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[Vol. 1] Chapter 11 – Fire Dragon

“Then, tell me about fire magic first.”

“Sure. One has to borrow the power of a spirit to create fuel and heat to let fire magic take effect as I said before. Therefore one has to call a fire spirit. Try it.”

Knopf starts to meditate with her hands facing up.

She breathed slowly and seemed to concentrate.

“I close my eyes and imagine fire spirits in the atmosphere and call one. Usually, it’s in the form of a dwarf.”

I do the same thing and close my eyes with my palm’s facing upwards.

Fire spirit, come here, Fire spirit-chan, come closer……

However, there weren’t any signs of it at all.

“Is it no use? It can’t be that difficult. Maybe you lack talent?”


I’m not able to do anything, I remembered the hard reality of not having talent I was blessed with and became blue.

Ah, I’m useless, huh? Even in the world, I created as an author I’m useless, huh?

I unintentionally switched back from Carlo to my original self.

“I, it’s okay even it failed this time. How about you try to imagine a flame on your hand this time?”

Knopf hurriedly tried to encourage me and nearly fell over.

I took it to heart and tried to do what she told me somehow.

Then the image of a bright red lizard suddenly came out.


When I opened my eyes in wonder an approximately 3 centimetre tall lizard appeared on my palm.

Its bright red colour was just like the image but its eyes were kind of cute.

Overall it was just blurred and there was no sense of touch.

“How is it? Did you feel something?”

“Rather than feel, there was a red lizard on top of my hand.”

Because Knopf asked me I answered her truthfully.

“Like I said, it’s fine, so you don’t have to act tough. You didn’t feel anything, did you? You can’t fool me so please tell the truth.”

Knopf was smirking at me disgusted.

Her cat ears were moving angrily too.

I didn’t particularly lie, though.

“Even if you’re telling me that it’s still on top of my hand. Can’t you see it?”

“Eh, Are you sure?! A lizard, you say, it can’t be, is it a Salamander?! I mean this is your first time and it should be impossible”

You, you’re a salamander?

However I look at it, it looks just like a small lizard.

“You, I wonder if I can make you appear.”

At that moment, the blurry outlines became clearer and I felt it touching my palm.

Uuuh, it feels a little ticklish, it kind of has a reptile feel to it.

“It’s the truth……”

After Knopf saw the lizard she looked surprised with her mouth wide open.

Come on, Cat-girl, your drool will flow out!

“This certainly is a salamander’s child. It’s still small. But to suddenly call a salamander……”

Knopf still seemed like she didn’t believe it yet.

She stared at the lizard for a while longer but then turned towards me in the blink of an eye and began to talk with a serious face.

“Magic, if one excludes light and darkness, consists out of four elements, Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. Those are the four major elements that is what is being said. Fire, Water, Air and Earth.”

The theory of four major elements got supported from the ancient Greece/Rome to the Islamic world and the European Middle Ages.

“For those four major elements, there exist four spirits and one governing them. The water Undine, the wind Sylph, the earth Gnome and the fire Salamander.”

Ooh, in my novel the hero forms a contract with the spirit Undine and uses water magic.

Speaking of Undine, was that the name of one of those four spirits?

I imagined it as something like TinkOrbell.

As the author, I am sorry for my lack of research.

“As Salamander is the fire spirit of the four spirits it’s quite the high-ranked spirit. One can’t just call Upper-rank fire spirits like the flame demon Ifrit or the Phoenix or the Salamander that simply.”

When you think about it, this is also author correction, I’m really sorry in various ways.

“Though it’s still like a child right now, but I think it will gradually grow if it steadily absorbs magical power. Seems like it got used to you.”

Yeah, no matter how I look at it seems like it got attached.

It was sitting very peacefully on top of my hand.

“The problems start here. As I said before a little while ago, you can use stronger spells if you form a contract with a high-ranking spirit. But it also has its disadvantages.”


“Yeah, the magic of other systems becomes unusable if one forms a contract with a spirit. That’s the reason for me researching the combination of low-ranking magic to achieve equal power. You don’t have to form any contracts with high-ranking spirits for that and the magic of the four systems can all be used.”

I see, it’s like that, huh?

“What do you want to do? You are able to use fire magic if you form a contract with this Salamander. After it grows bigger I believe you are able to use considerably strong magic. But on the other hand, you can’t use any magic of other systems.”

Mmm, this is rather troublesome, isn’t it?

But honestly I don’t really want to learn that much magic and it might be good that Carlo as the rival of the Hero, who uses water magic, is able to use fire magic.

I’ll be defeated by the hero anyway so why not have bad elemental compatibility.

“Knopf, what should I do to form a contract with this fellow?”

“It’s easy. You have to name it. If a spirit receives a name the contract is established. Do you want to form a contract?”

“That’s right, just being able to use fire magic is enough. I don’t want to become a magician.”

“I see, if that’s the case please name this child. I guess it will be alright as long as it’s nothing too weird.”

Mmm, a name for a lizard, huh?

This is a Salamander and in Japanese that would be a fire dragon.

Speaking of fire dragons, yeah, it has to be Rioreia…… something like that.

(TN: Rathian in the English version. A wyvern from monster hunter)

“I’ve decided. You are Reus, the fire dragon Reus. How’s that?”

(TN: shortened form of Rioreus. Rathalos in the English version. A wyvern from monster hunter)

When I said that the lizard turned over and disappeared just when I thought that it was shining a little.

“Did it fail?”

“I think it’s different. Call its name”


When I called its name the lizard appeared on my right shoulder.

“See, looks like it likes it. The contract was successful.”

“I see, then you are Reus from today onwards. Take care not to get hunted by a hunter.”

(TN: Cause ya know it’s a monster in monster hunter lol)

Knopf wasn’t able to understand this reference.

“One usually isn’t able to see them, but spirits are always around us, Carlo-san. Because that’s the case they will even come out if you just call them in your mind.”

I see, so it’s something like a mobile pet?

She said it grows up by absorbing my magical power so it’s fine not to feed it.

“Now that you have a spirit let’s practice fire magic, shall we? Let’s start with the incantation for “Fireball” first.”

First, we went outside to practice magic.

Using fire magic in a wooden hut is rather dangerous after all.

Even though I don’t really understand this stuff I try to imitate Knopf’s actions.

“Like I said before, you borrow the spirit’s power to create fuel for the fire to burn in the air. Then you draw the seals with one hand and concentrate.”

Well then, I close my eyes to concentrate, Reus, please lend me your power…….

Was the seal like that?

Then I should create a ball of burnable material in the air.

Something like a ball of flammable gas?

“If you’re ready, imagine adding heat to it, burn the fuel and aim towards your target while casting “Fireball”. That stake over there should be a good target, right?”

Reus, that’s enough.

I imagined adding heat to the ball and throwing it like a fastball.

That’s right, a straight with over 160 kilometres per hour!


As soon as I moved my arm a flame ball was flying like a fastball towards the target stake and hit it.

As for the stake, no trace remains of it.

“Again, this, suddenly producing a fireball of such speed, that’s impossible”

Rather than surprised, the cat girl looked at me with amazement.

Again, I’m sorry in various ways.


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[Vol. 1] Chapter 10 – Magician

A few days later Melissa came over.

“Carlo-sama, it’s regarding the distantly related magician we talked about the other day.”

“Yeah, how was it?”

“Carlo-sama should contact her to inform her about the date you are able to take lessons. Even today would be possible if it is convenient for you.”

“Unfortunately, I am busy today so I cannot act as a guide for you.”

“It’s fine, I am no child after all.”

I’m able to go learn magic alone this way.

Because if Pikaru finds out about this he’ll start to nag again so I’ll do it secretly.

It seems like Melissa’s magician relative lives in a windmill out-of-town.

I saw the windmill after I rode White King for a while.

After I tied White King to the stake in front of the windmill I knocked on the door of the hut.

As soon as the door opened a child came from the inside.

The girl looks like she is 14 or 15 years old.

She wore a grey robe with a hood attached.

“I’m called Carlo. I’m here to visit the magician Knopf.”

“Please enter”

I entered the windmill under the guidance of the girl.

Inside were a lot of wooden gears turning with a gakkon gakkon sound.

Heh, so it looked like this inside of a windmill, huh?

“Please, have a seat”

I sat down on the sofa the girl prompted me to sit on.

Test tubes and beakers were scattered throughout the hut and it had a laboratory atmosphere to it.

However, there is no sign of another person being inside this hut.

“Is Knopf away? Then I shall come another time.”

“I’m Knopf. I heard everything from Aunt Melissa.”

I was seriously surprised by that girl’s words.

Melissa said she is young, but no matter how I look at her this is too young.

Is it possible to change your appearance with magic?

“Are you surprised by my young appearance? Even with me being like that I believe I’m older than you.”

This self-proclaimed Knopf brought some food while saying that.

Then I saw those fluffy cat ears.

“I’m half human, half cat person. I’ll be 30 this year. Because the average life expectancy of the cat people is approximately 150 years it seems like I am able to look this young for my age.” (TN: The author used katakana to write cat person so not my crappy naming sense)

A mix of cat humans, the “Cat People”, and humans, did I write about such characters?

The Cat People I wrote had a more cat-like face and grew whiskers.

In that respect, Knopf, being a half, has the face of a human and cat ears.

……I can’t help but be interested whether she has a tail, too.

