t do that, quickly help uuuus.”

“Shut up, I’ll help you soon so wait quietly!”

 Then she took her time and after Drum’s sword wasn’t enough anymore she started to use Bass’ sword to neatly roll up the spider web.
 The two people’s swords turned into spool cars.
 Besides, it’s troublesome as that stuff is sticky and tends to stick together.

 After that Knopf made some soapy water put it on the thread which coiled around their bodies and then they were set free again.
Though they were covered in bubbles but that’s not a bad thing either as they don’t seem to take a lot of baths anyway.

“Thank you, Knopf-san”

“But how should we use our swords like this?”

 My seniors grieved over their swords turned spool cars.

“Even if you have a sword you can’t use it anyway! Please be careful not to drop it or stick it to other things! If you make a mistake you’ll regret it!”

“Th, that’s……”

“Please forgive us”

 To be treated so cruelly, my seniors are pitiful as well.
 But it’s good that you somehow got saved, right, seniors?


  1. Jorougumo is a type of spider. But it’s also said to be some kind of Youkai 
  2. Salticidae 

[Vol. 3] Chapter 9 – Stone Labyrinth II

When we tried to annihilate that horde with magic white bones and weapons of several adventurers rolled towards us from the middle of the room.
 How pitiful, it seems like they were attacked by those giant centipedes in this room and turned into clean bones by them.

“Oh my, how regretful. Though those are some good bones I can’t use them if they are burned to that extent. If the bones are burned they get brittle.”

 Kitora, the beautiful priestess of darkness, looked at the remaining bones before looking towards me.
 Even though I got rid of them don’t look at me with those blaming eyes.

“Aaah, they are all burned. Those would have been valuable as well, what a waste. Neither the weapons nor the armour can be sold if they are burned like this.”

 The masked female mercenary, Crescent Moon also sighed after she poked the burned things with her scimitar.
 Aaah, god damn it, what’s with you?!
 Be little happier that you won after all that hard work!
 Hey, look, doesn’t the cat-girl magician, Knopf wear an apologetic expression?

 However, even if you defeat those things you neither gain experience points nor do the monsters drop magic stones or something.
 That’s because this is my novel’s world and not a game’s world.
 I should have created a setting to gain some kind of merit after one defeats a monster.
 Can’t be helped, next time let’s not only think about winning but also about how to “make profit”.
 Can we afford that, though?

 This room seemed to be a dead end.
 Even though the female hobbit thief Pick checked all the walls in various ways she found nothings.
 As we didn’t have any other choice we returned to the crossroad from a while ago and turned right.⌈1
 We continued the right-hand-touching-wall strategy.

 This time’s path bend left then right and then continued straight.
 On the way, there were some doors and entrances to some empty rooms in the walls.
 When we entered the first room, for the time being, we encountered two large mice.

 Even if I call them mice they were huge rats the size of a dog.
 Their front teeth were correspondingly big as well and their bloodshot eyes were rather creepy.
 Though they were very aggressive and suddenly attacked us Pick and Crescent Moon calmly killed them.
 It was particularly good that no one got bitten.
 They seemed like they carried some disease-causing germs.
 There wasn’t anything special inside.

 The next room was completely empty but the room after that had something promising in it.
 That’s right, Slimes.
 A semi-transparent jelly like object was sticking to the back of the room while wriggling.
 Its size is about 1 meter in height and breadth and it had a yellowish colour.
 Though I was impressed by seeing a slime for the first time but the others didn’t really react to it.
 Though it was approaching us it could only move slowly and as it didn’t seem to drop anything valuable either we ignored it.
 Only Bass-senpai was noisy and said “It looks so soft, I kind of want to touch it!” but he got completely ignored.
 I kind of understand that feeling, senior.

 Incidentally, slimes can absorb damage caused by blades and they are resistant against various magic systems depending on their colour.
 Therefore they are a pain in the *** and everyone avoids them.
 But there are exceptions as well.
 It’s the “Metallic Slime” which has a metallic lustre.
 Among them are golden and silver ones as well as ones that shine in the colours of the rainbow.
 It’s popular among the adventurers because it drops precious metal like silver and gold according to its colour but it’s difficult to hit as it moves fast and will instantly escape.⌈2
 ……According to the setting of my novel.
 Though you might have heard that somewhere before it’s not plagiarism it’s admiration!
 By the way, the rainbow coloured slime drops Oricalcum the material which Carlo’s and the Hero’s sword are made of.
 That explains why it’s so expensive.

