[Vol. 3] Chapter 11 – Stone Labyrinth IV

After we got rid of those two spider monsters and recovered the spider web, we started to investigate the room and discovered the bones and baggage probably belonging to adventurers in the back of it.
 As I thought, they were the ones who became prey to those things, how pitiful.

“My, those are in a good state. 1, 2, 3……I suppose there are 9 bodies.”

“Oh, aren’t these weapons rather good as well? Those might fetch a high price if I sell them.”

 Hmm, so you won’t even let the dead rest in peace?
 But, well, as they might retort to that I kept it to myself.

“Hey, could you please pick up those bones and carry them back?”

“Yeah, this equipment, too, please. Be careful with it because those are my merchandises.”

 Kitora and Crescent Moon were instructing my seniors as if it was nothing.
 As those two heard that their expressions changed and they started to complain.

“Eeeeh, we should carry that?”

“More importantly, is this some kind of payback for you to make us carry back those bones?”

“Isn’t that natural? Who else but you should carry them? That’s the reason why we took you with us.”

“Payback, you say? Who do you think you’re talking to? I’m a priestess”

 Those two people’s protest got instantly repelled.
 They were made to reluctantly collect the bones and equipment and carry it back after all.
 The baggage they carried on their back which was a lot consisted out of equipment and the bones of the dead and in their hands, they held swords turned spool cars.
 Really, my condolences.

“We can’t go beyond that hole, I guess we have to return like this.”⌈1

“There don’t seem to be any hidden passages either.”

 As she heard Crescent Moon’s and Pick’s statements Kitora asked in wonder.

“What are you saying? There are still places we haven’t visited yet.”

“Eh, where?”

“Haven’t you noticed already? Inside of that hole, of course.”

 Kitora answered Knopf while she wore an expression as if it’s natural.
 Honestly, I don’t think we should go inside that hole.
 I have a feeling that this won’t turn out well.

“Are you telling us to go down that hole like this?”

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“That’s impossible, Head Akatsuki, big sis Crescent Moon, please do something”

 Even if you look at me with a face like that I don’t know what to say.
 Talk to Crescent Moon and Kitora.
 Oh well, should I interfere a little because I feel kind of sorry for them?

“Even if you come you’d just drag us down so you’ll wait at the entrance.”

“Well, that seems to be the case, our work would increase rather than decrease. I think so, too”

 Crescent Moon agreed with my suggestion as well.

“No, but telling us to just wait is……”

“Isn’t it fine, Drum? Head and big sis said it’s fine. I’ll do as they said.”

 Like this, we decided to leave my two seniors with the baggage behind and fall down to the bottom of the hole.
 First, the female hobbit thief jumps down the hole with ease a rope in hand as reconnaissance.
 Knopf chanted the aria for a light spell so we could see our surroundings.

“It’s alright! There are no signs of there being anything special”

 After we received Pick’s report we dropped down the hole along the rope one after another as well.

“Alright, Crescent Moon you drop down first. Then it’s Knopf followed by me and lastly, it’s Kitora’s turn”

“I’m fine with it but don’t look up”

“Yeah, be careful. That mister is quite skilled with girls”

 You don’t have to say that to Kitora, Crescent Moon.
 Looks like it’s still because of the matter with Elsa.
 I didn’t want to particularly peek up her skirt anyway.
 I only intended to help her if Kitora might fall.
 Well, it would be something like accidentally seeing it then.

“Stop saying such things. Crescent Moon, hurry up.”
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll go”

 Crescent Moon and Knopf dropped down first followed by me as well.

“Kitora, be careful not to fall down.”

“I know even if you don’t tell me”

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 Aah, this priestess of darkness isn’t cute at all even though she’s so pretty.
 The hole was deeper than I thought, we were 3 metres below the floor.
 It’s all stone here as well――


 The moment I thought that the buttocks covered in black Goth loli clothes fell on top of me.
 I received a direct hit and was staggering but I managed to somehow catch her in my arms.

“Ouch, didn’t I tell you to be careful?”

“Isn’t it your fault for absentmindedly standing there? More importantly how long do you intend to touch me?”

 Then I noticed I was carrying a beautiful girl in my arms.
 She glared at me with a strong-willed expression.

“As I said before, how long do you intend to touch me?!”

 I silently put Kitora down on the floor.
 She sure was soft but I didn’t fall in love.
 Ah, that’s wrong.
 I didn’t do it intentionally.

“Well, fine, let’s move on.”

 It’s not fine at all!
 While one-sided false suspicion was placed on me we started our underground exploration.
 This dungeon seems to be pretty big.