Speaking of which, Melissa, you should have told me!

Even before telling me that she’s young or an oddball.

Is this not as important here? Is it different?

“I see, I was disrespectful. Then again I’m Carlo. Please take care of me.”

“I’m surprised that Carlo-san doesn’t dislike me for being a sub-human.”

I see, in this world there are a lot of tribes of different races the cat humans included, those races are called sub-humans.

Even if the person is half human they seem to be put in the category of sub-humans as well.

Those sub-humans are discriminated against by humans all the time.

That is the setting I made.

“I don’t particularly care. Is that why you live in this windmill out-of-town?”

“There is that, but it’s also convenient for executing experiments as well. Ah, I shouldn’t speak this way.” (TN: She spoke in an informal way)

“I don’t mind. I’ll tell you now, you don’t have to use formal speech with me.”

“I’m saved. It’s hard for me to keep being formal.”

Knopf showed a relieved expression and laughed.

Her cat ears twitch when she laughed and made me want to touch them.

“What kind of magic do you want to learn?”

“What kind of magic can Knopf use?”

“Hmm, let’s see……”

After Knopf thought for a while she began to talk.

“Do you already know that magic is divided into six basic systems? Fire, water, wind, earth, light and darkness.”

Yeah, I know this already, because I set it up like this.

This is just the standard for fantasy, right?

Well, I can’t say that so I nodded.

“Of these Light and Darkness are a little different, but the other four kinds, Fire, Water, Wind and Earth are of the same system.”

Yeah, those four kinds are called spirit magic and can be used by borrowing the power of spirits.

Light and Darkness use a different kind of power other than God, Demons, and Spirits.

This is also according to my setting.

“To activate magic of these four systems one has to borrow the power of spirits. For example, using the same Fire magic system to use the elementary spell light ball “Light” and the flame ball “Fireball” it’s fine to borrow the power of low-grade spirits in the vicinity. However, to use more powerful magic like fire tornado, fire storm or explosive flare, one as to form a contract with a higher ranked spirit before being able to use them.”

That’s correct as well.

Therefore in order to use higher ranked magic, it is necessary to find a stronger spirit and form a contract with it.

“But I’m doing research on how to increase the strength of lower grade magic. Those can be explosive, too.”

What did you say?

Did I describe a method like that in my novel?

“Do you know what is needed to set a fire? Fuel, heat, and oxygen. If those three things are in one place I can ignite a fire without having to use fire to make it burn.”

Hey hey, that’s rather chemical.

Do they study such things here in this Fantasy world?

“For example to use the fire magic “Fireball” you create heat and fuel with the spirit’s power. Using one’s mental strength moves the ball towards one’s opponent.”

There’s such a mechanism, huh? I want to study it.

“What do you think will happen if I create pure oxygen using wind magic and add it to the fireball?”

Hey, hey, that’ll be dangerous.

I heard it will explode and even metal like iron would burn with such a high concentration of oxygen.

“It’ll explode. By the way, even things that normally don’t burn will burn if the oxygen enriched fire is used.”

Like I thought.

“I sprinkled fine metal dust created with earth magic all over a room and when I threw a fireball in there it surprisingly caused a chain of explosions.”

That’s a dust explosion. (TN:

“It’ll even cause an explosion if you treat a rock made with earth magic with a high-temperature flame and then hit it with water magic.”

What you are describing is a phreatic explosion and that’s also very dangerous. (TN: That’s what happens when a volcano erupts

“With that in mind, I’m researching whether one can achieve the same effect as a more advanced spirit magic with the combination of various kinds of lower grade elementary magic.”

Ehm, this Knopf-chan seems more like a mad scientist rather than a slightly odd person.

“Therefore I can’t use highly advanced spirit magic but if it’s lower ranked spirit magic I can use all four systems. Though I’m slightly weak with water.”

As I thought because you’re a Cat-girl you’re weak against water, huh?

“That’ll be enough. I want you to teach me the usage of fire, wind and earth magic.”

“That’s fine, then with what do you want to start?”


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[Vol. 1] Chapter 9 – White King

The morning after a few days.

After having eaten breakfast, I was waiting for the doctor in this room.

“Good morning. I brought the doctor.”

Melissa entered the room followed by a doctor.

After the doctor removed the gauze and disinfected the cut he cut the thread with a pair of scissors.

He pulled the thread out with tweezers but I still tensed up at that point.

I almost closed my eyes unintentionally, but I had to endure it as the villain Carlo and somehow was able to stay calm.

It didn’t really hurt after all and just made a little shick sound.

“It’s such a big scar. What a shame”

While I was looking in the mirror Melissa standing on my side seemed to feel sorry for me.

It certainly is quite a big scar.

But I’m not particularly depressed because I wrote this setting of Carlo having a scar myself.

Rather, it’s kind of cool like a wanderer once feared by men.

At last, the gauze was removed and I felt relief above all.

I still have to continue to disinfect it for a while.

I decided to call F and train horseback riding afterward.

Even though Melissa is worried that I will fall again but I would be rather troubled if I’m not able to ride a horse.

“Is this Carlo-sama’s favourite horse? It’s excellent”

F raised his voice in admiration.

That’s right, you can’t find such a good horse anywhere else.

The firm tightened muscles were coated in snow-white fur.

It has smart-looking eyes and was twice as big as other horses.

This was Carlo’s favourite horse, the white king.

White horses as the name suggests are said to originate from age-old legends.

To be honest I was a little scared but because I am Carlo I can’t hesitate here.

First I tried to pet its nose slowly.

Followed by that the white king nestles its head against me and behaves like a baby.

Isn’t that fellow rather cute?

I asked F to teach me the foundations so that I may never fall from the horse again.

Thanks to that I learned how to put on a saddle and how to affix the stirrups and harness carefully.

Thereupon I was able to get on smoothly like I thought this is author correction, right?!

Trot, gallop, anything that comes at me even battles on horseback seems to be possible now already.

Anyway, this white king is rather bright and is able to immediately read my intentions.

“As expected of Carlo-sama, you are skillful. If you don’t mind would you like to go on a long distance ride?”

“Then want to go hunt some kobolds?”

It’s not a bad experience to take advantage of this to try exterminating some monsters.

F and I left the mansion on horseback with some weapons.

In one hand F held an iron shield with the crest of the Imperial Knight Order on it and in his other he held a long sword, I myself had a ******* Sword in one hand.

I stirred up white king a little to rush forward.

The surrounding scenery flows past me in no time and the autumn wind feels good.

What speed, what refreshment.

Is that the feeling of riding a large motorcycle?

Because they damage the fields kobold’s are disliked by the farmers.

Therefore the probability is high to encounter them in the fields, I, as the author, of course, know this.

“F, let’s go to the fields.”

I cross the poorly made bridge, a large tree lying across the Holmes river, and leave for the fields on the opposite bank.

I want to replace this bridge with a stone bridge later on.

Because that side of the river is close to the Reed forest I know that there was a setting in my novel where one encounters monsters frequently there.

I put a monster-filled forest near a town because it was convenient for my story but in reality, this kind of setting is rather annoying for the people living there.

They don’t know when they might get attacked while doing field work.

I feel responsible as the author.

I’m really sorry for troubling you because I thought the setting was convenient.

After we rode our horses for a while F discovered a small group of kobolds in a field of wheat.

“Carlo-sama, there. Their numbers are about five.”

“Okay, F, go around the right. We’ll do a pinch attack.”

I get on the white king and draw a semi-circular arc from the left and approach the group.

I pulled the ******* Sword out of its sheath and held it in my hand.

F approached from the right-hand side.

When we approached them several Kobolds noticed us and raised their voices.

A Kobold’s head resembles a dog or a hyena but its body was nearly like that of a human’s.

They are able to wield weapons because their intelligence is closer to that of a human’s rather than a monkey’s and they seem to be able to hold simple conversations.

As an individual, they aren’t very strong but their propagative power is high and they tend to form and act in groups.

When they mutate they become High Kobold’s and are able to use magic and long-distance weapons so one has to be cautious.

Most of the Kobold’s weapons are clubs and spears made by cutting trees.

But several of them have a sword.

They probably got them when they attacked a traveler or a farmer and took their weapons.

Kobolds are harmful to fields and humans because they also are quick to increase in numbers they were designated as a subjugation class species.

If it’s a single individual then their monster rank is D but if they are in a group it’s C.

By the way, Monster Ranks are divided into the six ranks E to A and S.

An S ranked monster is of the disaster class and has to be subjugated on a national level, to subjugate an A class monster the military force is needed.

For B class it’s appropriate for several parties to collaborate and defeat it and for C class a single party is usually enough to deal with it.

For D class a single powerful person or an amateur group is enough and it is said that even a common person can take care of E class types.

Those Kobold’s numbering 5 are slightly below C class but it’s an easy victory for F and me.

Because we attacked at the same time the Kobolds who noticed us ran from right to left in utter confusion.

I aimed for the nearest one of them by letting white king run past it and wielded my sword.


The Kobold fell down in response.

I immediately pulled white kings reins and slowly returned to the Kobold, sword in hand.

The Kobold brandished its sword and came straight at me, too.

This is the first time I am wielding a sword on top of a horse, the author correction is too strong here.

I calmly judged the Kobold’s sword strike, struck a gap and knocked it down with my sword.

You go, me.

