[Vol. 3] Chapter 10 – Stone Labyrinth III

“Waah! Sa, save meee”

 I heard a scream to my left.
 That was Drum-senpai’s voice.

“What happened?”

 As I rushed over――
 Drum got entangled in some kind of thread and hung upside down.
 The thread glitters with a golden shine and draws beautiful, radial, geometric patterns.

“Drum, what are you doing? Are you playing around?”

 Bass who was surprised by this view uttered these words.

“Are you stupid? I somehow got caught in this sticky thread and when I thought about untieing myself I ended up like this.”

“Can’t be helped. This Bass-sama will help you so wait. Pick, lend me a hand.”

 To prevent having two more people soon entangled in the thread they tried to cut it with a sword to save Drum, but…….

“Wha, what the hell?”

“Uwah, this stuff is so sticky I can’t cut it at all. I don’t want this, release me”

 Shortly Bass and Pick were also entangled in it.
 The more they struggled the more they got stuck.

“This……So it’s that after all.”

“That’s right, it does look like it’s that”

 Both Knopf and Crescent Moon were nodding at each other.
 Yeah, I think so, too.
 There’s no doubt that this looks like a cobweb.

“Was it this you were talking about when you said “I got it”?”

 I asked the beautiful priestess of darkness, Kitora.

“That’s right. It seems like I was proven right in a way.”

 Kitora shrugged as she answered.

“That being said, the thing back there is……”

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“A Spider-type monster, huh?”

 Judging by the size of its nest it’s probably considerably big.

“So, what are we going to do with those guys?”

 Crescent Moon looked at the three people in question.

“Sa, save us, please.”

“Big sis, please get us out of here quickly”

 Hearing those words Kitora spoke coldly.

“This is very troublesome. If you touch it you’ll get stuck in it and aren’t able to leave, even cutting it doesn’t work. Though it might be flammable but if that’s the case these people will most likely burn together with it.”

“Stop that! I don’t want to burn to death–!”

 Pick shouted surprised.
 My seniors were going Wah, Wah as well.

“If you just move around a bit won’t it soon come out?”


 At Knopf’s words, the three people suddenly stopped moving.

“It’s surely hiding around here somewhere observing the situation. How about we use them as decoy?”

 At Crescent Moon’s ruthless words those three people shook their heads in silence.
 Even though they actually wanted to protest in a loud voice they didn’t dare to in fear of luring the spider.
 Oh boy, I feel sorry for them.

“It can’t be helped. Well then, you guys, let us know when the spider appears.”

“Head, you can’t be serious?! That’s so cruel”

“That’s right, please save us otherwise we’ll go to the afterlife”

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 Even though they were protesting like this in a low voice, just a little louder than being silent, I still refused.
 Because I’m a villain, sorry.

“Then let’s wait at some remote place.”

“That’s right, we’ll immediately rush over as soon as you shout”

 Kitora and Knopf were just as cold.
 Crescent Moon quickly turned her back to them and left.

“Shout to let us know when the spider comes out. But until then you have to endure.”

“****, when I die I’ll take you with me”

“Uuh, I’ll curse you for real~”

 As one would expect from my seniors, their comments were really villain-like.
 But it didn’t have much force behind it as they spoke in a low voice.
 Well, don’t worry because we’ll come save you.
 We decided to wait for a bit.

 We waited silently.
 I felt like time was passing strangely slowly.
 Though we just waited for about ten minutes, huh?
 Then I heard the sound which stopped a while ago again.

 Rustle, rustle, rustle

 The sound of something moving slowly and quietly.
 You can tell by the atmosphere that it was considerably big.
 I patiently waited for the perfect timing.


“Uwaaaah, something’s there, something’s heeeere!!”

“Head, big sis!!”

“Noo, don’t eat me, don’t eat me!”

 Those three suddenly started to panic.
 It seems like they couldn’t endure hearing that sound as it was a sign of it approaching.
 All four of us rushed over.

“It came out, there it is!”

 Crescent Moon pointed at a place illuminated by a floating fireball.
 When I looked in the direction she pointed in–it was there.
 It was a huge Jorougumo with a body being about one meter long and its legs extending to up to 3 meters.⌈1
 It had a brilliant yellow striped pattern on its black body and had its mouth wide open showing its poisonous-looking fangs.

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“Aah, First large centipedes now a giant spider, why is this dungeon filled with those creepy things?!”

 While Crescent Moon was rambling on she took out her sword.
 I took out my two-handed great sword as well.
 They seemed to complain when I burned them last time so should I fight without using fire magic this time around?

 I and Crescent Moon took our stances as the vanguard and the rear guard consists out of Kitora and Knopf.

“Let’s go, Akatsuki!”

