[Vol. 3] Chapter 13 – Reminiscence

After we left the Labyrinth we parted with the beautiful priestess of darkness on our way back to Braham.
 We stopped by the adventurer’s guild to report about our exploration.

“Hehehe, it turned out to be quite the amount of money”

 Crescent Moon looked happy.
 Well, of course, as Kitora told her “I don’t need my share so I’ll give it to you” she got double the amount.
 It seems like the spider webs my seniors carried her with much hardship got sold for a small amount of money.
 As my seniors had to carry their spool car swords in one hand over their heads on our whole way home they looked dispirited and bitter but Crescent Moon didn’t care about that.
 Moreover, the promised reward they got was a share for one person divided between them and Pick.
 While crying Bass said, “Let’s never do this again. We’ll never go out with big sis again”.

 Like this, I distributed the shares and returned to the hideout.

“Ehm……Welcome back, Akatsuki-sama”

 I met up with Elsa.
 Not being used to calling me “Akatsuki” yet her figure is innocent and cute.
 As it was been a while since I last saw her I’m also rather tense.
 Though I honestly wanted to hug and kiss her but I couldn’t because I was somewhat embarrassed.

“I’m back. Were you feeling lonely?”

“A little. But I took some walks and was able to see some interesting things. I’m now pretty familiar with this area.”

“I see, I’m sorry for leaving you alone. But I have to go back to the mansion again soon”

“Ah, that’s right, isn’t it…….? But I’m fine.”

 Elsa gave me a stout-hearted answer.
 I feel sorry for always having to leave Elsa alone.
 But I can’t take her with me.

“Elsa, how are your grandparents?”

“According to the letters, Grandfather seems to recover well. I don’t know the details because I wasn’t able to meet them recently.”

 I took out the pouch containing my share of this time’s reward and put it in front of Elsa.

“This money is?”

 Elsa looked inside it before asking me.

“Elsa, take this and return to your grandparents.”

“Eh? That means……”

 Elsa’s eyes filled with tears at that moment.

“That’s not it, I don’t want to kick you out, Elsa. I’m just worried that you’ll be too lonely being alone like this all the time”

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“But……Is that alright? And this is so much”

“Yeah, I don’t mind. Also, Elsa. Additionally, if your grandfather’s fine again could you come over together?”

“That’s, ehm, there’s the shop, after all”

“Yeah, that’s why couldn’t you try doing business here? I’ll take care of the money”

 Elsa’s eyes get round in surprise.
 Well, yeah, it’s kind of sudden.
 I also just came up with that.

 But isn’t that quite the good idea?
 If her grandparents came to this town Elsa would be able to meet them a lot more without a doubt.
 Elsa would also be able to help with the shop as she has a lot of free time.

“But to cause you so much trouble”

“It’s fine. I promised Doloa that I’d give it my all to make you happy, Elsa”


“That’s not it. I’m Akatsuki. I told you, right?”

 Without saying anything Elsa embraced me.
 I unintentionally thought about taking her to the bed……That’s what I thought but I couldn’t move one step forward.
 Aah, how cowardly.
 How long will I stay a virgin? (Teary eyed)

“Anyway, you should return first and talk it over with them. I think that’s a good idea.”

“Yes, thank you very much! I’ll talk with them”

“That’s right. As I’ll return to the mansion lock the door to this house well when you leave.”
“Yes, have a good trip”

 I put on my mask, changed my clothes and left the hideout.
 After I walked for some time I took off the mask and returned to the mansion.

“My, where on earth have you been up until now?!”

 As soon as I arrived at the mansion I was discovered by Melissa.
 No, shouldn’t it be fine because I’m not a kid anymore?
 So what if I left without saying anything and being away for some days.
 I also wrote a letter saying “I’m going out for a bit, don’t look for me”, right?

“What’s the meaning of this? Leaving behind all the work and just going out!”

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 Then bald, I mean, Pikaru came over while showing his anger on his face.
 No, Pikaru being bald is true.
 Though I try not to call him that out of kindness even while he’s that angry.
If I tell him “I went into a dungeon” he’d get even angrier.

“Ahh, I got it, I got it. I’m tired so let me lie down in my room.”

 I left Melissa and Pikaru behind and went to my bedroom.
 I asked Mirea-san who I met on my way to bring me some tea and then shut myself up in my room.
 I originally had some shut-in tendencies.
 I felt relieved to be alone in my room.

“Sorry, I kept you waiting. I’ll put it here.”

 After a few minutes, Mirea-san brought the tea.
 A cookie was lying beside it.
 Such consideration sure is nice.
 As expected from a mother, or something like that.

“Thank you. Is Lucia-chan well?”

“Thanks to you she’s really well. I’m only troubled by her selfishness.”