While I knocked down two, F defeated three Kobolds.

“F, your abilities are just as I expected. With you being like this I’d have to ask you to participate in the sword fighting tournament.”

“Carlo-sama said that you don’t have any experience in fighting on top of a horse, but after seeing you fight like this it’s hard to believe.”

When I praised him, F praised me.

It’s nice to be recognized by a strong person.

Though this isn’t a power I worked hard for to acquire, even if I recently practiced for the sword fighting tournament.

Because Kobolds were a subjugation targets it would be profitable to cut off their ears and take them to the adventure guild, but I stopped myself from doing it this time.

Well, it wouldn’t earn me a great amount of money and I’m a feudal lord.

But talking about adventurers I yearn for that life.


  1. N/a

[Vol. 1] Chapter 8 – Tax increase

I who returned together with Doji to the residence called Pikaru to my office.

“How may I help you?”

“Pikaru, how is the tax rate of this place currently?”

“The farmers are paying 40% of their harvest to Carlo-sama and the merchants and craftsman are paying 20% of the income they made.”

It was a system where the farmers had to pay four-tenth of the farm’s products as land tax and the people with monetary income would have to pay 20% of it as taxes.

“Inform me about the present financial status.”

“The current financial situation cannot be described as good. This area has bad drainage and it is impossible to expand the farmland so if the harvest is bad there would be a famine and the tax revenue would decrease. It seems like this year there was a good harvest and we are able to catch a breath.”

“How is the cash flow?”

“Not good. Braham is distant from the castle town so they are having trouble exporting. The commerce and industry don’t develop too much either because the prices are too high and there isn’t anything we could call a specialty available here.”

It’s like this after all, huh?

The productivity is low because the social infrastructure isn’t stable.

If we don’t do anything having a stable territory management would be difficult and if that’s the case I fear the Hero and the Demonlord might neglect this place.

There will be a huge event five years later and now I have to set the stage for it.

“Pikaru, make an announcement. This year the tax rate will be raised by 1. 5 times.”

“Eh?! Carlo-sama, what are you saying? If we do something like that the whole country will be thrown into chaos.”

“I don’t care. Wasn’t there a huge harvest this year?”

“This might be true, but the tax rate hasn’t been changed since the time the predecessor–”

“If the harvest was good then they are able to live. Give an official announcement that the farmers are to give 60% of their harvest and the merchants and craftsman are to pay 30% of their income.”

“Please reconsider, Carlo-sama’s reputation will be ruined if you do something like that!”

Well, I figured as much.

They are happy they had a good harvest this year and can live a rich life and then suddenly the tax rate gets raised by 1.5 times.

This country’s people will bear a grudge against Carlo and will raise voices of protest.

My originally earnest mind aches when I think about it.

But I’m the villain, Margrave Carlo de Medici.

I can’t be afraid of being hated by other people.

The more Carlo is hated the higher the hero Kazuma’s popularity will be.

I decided to become an excellent villain and lead this story to the ending.

To let the novel, which I wrote, have a conclusion.

“I don’t care. I do not intend to listen to the voices of the people. Please announce it as soon as possible.”

Pikaru stared at me with eyes seeming to want to say something, but after he realized I wouldn’t change my mind he just lowered his head and left the room without saying anything.


I was lying on the sofa while wearing shoes.

To be frank, I was tired.

Not physically but mentally.

It’s hard to be hated by people.

Originally I hated to fight with people.

I lived my life minding other people’s mood.

It’s considerably hard for that me to live as a villain.

But I decided this by myself.

To live as a villain, to be the hero’s rival.

I’ll become an excellent villain.

While I was lying down I rang the bell resting on the desk.

Ting Ting――

“How can I be of service?”

Melissa entered immediately.

She watched me who was plopped down on the sofa with a puzzled look.

“It’s nothing, just a little tired.”

Melissa thought for a while and then smiled at me.

“I heard a little from Pikaru-sama. But Carlo-sama must have a plan. Because I believe in Carlo-sama.”

……Aah, It’s good that there is a person supporting me.

“Sorry. Oh yeah, Melissa do you know a person who is able to use magic?”

“Magic, is it? There’s one person I am distantly related to. Even though they are young in age, I heard they are rather talented.”

“I see, in fact I want to learn how to use magic. Can I ask you to contact this person?”

“That person is actually rather odd, I wonder if they will be useful. Shall I call them here?”

“No, if it’s here Pikaru will nag again. I’ll go meet that person myself soon.”

“Certainly, I will contact them. Also, Marcus-sama and Carlo-sama’s newly appointed captain Fui-Fitz……”

“Fitzgerald, huh?”

“That is right. He said that he wants to greet you on the occasion of being appointed to the new post.”

“The letter “F” will be enough as a name. I also call him like this. Let him through.”

“Then I shall lead Marcus-sama and F-sama into the office.”

After Melissa left F came in together with Marcus.

“Excuse me. Thank you very much for appointing me as Captain of the Imperial Knights.”

“You don’t have to be so stiff. Sit.”

I urged F who stiffly stood at attention to sit down on the sofa.

Marcus sat down long before being told to do so.

“Marcus, I caused trouble for you.”

“No, no, this was just a simple job of writing on a piece of paper.”

Following Marcus, F started to talk.

“I, with a low social standing, joined the Imperial Knights and shortly after for patronizing–”

“It’s nice to be formal.”

I used my hand to interrupt F who tried to thank me again and talked to Marcus.

“And? Did you think about the later arrangements?”

“I think it’s a pretty good hand.”

Marcus grins.

“Hoo, what kind of hand?”

“I will soon announce my resignation of my seat as the Imperial Knight leader.”

“Fumu, and then?”

“Then I will select a successor from the Imperial Knights. Specifically, how about I hold a sword fighting tournament between the five captains and make the winner the new head?”

“It might turn out to be very interesting!”

“Indeed, fufufu”

“Will Leader Marcus quit?”

Watching the excited me and Marcus, F’s eyes roll in bewilderment.

That’s to be expected, suddenly when you came to this place after being newly appointed to the post of captain the leader starts to talk about quitting.

“Rather than quitting, getting promoted to a general. I’ll let you, F, become the leader’s successor.”

“N, No matter how you put it”

“Fitzgerald, those are Carlo-sama’s earnest hopes. Don’t refuse.”

Marcus was obviously amused.

Let me in, too.

“The purpose of the sword fighting tournament is to let you win. You won’t lose, F”

“W, well I’ll do my best, however”

Impatient F’s sidelong glances accelerate mine and Marcus’ wickedness.

“I also came up with something good, Marcus.”

“Hoho, I wonder what it is?”

“The tournament just having five people is badly divided. I’ll participate, too.”

“Hoh, Does Carlo-sama also have confidence in his sword arm?”

“I’m not bad. Right, F?”

“The Margrave’s ability is considerable. It’s not on a level most people would be able to match.”

“That’s interesting, shall I pull some strings so that Carlo-sama and Fitzgerald will fight in the finals?”

Marcus exchanged looks with me and chuckled to himself.

Marcus, your lord is also bad.


  1. N/a

[Vol. 1] Chapter 7 – Doji

After Marcus left, I had another salty dinner.

Afterwards, Reina came over when I was relaxing in my bedroom because I didn’t have anything better to do.

“The bath is ready. Do you want to enter?”

Oh yeah, the nobles of this country have the custom to take baths

I made this bath setting because I myself like taking baths.

It’s also easier to write Mufufu scenes when a bath-setting exist. (TN: Well, ya know Ecchi stuff.)

“I see, then I will do that.”

Together with Reina, I went to the bathroom.

Ooh, it’s huge!

Then, Reina helped me take off my clothes.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!!

“Re, Reina, that’s enough.”

“Don’t you need me to wash your back? “

No, no, no, is this an eroge? (TN: Adult games for those who don’t know)

The hurdle is too high for me, a virgin, to suddenly get my back washed by a 17-year-old.

I am not ready.

“I can wash it by myself just fine, so you don’t have to.”

I wanted to rip my hair out but I swallowed down those emotions and declined.

I feel like I broke an important flag all by myself.


Despite being a little shaken I started to relax in the bathtub.

Okay, so what am I going to do from now on?

I was able to meet F, but should I start looking for my other allies?

As for the members of my party, there’s the masked mercenary “Akatsuki”.

His real identity is a mystery but he’d do anything for money.

Then there’s the dark elf warrior, Zarissh, who could do unjust acts without thinking twice about it.

I want to become friends with them as soon as possible.

Another member is farmer Doji, I think we are going to meet soon.

Then the talented person whom I’ll leave diplomacy to, the military’s schemer, Nals.

It would be great if I could meet such a talented individual soon.

Ah, I also have to find someone to teach me magic.

Princess Charlotte is another person I have to absolutely meet.

To win over Carlo King Franz Johann III. makes the princess his fiancée.

However, in the second part of the story, Carlo imprisons Johann III. with plans to become the king of Franz Kingdom himself.

Princess Charlotte who noticed Carlo’s plot asked the hero for help leading them to fall in love with each other which triggered the creation of a new country and the end of the story. (planned).

Since Carlo was already engaged to Charlotte at the beginning of the novel, I have to somehow get engaged to her within the five years before the hero arrives.

There are a lot of things I have to do.

I can’t leave anything out.

Oh yeah, I have to indulge in alcohol and women, too.

Carlo was set to be a playboy.

