[Vol. 3] Chapter 5 – Phantom

“If there’s something please save us!”

“Head, big sis, if I die I’ll curse you”

 My two senior’s eyes were filled with tears but everyone pretended not to notice it.

“Come on, don’t mess around and hurry up!”

 With Crescent Moon’s heartless words my seniors unwillingly opened the door and stepped into the depth.

“You can go first”

“Hey, don’t push, we should go side by side. Almost always you – -”

 Even in times like this you should get along well, seniors.

“Hey everyone, have you ever fought the Undead?”

 After the seniors went inside Crescent Moon posed this question to us who stayed behind.

“I haven’t. How about Knopf and Pick?”

“Me neither. Don’t they make you feel sick?”

“I haven’t either.”

 Looks like no one fought those guys before.

“What about you, Crescent Moon?”

“In a dungeon. But as one would expect they don’t really give off a pleasant feeling.”

“How did you fight them?”

“Even if I say undead they are divided into Zombie-types which possess flesh, Skeleton-types which only consist out of bones and Wraith- and Evil Spirit-types which have a spirit body.”

“Are the ways to cope with them different as well?”

 Knopf asked Crescent Moon.

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“That’s right. You can attack the Zombie-type with a sword like normal. There are also cases where those guys still had some will left in them. Its looks are kind of bizarre but it’s basically just your run-of-the-mill monster.”

“What about Skeletons?”

“They don’t get much damage even if you cut them with a sword because they are made entirely of bones. Even if you cut it into pieces it regenerates immediately and starts to attack you. There’s this guy they call skeleton soldier, he’s equipped with a weapon and a shield and is considerably difficult to defeat among them. Stabbing them is almost meaningless. You have to either completely wreck it or burn it with fire quickly.”

“Does Fire magic work?”

“Yeah. Fire magic works on both the Zombie-types and the Skeleton-types. The most troublesome are the ones with a spirit body like Wraiths and Evil Spirits. Attacking them with physical weapons is completely meaningless.”

“How about fire magic then?”

 Crescent Moon frowns at my question.

“I think it would hardly do any damage. I don’t know about high-ranking spells, though. Usually, one should attack them with magic weapons imbued with anti-undead effects or Light- or Darkness Magic.”

 As she said so Crescent Moon took out a strangely twisted knife out of her décolleté.

“This is a knife imbued with Anti-Undead attributes. Honestly, this is just a mere consolation. If I would face an evil spirit with just this I would certainly be the one to suffer.”

 Well, of course, if you want to attack it with that you would have approach it until you can hit it point-blank.
 I wouldn’t want to get closer to things like Wraiths and Evil Spirits.

“I see, I can neither use light attribute magic nor darkness attribute magic. I wonder if I can’t do anything.”

 The cat girl Knopf muttered.
 She can use all the other attributes so it’s fine.

“To be honest, I don’t want to have anything to do with the Undead either. They are a pain in the ***, creepy and even if you subjugate them often it’s not even profitable.”

 As I thought, that’s her basis.
 Crescent Moon really likes money.

“I think I would be a little hesitant to defeat them if I think about the fact that they were previously alive.”

 Though I understand Pick’s train of thought if I would act like that I would turn into an undead then.⌈1
 If the Author reincarnates as an undead I don’t have the confidence I would be able to finish the story like that.

“I wonder if you are alright, big bros.”
Pick said this anxiously.
 Even with all, that was said they are still companions after all.

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“Well, it should be fine. Though I said things like that it’s unlikely that the Undead would walk around here like that. And even if they do they can only move slowly. Those guys can do as much as escape, right?”

“Heh, so Undead can only move slowly, huh?”

 As I asked this Crescent Moon answered me with a tone of ridicule for not even knowing that.

“A Zombie running at full speed would be really bad. Well, the only ones who might be able to move quicker would be higher ranked Skeleto–”


 Just as Crescent Moon was talking we hear a scream from the other side of the door.

“Run, run, ruuun!”

“It’s straaaaaaaaange!!!!!”

 While screaming, my two seniors jumped into the room with a desperate look on their faces.