 We left the Slime behind and continued on.

“Please wait a minute”

 Pick who went ahead suddenly stopped and raised her voice.
 She was carefully checking the floor of the road ahead of us.
 When she knocked on it there was a rattling noise and then the floor gave in.
 The floor completely disappeared on a considerable scale and we weren’t able to move forward.
 That’s a rather large-scale trap.

“Uwa– That was dangerous. Good that you noticed that.”

 Crescent Moon exclaimed in admiration.

“Hehe, that’s my job.”

 Pick who got praised looked proud.
 Then my seniors came from behind.

“That’s right, this is a piece of cake for us.”

“That’s right, that’s right, we’re used to this so we can recognize those things with just one glance.”

I’m sorry but I don’t think I can leave the front to you, seniors.
 I feel like you’ll absolutely overlook a trap.
 I don’t feel like I can place my life in your hands.

 Still, it’s weird that the floor didn’t already collapse.
 Could it be that nobody fell into that trap before?
 If someone triggered it then the floor should have already disappeared.

“That trap wasn’t triggered so does that mean no one came this way before?”

 As I asked that I had a slightly puzzled expression on my face then Kitora answered.

“It may or may not be like that”

“Does that mean that the trap can be triggered again even if someone was already caught in it?”

 As Kitora gave a vague answer Knopf was listening again.

“As I thought you’re rather perceptive. It’s a possibility. Well then, let’s go back”

 After she said this Kitora proceeded to go back.
 Everyone else follows her in a hurry.
 We returned to the crossroad.
 We took the right and only remaining road.

 After following this path for a while the surrounding walls, ceiling and floor turned from stone into earth.
 A Rugged rocky surface was exposed.
 The former man-made feeling disappeared and it seemed more like a naturally formed cave.

“I see, so this was made with this natural case as basis after all. So, when everything else got changed then this is……”

 While holding her chin and lowering her gaze Kitora seemed to be lost in thoughts.
 Everyone looked at her in silence.
 Not wanting to disturb anyone I didn’t know what to say.

 Still, this sure is a dreary place.
 Everywhere you look there’s earth.
 The only thing moving is a little spider running over the ground.

“I think I got it.”

 Kitora who was lost in her thoughts raised her face.

“May we hear about it?”

 Even though I asked her Kitora shook her head.

“It’s just a simple guess and you’ll naturally come to a conclusion when we advanced a bit further. Let’s go”

“What’s with you? Tell me. This is awkward, don’t you think?”

 Even with Crescent Moon asking like this Kitora ignored her without changing her expression.
 That beautiful girl is more stubborn than her appearance may imply.
 Everyone was rather tense after listening to Kitora so we advanced slowly.

“Di, did you hear something?”

 Crescent Moon was whispering in a low voice.

 Rustle Rustle……

 As everybody held their breath and listened carefully one surely could hear a faint sound coming from the darkness.
 It’s obviously the sound of “something” moving.

“What’s making that sound, big sis?”

“How should I know?!”

“You two, keep quiet or it’ll notice us!”

 They kept on quarrelling in a low voice.
I got a feeling we’ll definitely get noticed.

 After we advanced for a while the cave suddenly became bigger.
 The ceiling got higher as well.


 That sound was now clearly louder than a while ago.
 I can’t see it in this darkness but it seems to come from behind.

“Hey, you guys, go back there and check.”

“Why are you saying that again, big sis?! You made us go look back at the church, too!”

“That’s right, that’s right, that’s just too cruel, big sis. Don’t you think so as well, Head?”

 Are they still troubled by that incident back then?
 Please, don’t involve me in this.

“It can’t be helped, then let’s go together”

 We left the back to Knopf, Kitora and Pick then advanced with me and Crescent Moon between my two seniors who stood at both ends.
While we were approaching the sound we heard until a while ago suddenly stopped.
 Not being able to hear a sound enhanced the tension.
 As one would expect everyone is silent and slowly advanced.
 Then a cry suddenly broke the silence.