 With her Scimitar in one hand and her Gladius in the other she started her assault.
 She did a good job in dodging those eight legs and cutting it but that spider’s movements were fast.
 I also slashed at it from the spider’s blind spot as it tried to avoid Crescent Moon’s swords.
 This one’s powerful.

 My sword hit one of the spider’s legs resulting in it getting cut of and spurting out some liquid.
 The big spider jumped back.


“Black Flash!” 

 Then Knopf and Kitora evoked their magic.
 It looked like both spells hit and caused considerable damage.

“Alright, I’ll give it the finishing blow”

“Big sis, behind you!”

“There’s another one of them coming!”

 As Crescent Moon got closer to the suffering spider my seniors’ voices echoed though the room.


 When Crescent Moon turned around she saw another giant spider different from that Jorougumo silently approaching from behind.
 Its size was about 1 meter, its colour was brown, it didn’t have long legs and fine hairs were growing all over its body.
 There were multiple eyes with a deep-black shine to them lined up making it seem sinister.


 That spider suddenly jumped 3 meters at once and threw itself on Crescent Moon.
Is that guy a jumping spider?!⌈2

 Crescent Moon’s reaction to that spider’s excessive speed was delayed.
 The spider held Crescent Moon down with its legs then it opened its big mouth filled with sharp fangs.

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“Shiiit, hey, let me go!”

“I’ll help you now, you guys take care of the first one!”

 I shouted those things to Kitora and Knopf while I was rushing over to Crescent Moon.
 Crescent Moon was desperately trying to avoid the fangs trying to bite her by twisting her neck.


 I pierced the side of the Spider’s body while being careful not to injure Crescent Moon.


 Still, the jumping spider monster didn’t let go of Crescent Moon.
 It still had its mouth wide open to take a bite.
 When I pulled my great sword out of its side I pierced its mouth from above using both hands.


 Then the huge jumping spider slowly released Crescent Moon before it completely ceased to move.
 When I looked over to the other spider it seemed like it got stuck to the ground by some black smoke which probably got released by Kitora while it got turned into Swiss cheese by Knopf’s air rifle magic.

“Looks like it’s over”

“I, I’m saved. I couldn’t react to it that quickly. I was almost gobbled up.”

 While Crescent Moon said this she rubbed her upper arm as she seemed to feel bad.
 Well, it was only natural for her to get crept out after being held down by something like that.
 But she didn’t seem to be injured which was good.

“It seems like you took care of that one rather well”

“It was easy because Kitora firmly kept it on the ground”

“It was already considerably weakened, to begin with. This was just a basic dark spell.”

“Hehe, well, everything’s fine as long as the results are good. With this, this case is settled.”

 As Crescent Moon was exclaiming joyfully a criticising voice erupted from the darkness.

“The case is settled my ***! Help us quickly!”

“That’s right, my blood is flowing to my head. I’m at my limit……”

“Big bro, big sis, please save me.”

 Looks like those three are considerably well, too.
 Can’t be helped, shall we save them now?
 But how do we save them?

“That spider web is definitely acidic so it should dissolve if it’s treated with some alkaline water solution.”

 While Knopf was thinking she began to talk.

“Then get that Ali something and dissolve this thing!”

 My seniors were immediately reacting to that and went Wah, Wah again.

“But that thread sure is great. One can’t have enough of that. Wouldn’t this be really popular if one takes it back?”


 About one person immediately reacted to Knopf’s words with sparkling eyes.

“That’s right, it would be a waste to jut cut it, burn it or dissolve it. Hmm……That’s it!”

 Crescent Moon picked up the sword Drum seemed to have dropped when he got entangled.

“Like this”

 As she put the sword on the thread she started to turn it around and around.
 Round and round and round and round she skilfully rolled it up.
 You’re pretty diligent when money is involved.

“Big sis, don’t do that, quickly help uuuus.”

“Shut up, I’ll help you soon so wait quietly!”

 Then she took her time and after Drum’s sword wasn’t enough anymore she started to use Bass’ sword to neatly roll up the spider web.
 The two people’s swords turned into spool cars.
 Besides, it’s troublesome as that stuff is sticky and tends to stick together.

 After that Knopf made some soapy water put it on the thread which coiled around their bodies and then they were set free again.
Though they were covered in bubbles but that’s not a bad thing either as they don’t seem to take a lot of baths anyway.

“Thank you, Knopf-san”

“But how should we use our swords like this?”

 My seniors grieved over their swords turned spool cars.

“Even if you have a sword you can’t use it anyway! Please be careful not to drop it or stick it to other things! If you make a mistake you’ll regret it!”

“Th, that’s……”

“Please forgive us”

 To be treated so cruelly, my seniors are pitiful as well.
 But it’s good that you somehow got saved, right, seniors?


  1. Jorougumo is a type of spider. But it’s also said to be some kind of Youkai 
  2. Salticidae 

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