“Head, its coming! Those guys are comeiiiing!”

 Two people with teary eyes quickly took cover behind me.
 Immediately after that one could hear a rattling noise coming from the hallway behind the door.
 It sounded like something was running towards us, a lot of them.

“What, what’s this?!”

 Crescent Moon immediately stood up and pulled her sword.
 I took out my two-handed Great Sword, Crescent Moon held her scimitar (Crescent Moon Sword) in her right hand and in the other she held the Anti-Undead knife she showed us a while ago.
 Knopf had her iron cane and Pick a rapier.

“Sk, sk, skeleton- -”

 At the same time as Bass shouted this a group of skeletons ran into the room.
 They held weapons like maces and swords in one hand and shields in the other.
 There were about ten of them though there might come more from the back.

“They are those rumoured Skeleton Soldiers! Additionally, they are moving fast.”

 Crescent Moon shouted.
 Are those the fast moving, high-ranked Skeletons?
 Additionally I can’t be careless with this many.
 As I was told that Fire magic would work on them I called for the small lizard/salamander Reus.
 Huh, he seems a little bigger than usual but now’s not the time to think about that.

“Bass, Drum, Pick, their weakness is fire. Set fire to some sticks you can find and hit them hard with it. Don’t let them get near Knopf because she can use fire magic.”

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 They always move around together, those three, so they should be able to cooperate with each other.
 Knopf’s magic will be the most effective here.
 Though my fireball would be effective as well but I don’t think I can hit an opponent of such speed.
 I gave up on the fire ball and chanted the aria for the Flame Sword.
 My Great Sword is instantly covered in flames.
 OK, this should be enough to cause some damage.

 Even though the Skeletons saw the flames which where their weakness they stepped forward without hesitation.
 Do they not have a sense of fear? Or rather are they able to see in the first place?
 As they are Skeletons they have no eyeballs, this is kind of mysterious.

 I swung my sword as I thought about such things in the corner of my mind.
 As I tried cutting one body another immediately intercepted my blow with their shield.
 I hastily parried the sword which came cutting from my side.
 Damn it, they are annoying.
 There are a lot of them, they move quickly and they are also rather skilled with the sword.
 I wonder if they were able to use this technique they are using now when they were still alive.

 Next to me Crescent Moon was fighting against several bodies.
 I could see how the ones which got smashed apart by her scimitar returned to their previous form after just a few minutes.
 Even if the magic effect of the knife is proven right its range is too short.
 Crescent Moon seems to have trouble killing even one with this knife.

 In the back they were doing their best while saying things like “Waa” and “Yoou!”.
 Opposing a Skeleton which had a sword with a torch, giving it their all.
 Those seniors were stronger than I thought.

 Goooooh, Baaaaaang!
 Fireballs which Knopf would occasionally throw smashed into a skeleton.
 She didn’t seem to have added oxygen to it in this narrow place but it was still powerful enough.
 As my seniors and Pick were guarding her well she was able to effectively use her spells.

My flaming Great Sword hit my opponent.
 The skeleton got wrapped in flames and collapsed.
 Good, good, their numbers considerably decreased.
 There are only two left, it should be alright now.

“Just a bit more, let’s do this!”

 Crescent Moon blocked her opponent’s sword with the scimitar in her right hand and cut it with the knife in her left hand.
 When I thought I saw something glittering white at that moment her opponent collapsed.
 There are no signs of it reviving.
 Is this the great power of a magic weapon?

 The last one was in front of me.
 I ignored the fact that it was holding a shield and swung down my flaming Great sword down on it with all my might.
 The sword simply crushed the wooden shield my opponent held and cut right into its body.
 The last skeleton was burning down in flames.

 Alright, and there are no signs of more coming out from the back.

“That’s all, everyone good- -”

“What on earth do you think you’re doing?!”

 Just when I was about to praise everyone I heard a sharp voice from behind me. 

 The door leading outside was open and a girl dressed in black from head to toe stood there when I looked back.
 Bishi! She pointed her finger straight at me with a momentum that could have produced a sound.


  1. Meaning if he hesitates to kill them he would get killed 

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