 Didn’t that voice belong to Drum? What happened?


  1. So the road that’s to their right now 
  2. Metal slimes from Dragon quest? 

[Vol. 3] Chapter 8 – Stone Labyrinth I

“You, you’re handling of the horse is poor. I suppose you’re just as skilled in handling women.”

“……Please stop talking, good grief”

 The pretty priestess of darkness Kitora who was sitting behind Bass-senpai was throwing insults at him as she sulked.
 At first, he was trying to oppose her but it seems that he was broken on the way.
 Crescent Moon also kept her eyes closed as much as possible, how adult.⌈1

“Soon we’ll be close to Kouga village.”

 After a long time, Crescent Moon opened her mouth and spoke with a low voice.
 The dark corps’ stronghold, Kouga village, was located in the Mcbell territory.
 Could it be that this “dark corps” has some connection to the “God of Darkness”?

“Kitora, do you know about the dark corps?”

“I do. They are the ones believing in one of the Gods of Darkness “The Wolf God” Skoll. Those guys are gloomy”

 So it’s like that after all, huh?
 Well, I wonder if it’ll be fine cause Kitora and they might be comrades.

 Though I thought like that and advanced cautiously nothing really happened.
 As we continued to followed the way we reached a deep mountain road.
 A narrow road leading through a dark forest.

“It should be around here……”⌈2

 Although Crescent Moon was looking on the map she held in one hand with this poor light one wasn’t able to read it properly.
 The only clue we had were the trails left behind by adventurers but we were hesitant to follow them as around here every one of them got lost.

“I go scout a little”

 Pick got off her horse and began to run lightly.
 As we didn’t have much of a choice we also got off our horses and took a break while sitting on stumps.
 At some point, Pick came running back.

“I found some kind of opening”

 As expected of a thief girl, she got a good nose or should I say she’s sharp-eyed?
 We led our horses to said opening.

“This is a dungeon, right? It’s my first time seeing one.”

 Knopf admired the entrance.
 Honestly, though I pretended to be calm this was my first time as well and I was a little impressed looking at it.

 The Dungeon’s entrance was considerably different from what I imagined.
 How do I say this… I thought it would look more like a naturally formed cave but the real thing was clearly artificially made with a stone arch and stairs.
 My seniors were looking inside fearfully while still admiring it.

“Hmpf, I see”

 The dark priestess Kitora muttered as if she understood something and Crescent Moon who seemed to have regained her pace wore a joyful expression.

“That’s what one would expect of an S-type Dungeon. I can already smell the money”

 It seems like she’ll vigorously rub her hands together at any moment.
 At that moment I decided to ask her some things.

“Crescent Moon, why do you think so?”

“Well, it looks like it already. Common dungeons are naturally formed caves even if someone made one artificially they would disguise them as such. They don’t give you the feeling of “Here’s a dungeon”.”

 Kitora continued Crescent Moon’s words.

“This isn’t something depending on intuition and physical strength and we don’t know what we might gain from this. In other words, they’re “inviting” you”

“Inviting, you say, you mean us?”

“That’s why I’m telling you, you’re stupid. It’s like they are waiting for people like us to enter.”

 Crescent Moon who got bluntly insulted opened her mouth but no retort left it.
 But why would they want to lure us in?
 It’s not like they plan to take an entrance fee, right?
 Could it be there’s some attraction inside and they take money from anyone going inside?
 Then isn’t this like some overpriced theme park?

“Well, isn’t it fine? We’ll see what the other party is planning when we go inside, right? Hey, Akatsuki.”

 Well, that’s right.
 Oh well, we’ll somehow manage with these members.
 Honestly, this would be the time where I would send someone like F inside first but I never talked about Akatsuki with F.
“Alright, shall we enter then? Pick an Crescent Moon, please go first. Watch out for enemies and traps. Next will be I and Kitora and the rear guard will be Knopf together with Bass and Drum. Don’t be careless either.”

 As soon as we entered, it was completely dark.
 I called the spirit the slamander Reus and chanted the incantation for the spell “Light”.
 Soon a bright fireball was floating in the air and illuminated the area.

“You, you can use fire magic. Isn’t that convenient?”

