[Vol. 4] Chapter 8 – Lost Item

The military exercise ended and we returned to my mansion in Braham.

“I got really disappointed this time around. Isn’t that right, Lunos?”

 General Marcus who dropped down on the sofa without prior permission like always commented as such.

“True. I thought I could at least take Carlo-sama’s head but I got surprised because he ran away.”

 That guy Lunos looked at me again while smiling.
 Of course I would run away! 
 I was unarmed after all.

“A General leading an army has to calmly without losing one’s head has to view the whole picture and plan ahead.”

 Those lines I uttered kind of felt like excuses.
 But as one would expect from the loyal F, he strongly nodded.

“Having understood that I launched an attack there you lured Sir Lunos towards me, as one would expect of Carlo-sama”

 That’s right, that’s right, F understood me after all.
 I’ll raise your salary next time.

“Is that so? Though it looked like it was by chance that he was able to meet the leader while running away. Well, fine.”

 Lunos had a doubtful look in his eyes.
 What’s with those eyes?
 Do you think its okay for you who has the same status as a servant to act like this towards your employer?
 You, acting all self-important when you actually lost!
 I’ll definitely lower your salary.
 I’ll make you realise what will happen if you make light of the villain and feudal lord Carlo.

“Well, it’s all good, isn’t it? It’s been a long time since these old bones last moved around in an exercise like this”

 Old man Marcus who watched me and Lunos bicker turned his neck while seeming tired.
 At such an age a military exercise like this should have been hard on him, huh?

“Right, how about going home and resting for a- -”

 As I began to talk Marcus interrupted me.

“You might want to rest at home but I want to take my time talking and drinking liquor after such a long time”

 He grinned as he said so.
 Ah, that old man’s expression.

“Moulin Rouge, huh?”

“I see, it’s not a bad idea to have a cup after a long time”

 Hearing my words Lunos immediately agreed.
 In that aspect, we get along well.
 Well, maybe I should reconsider the thing about lowering his salary, huh?

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“Well then, let’s go.”

 F who noticed what was about to happen tried to quickly retreat but he won’t get away so easily.

“F, you’ll come with us, of course. This outing will also serve as today’s reflection meeting.”

“That’s right, leader, we have to properly reflect on today’s military exercise. I want to hear more about that especially splendid strategy.”

 As Marcus said that the entrance door was vigorously opened and a loud voice was raised.

“Did you completely forget about the one who made that strategy?!”

 ―-Ah, I did have the feeling that we forgot something…….

 Looking towards the opened door there was – – the tactician, Nals.
 Oh crap, he’s extremely angry.

“Y, yo, Nals, aren’t you late? We were waiting.”

“That’s right, I looked forward to hearing your side of the story”

 As one would expect of this old man who went through many battles, he followed up on my words without hesitation.

“Ahaha, what’s that about waiting for me?! You completely forgot about me and returned!”

 It’s useless, Nals found us out.

“Wha, what are you saying. We couldn’t have forgotten you like that”

“Carlo-sama, I told you, right? I would wait in the camp for further reports”

“Oh? So it was like this? I completely misunderstood you and thought you were waiting here, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

 Hearing my excuse Nals send me cold looks.

“Hohoh, a misunderstanding, huh? Thanks to you I was met with serious hardships. I who hates horses had to be brought back by a knight while sitting behind him.”

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“Is that so? That must have been hard. But wasn’t that a good thing? That he let you ride together with him”

 Null scowled at Lunos.

“Yeah, totally. One of the knights was patrolling the north side while I was there, otherwise, I would have had to walk the whole way back alone.”

 Oops, Nals is seriously sulking.
 If I can’t improve his mood there’ll be a long way until Balhart castle can be built.
 Mmm, something good…….

“Oh right, we were planning to go out. How about you, master tactician?”

“That’s right, it’s really good. It’s my recommended shop were beautiful girls gather. How is it, master tactician?”

“I won’t go. I’m not interested in such shops”

 Marcus’ and Lunos’ invitation got bluntly rejected as well.
 That’s only natural, Nals is, similar to the me of my original world, an otaku with shut-in tendencies.
 So to say I kind of understand his feelings.

“Wait, Nals. Come over here for a moment.”

 As I said that I pulled Nals closer to me.
 Then I secretly whispered into his ear.

“Actually, there’s a girl called Lily in that shop. I think she might be the perfect model for your next figurine.”

“Eh, really?”

 He took the bait.

“Yeah, she’s a straightforward and bright girl rarely seen in such shops, when I went there before I immediately thought she would make a great figurine model.”

“Heeh, there’s a girl like that?”

“Don’t you want to take a look even once?”

“Well, if it’s about that… … I can trust Carlo-sama. Understood, I’ll go”

 I’m relieved, he added “about that” but I was somehow able to succeed to get him to come with us.
 Let’s pray that Lily will perform well.

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