I have to change girls like clothes and make them cry.

Doing Mufufu things with those girls.

Doing some naughty stuff with some older sisters.

That means I can’t stay a virgin forever.

That would be a serious problem, right?

It’s not like I want to do it but it can’t be helped role-wise.

Let’s note that as an immediately to solve problem.

I got fired up when I thought about such things.

After feeling a little dizzy in the bath I went back to my bedroom and just slept.

The next morning, the third day after my Reincarnation.

I took a walk around mansion’s vicinity.

I was asked if I want to take the guards with me, but I declined.

It is autumn and the sky seemed to have grown wider.

The color of the wheat ears on the nearby field seemed to have considerably changed.

Pikaru did say we had a good harvest this year.

Then I happened to meet a large man cutting firewood.

He used a huge ax to cut it while wearing a straw hat.

He was 190 cm tall, he was both large vertically and horizontally.

His face looks really strict, but I knew that he had a gentle personality.

My companion Doji from my novel.

“Doji, you’re a really hard worker, aren’t you?”

“Aah, Carlo-sama, good morning. Are you feeling well again?”

Doji lowered his head while wiping off his sweat with a towel.

He’s the son of a peasant, currently 18 years old and working for Carlo.

He really respected Carlo and didn’t betray him until the very end (planned).

With is strength, he would even be a reliable fighting force if given an ax or a club.

He would play an active part as a party member.

“Yeah, I’m fine again. Is Doji busy after this? If you can I’d like you to come with me.”

“It’s fine. I can do my work later.”

I took Doji and walked to the top of the small hill a mansion was standing on.

The scenery from the top of the hill gave off a medieval feeling. (TN:a European medieval feeling to be exact)

At several farms, huge windmills could be seen turning.

In the distance, I could see Braham’s townscape with its chestnut-brown brick roofs.

It’s a remote local city but it’s the largest town in the Medici border territory.

One could see the town spread around several hills.

The dome seen in the middle belongs to the Saint Perrier cathedral.

A Church following the teachings of the Light Religion and also the town’s symbol.

A road was leading to the town.

Because it wasn’t paved clouds of dust were blown upwards every time a horse carriage was driving over it.

The world I imagined when I wrote my novel spread out before me.

The townscape, the windmills, the farms, and the cathedral.

As I look at the scenery, ah, it’s no good, tears are coming out.

This is the world I made.

I wonder if it feels like this when your novel gets turned into an anime or a live action movie.

“Carlo-sama, what’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing. How many days does it take you to go to the capital Rue Ann, Doji?”

“Let’s see, if you have a fast horse 3 days, in a carriage 5 days and 7 days when you walk.”

It would take long, just as I thought.

Information transmission and marching speed are important.

If I improve the roads the distribution of goods will also become more active.

“That’s the Holmes River.”

A large river flows through the town’s east side.

It’s called Holmes River and has its origin in the Barbaross Mountain range located in the far north.

The Medici territory depends upon the Holmes River’s aquatic resources.

While it gives great blessings, it is also a double-edged sword that, once the riverbanks break down, will cause major flood damage.

My model was the Egyptian Nile.

The vast Reed forest spreads over the other side.

“How’s the Holmes River recently?”

“There does not seem to be any floods recently. It’s just that this area’s drainage is bad which causes trouble.”

I see, now that he mentions it, there’s a lot of damp ground around here.

This might interfere with further development.

Now that I think about it, there are a lot of big mansions lined up around here.

“Doji, do many rich people live on this town’s hill?”

“That’s right. Usually the rich live on the hill and the poor at the bottom of it.”

Together with Doji, I went down the hill.

It seems because I’m wearing a big gauze on my cheek and bandages around my head no one recognized me as Carlo.

The stores were lined up in the town and people were barking like dogs, trying to invite customers to their shop.

Housewives with shopping baskets hanging from their arms were walking around.

Unlike the quiet townscape, seen from the hill, here is where the common people live.

“Is it always this humid here? And isn’t the drainage a little too bad?”

“My house is close by, my mother always complains about the mold growing because of the water always flowing in.”

As I thought.

It’s obvious that this is connected to the bad drainage.

When I wrote my novel I didn’t even bother writing about things like drainage.

But it’s a serious matter if you actually live here.

This also needs improvement.

“I see, so how is living here?”

“Because the farmers had a good harvest we are able to live or lives without much trouble now and are pretty happy.”

Doji smiled joyfully.

I see, so they can effort to live without worry this year, huh?


  1. N/a

[Vol. 1] Chapter 6 – Marcus

After Carlo returned, I had a talk with Pikaru in my office. (TN: Pretty sure he meant F is the one who returned)

I sat down in a cat-like position on the chair which was near the massive desk.

I wondered if the large desk was made out of mahogany, but I didn’t know much about it.

I felt like the president, which felt good.

It would be great to have an attractive woman as a secretary rather than a bald……I mean the old Pickaru-san.

“Well then, Pikaru, as I said a while ago appoint F as the captain of the Imperial Guard.”

“Carlo-sama, I am not responsible for this. Please give the order to the head of the Imperial Knight Order.”

Oh, I thought that I could ask Pickaru to do anything.

“Fumu, so who is the leader of the imperial knights?”

I used the sure-kill “Amnesia from falling off a horse” technique.

“Sir Marcus is the leader of the imperial knights. He is a person who has served you since your father’s generation.”

Marcus, Marcus……It feels like I’ve heard that name somewhere before.

Oh, that’s right……!

General Marcus blah blah, I feel like I have written that sentence.

It was not written for some kind of special episode but I wrote it more to match the flow of my writing.

That means I’ll make Marcus a general and make F replace him as the head of the Imperial Guard, huh?

But a General is quite the high-ranking position.

I feel like we would have a hard time later if I’ll employ a person without the right abilities for such a position.

Well, alright, let’s try meeting him once, shall we?

“Well then, Pikaru, call Marcus here.”


Pikaru lowered his head before leaving.

Ah, this is my room.

The overall atmosphere had an antique feeling to it.

I don’t hate it but even if a picture was put in here it wouldn’t make the room look any better.

I walked around the room, looked inside the cupboard and sat down on the sofa in front of the desk.

Incidentally, my gaze fell on the bell on the desk.

I rang the bell because I was thirsty.

Ting Ting――

“You called?”

The maid Reina immediately came over.

Yeah, she looks cute after all, her chest isn’t so big, though.

I wonder how old she is.

Ah, but this girl saw my everything.

……Bad memories.

The past can’t be deleted.

Two people who were destined not to be together just after meeting.

What a tragedy.

But, wait.

At that time I didn’t know I was Carlo.

So it’s Master Carlo she saw and not me.

It wasn’t me who used the urinal, but Carlo!

It’s mysterious, when I started to think like this I suddenly felt somewhat better again.


That’s right, I’m Carlo, the broad-minded, arrogant, villain Carlo.

So I was seen peeing into a urinal, so what?

“Carlo-sama? What is your order?”

“Ah, I’m sorry, I was thinking about something. By the way, how old are you Reina?”

“Eh? Ah, I’ll turn 17 this year.”


JK it’s an excellent throw. (TN: JK Joshikousei= Female High school student. He talks about how he can’t do her I think or that she’s his type, but I think it’s latter cause baseball terms)

“I, is that so? I’m thirsty. Could you bring me some water?”

“Certainly, I shall immediately bring it.”

After Reina lowered her head she left.

Mmm, I didn’t do badly.

To be able to talk to a girl so casually since years … … Carlo’s effect is amazing.

If I was still in my original world this wouldn’t be possible for me.

At the same time as Reina returned, a man entered the room.

It was a slightly older man with an excellent white mustache.

His eyes were really thin, you can’t tell whether his eyes are opened or closed.

He felt like the first Captain of a Space Battleship and seemed stubborn.

“It’s been a long time, Carlo-sama. Please give any orders to this Marcus.”

He sat down on the sofa without me waiting for me to tell him.

He has a powerful presence, like a veteran knight.

But I can’t pull back now. I’m the villain Carlo.

“Marcus. Have you been in good health?”

“Yes, thank you. So, what is your order?”

Uuh, this is kind of pressuring.

Don’t lose, me.

“Have you heard about a man called Fitzgerald who was recently assigned to the Imperial Guard?”

“I know him. Is there a problem with that man?”

“What does Marcus think about him?”

“He is considerably skilled with the sword and has nerves of steel. Honestly, it’s a mystery how he stayed as a low ranking knight for so long. Well, it’s probably because of his family’s low standing.”

Yeah, that old man sure has a good eye for people.

“Is it so? So, appoint Fitzgerald as a captain under my direct control.”

Old man Marcus looked at me, his thin eyes wide open.

Looks like he realizes it more and more.

Oops, I almost forgot this is the place where I change the subject.

“Understood. I shall immediately take care of it tomorrow.”

“Please do so. On another not, what do you think about the current Franz royal Family, Marcus?”

“Let’s see, their relationship to the old, traditional, noble households seems to be considerably cold.”

“I see, what about me?”

“The Medici household is powerful but gained nobility just recently. Depending on Carlo-sama’s attitude they might get closer.”

“Using me as a shield against the powerful lords, is it?”

Hmm, that old man knows what he’s talking about.

In my novel, King Franz arranges an engagement between the princess and Carlo to oppose the influential noble families.