 Looks like only I thought that this fire ball looked like a will o’ wisp, everyone else didn’t think it’s wierd.
 Knopf also used the same fireball spell and illuminated the back while I illuminated the middle.

 Inside the dungeon the ceiling, walls and every road was made out of solid stone.
 We walked along a narrow, straight road before we reached a crossroad.
 I took something like a notepad and a writing utensil out of my pocket.

“What’s the matter, Akatsuki?”

“Ah, no, I just thought about sketching a map.”

 I liked plenty old games so I bought old consols as well as old sofware and played some older RPGs.
As I bought them second-hand they were cheaper, they were tasteful and unexpectedly interesting.
Though the graphics were naturally ****** it had a certain charm.
 Unlike in recent games, mapping is absolutly necessary in those old games so I’m used to it.

“Mister sure is diligent. I always made sketches based on my memory after I left the dungeon.

 That’s because you’re too careless.
 Well, there’s the thing with the writing utensils as well.
 It’s not easy to draw with ink and a quill in a place like this.
 Actually, today I brought my secretly made pencil prototype with me.
 There’s still room for improvement but it’s enough to draw a simple map.

“Shall we first take the right way?”

 I tried to use the basic maze capturing methode, keeping your right hand on the wall.
 After taking four sharp turnes to the right we suddenly reached a large room.

“This room is so large I can’t see the wall on the other side.”

 As Drum-senpai said, the light did’t reach the other side of the room so it’s a considerably large room.
 According to the basic capturing method I went along the right wall.

“Here’s nothing special, wha–?!”

 Just as Crescent Moon said there wasn’t anything a black, long thing suddenly fell from the ceiling.
 Looking at it, it was a 1 meter long, huge centipede.
 It seems like the floating fireball scorched it while it was sticking to the ceiling resulting in it falling down.
 Its myriads of legs were moving with a washa washa sound and its winding figure was grotesque to look at.
 Furthermore, it seemed to be aggressive as it put up its head threateningly.
 I could see its big fangs at its mouth.

“A large centipede, huh? It’s not a big deal but be careful, it has poison. If it bites you the place will swell and hurt.”

 Kitora reacted to Crescent Moon’s words.

“It’s fine, if you get bitten I’ll cure you.”

 As they saw Kitora’s strange smile Crescent Moon and the men swore in their hearts to be careful not to get bitten.
 Pick carefully skewered its head and after Crescent Moon cut its still moving body in chunks it finally stopped.

“Phew, well, that wasn’t that bad, right?”

 Bass-senpai said this in relief as he looked at this scene weirdly.
 Even though he himself didn’t do anything he sure can talk well.
 Well, I do understand that feeling though as I wouldn’t want to face such an enemy as well.

 We just went around the room along the wall before we arrived at our starting point again.

“There was nothing”

 Knopf said.
 But we couldn’t check the middle yet as the room was too big.
 As it couldn’t be helped, we decided to explore the middle with all members.
 We were also careful of the ceiling this time――

“What the hell’s with thaaaaaat!!”

As we looked at the ceiling in the middle of the room it seemed to be painted black for an instant.
 But if one looked closer one could see winding figures wiggling all over.
 The moment Crescent Moon spotted them they dropped down all at once.
 A staggering number of those centipedes from a while ago were crowding the ceiling.



 It’s just pandemonium.
 Both Pick and Crescent Moon desperately swung their weapons but it’s just too many of them.
 The best they could do is to prevent getting hit.

“Knopf, use magic!”

 As I shouted that I chanted the incantation for Fire Wall.
 Immediately a wall of flames emerges between us and the large centipedes.
 The centipedes caught in the wall struggled while they burned then one could smell the stench of burning insects.
 Then Knopf’s successive chants of fireball exploded on the centipedes which fell and made them wriggle on the floor.

“I, is it over?”

 Crescent Moon lowered her weapons as she was relieved.
 The seniors were also disheartened.

“My, nobody got bitten? You’re unexpectedly skilled.”

 Nobody reacted to Kitora’s joke.

“Head, if this is what happens in the first room, what will happen inside the others then?”

 Even if you ask me, I don’t know!


  1. So she isn’t really reacting to the insults etc. 
  2. So the Labyrinth, not the village 

[Vol. 3] Chapter 7 – Healer

“You, take me with you there!”