 Unlike the first floor which had a simple structure, this floor was structured like a maze.
 Anyway, I have to continue mapping diligently so that we won’t get lost.
 There were curved passages as well which confused one’s sense of direction.

“Here they come again!”

 As she shouted Crescent Moon cut down a Goblin coming from one of the small side rooms.
 Although it’s just rudimentary monsters like vampire bats and Goblins who appear there are a lot of them.
 Especially the Goblins steadily appear in one to five groups.

“Is there a Goblin nest around here somewhere?”

“Thinking about it, with that many there’s no doubt about that, right? I wonder if Goblins will be our only problem.”

 Crescent Moon answered Knopf’s question.
There are reports that Goblins do not always build a nest alone but there is the possibility of them getting ruled by the higher ranked Hobgoblins or Orcs.

“Please wait a minute”

 Pick sent a gesture to everyone to keep silent then she carefully looked around the corner.

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“……Looks like there is some kind of nest over there”

 After she was looking around quietly for a while she slowly came back without making a sound and gave us her report.

“The passage is blocked by a wooden fence and there are several guards protecting it.”

“Was there anything else but Goblins?”

“As far as I could see there wasn’t anything else.”

“I see, what should we do, Mister? Anything to say about this?”

 Crescent Moon who heard Pick’s words looked at me.
 Mmm, what should we do?

“We’ll be found sooner or later if we stay here. Let’s return for a bit and think about this.”

 We returned to the passage we came from and entered a small side room to work out a strategy.

“We don’t know the exact number of our opponents nor do we know if there’s anything else but Goblins in there.”

 Crescent Moon complained.
 If there was really someone among our opponents who was dominating the Goblins then their movements would be completely different from their usual ones.
 Although if it’s just Goblins they just have huge numbers but if a guy with higher intelligence is among them the risk drastically increases.

“That’s right, huh? I wish we could somehow find out if it’s just Goblins”

“I suppose it should be fine. Though it’s nothing more than my simple guess – -”

 As Kitora started to speak with a thoughtful expression Knopf urged her on to talk.

“It’s fine so please tell us”

“I think this dungeon was made by someone with the intention to draw in adventurers.”

 As she said that Kitora looked into each of our faces.

“Perhaps the centipedes’ and spiders’ purpose was to examine the invading adventurers?”

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“By examining you mean their strength?”

“Right, our competency. So, the ones who cleaned up everything up there either fall down here or come down her intentionally.”

“Then are the Goblins part of this trap?”

 This time Kitora didn’t make fun of Crescent Moon and answered her question seriously.
 That would be the only time when I think about it.

“Of course there’s that possibility. But aren’t Goblins too weak for that? No matter what you say the spiders just now were a lot stronger.”

“Well, if you put it that way, you’re right. Then do the Goblins have another purpose?”

“Yeah, I think so. Well, I thought about it, but- – aren’t they just baits?”

“Baits, you say?! The Goblins?”

 Pick raised a crazy voice.
 Kitora nodded.

“That’s right, bait. Didn’t we go down the pit a while ago? In other word, this space from that floor to the bottom is completely artificially made and one can’t freely come or go. So the creatures in this basement need food to live. If it isn’t Undead that is. That’s the purpose of the bait.”

“In other words, there are stronger monsters down there who eat the goblins to live?”

 Knopf seemed to be able to understand her thoughts.
 But isn’t that strange?
 Even Goblins have to eat to increase their numbers to complete the food chain.
 If they don’t do that the Goblins would immediately become extinct.

“But what do the Goblins eat? If the Goblin’s number doesn’t increase the balance would immediately collapse.”

 As I posed that question Kitora laughed before answering my question.

“Do you think so? But it’s not like that”

“Then what is it?”

“Goblins are thought to have a generally strong propagative power. That’s true but they can’t breed among themselves. As there aren’t any females among them. Therefore they can only increase their numbers through impregnating females of us **** sapiens and our sub-races.”

 A group only consisting out of males with now females in them.
 That sounds miserable but I’m a little relieved.
 But therefore I can’t forgive them attacking females of other races.

“About that, those guys in here weren’t born naturally. Those tribes were created with dark magic. Goblins created with dark magic can only live if they are given dark magical power. Ah, just for your information I didn’t make them!”

“Ehm, well, I don’t really get what you want to say.”

 Crescent Moon was rushing her to get to the point.

“What I want to say is that this dungeon might be made by someone using dark magic. If those Goblins were produced by that guy’s magical power they might keep them as bait for some strong monster down here or something like that.”

“So what you want to say is there isn’t anything else but Goblins there?”

“Well, if I guessed right, that is.”

 I see, that’s a considerably justified reasoning but what should we do?


  1. She means the trap hole Pick discovered 

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