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[Vol. 4] Chapter 6 – Military Exercise VI

“Then, shall we start? All units, charge!”

 As Lunos uttered these words the blue army started its charge.

 Each unit was led by a knight, the foot soldiers charged and the archers advanced while shooting arrows.

(PoV – Carlo)

“Here they come, use the Echelon formation!”⌈1

 As Nals told me I ordered them to take a diagonal formation with the hill on the right-hand side in front and the forest on the left-hand side behind them.
 The well-trained foot soldiers were immediately able to form a diagonal line while the ones at the front raised their shields to protect the spear wielders behind them.

“Archers, nock your arrows! After having attracted enough of them shoot!”

 The archers nocked their arrows at once and waited for instructions in a posture ready to shoot at any time.

“Alright, shoot!”

 At my command, 100 archers poured their arrows down on the closest enemies.
 It seems like they were able to splash paint on some soldiers with that single volley.
 I hear the frustrated voices of the other party.
 On the other hand, thanks to patiently waiting most of the arrows could be blocked and the damage to our infantry was just minor.

(PoV – Lunos)

“Don’t be daunted, attacking their front won’t work, attack their flanks!”

 At Lunos’ words the soldiers of the blue army turned around to attack the red army’s flank, but then they used the Echelon formation with the soldiers holding long spears in the back stabbing them instead.
 The 5 meter long spear’s effect was tremendous, not only did they splash red paint on foot soldiers one after another but also on horsemen.

“Ku, if it’s like this then……!”

 Lunos showed a sour expression as he saw his allies engaging in this hard fight, at that moment the unit which took a detour through the forest charged at them.


『There they are, turn around and defeeend!』

 The blue army’s surprise attack corps vigorously aimed their charge at the last troop of the Echelon formation but the red army’s pike men who had not yet engaged in battle changed direction in a splendid movement as if they were awaiting them and were able to deal with them.
 Furthermore, the archers who were standing behind them were able to reduce the blue army’s assault group’s numbers.

“The surprise attack also failed, huh? Then, above all”

 Lunos shouted to his allied units.

“Whole army, retreat to the camp! Ask for further instructions from General Marcus in the camp! Retreat!”

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 After he shouted this he looked towards Carlo who was giving out orders and then muttered.

“Well then, this is a precious opportunity. Please keep me company a little longer.”

(PoV – Carlo)

 Yeah, it went well.
 It was Nals who prepared for this, so of course.
 Though I was a little surprised by their surprise attack operation but the soldiers acted calmly and were able to deal with them thanks to this formation.
 If it’s continuing like this we’ll be able to win without a problem……I also had some time to think freely.

“Whole army, retreat to the camp! Ask for further instructions from General Marcus in the camp! Retreat!”

 As I heard Lunos shouted this I thought “We won this” but why is the person himself coming over here?!

 Eh? Eh?
 Why won’t you retreat?

 While I was still puzzled Lunos came over and stopped in front of me.

“Carlo-sama, I want to have a fight!”

 What is he saying?

“Wai, wait a minute, this isn’t the right place to do this”

“I don’t think it’s particularly strange for enemy commanders to engage in combat”

 As he said that he attacked with a wooden sword and shield in his hands.
 Is there no room for discussion?

 As I saw his match with F in the Sword Fighting Competition I understand Lunos’ strength all too well.
 When I had a fight with Lunos as the masked mercenary Akatsuki because of that incident with the kidnappers we only exchanged 2 to 3 blows.
 Originally it was just a farce and I immediately escaped using magic but I was able to experience his strength on my own body.
 As one would expect from the “Ex” strongest knight of Braham, he’s a powerful enemy.
 Besides, he’s a handsome guy popular with the girls so I don’t want to fight him!

 Even if I win I can’t be happy about it as his female fans will hold a grudge against me and if I lose I’ll get frustrated.
 That’s why I feel like I won’t be forgiven even if I say I didn’t want to.
 Why does this guy want to fight me that much?!

“What’s wrong? Wouldn’t it be bad if the commander gets defeated?”

 Oops, while I was thinking about such things I was nearly killed (Though it’s just paint).
 As I heard Lunos’ words I pulled myself together.

“Why are you trying so hard? This is just an exercise, right?” 

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“Because it is an exercise. Wouldn’t it be a shame to let this golden opportunity slide? Ever since I saw the Sword Fighting Competition’s finals I thought about wanting to fight you once!”

 I tried to persuade him while parrying the wooden sword which was about to cut me as he said that.

“Well then how about doing that on another day? Would you obediently withdraw from this place then?”

 Lunos’ fast sword swings became faster and faster but thanks to it being a wooden sword I was barely able to block.
 I can’t use my Oricalcum sword and if I use magic the thing with Akatsuki will come out, so forgive me.

“To talk while still being able to deal with this speed, as I thought Carlo-sama isn’t an ordinary person.”

 As he said that Lunos started to attack more and more with a grin on his face.
 Even if I wanted someone to help there were just foot soldiers and archers around.
 As that was everyone’s first time seeing someone fight toe-on-toe with a knight in a one-on-one they completely forgot to chase the enemy army and just watched.
 How disappointing.

 Even if we win overall if the commander gets defeated it doesn’t feel like a complete victory, I mean, it’s not cool at all.
 Or rather doesn’t that practically mean our defeat?
 Mmm, I unexpectedly got myself in to a desperate situation――


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