Well, anyhow, Princess Charlotte falls in love with the Hero and later finally settles down with him (planned).

“Then, what do you think about the barbarians?”

The Franz kingdom, including the Medici border territory, borders the north side of the area where people we call the barbarians live.

The barbarians broke through the border and invaded the north and Carlo had quite the trouble repelling them in my novel.

But I didn’t write exactly when that happened.

“I listened to Fitzgerald’s report and it seems unlikely that there will be an attack this year. But the possibility of them trying to invade in the next two to three years is extremely high.”

“Hm, I see, so we should immediately work on counter-measures.”

This old man is usable.

He has great diplomatic insight he even judged the Barbarians like this. He’ll make a great General.

Carlo has to do a lot of things so capable individuals which he can entrust the military affairs are essential.

“Marcus, there’s something I want to consult with you.”

“……What is it?”

“I want to promote you as a General as soon as possible and make Fitzgerald succeed you as the head of the Imperial Guard.”

“Hoh, does that mean you aren’t satisfied with this old man’s ability?”

“The opposite. I want to leave the military affairs to you.”

(Marcus’ PoV)

Marcus didn’t show it on his face, but inwardly he was really surprised.

Carlo is not stupid like his predecessors, he wanted Marcus to be more than just a person who served him.

This wasn’t evident before today’s talk.

Being summoned suddenly, and talking about this, seemed a bit unusual to me.

I heard he fell from a horse. Did he hit his head at that time?

The atmosphere around him completely changed for some reason.

He feels like a totally different person.

Well, it’s not a bad choice to appoint Fitzgerald as a confidant.

That diplomatic question also hit the mark.

His decision to hurry and immediately create counter-measures against the barbarians was really admirable.

The nobles of this country, calling the barbarians a savage tribe, tend to downplay their actual power.

It’s foolish to believe the barbarians fighting power is weak just because they’re culturally less developed.

I see them as a flat-out threat so it would be the right judgment to hurry up in creating counter-measures.

Moreover, appointing me as a General and giving me military authority.

Well, even if he hit his head and is a completely changed person I can’t say it’s a bad change.

I thought he would just be a blue-eyed, blonde-haired brat, but turns out he might be quite a capable person.

I thought I would pass my days peacefully, but it seems like I unexpectedly got some more work.

“I see. As you command. I will follow your order and elevate Fitzgerald to the position of commander soon.”

“It’s bad manners, but please consider a way to put our talk into practice.”

“Yes, then, I shall take my leave.”

(Carlo’s PoV)

Marcus left.

He seemed to take my suggestion favorably somehow.

After F I was able to meet another capable person.

And again a step towards the end of the story was taken.


  1. N/a

[Vol. 1] Chapter 5 – F

I simply can’t eat such salty food anymore, but after that salt-based lunch, the promised person visited.

“Nice to meet you. I was on border patrol until the other day but I got assigned to Carlo-sama’s imperial knights this time. Please take care of me.”

A 185 cm tall man was stiffly standing before me, you could see that he was well trained through his clothes.

His name was Sir Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald, also known as “F”.

He’s the knight I’ll make into the head of the Margrave Carlo de Medici’s Imperial Guard, he’s his right-hand man, loyal and hardy.

In the novel’s setting, he was 32 years old so he’s now 27.

Still, he’s really extremely handsome even to me who is the author.

He looks smart with brown hair, just looking at him makes me think that he could be a Hollywood actor.

It’s not like I’m jealous of his cool looks or something, Hmpf.

Because I looked really cool too when compared to others in my original world, so it’s okay.

Carlo is also a popular character with his blue eyes and blonde hair.

Though the cheek is damaged because I fell from a horse.

F would eventually get disgusted by Carlo in later chapters of the story which led him to betray him and join the Hero (planned) but at the point where I stopped writing he was still Carlo’s ally.

Though the atmosphere has already gradually worsened.

Anyway, I am lucky that I’m able to meet my strongest ally F sooner.

I hope we will get along well.

“However, sir’s name is long and difficult to call. Can I call you with a shorter name?”

“Sure. You can call me whatever you like”

“I see, then from now I’ll refer to sir as “F”.”

“Eh, F……?”

Oops, was it too early!

That ‘F’ stood there dumbfounded, and Pikaru who was listening from the side said something like “Shortening it to one letter is a little……”.

But since I have already said it, it couldn’t be helped.

I cannot change the name of an important character.

I’ve already changed Pikaru’s nickname “baldie” to his normal name again.

I have no choice but to stick with this decision!

“Wahaha, it’s a good and original name. By the way F, there aren’t any other lords who called you like that, right? I want you as my partner for sparring.”

“Partner? I don’t mind but, is it alright? I heard that you got injured while riding a horse yesterday.”

Did it already spread?

I must make an impression that Carlo is a bold character.

“What? I just got a few scratches. Your worries are unfounded.”

While pretending to be tough, I removed the bandage from my arm and showed him the wounds.

To be honest I still felt a tingling pain here and there.

Ah, Since I pulled the bandage off some of the wounds opened up again.

And the pain quickly followed it (teary eyes).

“Is that so, I said a presumptuous thing. I’ll be happy to be your sparring partner.”

“Sorry. Pikaru, please arrange a suitable place.”

“Certainly. Then I’ll lead you to the training ground.”

Accompanied by Pikaru, F and I went to the training grounds.

I just took a look while passing by, but this mansion really is as small as I thought.

It was too wide for me to live in but for the villain Carlo, this is an unsatisfactory home.

I have to build the Balhart Castle after all.

At the training grounds, I purposely chose blunt weapons for training use.

After all, F was using a longsword and a shield just like in the novel.

As I thought it had to be a two-handed ******* sword for Carlo then.

“Don’t be reserved, Sir F”

“Well, then here I come”

After we bowed towards each other the training began.

The way F held the sword was manly, as I thought.

As expected of Franz Kingdom’s best knight.

F observed me from the start. He starts attacking me decisively from the side.

Swordplay was completely unknown to me but, strangely, my body, which didn’t get any exercise for a long time, started to move without me wanting it to.

I had no time to think about how to move and I moved my sword based on instincts.

F was surprised upon seeing my smooth movements, then his attacks grew more and more intense.

I received an attack without being conscious of it, waited, and started to counter attack as well.


Is this the rumored cheat ability?

Those light yet powerful movements didn’t seem to be my own at all.

Besides, there are moments were F’s movements seemed to appear slower.

Not only my reflexes and instantaneous power got increased but also my kinetic vision. This is….

I don’t know whether this is author’s correction or Carlo’s actual physical ability.

But, as expected from F I can’t even land one hit.

I didn’t expect any less from Franz Kingdom’s best swordsman.

Let’s keep practicing with F for now.

If I do maybe I’ll learn some amazing finishing move.

Carlo’s body seems to have a fair amount of stamina while being absorbed in practice two hours have already passed.

Haa, Haa, Haa

As I thought I ran out of breath.

“Splendid. As expected of the one who is said to be unrivaled within this territory.”

“You’re too kind.”

“Practice swordplay with me from now on. Oh yeah, let’s make you the captain working under me.”

“Hah? No, but I got just promoted to a knight of the imperial guards and my family’s social standing is also low.”

“You’re family’s social standing doesn’t matter. I think that capable people should be assigned to appropriate positions. I think about making you the Imperial Guard’s head sometime soon, but right now I’ll be satisfied with making you a captain.”


(PoV change to F)

Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald was puzzled.

I was born into a poor knight family serving the Medici household.

Having studied hard and also possessing an outstanding talent for the sword since an early age I was called a child prodigy from my surrounding.

My ambition was to become an honorable knight in the future. Based on this I have worked hard for it.

I had the confidence that there wasn’t a person stronger than me in the whole Franz kingdom anymore.

However having been born in a low social standing is something beyond my control, I was made to guard the borders from the wild tribe.

The post was located far north from Braham, it was not a pretty job.

After I received some distinguished military services, at 27 years of age I was finally allowed to join the imperial knights and came back.

When a messenger from the lord suddenly appeared I was surprised, but that person called Carlo is a considerably odd person.

I was used to people shortening my name as it was really long, but they would usually call me “Fitz”.

To suddenly shorten my name to a single letter.

I heard that he fell off a horse and got injured but he was sparring the next day without worrying about the wounds.

I heard rumors that he was supposed to be a bold person, but that seemed to be correct.

Actually, I was even more surprised when fighting.

I thought considering his position he wouldn’t have any experience with actual combat.

After all, I was taken aback since there were many times that he startled me.

Moreover, the sword style is formless and really flexible.

This image reflected that person’s character.

If he continued practicing like that he would become considerably skilled.

However, what surprised me most came afterward.

He said he wanted to make me Captain of the Imperial Guard Order out of the blue.

Saying that he didn’t mind social standing and that he would judge me for my ability.

I have never heard of such a noble in this era.

I dreamed about gaining fame as a knight a long time ago, but today this might come true.

Meeting a lord who believed in me and recognized my abilities.

How difficult to get and precious is that?

I shall dedicate my sword to Margrave Carlo de Medici and will serve him as the knight “F”.


  1. N/a

[Vol. 1] Chapter 4 – The Next Morning

**** a doodle doo – -!

It’s the second day after my reincarnation.

For the first time since I came to this world, it was dawn and I woke up because of a rooster’s call.