 It’s Bishi⌈1⌋ again! As Kitora said this the thrust out her finger towards me.

“You want to come with us? Why do you want to enter the dungeon?”

 As I asked her again I got interrupted by Crescent Moon and my seniors.

“It doesn’t matter why. It’s impossible, impossible. You want to fight together with a priest of darkness?”

“That’s right. We don’t know when she might curse us, I don’t want to be turned into an undead.”

“I’m objecting to that as well. I don’t know when this priest of darkness might betray us. Since she’s not trustworthy I can’t leave my back to her as a comrade.”

 Are priests of darkness really that hated?
 Exposed to those three’s words Kitora had a strained expression.

“You’re saying whatever you want, huh? But the God of darkness isn’t equal to pure evil. Other than the God of Light’s teachings “No matter what you do you have to be just” the God of Darkness doctrine is “For your purpose the means don’t matter”. It doesn’t mean I absolutely have to do bad things!”⌈2

 Mmm, it’s rather subtle though I understand what you’re trying to say.
 Though I don’t particularly want to do bad things but I wouldn’t mind doing them if it’s for my purpose, something like that.
 In any case, Bass-senpai doesn’t seem to get the meaning.
 It looked like question marks were flying around my senior’s head.

“Besides, I can use healing spells as well! There aren’t just curses and attack spells among the darkness magic!”

 Heeh, I didn’t know Priests of Darkness could use recovery spells.
 As there is no healer in our party isn’t this quite good?
 Just when I thought that Bass-senpai intervened in a hurry.

“Impossible, impossible, impossible. I don’t want to be treated by a Priest of Darkness! I’m scared that she might curse me when she tells me she wants to cure me so I just can’t!”

“You, your head seems to be quite empty. That’s why you’re going to stay an underling for the rest of your life. You don’t know anything about me so don’t messily throw in such meaningless lines”

“Wh, who’s an underling?!”

 This beautiful Priestess of Darkness has a rather sharp tongue.
 Bass-senpai got furiously angry at being called an underling he even forgot about his former fear.
 The female thief, Pick, who watched from the side secretly laughed.
 Could it be that everyone thought that Bass-senpai is stupid?⌈3

“Bass, don’t get so angry. You said you were Kitora? Are you sure about entering the dungeon with us?”

“As I said before, yes! Ah, could it be that you doubt my power? Fine, I’ll prove myself.”

 As Kitora said this she turned and looked around before her eyes stopped on Drum-senpai.

“Oh my, isn’t your arm injured? Fine, I’ll cure you”

“No, I’m good. A wound like this will heal immediately. See, it’s already healing. Therefore your treatment isn’t needed”

 Now that she says it Drum-senpai certainly does have a light injury on his arm.
 It seems like a sword grazed him a little when we were fighting the skeletons a while ago.
 But it looks like Drum seriously hates this and tries to refuse her with all his might.

“I said it’ll be over in an instant! Stop rambling and come over here!”

 The beautiful female Priestess (of Darkness, though) with raven-black hair grabbed Drum-senpai’s arm with no questions asked.

“Now, let’s start the treatment. Behave yourself or you might get hurt!”


 Drum-senpai shuts his eyes tightly like a kid before it gets an injection and his whole body tensed up.
 While feeling scared Crescent Moon and Bass-senpai were watching two to three steps away though their eyes were glued to the scene.

“Here I go!”

 As she said so Kitora’s mace was surrounded by a black sphere.
 Then she started chanting while covering the wound with one hand.
 Something like black fog gradually flows out of her palm and appears to cover the wound.
 As they stood with their backs turned towards me I couldn’t see much.


 Crescent Moon and Bass who watched suddenly jumped backwards while screaming.
 While hugging each other they looked at Kitora’s face as if they were looking at something unbelievable.
 They weren’t able to speak out of fear, but what could have…….
Just when I thought that, Kitora slowly turned this way.

“I’m don–”


 I also unintentionally raised a surprised voice.
 Because Kitora’s eyes — the part which should be white turned black so her whole eyeball was shining black.
 Scary, too scary.
 This is something right out of a Horror movie.
 Pick also opened her eyes wide in surprise, only Knopf was curious and started to talk in an interested manner.

