[Vol. 3] Chapter 12 – Stone Labyrinth V

“Kitora’s reasoning seems justified. That being the case it doesn’t sound like a bad idea to attack.”

 As I said that Crescent Moon nodded strongly.

“That’s right, even if what you said is wrong we can’t start anything if we don’t move!”

“But don’t you think this situation is also dangerous?”

 As I thought, Knopf is cool-headed.

“Of course it is. That’s why we surprise them and look at the situation.”

 I explained my strategy.

“It’s rather simple. Crescent Moon and I will first approach the den. But we’ll just go in and lure them out. If there are higher-ranked guys among them they’ll come out here as well, right? Even if those fellows don’t come out Knopf will throw fireballs at them from behind. Add oxygen to them and put all your strength into it.”

“I see, first you pull them out and then from behind “Baaang”, huh? How nice.”

 Crescent Moon who listened to me smirked.
 She seemed to like this strategy.

“There seemed to be a considerable amount inside so like this one will have it easier. I’ll throw rocks with my sling from the right”

“Then I’ll cast weakening magic on those guys. That seems to be particularly effective against Goblins.”

 Like this, we created a rough strategy.
 We left the room and returned to the corner from some time ago.

“Crescent Moon, don’t get too close to the fence. You’ll get caught up in Knopf’s magic otherwise.”

“I know about that young lady’s power well. I’m not such a daredevil.”

“Well then, are you ready?”

 First Crescent Moon and I, weapons in hand, jumped out.
 We rushed towards the fence.
 The Goblin sentries who discovered us let out a hoarse cry and ran towards us while swinging their weapons.

“This close is fine, right?”

 We stopped when we reached a suitable distance from the fence and hit the Goblins.
 Following the sentries Goblins came jumping out from beyond the fence.


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“Hey, how many are they!”

 Crescent Moon shouted.
 It’s like Kitora expected, there aren’t any high-ranking monsters among them but the amount of Goblins is humongous.
 Forty, no, a little more than forty goblins instantly started to attack us.
 With this momentum it seems like there are still more.
 Isn’t that kind of bad――?

 Shurushurushuru, Dagaaaaaaaan!

 As I thought that fireballs came flying over our heads and exploded on the fence.
 Followed by a huge explosion sound a large number of Goblins got blown away.
 It’s like the special effects in a Hero, no, war movie.

“Now, let’s go, Crescent Moon!”

 We cut down the Goblins which looked back in surprise.
 Additionally, the Goblins got warped in black smoke.
 The ones who got touched by that smoke lost their power and their movements grew dull.
 The power of dark magic sure is great.
 We have to make sure not to touch that.

 We cut down the now dizzy goblins and threw them away.
 When I swung my Great Sword with both hands using all my power two or three Goblins got blown away every time.
 The stones which Pick was throwing hit yet another Goblin knocking it out.

 As Crescent Moon was dancing with her two weapons in her hands she slaughtered the Goblins.
 I exterminated most of the Goblins coming my way so I had room to enjoy the view of those wonderfully shaking giant twin mountains with wide eyes.
 Though I couldn’t really see clearly because we were inside the dungeon but they are as sexy as ever.

“Haa, haa, something like this, huh?”

 As she defeated many of them Crescent Moon was gasping.
 Every time she did her huge twin mountains shook.
 It’s truly a mystery.
 That fellow’s personality is like that but her skin is as smooth as a student council’s vice president’s behind (abbreviated).

“Alright, shall we go inside then?”

We climbed over the blown up fence’s debris and entered the Goblin nest.
 Because of Knopf’s extra-large fireball exploding the surrounding area was in a wretched state.
 She’s already a weapon.
 Let’s ask her later if she could help me fight against the Barbarians and the conservational nobles.
 Thinking like that it was the right choice to have told Knopf “Carlo = Akatsuki”.

“Looks like there’s nothing particularly valuable left.”

 As Crescent Moon said that she seemed disappointed from the bottom of her heart.

“That’s it, this!”

 Kitora was eagerly looking around the debris while saying that in a joyful voice.
 She held some kind of blackish ball in her hands.

“What’s that? Can you sell it?”

 You really only care about that, huh?

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“About this, this is a pearl able to distribute magical power. Someone gave the Goblins magical power using this.”

“For what purpose did you look for that?”

 Kitora answered Knopf’s question with a smile.

“For now that’s a secret. But it’s something good”

 Other than this there wasn’t much to get here and eventually the Goblin nest’s exploration ended.

“So, what are we going to do now? There’s a high possibility of there being a strong one in the back, aright?”

 Everyone was brooding over Pick’s words.

“Since we don’t know what kind of enemy it is I think we should be careful.”

 Knopf is still keeping her cool.

“The profit of that would be so-so, the reward given for this exploration is quite reasonable. We can always come back here as well.”

“That’s rare, Crescent Moon. I thought you’d want to go further to earn more money, though”

 As I questioned her Crescent Moon replied slightly shy.

“Hehe, up till now I was far too greedy and I made some bitter experiences because of that on many occasions.”

“Haha, is that so? What about you, Kitora?”

“Honestly, I’m rather interested in these depths I have a feeling I might get a good familiar there. But I got these bones and this pearl so I can return first. My only condition is that you take me with you when you intend to go back here again. Is that fine?”

 Well, my seniors are waiting up there and we shouldn’t keep them waiting for much longer.
 Also if that enemy is much stronger I’d like to bring the reliable F with me to this place.
 So shall we leave it at that for the time being?

“Alright, then shall we go back for the time being?”

It was a considerably complicated labyrinth but we were able to easily find our way back because I diligently mapped everything out.
 From time to time we met some remaining Goblins but we exterminated them without any problems.

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“We’re there, it was here, right?”

 When I looked up I saw the trap hole wide open and my seniors looking down through it.

“Head, big sis, welcome back!”

“I let the rope down now”

 We used the rope thrown down by my seniors to climb up.
 Pick and I quickly climb up then pull up Kitora and Knopf with four people.

“Compared to your appearance you’re surprisingly heavy.”

“What are you saying? You’re just too weak!”

 As I teased Kitora she gave me that retort.
 Even a priestess of darkness can be that cute.
 Though her hobby of collecting human bones isn’t cute at all.

 Finally Crescent Moon climbed up and with that all the members were gathered.

“We kept you waiting”

“No, how was it down there?”

 While returning to the entrance Crescent Moon and Pick talked about the events having taken place at the bottom of the hole.

“Weell, I got a bit impatient when I saw that amount of Goblins.”

“Right? But that Baaaaang from before!”

“Right, right, there can’t be such a powerful fireball, right?”

“That’s right, that’s like cheating. It’s just too amazing, Knopf-san!”

“Such a thing, that’s just……”

 The cat girl Knopf got embarrassed by Pick’s and Crescent Moon’s praise.
 Her ears becoming all Funyan was pretty cute.
 But that power sure is like a cheat.

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“Weeell, I’d like to see that!”

“Right, I want to see it, too”

 I feel like my seniors will get caught in the explosion if one happens or is that just my imagination?

 Like this, my first Dungeon exploration ended.


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