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Chapter 57 – Aether Overproduction Syndrome

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Author: Eltria Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

The Black Dragon Lantern Clinic was a hospital funded by the Black Dragon Religion, and it’s been taking care of me since I was a baby. From regular check-ups since infancy to recently, I’ve been hospitalized after the battle with Auro Rabbit.

“It’s been a while, Leafa.”

The usual friendly nurse and the bespectacled doctor warmly greeted me as I entered the examination room.

“First, let’s have a look at your hands.”

Nervously, I extended my hand, wondering what they were going to do. The doctor’s large hand gently touched mine and turned my palm upwards.

“Hmm, there are still some marks, as expected. No cramps or pain on rainy days?”
“Not at all.”

Thanks to the proper initial treatment, the wound I got when I clenched the fragment of Dark Light had fully healed. Upon closer inspection, the newly regenerated skin covering the scar seemed somewhat pale.

“That’s good. Let’s proceed with the health check.”

Guided by the nurse, measurements like height, weight, head circumference, and chest circumference were taken. It seemed similar to the comprehensive measurements done while I slept as a newborn, as there were detailed records in my medical chart from a while back.

Come to think of it, I vaguely remembered hearing that weight was particularly important for measuring the amount of milk consumed. Measuring head and chest circumference was probably to check the growth rate by comparing their balance.

If this knowledge was correct, then the doctor’s assessment hinted at the possibility that my growth rate was already significantly deviating from the normal range.

Though I had a faint understanding of my own body, undergoing such extensive tests made me worry more about my parents’ feelings. When it came to blood sampling, my mother was particularly concerned and offered to accompany me, but I reassured her that I was fine, having become accustomed to having my blood drawn back when I was Glass, serving as various research materials.

After the blood sampling, they proceeded to take an X-ray using a newly introduced magical device for examining the condition of my bones. While the film was being developed, measurements of the aether produced by the magical organ were attempted multiple times, but only error sounds echoed.

“…Is it so low that it can’t be measured?”

The doctor shook his head as he removed the probe of the magic measuring device, which had been pressed against my navel, in response to my mother’s anxious inquiry.

“The movement of the magical organ seems normal upon palpation. It’s safe to say there’s no problem with aether production itself.”
“Then why—”
“It’s too much. This magic measuring device can only measure up to twenty Magia. This means that there is an even higher aether amount being produced.”

Magia was a unit that represented the amount of aether generated per minute.

I vaguely remembered Alfe producing around thirteen Magia. Seeing the needle of the measuring device swing instantly, I could imagine a considerable amount of generation was taking place.

“The aether amount as a newborn baby was about six Magia. While it’s slightly higher, it’s generally within the normal range. There were no abnormalities noted in the last examination—meaning during the hospitalization.”

The doctor traced through handwritten medical records, indicating the values at that time.

“The change in values occurred at some point between then and now. However, based on the results of tests like blood sampling, there don’t seem to be any significant issues for the time being. It wouldn’t be wrong to say you’re healthy.”
“…Thank god…”

My mother, sitting beside me, breathed a small sigh of relief.

“However, concerns about your growth, which your mother is worried about, still remain.”

Apologizing with a furrowed brow, the doctor presented data such as my height and weight from when I was hospitalized. It seemed they were measured to administer the appropriate amount of medication.

“That’s… oh no…”

My mother, who had read the values from the medical records first, was speechless. Glancing sideways from the side, it was indicated that there was no growth at all between my hospitalization and now.

“Considering the abnormal Magia value, while it’s an extremely rare case, the diagnosis would likely be Aether Overproduction Syndrome.”
“Aether Overproduction Syndrome…”

My mother repeated the diagnosed name weakly.

“Yes. The fact that the aether cannot be measured by the magical measuring device suggests that Leafa is generating at least tens of times the amount of aether as an average person. This vast amount of aether seems to be attempting to maintain the current form of the body… That is the characteristic of Aether Overproduction Syndrome. Even growth is perceived as an abnormality by the body1, triggering powerful self-repair capabilities.”

