[Vol. 4] Chapter 1 – Military Exercise I

“The end of the year is finally approaching”

 Even though I didn’t call him that old man, General Marcus, came over to Carlo’s, my room.
 He sat down without waiting for my permission as always and suddenly said something like that.

“You’re right, is there anything else?”

“No, well, it’s about the thing we talked about. I thought it’s time soon”

 The thing we talked about?
 What does he mean by “the thing we talked about”……Ah!?

“The exercise, is it?”

“Right, right, that”

 Marcus said joyfully.
 After that whole matter with the labyrinth, I completely forgot about that (sweats).
 But that being said, this old man who bent forward seemed to absolutely look forward to that.

“A, about that matter, let’s leave it to Nals. Pikaru, please call Nals!”

 The bald Pikaru immediately went and got Nals.

“What can I do for you?”

“Nals, how’s the matter with the exercise going?”

“Yeah, everything is in place. We can execute it anytime.”

 What a relief, I’m saved!
 If Nals also forgot about that this would have been a serious problem.

“So, how do we do this?”

“There’s the Alamos hill north of Braham. We’ll use the fort on the hilltop.”

“Ho hoh, and then?”

“The General and Sir Lunos as well as Carlo-sama and Sir Fitzgerald respectively lead their army and set up their camp on the east and west side of the hill. The team which is able to conquer the fort wins.”

 The Alamos hill is a big hill in the vicinity of Braham’s northern part and the fort (even though it’s called that it seems to be rather small) will be the key element in a battle against the northern Barbarian riders in a defensive battle.
 The army led by General Marcus and Lunos starts in the hill’s west and the new regiment led by me (Carlo) and F starts in the hill’s east.

 As for the numbers, the cavalry consists out of 50 Imperial Guard Order’s knights, the infantry was made out of 150 farmer-soldiers and the archer unit had 100 members in them totalling in 300 soldiers.
 We would let our armies clash and whoever dominated the fort within 4 hours, the duration of the exercise, wins.
 However, if one’s camp got taken by the other team one loses.
 By the way, as this is an exercise all the weapons are made of wood, there was paint smeared on swords as well as on spears and arrows and when either the torso’s armour or helmet got colour on them one has to withdraw.
 This totally feels like a survival game.⌈1

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“In other words there are three important things one has to consider. Protecting the base, attacking the opponent and conquering the fort.”

“How very interesting. So, Nals, will you be on Carlo-sama’s side?”

“Yes, as this is my chance to show my skills as a tactician.”

“Fine, let’s have a good look at your skills. Then, when shall we start?”

 That old man is really motivated.
 But this side won’t lose either, I’m depending on you, Nals.

“There are still preparations to be done so how about in a week?”

“I have no objections. Is that fine, Carlo-sama?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. Then it’s decided, until next week.”

 Like this, we decided on a date for the military exercise.

“Well, then, I’ll excuse myself and discuss some things with Lunos. I’m looking forward to the day”

“Yeah, we won’t lose.”

“Please don’t hold a grudge in case Carlo-sama does lose, hohoho. Well then, I’ll take my leave.”

“Nals, do you have a plan?”

“Let’s see, well, please look forward to it”

 Nals grinned and winked.

 ――The day of the exercise.
 F and I were in full armour and reached our camp together with Nals.
 In front of us were 50 people mounting horses and 250 foot soldiers and archers, in total 300 soldiers.
 The red war flags towering over the 50 mounted soldiers carrying spears and bows was a magnificent view.
 Though for an army this isn’t a big amount of soldiers but when one thinks that one has to lead them it’s a different matter.
 If this were an actual war the number would be greater.

“It’s quite the sight looking at it like this, isn’t it? Is everything ready?”

“Yes, according to prior instructions I selected 20% of the cavalry, 10 soldiers to form the reconnaissance corps.”

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 F answered calmly.
 I see, Looks like the high-speed reconnaissance corps was lined up in the back.
 They were all rather small but fearless and seemed to be agile.
 The Alamos hill in front of us was bigger than I thought.
 The Fort in question could subtly be seen on the top.
 It’s quite the long distance and the inclination is unexpectedly steep.

“So this is a long spear, huh? It’s certainly long.”

“It is five meters long after all, but in training it was really effective.”

 The length of the spears the foot soldiers carried were five meters, which is very long.
 F seemed to be surprised when he was told this but it seems its effects were visible in actual training.

“Is it strong?”

“Yeah, this will be our key to achieve victory. This infantry unit will be led by Carlo-sama.”

 Nals said proudly.

“That’s all good but how do we win?”

“How to win, huh…?”

 After having thought a little, Nals started to grin and answered my question.

“Completely, let’s overwhelmingly win”


  1. Stuff like paintball 

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