[Vol. 4] Chapter 4 – Military Exercise IV

Fitz-Morris Fitzgerald, a knight also known as “F” rode up the hill on his horse.
 40 other Imperial Guard knights rode after the Imperial Guard Order’s leader.

“Don’t loosen the reins! We have to take the fort before our opponent no matter what!”

 They intended to occupy the fort on top of the Alamos hill.
 Nals, the tactician, told them in a sharp voice that it’s absolutely necessary for the strategy to occupy the fort.
 As the biggest advantage of letting the cavalry act independently was their higher mobility F could understand that fact.

“Leader, we’re close to the fort!”

 A knight riding diagonally behind F raised a loud voice.
 It was the gigantic knight in his late 20s wielding a long Halberd who got defeated by Carlo in the Sword Fighting Competition’s semi-finals.
 He was the only Imperial Guard Captain appointed to the red army, which was led by Carlo, becoming F’s adjutant.

“Alright, occupy the fort. Shoot up the signal as soon as you’re done!”

 The horsemen surged inside and confirmed that the other party had yet to come occupy the fort.
 As per the rules as soon as one team was able to occupy the fort they had to immediately shoot up a signal in one’s team’s colour.
 On F’s order one of the knights shot up a red signal.

“Phew, looks like the first mission was successful.”

“Honestly, I’m tired. However, thank goodness that the other team hasn’t come yet. Well, it’s natural as we spurted here on horses.”

 Together with his adjutant F looked down from the fort but couldn’t see the other team.
 Even though they should be slower because there were foot soldiers and archers mixed in their unit but it was rather weird that one couldn’t see them at all from this hill.

“Still, for the tactician’s words to turn out to be true. Even the fact that we won’t be able to see the other army”

 In the case of such a development F received rather strange instructions from Nals.

“Isn’t it fine? If you can’t see the other army around after you occupied the fort and shot up the signal then there’s no need to protect it afterwards.”

“Why? We’ll lose if the fort gets taken.”

“It’s fine. The knight leader should always be ready to let the cavalry charge as soon as you receive a signal.”

 While recalling this exchange with Nals before their departure F ordered his adjutant.

“Tell everyone to take a short break and to prepare to be able to leave here and charge at any time when ordered.”

“Is that really fine? No one will be here then.”

“Well, it’s fine, probably”

“I’ll obey the leader’s orders, though I don’t quite understand it.”

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 That is what F unintentionally whispered in his heart.

(PoV – Carlo)

“A red signal went up. It seems like we succeeded.”

 Nals answered my, Carlo’s words.

“It’s natural for us to be successful till here. The problems start from this point on”

“Does Marcus really not aim for the fort?”

“I’m not 100% sure but I’m probably not mistaken.”

“The reason?”

“The General knows that we’ll use the cavalry independently. Given that, it’s only natural for us to arrive at the fort first. I think it’s rather hard to conquer a fort with 50 knights occupying it.”

“Well, that’s right”

“What can we do to break this deadlock? That’s that General’s character. The possibility of him simply using force is rather low. I’m pretty sure he’ll want to attack us from behind.”

“Why would he attack our back?”

“The General and Sir Lunos have great confidence in the Knights’ might making them greatly underestimate the infantry’s and archers’ power. Well, I’ll explain the rest later. Let’s patiently wait for the reports to arrive here.”

 After a few minutes, one horseman of the reconnaissance unit returned.

“Reporting! I discovered an enemy military unit in the forest on the south side, their numbers are approximately 200!”

“Is that so, can you tell us their exact location?”

 Nals listened to the knight as he showed the enemy’s location on a map lying on the desk.
 As I watched from the side I could tell that their position was rather far from here.”

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“As expected”

“Well then, shall I take the soldiers and meet them?”

 Nals shook his head left and right as he heard my words.

“The report from the north side has yet to arrive. Before we have that report we can’t make a move.”

 Nals answered leisurely.

“The ones scouting the north should return soon. Shall we get ready?”

 Hearing Nals’ words I also stood up.

“Is it really fine to take everyone with us? If we leave this place unguarded and fall it’s our immediate defeat, isn’t it?”

“It’s alright. If enemies are approaching from the north side the reconnaissance unit would have return sooner. The fact they haven’t returned after this long means that the rest stayed back in the camp to protect it.”

 Just as we had this exchange the two knights scouting the north side returned.

“Reporting, No enemy soldiers were sighted on the north side till the enemy’s camp!”

“I see, as I thought. Did you see the enemy’s camp?”

“Though it looks like some soldiers were protecting the enemy’s camp their numbers are unknown as we couldn’t get closer. My apologies.”

“Thank you. I know you’re tired but could you deliver this letter to the knight leader inside the fort next?”


 The knight took off with the letter Nals prepared.

“So, shall we begin?”


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