[Vol. 3] Chapter 6 – The Priest of Darkness

“What on earth are you doing?!”

 Bishi! A strong-minded beautiful girl wearing black from head to toe pointed at me with such a force that it seemed to give off a sound.
 Her black hair stretched to her waist her eyes were glimmering black like two black gem decorating her forehead and in her hand she held a mace unbecoming of such a beautiful girl.
 Her expression……was obviously showing her anger.
 But even when she’s angry this pretty girl is still beautiful.

“You, did you hear me? I asked you what you think you are doing. Hey, are you even listening?!”

 While she still pointed at me I looked around and then she started walking towards me.
 She was neither tall nor small, she was much smaller than Crescent Moon but taller than Knopf.
 She wore antique black clothes with a lot of laces which was something a gothloli would wear but it looked good on her.
 Such a beautiful girl was standing in front of me and pointed her finger straight at my nose.
 But why is she so angry?⌈1

“I saw you hitting that child hard with that fire sword after I finally came back after a long time”

 ”Coming back” here?
 With child did she mean the skeleton from a while ago?!

“……I’m not sure what you’re talking about but does this place belong to you?”

“That’s what I said a while ago! What on earth are you doing in my church?”

“Your church or whatever. As we took shelter from the rain those skeletons came out……”⌈2

“That’s right we didn’t come to exterminate them rather we were attacked.”

 Crescent Moon send me a rescue boat from the side.

“Some woman whose brain is only made out of muscles and all the nourishment went to her chest should just shut up! How could you get attacked when I made them, huh? Why are you saying meaningless things?!”

“Wha, yo……”

 This time that black, beautiful girl cursed at Crescent Moon while pointing at her.
 Hey, hey, that strong-minded Crescent Moon let such swears slide and fell silent.
 I wonder why this made me slightly excited.
 Wait, did she just say „I made them”?!

“By you made them, you mean you made those skeletons?”

“Like. I. Said. I mentioned that just now, right? I made them. It was really hard to do!”⌈3

 You didn’t mention that just now.
 I don’t get what’s going on.

“Could you calm down a little? I don’t really get what you’re saying. You came back when we were fighting the skeletons you made. So, you got angry because we killed your skeletons?”⌈4

“That’s right, so you do get it. Is there anyone who wouldn’t be angry if some people entered one’s house without permission and broke one’s possessions?”

 Well, that’s true if she put it that way.
 If the Hero did such a thing no one would get angry at him.
 If the person is a Hero even if they open their closets or break some pots and barrels no one would give a damn.⌈5

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“Well, of course, but you were holding skeletons in your house. Anyway, how about we first sit down and have a talk?”

“Hmpf, well, fine. Slowly explain to me what happened”

 Then that black, beautiful girl lowered her finger which was pointed at me.
What a relief, because that was some huge pressure. 

“So you generally entered this church without permission, tore of the floorboards and what were you thinking creating a bonfire inside a room?!”

 In the end she got angry again as we sat down around the bonfire.

“……These guys did it”

 Crescent Moon blamed my seniors.⌈6

“What are you saying? We just did it because you told us to”

“That’s right, big sis, you’re being unreasonable”

 My seniors who fell silent panicked as they were exposed to the black girl’s excessively angry looks.
 I certainly feel sorry for them.

“Please accept my apology. I’m Akatsuki, a mercenary working as an adventurer. You are?”

“I’m Kitora, a priest serving the God of Darkness”

 The black girl or Kitora stuck out her chest proudly as she announced her name.
My seniors who heard this were obviously surprised.

“A Priest of Darkness, seriously……?”

“This is bad, Head. We shouldn’t get involved with her”⌈7

“That’s right Akatsuki, we should quickly leave. A priest of darkness isn’t the best to be around.”

 Crescent Moon and my seniors agreed with each other.
 ”Priest of Darkness” surely sounds like it but are they really dangerous?

“You said you were a priest of darkness, so you really made those skeletons?”

