[Vol. 4] Chapter 2 – Military Exercise II

Meanwhile, General Marcus and the Imperial Guard’s first corps’ captain, Lunos, were on the east side of the hill.
 They were talking over a desk behind which soldiers holding blue war flags were lined up.

“General, what’s the strategy?”

“Umu, right. First about Carlo-sama’s move. Since splitting up the cavalry is a centrepiece of this time’s military reform they’ll probably use tactics making use of the cavalry’s high mobility, no doubt”


“Letting the cavalry act independently is surely effective in terms of speed. But on the other hand, their numbers won’t be high, no matter how much of an elite group the Imperial Guard Order is they won’t be able to do a frontal attack.”

 As Marcus said this he pointed at the centre of the map which was lying on the desk.

“They’ll most certainly try to take the fort right from the beginning.”

“There’s no doubt that they would be able to conquer the fort with their speed. How troubling.”

“Right. Although they are no more than 50 it’ll be time consuming to remove the Imperial Guard Order’s knights once they confined themselves in the fort.”

“Soon after reinforcement would arrive. In that case it would be even harder to remove them.”

“That’s right, look here”

 Marcus drew a big arc going around the hill’s south.

“We will go south around the hill without aiming for the fort but directly aiming for their camp”

“I see, attacking their back, is it?”

 By the way, one has won if one succeeds in conquering the opposing team’s camp and fired up a beacon.

“However, what if the opposing team has the same idea?”

“No matter how fast they are they just have 50 horseman. We’ll leave one third of our soldiers in the camp to prepare for that case.”

“So we protect our camp with 100 soldiers while attacking the opposing camp with 200.”

“That’s right, I leave those soldiers to you, Lunos. Even if Carlo-sama puts the other 250 soldiers other than the cavalry corps inside the camp they are just the mish-mash of people called farmer soldiers and the commander also hasn’t experienced real warfare yet so it’s just a disorderly mass not worthy to be afraid of.”

“Even if we encounter the cavalry party we’re definitely able to break through with this difference in military power.”

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“If the cavalry acts independently from the infantry the difference in speed increases as well as the risk of their individual defeat. Let’s make use of that, shall we?”

 The strategic plan was completed and Marcus stood in front of the soldiers together with Lunos and started to talk.

“Everyone should have heard about Carlo-sama’s live-changing military reform by now. I think there are some among the Imperial Guard Order who aren’t satisfied with this. The purpose of this exercise is to show those people the effectiveness of this new formation. In other words – -”

 General Marcus paused for a bit and then raised his voice.

“This time our role is to be defeated. They expect us to overwhelmingly lose for us to understand that “This military reform was right after all” in the end!”

 Hearing Marcus’ words the soldiers start to murmur.
 That’s natural as they were told that one’s role was to lose.
 Lunos unintentionally asked Marcus in a low voice.

(Is it fine for you to talk that frankly? Does the General intend to win?)

(Well, watch)

 Marcus raised his voice once more.

“However. This one doesn’t intend to take defeat so easily! I got permission from Carlo-sama to fight with all we got. How is it, gentlemen? Don’t you want to win and get Carlo-sama down from his high horse?!”

 The soldiers murmuring became louder.

“Let’s show them how a magnificent victory looks like right at this place, gentlemen! That’s right, let’s give everyone a reward if we win! Gentlemen, do you feel like winning now?!”

『Ooooh- -!』

 As they answered to Marcus’ question the soldiers pushed up their fists.
 Then, following this, Lunos also shouted.

“You guys, if we win this today we’ll get to drink some delicious liquor tonight!”

『Oooooh- -!』

“You can see off the past year with a good feeling with this money!”


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“That’s good, this isn’t just some exercise! We’ll certainly win while treating this like an actual battle!”


“Umu, everyone seems to be in high spirits.”

 As he saw the surge of the soldiers’ morale, General Marcus contentedly stroked his beard.

“That’s right, this much should be enough”

“Well then, it should be time soon. Please prepare the raiding party.”

“Certainly. I’ll entrust the camp’s defence to you.”

 Like this, they got ready.
 They only waited for the beacon signalling the exercise’s start to be shot from the fort.


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