“I see, it’s good that she’s lively. Is there anything in your life that you’re troubled with?”

 Mirea-san strongly shook her head and said.

“There’s nothing at all. I’m really grateful and can’t thank you enough”

 Mirea-san deeply lowered her head and left.

 After a long time I fell back on my bed and started to think.
 I thought about having met a lot of people after having reincarnated as the villain Margrave Carlo de Medici.
 It’s quite different from my original world’s me who only go to and fro between my home and the company every day without having a single friend.
 Though among the people I met were a lot of characters of m novel “Yuusha Tensei” but there were also a lot of people not mentioned in it.

 The first person I met was the 17-year-old maid, Reina. Though she’s a beautiful girl she’s a BL enthusiast and would pant while watching Carlo (me), F and Lunos. Moreover, her embarrassing side suddenly got revealed.

 Next was the head maid, Melissa. Though I think she’s a really good person and always thinking about me she recently started nagging a lot. Well, like a mother, I guess?

 The Butler, Pikaru. He’s a reliable bald-headed person not only possessing a high ability in managing the mansion but also high administrative power. Though I’m calling him bald in my mind I won’t say it to his fac. It’s kind of troubling that he’s too serious and inflexible sometimes.

 F, the leader of the Imperial Guard Order. The strongest knight of this Kingdom called Sir Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald, a hard-to-say name. A straitlaced, stiff, handsome guy who’s not used to women. But he is a reliable man.

 A stubborn old man looking like the first generation captain of the space battleship YaOto⌈1⌋ and the former leader of the Imperial Guard Order, General Marcus.
Furthermore, his love for causing mischief is hard to get rid of. But he’s also a capable person one can leave the strategic conduct to.

 The masked female mercenary, Crescent Moon. She seems to be similar to the masked mercenary, Akatsuki, who appears in my novel. She’s greedy and loves money. But she’s strong. She got the best twin mountains going Purun Purun and Boing Boing. A sight for sore eyes.

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 The son of one of the peasants under Carlo, Doji. He’s a little slow countryman but he’s highly loyal. He has a great body and is able to swing around axes and clubs with his Herculean strength. One of the few people who know that “Carlo” is also “The masked mercenary, Akatsuki”.

 The cat girl magician, Knopf. Melissa’s niece who is half Cat Person and half Human. She looks young but she’s actually a 30-year-old researcher/mad scientist. It’s currently unknown whether she has a tail. My first magic teacher who uses elementary but super powerful magic.

 The Captain of the Imperial Guard Order’s first corps, Lunos. The number 1 man women want to marry and said to be the best swordsman of Braham (But he got defeated by F). He’s a handsome man who’s popular with the women, which is vexing but useful.

 White King and Reus are my pets. White King is my favourite horse with a big body and grey fur. It’s smart and powerful. Reus is the usually invisible baby salamander spirit. I made a contract with him and he grants me the power of fire magic.

 The duo, Bass and Drum. My seniors as villains. They were originally homeless thieves who kidnapped for a living but after having lost to Akatsuki they became the executives of the evil organisation of subordinates “the Rabbit Group”. I can’t bring myself to hate them even though they are villains.
The hobbit thief, Pick. Like my seniors, she’s part of the “Rabbit Group” and she looks really young outwardly but she’s actually rather old on the inside. Her abilities as a thief are reliable and I (As Akatsuki) use her to communicate with the Rabbit Group.

 My tactician, Nals. He’s not only in charge of strategic matters but also diplomacy and logistics. He likes making figurines and his wooden figurines are rather good. I put him in charge of designing my castle and public work.

 The beautiful priestess of darkness, Kitora. A new comrade (?) with whom we explored the dungeon. Though she is an otherworldly beautiful girl she has the hobby of collecting human bones and making skeletons (?). Considerably strong-minded.

 Then there is Elsa who became my mistress. The girl with whom I had my first kiss with (But nothing more than that). After redeeming her from a brothel of the Capital Ruan she lived in Akatsuki’s hideout in Braham. An absolutely good girl.

 The mother and daughter pair I saved from my seniors together with Crescent Moon who became maids at this place, Mirea-san and her daughter Lucia. By the way, Mirea-san is a good looking widow and Lucia-chan is a cute girl.

 Yeah, that’s it.
 I only listed those who are close to me and became my comrades but there are a lot more huh?
 But there are some people I’m interested in as well.
 I can’t leave out Moulin Rouge’s Onee-san Rozea-san and Fawn Pavilion’s Diva Felica-chan.
 I didn’t go meet them much recently.

 Every one of them is a good characters.
 I wonder what kind of story I’m able to create with these people from now on…….
 While I thought about such things as an author I fell asleep.


  1. Reference to Uchu Senkan Yamato. Meant is Okita Juzo 

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