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 Knopf who was rather interested asked her a question.
 Kitora also softened her expression a little.

“Oh, seems like I can talk to you a little. That’s right, I made them”

“How did you do it specifically?”

“The procedure isn’t that complicated. As there were many bones of dead soldiers around this area because of a war I gathered them. The problem is if you don’t gather enough bones according to a human body it becomes more brittle if there are parts missing. It’s pretty tough as I have to arrange the size.”

“Then did you collect them one by one?”

“Well, since there were many complete ones in the back room of this church it was easy.”

“Isn’t this what big sis told us……?”

“Right? As I thought my reasoning was correct”

 Hey, Crescent Moon, don’t brag about stuff like that.⌈8

“So, how did you make the skeleton soldiers?”

“I used darkness magic. Specifically, I used necromancy”

“But didn’t those skeletons move fast? They also used weapons and shields.”

 Crescent Moon who also got curious asked a question following Knopf.

“My, that’s a good question. Though I thought only your chest was big and your head was empty but it seems like there’s at least a little in there. That’s right, these aren’t common skeletons. I used my secret ability to raise their speed and power and made them able to use weapons. This is pretty hard to do though.”

 I see, it’s only reasonable for her to get angry after we invaded her territory without permission and broke her skeletons which she created after much hardship.
 Though I’ll still be troubled if you get that angry.

“So, what are you guys going to do? Even just arranging the bones is quite hard. Even if there are dead bodies around I won’t be able to make a skeleton.”

“Even if there’s a body you can’t make skeletons?”

 Kitora answered Knopf’s question amazed.

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“Well, of course. If there’s still meat attached it will turn into a zombie. Those things are smelly and unsanitary, I don’t want them to be where I’m living. First of all they don’t look cute at all.”

 I don’t think that skeletons look much prettier but they don’t seem to stink.

“So the only difference in making a Zombie or a Skeleton is the material otherwise it’s the same procedure?”

“Well, it’s like that. And regarding Zombies, they are hard to use as they still have some of their ego left. In that aspect I like the obedient skeletons more because they do what you tell them”

 Though Knopf is listening very attentively for what on earth are you going to use this information?
 Sometimes I don’t know what to do with this cat-eared mad scientist.
 I’m afraid she’ll try to artificially create zombies and skeletons without using magic.

“Even if you tell us something like that I’m troubled. Well, would you be satisfied with money?”

“Money? Even if I get it it’s not useful to me. Money is the least interesting thing to me.”

 Hey, Crescent Moon, did you hear that?
 After having heard such an unbelievable thing she stared at her in utter amazement.
 There’s a person who isn’t interested in money in this world.

“Even if she said that we don’t know any other method to settle this except with money……”

 I turned my head and whispered to Crescent Moon whose face looked rather bad.

“How about we give her those guys to substitute her skeletons?”

 While she said so she gave my seniors some meaningful looks.

“I, isn’t that a little too mean?!”⌈9

“That’s right, big sis, isn’t this awfully exaggerated?”
Kitora spoke coldly to my seniors who hastily and earnestly protested.

“That’s not necessary, I don’t need something like that. If it’s about that, Skeletons are many times more useful than them.”⌈10

“U, umu……”

 My seniors showed an expression not knowing if they should be pleased or annoyed by her declining them and they fell silent.

“So, where do you intend to go from here on?”

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 I’m a little relieved that Kitora changed the subject.
 It wasn’t a secret in particular so I told her about the dungeon exploration.

“Heh, I didn’t know that such a dungeon appeared around here ……”

 As I said that Kitora seems to be lost in thoughts but then her eyes suddenly started to glitter and pointed her finger at me again.

“You, take me with you there!”


  1. You killed her skeletons I guess lol 
  2. Well, you send out ppl to investigate that noise. I bet everything would have been fine if you didn’t investigate that 
  3. Da. ka. Ra. 
  4. That’s…. obvious? 
  5. In games that is. If that would happen here they would at least start to hate that guy 
  6. Well, she isn’t wrong 
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