[Vol. 4] Chapter 7 – Military Exercise VII

Lunos, while raising a battle cry, started to swing his wooden sword at me from left and right.
 I desperately try to block them.
 Mmm, this turned into a desperate situation.

“How is it? If you don’t get serious you’ll get defeated, you know?” 

 Just seeing a good-looking man such as Lunos smirking like that made me even angrier.
 That guy, he completely forgot that I’m his employer!
 Is it even possible for such an unreasonable thing to occur in a world using the feudal system?
 It’s generally strange for the villain Carlo to receive such a treatment.

 ……That’s what I thought despite fighting desperately, then at that time.

『Uwaa, it’s a surprise attaaack』

 I heard the blue army’s soldiers’ cries drifting over behind Lunos.

(PoV – F)

“- – Honourable Leader, we received a message from Carlo-sama. Their unit will soon engage in battle with the blue army.”

“Understood. Alright, from this point on we’ll leave this place and start our charge. For the opposing team not to see us we are going to sneak around the blue army’s forces and attack their flanks.”

“Finally, huh, Leader? A call to arms.”

“Umu. Don’t let anyone escape as best as you can. Charge!”

 A while later it was the cavalry unit led by F who abandoned the fort and assaulted the retreating blue army’s soldiers who tried to reach their camp.

(PoV – Carlo)

“What’s with this uproar?”

 Lunos who got distracted by the noise coming from the back took some distance from me and stopped his attack.
 Phew, I was able to take a break as well.

“Looks like they weren’t allowed to simply retreat.”

“Right, do you feel like quietly admitting defeat now?”

“No way. Rather, their sacrifice would be in vain if I don’t defeat the enemy commander”

 Lunos, why can’t you just give up?
 What should I do…….?
 That’s it, though I never tried that before but let’s try it, shall we?

 The method of increasing one’s speed and power by pouring magical power into weapons such as the Oricalcum Sword is a skill originally used by the Hero and now by me.
 However, its power varies depending on how well the weapon’s material can absorb magical power.
 In that respect Oricalcum is superior but it’s quite inefficient with common iron etc. Furthermore, one can hardly expect anything happening with a wooden sword like the one I’m using right now.

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 In the novel I wrote, I created a finisher I thought about letting the villain Carlo use as a trump card when he’s fighting the Protagonist, the Hero.
 It’s to pour magic power into “one’s own body” not a weapon, thus strengthening it.
 In other words, it’s magical body remodelling (Though one’s appearance doesn’t change).
 It’s exactly what a villain, or rather a monster man would use.⌈1
 If it’s that it’ll be fine, right?

 As I didn’t practice it up until now I don’t really have any control over it but I feel like I can at least land one blow.
 Let’s go for something like “Thunder” with which F defeated me in the Sword Fighting Competition’s finals.
 Alright, first let’s charge the magical power.

“- – Fine. Lunos, I’ll go at you seriously now.”

“Finally feeling determined? I’m glad, because, although I got defeated by the leader, I wanted to make sure whether I ‘m the third or second.”⌈2

“Take care, even though it’s just a wooden sword you’ll get hurt if you get hit”

“For Carlo-sama to look that serious, I’m looking forward to it. Please don’t hold back”

 ……Phew, I was somehow able to gain some time with that exchange.
 I can’t afford to charge my magical power while he attacks me with the same vigour as some time ago after all.
 But causing such a delay isn’t much of a problem as I’m a villain.

 I threw away my wooden shield which I held in one hand and raised the wooden sword I held in the other.
 I had Satsuma’s Jigen-ryu’s saying “There is no need for a second blow” in mind.⌈3
 Swinging one’s sword without considering the opponent’s counter attack, bringing certain death, it’s a “One-hit-kill” technique.
 When I read it in a book I thought about wanting to use it someday because it is cool.

“……Lunos, here I go”
“Did you throw away your shield because you think you don’t have to defend? Fine, I’ll keep you company.”

 Lunos and I faced each other on top of our horses.
 We looked at each other and judged each other’s breathing.


 As White King started to run I released all the magic power I loaded in my body at once and swung my sword as we pass each other.


 As I raised a shout filled with my fighting spirit I swung my sword down on Lunos.
 Lunos wasn’t able to wield his sword as it was too fast and powerful but he was somehow able to block it with his shield.

 This result.
 My sword which should bring certain death and was blocked by Lunos’ shield – – splendidly broke.
 What’s more, it got smashed into smithereens.

 Well, that’s obvious, it’s only a wooden sword so it’s natural for it to break.
Though I broke Lunos’ wooden shield at the same time but I’m the one with just the wooden sword’s handle left in my hand.

“My, that was an amazing strike. This Lunos admired it. So, what do you plan to do now?”

 At first, he was dumbfounded by this excessive force but after Lunos turned his horse and saw my situation he smirked again.
 Well, it turned out like this.
 As I threw away my shield I’m now empty-handed, Lunos, on the other hand, still had his wooden sword in his right.
 This isn’t even a match anymore!

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 I gave White King the signal to run and like this, I started to run away.
 I’m worried that I’m just villain-like in that aspect.
 Though it would be a problem to just leave the soldiers and escape but it’s better than a general getting killed.

“To run away at the last moment. Please wait!”

 Though Lunos followed me if it’s White King I’ll somehow be able to escape.
 As I thought this a familiar figure appeared in front of me.


 Ooh, isn’t that F?
 A present sent from heaven.
 F who assaulted the opponents back as per Nals’ strategy seems to have come over while worrying about me.
 Honestly, I’m saved.

“F, Lunos’ opponent!”

“My pleasure”


“For the leader to come from the rear, you sure are careful. I give up, I don’t have the confidence in winning against the leader without a shield.”

 Lunos plainly surrendered to F which ended the fight and secured a big victory for our red army.
 Many of the blue army’s soldiers who wanted to retreat were killed by the action of F’s cavalry unit and old man Marcus recognised his defeat obediently as we surrounded their camp.

“We wonー!”


 With the red army’s shouts of victory the military exercise safely came to an end.
 Good grief, like this the military reform should advance more smoothly as well.

“Marcus, F, Lunos, shall we return?”


 Like this, we returned to Braham.

 I feel like we forgot something……Oh well, whatever!

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  1. Kaijin. A humanoid Kaiju like those from power rangers for example 
  2. Best swordsman 
  3. For the ones interested: Jigen-ryu 

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