“Those eyes are amazing”

“Aah, this? Wait a minute”

 As Kitora said this she slowly closed her eyes and held her hands over her eyelids for a bit.
 After waiting a bit she slowly opened her eyes again and the original beautiful Priestess (of Darkness though) stood there.

“About this, this is kind of like a side effect of having signed a contract with the God of Darkness in particular.”

“Side effect?”

“Right. Even though I say it’s the God of Darkness there isn’t just one. There are many Gods. Among them, I’m serving Gladis also called “the God of War”. You see this ball, right?”

 As Kitora uttered this she raised her Mace and showed us the ball which was attached to the handle.

“This stone is called hematite and symbolises the God of War Gladis. It’s also known as “Blood Stone“. And the same thing is embedded here–”

 While saying this she pointed at her own forehead.
 A gem with a black lustre was certainly displayed there.
 So it is embedded?
 Didn’t that hurt?
 By the way, it’s absolutely impossible for me to get a piercing.⌈4

“This Hematite is the proof that I made a special contract with Gladis. My power is greatly strengthened by this contract. Additionally, thanks to this I’m able to use some spells even if I don’t have a ball at hand⌈5⌋ . On the other hand, when I’m using spells they make my eyes look like hematites. It’s only temporary, though”

 After she finished explaining to Knopf she turned towards me.

“You asked me why I want to enter the dungeon, right? There are two reasons.”

 She put up her index finger after she said this.

“Firstly, there’s a new dungeon and it’s an S-type so there should be various types of monsters inside, right? If I find a good one there I want to make it my familiar as a substitute for my skeleton. As you’re the ones who broke them you’ll naturally cooperate, right?”

 After she teasingly laughed after finishing her sentence she put up the next finger.

“Secondly, I can’t tell you the details now but I want to investigate something. This might be involved in your own investigation. How is it, do you think you would lose anything if you take me with you?”

 Yeah, her healing spells are surely attractive.
 That spell is slightly scary if I think about having to watch her eyes turn black every time.
 But, well, normally she’s just a book girl, normally that is.

“Akatsuki~ stop it. I’m kind of crept out. It’s just……that.”

 Crescent Moon said so while looking towards Knopf for an instant.
 Looks like she’s still bad at dealing with Knopf.
 Unexpectedly Crescent Moon seems to be bad with things like that unlike what her image makes one belief.
 Although she’s someone who likes to mess around with people she herself is actually bad with this kind of stuff.

“That’s right, Head, it’s like big sis said.”

“I will follow your decision, Head. She skilfully cured the wound.”

 Bass-senpai objects and Drum, well, I guess he reluctantly agrees.

“What about Pick?”

“Anything’s fine. Something like a Priest of Darkness serving “The God of War”, honestly, that sound pretty cool”

“Oh my, thank you. I wonder if you still have hope.”

 Pick doesn’t actively agree nor oppose, huh?
 Though she looks like a little girl but she’s still a female thief, she got guts.
 What about Knopf?

“I think this would be good. The effects of her magic got confirmed just now and from what I’ve heard she seems to be skilled as well. There are various things I want to ask you about dark magic.”

“As I thought you understand it. I like girls of the intellectual type.”
Even if you call her girl aside from her appearance Knopf is actually 30 years old on the inside.
 Well. Let’s keep silent or she’ll get angry if I say it.
 Besides, I don’t even know the actual age of this beautiful priestess.

“Then it’s decided by majority vote. Kitora, we are in your care.”

“Akatsuki-san, right? Likewise, I’m in your care.”

 Kitora picked her Goth loli-like skirt’s hem and greeted us elegantly.
 She isn’t only good looking she’s an amazingly beautiful girl.

“Hey, Akatsuki, are you serious? I don’t think she’s up to anything good.”

“That’s right, let’s stop here, Head”

“As you are stupid, be silent.”

“You, who are you calling stupid?! The person calling someone stupid is- -“⌈6

 Good grief, they are noisy.
 Like this, a Healer joined out party.
 Now, shall we go to the dungeon?