I didn’t know whether it would also call in a western-style because this world was set to be like the medieval Europe.

Ah, but the cry of the rooster is the same in English, German and French, isn’t it?

Oh well, whatever.

Still, it’s way too early in the morning.

I did sleep early yesterday.

The rooms at night are really dark here.

A candle is too dim for the me who was used to modern life.

I can’t even read a book without at least a lamp.

To create it, oil would be necessary, right?

There’s also still room for improvement around here.

Though I’m hesitant to call someone this early in the morning, but I would rather not walk around here without permission.

Even if it’s my own house, I’m not familiar with its insides.

So I waited for someone to come by but after a while, there were still no signs of people.

Because there was nobody around to help me I took the bell which was on the desk near the pillow and rang it.

Ting Ting――

Even though I tried to ring it as quiet as possible but the bell made a loud sound that surprised me.

I’m a timid person after all.

But right now I am the overbearing villain Margrave Carlo de Medici.

I don’t have to care for other people, so it’s fine, yeah.

While I was absorbed in such thoughts a middle-aged woman in maid-clothes entered.

It was the head maid, Melissa.

She was the most understanding amongst Carlo’s people, a really nice person.

To get up and work at such a time, it’s a hard job.

“Good morning, Carlo-sama. Do you want to eat?”

“Yes, please.”

Did I answer like Carlo would?

As a novel author, I try to write a character based on feeling.

Doing that is what I usually do, but actually becoming the character itself is difficult.

The breakfast that Melissa and Reina brought were green salad (salty), boiled egg (salty), bread and finally tea.

There is no sugar in the tea.

After all eating habits …… die hard.

The egg was in good boiled condition, but I want some variation to increase the taste.

I guess it’s because I settled on writing that every dish is either “salty” or “grilled with salt” in my novel.

It can’t be helped, because it’s my own fault, still, it’s painful.

That reminds me, how do they get the salt?

There was a setting that the south side of the Medici territory faced the sea.

“Melissa, how did we obtain this salt?”

“We imported the salt from eastern Itarini kingdom”

So it isn’t made from our salt bed, huh?

“Is it expensive?”

“It is. But it’s indispensable for everyday life.”

“Is everyone using this rock salt in this neighborhood?”

“As far as I know, yes.”

I see, I wonder if I can make salt to make a profit.

Shouldn’t the price of pepper be stupidly high as well?

“What about pepper?”

“As for pepper, it is imported from the southern Meriana continent.”

“Is it extremely expensive?”

“I don’t know how much you would consider extremely, but it is considerably expensive.”

“Is the price as high as the weight?”

“Ahaha, it’s not that expensive.”

Melissa put her hand in front of her mouth as she laughed with relish

I see, so the price isn’t high enough to look for a new sea route, huh?

By the way, the currency around here is called “Yuroa”.

The countries around here are called Yuroa Countries and that is the common currency used in them.

Gold, silver, nickel and copper are the four types of currency used.

1 Yuroa Gold Coin = 50 Yuroa Silver coins = 1.000 Yuroa Nickel coins = 10.000 Yuroa Copper coins.

By the way, if I convert the value into Japanese yen, the modern Japanese currency, it’s 1 Yuroa copper coin = 10 yen.

A gold coin is 100.000 yen, a silver coin is 2.000 yen, a nickel coin is 100 yen, and a copper is 10 yen is the calculation I’ve made.

Easy to understand.

Why is it that simple? Because I decided it to be.

Having different currencies for every country was troublesome.

There’s also the rarely used Yuroa white gold coin which is 1 Yuroa white gold coin= 10 Yuroa gold coins = 1 million yen.

“Good morning, Carlo-sama.”

After I finished my breakfast Pikaru came over.

“Morning, Pikaru”

“About the plans for today. Yesterday I talked to Fitz Maurice Fitzgerald about the afternoon practice and he accepted. Since you just came back from an injury there isn’t anything else scheduled?”

“Is that so? Then I want to ask you some things this morning. Is that okay?”

“Of course. Ask me whatever you want”

Pikaru lowered his head respectfully.

I wanted to tell him that he was dazzling, but I resisted.

Because I’m an adult after all.

I asked Pikaru various things in the morning.

Questions about the economic trends of this territory, the state of this country, Franz kingdom, and its capital Rue Ann, but Pikaru was able to answer all of them.

Pikaru was a man of incredible administrative processing ability and had a talent for financial management.

It’s naturally like this because I wrote that in my novel.

However, Pikaru seemed to be completely useless when it comes to diplomacy, military affairs, demon beasts, and magic.

Though this goes without saying, but demon beasts exist in this world.

That’s natural because there’s even a Demon king appearing.

There’s also the template magic systems.

They are divided into the 6 attributes, fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness.

Carlo as Hero Kazuma’s only rival was able to use various kinds of magic, but Pikaru doesn’t seem to have heard that Carlo is able to use magic.

Actually, I don’t know how to use magic at all.

I’ll have to learn it from someone.

It’s troublesome if I, as the Hero’s strongest rival isn’t able to use magic.

“Pikaru, is there a person who can teach me the usage of magic?”

“Magic, is it? It is said that it is possible for everyone to use magic, but it is only important for magicians and priest, so why would you want to learn magic?”

“Well, I want to enter a dungeon sooner or later.”

When he heard that Pikaru’s expression suddenly changed.

“There is no need for you to do such things! Margrave Carlo de Medici-sama entering something like a labyrinth would be the shame of the Medici house!”

“Eh, is that so?”

“Things like labyrinth explorations are done by dubious people such as adventurers. It’s not something people of a high status, like Carlo-sama, should do.”

Mmm, that’s troubling.

Carlo is a first class adventurer in my setting, there is even a story arc where he competes with the hero on who captures the labyrinth faster.

Looking at Pikaru’s angry look it seems as though he won’t give me permission to enter a dungeon, I’ll have to think of some other means.

That also means that there isn’t a possibility of me getting a magic tutor, what should I do?


  1. N/a

[Vol. 1] Chapter 3 – Resolve

I decided I would live as the villain Margrave Carlo de Medici in this world of the novel I wrote myself “Yuusha Tensei”.

My goal isn’t only to play the role of an attractive villain but also to make this story into an even better one.

Therefore there’s a lot I’ll have to do.

As I decided on this, I felt my stomach was empty.

I picked up the bell from my desk and try to ring it.

Ting Ting――

As soon as I rang the bell the maids Melissa and Reina and the butler Pikaru entered.

“Carlo-sama, how may we be of service?”

I tried to answer Melissa’s words.

“Ehm, My stomach is……” (TN: He used Boku. A humbler male pronoun.)

“Haah- -?!”

Those three people looked at me with very surprised faces.

I thought for some time but immediately understood the reason.

It’s my way of talking.

Carlo is a broad-minded, frank, open-hearted character, so he uses the pronoun “Ore”. (TN: More arrogant than boku)

I would never talk like that.

“Ah, ehem, I’m hungry. Melissa, prepare a meal for me.” (TN: He used ore this time)

“Yes, right away. Reina, let’s start the preparations.”

Melissa and Reina lowered their heads and left.

Melissa still looked anxiously at me.

Let’s be careful from now on.

This only left me and Pikaru in the room.

I wanted to ask Pikaru various things.

But I stood before a problem.

It’s the name Pikaru.

In my novel Carlo called Pikaru “baldie” all the time.

It’s true that Pikaru is splendidly bald.

Of course, that’s the reason I named him like this in the first place. (TN: Pika Pika means glittering so he named him like that cause his head sparkles)

However Pikaru is actually secretly very concerned about his bald head and this name calling caused him so much stress that he ends up with stomach pain.

Carlo doesn’t know that Pikaru feels this way.

However, I know about it.

Besides, I’m a person who had a hard time fighting with others and hated others pointing out someone’s weak spot.

It’s impossible for me to directly call someone “baldie” even if I hate them.

Is it because I’m Japanese that I’m good at reading the mood?

I have no choice, even if it’s different from the actual setting but it should still be within range, so I decided on that with my author’s authority.

“Pikaru, there are some things I want to ask about.”

When I called him I noticed that Pikaru held his breath.

After he looked at my face with utter amazement he had tears in his eyes.

“Is there something wrong?”

Pikaru answered my question with a shaking voice.

“……It has been several years since Carlo-sama last called me by that name. I unintentionally was deeply moved by that. I apologize.”

It can’t be that he was that happy to hear his name?

I felt sorry for Pikaru, who deeply lowered his head.

Well, the name I gave him kind of has the same meaning, though.

That person just doesn’t know.

I feel responsible as the author.

I should have given him a name with a more serious feel to it like Umibo〇 or Do〇.

Ah, I have to censor this to avoid getting into trouble.

(TN: First is probably Umibozu. Might be from Gintama. Dunno the other name)

“I didn’t know Pikaru was so concerned about this. I shall call you by your name from now on, sorry.”

Actually, I did know.

“You don’t have to be. I’m grateful for your words, thank you.”

Looks like he was really happy about this.

Well, I guess I did something good.

It would be nice if I could get along better with Pikaru now.

“Now, what is it you want to know about?”

Oh, Pikaru’s expression got brighter.

“What’s today’s date?”

“It’s the 2nd of September.”

Ha ha, that tepid look in his eyes has also faded away.

“Autumn, huh? How was this year’s harvest?”

