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[Vol. 4] Chapter 5 – Military Exercise V

“So, shall we begin?”

 At the tactician Nals’ words, I also started to move.

“Nals won’t go?”

“I’m not good with horses. I’ll just wait here for the results.”

“Then, let’s depart. Don’t let them destroy our rows. Show them your training’s results.”


“As soon as we encounter the enemy party on our way we’ll immediately engage in battle. Show them your might!”

『Ooooh- -!』

 The farmer-soldiers’ morale was high.
 They worked diligently while doing such a hard and monotonous training.
 I fully understand how boring marching practice is as I had to do it in school.
 However, after I told them this is training for the sake of protect their own land they started to work hard without complaining for unknown reasons.
 Thanks to that their movements seemed to have significantly improved during these few months.
 Even though I say that I only heard about it as I left the training mostly to F.

 ――Considering the soldier’s speed we’ll encounter the opposing party soon, I guess.

 While recalling the location Nals showed me on the map we advanced.
 It seems like the other party was going through the forest in order to hide, otherwise they would be seen from the fort so we advanced on the border connecting the grassland and forest.
 As they were trained and the road was easy to walk on they appeared to move faster.
 Since all the foot soldiers held five metre long spears it would be rather difficult to advance through the forest.
 After a while, I saw a horseman coming over.

“Reporting, the enemy is still advancing through the forest. Their numbers are approximately 200, 1.5 kilometres ahead.”

“Did they notice our movement?”

“That does not seem to be the case.”

“Is that so? Good work. Please continue searching for enemies.”


 Before long the knight took off again.
 Good, good, the highly mobile reconnaissance unit is functioning well.
 It’s advantageous to know the movement of one’s opponent.

“We should be able to encounter the opponent moving through the forest in a while. Get ready to fight as soon as I give the signal.”

 As I didn’t raise my voice while giving these orders to not get noticed I didn’t receive an answer either.
 However, looking at them nodding I knew they understood me.
 They were all well trained.
 They want to win, huh. We came this far after all.

 While I was thinking about such things and having moved forward for some time a different horseman came out of the forest.
 I raised my right hand signalling everyone to stop.

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“Reporting! The enemy is very close! You will soon be able to see them.”

“Got it, then, please go and deliver this report to the fort.”


 The knight rode up the hill.

“Everyone, our opponent will soon arrive. Give it your all. Get ready to fight!”

 At my command they got ready for the battle.
 The 150 foot soldiers got divided into troops of 30 standing in 3 rows with one row consisting out of 10 soldiers.
 There were five infantry troops wielding 5 metre long spears lined up next to each other and 100 archers positioned in the back.
 Like this, we waited for our opponent to arrive.
 I also held a wooden sword and shield in my hand.

(PoV – Lunos)

“Sir Lunos, I see the red army approaching from the front! It’s the enemy!”

 A knight reported to Lunos who was advancing through the forest.

“What? Let’s go immediately”

 Lunos also hurried his horse and went to look at the situation.
 He saw Carlo himself leading the soldiers at that place.

“Looks like he mostly took foot soldiers and archers with him. To appear at this place, have our movements been read?”

 Lunos didn’t expect his opponent Carlo would leave his camp unguarded.

“But what’s with those spears’ length? They won’t be able to move properly with these.”

 The adjutant who also came to look at the situation was similarly surprised.
 The spears of the foot soldiers who came together with Carlo were surely awfully long.
 Lunos who felt it would be troublesome to launch a frontal attack made a part of his soldiers circumvent the other party and attack their flank.
 He gave his adjutant 50 soldiers and ordered him to go and attack their side from the forest.

“Well, even if the other party has a strong front they still would be weak against a side attack. At the time we started to engage in battle you attack them from the side.”

“Certainly, Sir Lunos”

“Until then we’ll earn sometime somehow”

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 Lunos exited the forest with the remaining soldiers.
 Carlo took his position at the front and waited.

“Carlo-sama, so it was true that you read our movements!”

“We were just following Nals’ readings, I didn’t do anything.”

“Again with the modesty. Besides, what’s with these? Those enormously long spears”

“Those are, well, you’ll understand when you fight them”

“Is that so? Please let us pass through”

“I can’t do that either. If I let you pass through here there aren’t any soldiers back there, you see”

 Carlo’s words weren’t lies.
 There was only Nals back there.

“I’ll show you what foot soldiers and archers can do even without knights”

“Fine, then shall we start soon?”

 At Carlo’s words, Lunos judged that it would be time soon for the detached unit to attack.

“Then, shall we go? All units, charge!”


 The blue army led by the knights raised a courageous shout and started their charge.


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