  1. it’s the sfx for pointing etc. here are example pics 
  2. Isn’t that fitting for these particular group of people? I mean the seniors and Pick were thieves and even kidnapped some defenceless girls to get money, then there is Crescent Moon who would do anything for money and Knopf probably would do anything for her research as well so I mean come on. 
  3. Eeeyup 
  4. Well, my ears are pierced but I wouldn’t want to have something like that anywhere else 
  5. a ball made out of that type of stone 
  6. You act like a little kid you know… 

[Vol. 3] Chapter 6 – The Priest of Darkness

“What on earth are you doing?!”

 Bishi! A strong-minded beautiful girl wearing black from head to toe pointed at me with such a force that it seemed to give off a sound.
 Her black hair stretched to her waist her eyes were glimmering black like two black gem decorating her forehead and in her hand she held a mace unbecoming of such a beautiful girl.
 Her expression……was obviously showing her anger.
 But even when she’s angry this pretty girl is still beautiful.

“You, did you hear me? I asked you what you think you are doing. Hey, are you even listening?!”

 While she still pointed at me I looked around and then she started walking towards me.
 She was neither tall nor small, she was much smaller than Crescent Moon but taller than Knopf.
 She wore antique black clothes with a lot of laces which was something a gothloli would wear but it looked good on her.
 Such a beautiful girl was standing in front of me and pointed her finger straight at my nose.
 But why is she so angry?⌈1

“I saw you hitting that child hard with that fire sword after I finally came back after a long time”

 ”Coming back” here?
 With child did she mean the skeleton from a while ago?!

“……I’m not sure what you’re talking about but does this place belong to you?”

“That’s what I said a while ago! What on earth are you doing in my church?”

“Your church or whatever. As we took shelter from the rain those skeletons came out……”⌈2

“That’s right we didn’t come to exterminate them rather we were attacked.”

 Crescent Moon send me a rescue boat from the side.

“Some woman whose brain is only made out of muscles and all the nourishment went to her chest should just shut up! How could you get attacked when I made them, huh? Why are you saying meaningless things?!”

“Wha, yo……”

 This time that black, beautiful girl cursed at Crescent Moon while pointing at her.
 Hey, hey, that strong-minded Crescent Moon let such swears slide and fell silent.
 I wonder why this made me slightly excited.
 Wait, did she just say „I made them”?!

“By you made them, you mean you made those skeletons?”

“Like. I. Said. I mentioned that just now, right? I made them. It was really hard to do!”⌈3

 You didn’t mention that just now.
 I don’t get what’s going on.

“Could you calm down a little? I don’t really get what you’re saying. You came back when we were fighting the skeletons you made. So, you got angry because we killed your skeletons?”⌈4

“That’s right, so you do get it. Is there anyone who wouldn’t be angry if some people entered one’s house without permission and broke one’s possessions?”

 Well, that’s true if she put it that way.
 If the Hero did such a thing no one would get angry at him.
 If the person is a Hero even if they open their closets or break some pots and barrels no one would give a damn.⌈5

“Well, of course, but you were holding skeletons in your house. Anyway, how about we first sit down and have a talk?”

“Hmpf, well, fine. Slowly explain to me what happened”

 Then that black, beautiful girl lowered her finger which was pointed at me.
What a relief, because that was some huge pressure. 

“So you generally entered this church without permission, tore of the floorboards and what were you thinking creating a bonfire inside a room?!”

 In the end she got angry again as we sat down around the bonfire.

“……These guys did it”

 Crescent Moon blamed my seniors.⌈6

“What are you saying? We just did it because you told us to”

“That’s right, big sis, you’re being unreasonable”

 My seniors who fell silent panicked as they were exposed to the black girl’s excessively angry looks.
 I certainly feel sorry for them.

“Please accept my apology. I’m Akatsuki, a mercenary working as an adventurer. You are?”

“I’m Kitora, a priest serving the God of Darkness”

 The black girl or Kitora stuck out her chest proudly as she announced her name.
My seniors who heard this were obviously surprised.

“A Priest of Darkness, seriously……?”

“This is bad, Head. We shouldn’t get involved with her”⌈7

“That’s right Akatsuki, we should quickly leave. A priest of darkness isn’t the best to be around.”

 Crescent Moon and my seniors agreed with each other.
 ”Priest of Darkness” surely sounds like it but are they really dangerous?