“Yes. Fortunately, we are blessed with good weather this year so a great harvest is expected.”

“That’s good. How many soldiers are in this castle right now?”

“Castle? Here is Carlo-sama’s mansion. There is no castle. There are about ten soldiers of the Imperial Guard here right now, though.”

Pikaru had a strange expression on his face.

Weird, wasn’t there a setting that Carlo lived in a castle called Balhart Castle?

That means Balhart Castle was built during those five years, something like that.

This is troublesome.

Moreover, Carlo’s setting of being Kazuma’s rival was that his swordsmanship was super first class.

However, I’m completely useless when it comes to that.

Since this body is Carlo’s it should have some muscular strength, so I have to quickly improve my skills.

Of course, the story talked about how I can’t ride a horse.

Because of the trauma which was created when I fell down the horse, I think.

I noticed that Pikaru was watching me anxiously while I was lost in thoughts.

Compared to before talking to him seemed much easier.

Feelings are important, after all.

“Pikaru, what’s the condition of my injuries?”

“Yes, I told you about your cheek a little while ago but there aren’t any other serious injuries other than that. Just some bruises and scratches. The doctor also said that it was alright to move around how you might have noticed.”

What a relief, there doesn’t seem to be a bone fracture.

“If that’s the case I want to continue my sword training at once from tomorrow on. Try finding a skilled person from this territory as my training’s partner.”

“I believe Sir Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald should be a competent individual.”

Pikaru answered my words immediately.

Sir Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald, huh?

If it’s him I know him well.

This person with the long name was a hardy knight acting as the head of the Imperial Guard and was one of Carlo’s confidants.

Because of his long name, I decided to call him “F”.

He was loyal, brave and this country’s best swordsman, additionally he also was super handsome even though he belonged to the evil characters.

He was the core of Carlo’s party but became utterly disgusted by Carlo in the end and becomes the Hero’s ally (planned).

At the point where I stopped writing, he has yet to betray Carlo.

In the novel’s setting he was 32 years old, so he should be 27 now, right?

“What kind of person is Sir Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald?”

Let’s pretend not to know and this being the first time I heard about him.

I could use the shock of the fall from the horse as an excuse.

“Yes. He is second to none in this territory and his skills aren’t inferior to even Sir Lunos. He got promoted to the imperial guard after returning from Braham.”

It’s a relief to hear that F was somewhere else and wasn’t acquainted with me yet.

Because of this, I have to be careful from now on.

By the way, Braham is the largest city of the Medici territory which Carlo rules.

“Hoh, I’m looking forward to it. Tell him to come here tomorrow.”


Pikaru lowered his head.

Meanwhile, the meal seemed to be ready and was carried in by Melissa and Reina.

The problem is the meal.

I’m no gourmet, but the food from the story is from the middle ages and was completely different from modern japan.

The dish that Melissa brought me was comprised of a boar as my main dish (salty), a potato stew (salty), and some bread and wine.

Just like I expected.

Well, because I was cutting corners and just wrote that the dishes of the novel had a “salty” taste, it’s my own fault.

Oh well, it’s still edible but it will be hard for me if this will continue every day, though.

Let’s do a food reform as soon as possible for my own sake.

It was reassuring to see Melissa taking care of me.

This is how the first day of my reincarnation passed.


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[Vol. 1] Chapter 2 – First Day

“Ehm, could you show me that mirror?”

“At once. Reina, bring the mirror over immediately.”

After Melissa-san asked her the pretty maid Reina brought over a mirror.

“Please have a look”

When I looked into the mirror Reina was holding a man wrapped up in bandages looked back at me.

The face in the mirror was completely different from my original face.

Blue eyes, brilliant blonde hair and a face with slightly impertinent but gentle features.

It perfectly aligns with the features I wrote for the villain Margrave Carlo de Medici in my novel “Yuusha Tensei”.

Like I thought, I became Carlo.


When suddenly pain ran through my right cheek I put my hand on it, it seems like Pikaru felt sorry for me.

“You got injured when you hit a stone after falling off the horse you were riding. It got stitched but unfortunately the doctors said that the scar will remain for the rest of your life.”

Even though I was the one who included the setting of Carlo having a big scar on the right cheek, but was it caused by this fall from a horse?

Because me, the author, didn’t specify the reasons, I didn’t know about this.

I thought it was wound from a fight but it turned out like this.

“To think a scar would remain on that handsome face. It’s such a shame.”

Melissa was shedding tears while looking at me.

That’s right, Carlo is a good-looking, handsome man.

His behavior was arrogant, selfish and unreasonably violent but because of his face and his strength he was really popular with the girls.

Of course, no girl will look is way anymore in the end (planned).

However, Melissa is a really good person.

“Ehm, what year is it now?”

I asked Pikaru as a test.

“It is 194th year of the old calendar”

Pikaru answered my question with an apologetic face, because of my seemingly lost knowledge.

The hero reincarnates into this world and meets Carlo in the 199th year of the lunar calendar, that would be 5 years from now, huh?

Carlo will be 27 in 5 years so he is 22, like the real me, right now.

I wonder if that’s why I got put here.

“Why do you call it “the old calendar”?”

“Because it’s an old calendar we use since the ancient times approximately 200 years ago.”

Pikaru again answered me with a tepid look on his face.

But, that’s actually wrong.

After the hero defeated the Demon king and established a new country it was “the first year of the solar calendar”, before that the “old calendar” was used.

So the people of this world use the lunar calendar without knowing why it’s “old”.

I’m a little happy thinking that I’m the only person who knows the actual reason.

I’m the author after all.

Thinking that far, I noticed that this situation isn’t so simple.

This abnormal situation of an author reincarnating into the novel he himself wrote.

I thought that I might have some cheat ability because I’m the author and all, but when I grasped the wooden fence of the bed it didn’t particularly break and when I stared at Reina I wasn’t able to see through her maid uniform either.

When I thought that I might not be able to return to my original world I suddenly felt a pang of pain in my chest.

I bet everyone is really worried.

In reality, it’s not like I had a girlfriend or a close friend, though.

Even in my company, I wasn’t particularly close to my co-workers. The only one left to worry about be would be my mother.

Ah, but there’s my bright younger brother who’s successful unlike me so it should be fine.


Unexpectedly even if I’m not there everything would be fine, right?

It’s a true tragedy.

“Will you leave me alone for a little?”

Feeling somewhat lonely I asked them to leave. To that, Melissa lowered her head.

“Certainly. I leave your drink here. Ring the bell if there is anything you need.”

After everyone left and I was alone I started to think.

I think there certainly are people who would grieve.

Especially the readers of “Yuusha Tensei”.

I, who posted my novel to free novel posting sites in order to “become a writer”, was never able to gain any popularity until I was able to make the readers happy with “Yuusha Tensei”.

Every time someone gave me a “good” rating or someone added me to their favorites it gave me the motivation to push on.

When Carlo gained popularity and people commented the pros and cons of him as a villain I was also excited about what to write next.

Indeed, I got into an accident on the day the first volume was released and I reincarnated into the novel’s world.

Besides, the novel hasn’t been finished yet.

It will remain unfinished.

There was still a lot of material I thought about including.

There was still a lot of things I wanted to make Carlo do.

Now I can’t update it anymore either.

I wanted to make it even more interesting in the future.

As I thought about such things I started to cry.

I can’t write my novel anymore.

I’m not able to write an ending for “Yuusha Tensei”.

I already planned out the future development.

Carlo will get betrayed by his friends of the same party one after another.

Then Carlo, who fell into misanthropy because of this, is cheated into becoming the Demon king’s subordinate with flattery.

So his conflict with the hero escalates more and more using various traps to annoys him.

But after he directly confronts the hero he loses in the end.

Then for the first time, Carlo had a change of heart and starts to follow the hero adding his power to his forces leading to the Demon king’s defeat.

The Hero together with the princess, who was Carlo’s fiancée, those two build a new country.

Carlo was going to help in the creation of the country as a cabinet member.

While I thought about the plot I made I realized again that it will never reach the world.

My first approved work.

For the first time in my life, I got praised by such a large number of people and was able to please them.

Isn’t it too sad that it had to end midway?

I can’t cry right now.

What should I, as the author of the story, do?

I’ll take the story of this world towards its ending myself.

That’s the only thing I’m able to do and isn’t that the reason for why I was sent here?

I made this world.

I’m the only one who knows what’s going to happen in this world from now on.

I’m the author, producer, the supervisor and the actor playing the villain Margrave Carlo de Medici at the same time.

I’ll play the role of the villain Carlo de Medici and will create an even more impressive, more interesting story.

There are still five years until the hero reincarnates and meets Carlo.

Meanwhile, I shall set up the best stage.

First of all, I have to become an attractive villain.

I’m ready to live in this world.

From this moment on I am just the villain Carlo de Medici.

I’ll become an excellent villain!


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[Vol. 1] Chapter 1 – Reincarnated?

When I woke up I was lying on a bed.

I didn’t know where I was for an instant but I regained my memory right before I started panicking.

I see, I collided with a car and was brought to this hospital, right?

I noticed the bandage bound around my right hand and my head and on my right cheek was a big gauze due to my face rolling over the floor when I fell.

Ignoring the red light sign, I was hit by a car and I remember having been send flying through the sky.

I was lucky that I got away from that with just those injuries or rather that I’m still alive.

But with my hand like this, I can’t update my story.