As the doctor spoke, he gestured for me and my mother to see the just-developed X-ray images from the newly introduced X-ray magical device. While the magical organ emitted a white glow in response to the aether levels, the other areas could be seen without major issues. The doctor directed our attention to the part of the thigh bone.

“We can observe traces of slight growth and traces of it being returned to its original shape on the femur. It’s like leaving very faint rings on a tree trunk.”
“Oh no…”

Mixed with dismay, my mother’s voice conveyed her shock at being confronted with an irrefutable fact. The doctor offered a reassuring smile, looking at me with warmth.

“It’s not all bad, I think. For example—”

Prompted by the doctor’s gaze, I removed the gauze used for hemostasis during the blood sampling. There were no marks left where the injection needle should have been, and even the skin surface that had been reddened by adhesive tape was returning to its original color.

“It would mean that even injuries could undergo super-recovery. Frankly, among cases of Aether Overproduction Syndrome, I’ve never seen symptoms like this.”
“What… could have caused something like this…”

My mother murmured in a voice tinged with sorrow, but I had an inkling.

Most likely, it was the golden light that erupted when I defeated the Auro Rabbit. That exposure probably caused some kind of transformation in this body.

Though it was Aurora’s fault, it’s turned into quite a peculiar physique. Just to be safe, I should express my opinion in case I was used for research purposes.

“…Do I need to cooperate with any research as a subject?”
“No, there’s no need for that. We might ask for measurements as part of longitudinal research, but since it’s a rare case and not life-threatening, that would be all.”

If that was all the cooperation they needed from me, that was fine, as it would be beneficial to have some clues about the condition of my own body. I wonder if it would be useful to create a mecha-use magical measuring device for Arkecius…

“Anyway, for now, there don’t seem to be any imminent abnormalities besides this. We’ll keep an eye on things, and if any noticeable changes occur, I’ll write a referral letter to a major city hospital.”
“…Thank you.”

With the future course laid out, it was implied that the examination had come to an end. Despite her brave demeanor, I could painfully hear the tremor in my mother’s voice.

“I wonder if it’s because I was involved in alchemy research… maybe I inadvertently absorbed some harmful substance into my pregnant body…”
“It’s not your fault, Mother. As evidence, I’ve been growing without any issues until now, haven’t I?”

I shook my head as I looked into my mother’s regretful eyes. Even though I couldn’t tell her the whole truth, I didn’t want to make it her fault. The thought of how much she would blame herself if I did was unbearable.

“And besides, I don’t feel any discomfort at all. And this body might even contribute to the advancement of new medical knowledge. Please don’t worry.”
“But, the cause…”

As my mother seemed on the verge of expressing more regret, the doctor spoke up this time.

“There’s a possibility that the magic beast that attacked Leafa was an unknown. During the examination, I thought it might have looked like due to a child’s fear, but I find it hard to believe that a wise girl like her would fall into such confusion.”

Adjusting his glasses, the doctor stared into my eyes. I chose to remain silent, waiting for his next words.

“…You’re very calm. You’re a good child who cares for your parents.”
“Thank you. Your words will surely reassure Mother as well.”
“Leafa… You’re truly a strong child. Just like Rudra.”

With tears welling in her eyes, my mother hugged me tightly. Thinking it would be good for her, I also wrapped my arms around her back.

“It’s thanks to Mother and Father. The immediate issue is that my body isn’t growing, but as you know, my intellect is developing normally, so there’s nothing to worry about, Mother.”

Near my ear, I heard the faint sound of her sniffing. She must’ve been desperately trying not to cry.

“Thank you, Leafa. In times like these, it’s my responsibility to stay strong, yet here I am…”
“I understand my own body the best. I swear that nothing that would cause Mother to despair has happened.”

If I were to try to remedy this abnormality in my body, alchemy would be my only option. However, considering the possibility that it might involve forbidden research, following the doctor’s advice might be the best course of action.

Well, well, it seems that when it involves the goddesses, nothing good happens. I just hope I can somehow alleviate my mother’s worries2.



  1. Robinxen: So…… they’re smol forever?
  2. Silva: Well, well, look at what you’ve done, Goddess. You’ve inadvertently made her an immortal!
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