“You said you were a priest of darkness, so you really made those skeletons?”

 Knopf who was rather interested asked her a question.
 Kitora also softened her expression a little.

“Oh, seems like I can talk to you a little. That’s right, I made them”

“How did you do it specifically?”

“The procedure isn’t that complicated. As there were many bones of dead soldiers around this area because of a war I gathered them. The problem is if you don’t gather enough bones according to a human body it becomes more brittle if there are parts missing. It’s pretty tough as I have to arrange the size.”

“Then did you collect them one by one?”

“Well, since there were many complete ones in the back room of this church it was easy.”

“Isn’t this what big sis told us……?”

“Right? As I thought my reasoning was correct”

 Hey, Crescent Moon, don’t brag about stuff like that.⌈8

“So, how did you make the skeleton soldiers?”

“I used darkness magic. Specifically, I used necromancy”

“But didn’t those skeletons move fast? They also used weapons and shields.”

 Crescent Moon who also got curious asked a question following Knopf.

“My, that’s a good question. Though I thought only your chest was big and your head was empty but it seems like there’s at least a little in there. That’s right, these aren’t common skeletons. I used my secret ability to raise their speed and power and made them able to use weapons. This is pretty hard to do though.”

 I see, it’s only reasonable for her to get angry after we invaded her territory without permission and broke her skeletons which she created after much hardship.
 Though I’ll still be troubled if you get that angry.

“So, what are you guys going to do? Even just arranging the bones is quite hard. Even if there are dead bodies around I won’t be able to make a skeleton.”

“Even if there’s a body you can’t make skeletons?”

 Kitora answered Knopf’s question amazed.

“Well, of course. If there’s still meat attached it will turn into a zombie. Those things are smelly and unsanitary, I don’t want them to be where I’m living. First of all they don’t look cute at all.”

 I don’t think that skeletons look much prettier but they don’t seem to stink.

“So the only difference in making a Zombie or a Skeleton is the material otherwise it’s the same procedure?”

“Well, it’s like that. And regarding Zombies, they are hard to use as they still have some of their ego left. In that aspect I like the obedient skeletons more because they do what you tell them”

 Though Knopf is listening very attentively for what on earth are you going to use this information?
 Sometimes I don’t know what to do with this cat-eared mad scientist.
 I’m afraid she’ll try to artificially create zombies and skeletons without using magic.

“Even if you tell us something like that I’m troubled. Well, would you be satisfied with money?”

“Money? Even if I get it it’s not useful to me. Money is the least interesting thing to me.”

 Hey, Crescent Moon, did you hear that?
 After having heard such an unbelievable thing she stared at her in utter amazement.
 There’s a person who isn’t interested in money in this world.

“Even if she said that we don’t know any other method to settle this except with money……”

 I turned my head and whispered to Crescent Moon whose face looked rather bad.

“How about we give her those guys to substitute her skeletons?”

 While she said so she gave my seniors some meaningful looks.

“I, isn’t that a little too mean?!”⌈9

“That’s right, big sis, isn’t this awfully exaggerated?”
Kitora spoke coldly to my seniors who hastily and earnestly protested.

“That’s not necessary, I don’t need something like that. If it’s about that, Skeletons are many times more useful than them.”⌈10

“U, umu……”

 My seniors showed an expression not knowing if they should be pleased or annoyed by her declining them and they fell silent.

“So, where do you intend to go from here on?”

 I’m a little relieved that Kitora changed the subject.
 It wasn’t a secret in particular so I told her about the dungeon exploration.

“Heh, I didn’t know that such a dungeon appeared around here ……”

 As I said that Kitora seems to be lost in thoughts but then her eyes suddenly started to glitter and pointed her finger at me again.

“You, take me with you there!”


  1. You killed her skeletons I guess lol 
  2. Well, you send out ppl to investigate that noise. I bet everything would have been fine if you didn’t investigate that 
  3. Da. ka. Ra. 
  4. That’s…. obvious? 
  5. In games that is. If that would happen here they would at least start to hate that guy 
  6. Well, she isn’t wrong 
  7. Too late 
  8. Why not? Well, maybe be noot now but in general that’s something I’d brag about as well. 
  9. Yeah! Poor them! 
  10. Poor seniors