I wonder if I can use a PC or my Smartphone in this Hospital.

Still, this hospital has a rather old-fashioned feel to it.

An antique, heavy atmosphere.

Right, this private room is rather large, isn’t it?

Mother you didn’t have to overdo it like this.

I’ve troubled you again, huh?

Or am I in such a serious condition?

Just when I thought about such things, ****, I really needed to go to the toilet.

Neither mom or a nurse were present, so what should I do?

Does this room have a toilet?

Even if I called someone I doubt they would hear it and I couldn’t find an emergency button.

I’m not even sure whether I’m able to stand up either.

When I tried to open my mouth wide to call someone because I didn’t know any better solution at that time – –


Pain ran through my right cheek with the gauze on it.

The pain felt like someone pulling something out of me.

I wonder if they had to stitch it, I’d hate to have scars on my face.

But more importantly, I have to go to the toilet right now.

Then I noticed a bell on the small desk next to my bed, or rather why was there a bell?

I took it in my hand and rang it

Ting Ting – –

After a few minutes the door opened and a girl came in.

“Excuse me, I have to – -”

“You woke me up! I will be right back, I shall call Melissa-sama!”

That girl looked like she ran all the way here. Was she a nurse?

A little impatient but she was rather cute, wasn’t she?

To be honest, I was quite satisfied.

If I still were an elementary school student I would have wondered what those two lumps jumping around with a “Pyon Pyon” were.

I was able to put on a poker face though because I’m an adult.

……At least outwardly.

Well, a 22-year-old peeing all over the place would be a problem.

I thought such things while I waited to distract myself, then I heard footsteps followed by someone entering the room.

A robust, busty aunty entered the room first.

Was this the head nurse?

The girl from a little while ago entered after her.

Rather than nurses they both look more like maids.

“Aah, you finally woke up.”

The head nurses eyes were filled with tears.

I appreciate that you are that happy, but I nearly can’t hold it anymore.

“Ehm, I’d like to go to the toilet.”

“Oh, I didn’t notice. Reina, fetch that.”

When I told her that the head nurse was surprised before she turned to the girl behind her and gave her instructions.

It can’t possibly be that…….

What the girl brought back was like I feared a urinal.

No, no, there’s no way I’ll use a urinal here.

While I was absorbed in my thoughts the head nurse pulled off my futon and started to remove the pants of my sleeping clothes.

No, no, no, no, I can’t possibly do it in front of girls, can I?!

“I’ll do it myself, okay?”

Though I said such things in a hurry the head nurse flat-out rejected it.

“What are you saying? This is our duty, so please make yourself comfortable.”

It’s impossible for me to make myself comfortable in such a situation……However, I was at my limit so I had no time to argue.

I endured the humiliation and let it happen.

Aah, what’s with this treatment?

Turning my head away and careful not to meet their eyes……I relaxed.

They saw everything.

Even though my body felt relieved, my heart felt heavier.

After all was over I stared into the sky stunned.

The girl who seemed to be called Reina took away the urinal.

Even though I thought she was a pretty child, now it doesn’t matter anymore.

After having seen all that, it’s impossible to befriend her now.

On top of that, my time without a girlfriend equals my age.

I was really unhappy that my chance of raising flags with the pretty nurse in this hospital setting got broken during the first day of hospitalization.

There are no more hopes and dreams in this hospital.

“Excuse me”

While I was thinking such things I heard a man’s voice.

I started to pay more attention to the door and saw a middle-aged man standing there.

A Doctor?……But those clothes seem slightly strange, don’t they?

He was thin, measured 175 centimeters in height and looked like a serious man wearing glasses.

He was wearing black clothes and a bow tie.

But the most eye-catching thing was his head.

How do I say this?……He’s sparkling.

His bald head that is.

It looked completely soft and smooth.

I had to seriously control myself not to stare at it.

“Thank Goodness. You woke up.”

The man lowered his head deeply.

No, if you do that it will be even more eye-catching.

I carelessly stared at him.

The moment when he rose his head he averted his eyes in a hurry.

Did he notice I stared at him?

“However, I was rather surprised when I heard you have fallen from your horse.”

He looked like a person one would have a hard time talking to.

He seemed like the serious, earnest type.

……Wait, eh?

Did he just say falling?

Falling, as in falling off a horse, falling?

I never rode on a horse before.

“Ehm, I was in a traffic accident……”

“Traffic? What does that mean?”

The both of us exchange confused looks then the head nurse sends us a rescue boat while we still stared at each other with question marks in our eyes.

“Pikaru-sama, Carlo-sama was injured and is still confused after just waking up.”

“I understand, I’m sorry for my rudeness, Carlo-sama.”

This man called Pikaru placed his hand on his chest and carefully lowered his head.

Mmm, what a splendid luster and shine.

……That’s not it!

What did you say?


That Carlo-sama?

Speaking of Pikaru I’m sure I also heard that name before.




Wasn’t Pikaru the name of Carlo’s butler?!

――The villain of my novel “Yuusha Tensei” Margrave Carlo di Medici.

Pikaru is his butler.

His administrative processing capacity was excellent and was a serious and faithful man, but his most outstanding feature was his head.

He is a pitiable character who was called “baldie, baldie” all the time by sharp-tongued Carlo, because of his stunningly bald head.

Of course, I named him like I did because of his appearance.

And now a person looking exactly like that character stands before me and calls me “Carlo-sama”.

I wonder if I grew crazy because of that accident.

If this really is the world of my novel is the head nurse like person Melissa?

Melissa is the head maid in Carlo’s castle.

She is a character that always supported Carlo and even when he was avoided and betrayed by everyone stayed with him until the end.

You might say she was a mother figure to Carlo.

I didn’t write a clear reason for that other than she helped out Carlo for a long time.

Now that I thought about it, she fits Melissa’s image perfectly.

That reminds me didn’t the girl from before say “I shall call Melissa-sama” a while ago?

I gathered my courage and called her as a test.

“E, ehm Melissa?”

“Oh my, Carlo-sama, you still recognize me!”

She put both her hands together in front of her chest and looked at me with an extremely joyful expression.

…Uwah, This person turned out to really be Melissa.

This is really the world of the novel I created “Yuusha Tensei”.

Of that, I was convinced.

But……What am I supposed to do now? !


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“Yeeeah, I drank too much today”


My name is Ryosuke, a 22-year-old aspiring light novel author.

“Aspiring” because today was the release of my light novel’s first volume.

I always posted my own novels on free novel posting sites with the goal of “Becoming a writer”.

Although none of them gained a lot of popularity, however, my novel “Yuusha Tensei” (Hero Reincarnation) gained a lot of favorites and got rated as “good!” by the readers so, even though the novel was still in the middle of unfolding the publication was decided nevertheless and today was the release date for the first volume.


My first work to reach publication, „Yuusha Tensei”, is a standard fantasy story revolving around the high school student Kazuma who reincarnates into a different world, becomes the hero and finally defeats the Demon king (planned).

As for why such a cliché story became popular, I believe it’s because of the rivalry between the Villain and the Protagonist.

His name is Margrave Carlo di Medici.

He always posed a threat towards the hero and later became the Demon king’s subordinate because of various envy-driven conflicts with the Protagonist, but he later gets defeated by him and reforms himself (planned). He was that kind of character.


The me of the real world is a 22-year-old virgin who has a hard time disagreeing with people, so I dislike Carlo’s personality of looking down on weaker people.

Therefore he is the complete opposite from me. Broad-minded, arrogant, free spirited, unreasonably violent, extravagant without limits. I put my wildest delusions into Carlo.

Normally I tend to overlap with the Protagonist, but I write Carlo with just as much consideration.

For that reason, Carlo gained a lot of popularity which also connected to my novel’s popularity.

Half of the reader’s comments was about Carlo’s pros and cons.


“I feel kind of dizzy. I’ll never drink liquor again.”


On the occasion of my first works publication anniversary, I had a dinner party with my editor, Sakiyama-san.

Sakiyama-san also praised Carlo as a good character.

He also said he looks forward to the future.

Even though I was happy being called “sensei” but it also was a little embarrassing.

(TN: Sensei means teacher normally, but is also used to address artists, doctors, and writers. It’s showing respect towards that person)


I drank the wine which got recommended and got drunk because I wasn’t used to it.

I usually don’t drink alcohol or spent much money.

At that time Sakiyama-san told me: „Sensei, you should better take a taxi on your way back, your feet are unsteady”, but because I thought it would be a waste I decided to walk home.


I thought about the future development of my novel while walking slightly unsteady.

From this point on Carlo finally, falls into the Demon king’s hands.

There are still a lot of things I want to let Carlo act out.

His opposition with the hero Kazuma grows more intense, being exposed to the world’s criticism he still doesn’t cease to commit his evil deeds leading his allies to betray him.

In a sense it’s cool.

I want to sell more book, make it more exciting and finish it in a good conclusion somehow. What kind of development would be good for that – -?


While being absorbed in such thoughts I was walking forward.

Seems like I was drunker than I thought.

Suddenly I found myself crossing the street while the red light was lit up.


“It’s dangerous!”


After I heard that voice I pulled myself together.

Looking to the right I saw a car’s headlights approaching.

Ah – – Before I even noticed it I was flying in the sky.

I don’t want to die in an unpleasant place like this. There are still things I want to write about – -.



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