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Chapter 54 – Goddess Descent

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Author: Eltria Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

Confirming that she spoke my name, I became convinced that the other party was indeed a goddess. The calm and gentle tone reminded me of Aurora, the goddess I met in that hall of reincarnation.

“Yes, that’s correct. I have descended to the surface using this little one’s body. You may refer to it as Auro Rabbit.”

Without denying or confirming my guess, Aurora responded with words that could be interpreted as either a joke or seriousness. It seemed that the enlarged Chateau Rabbit had been named Auro Rabbit after her.

“…So, what is this about? Have I committed some taboo? I’ve tried to live ‘normally’ so as not to repeat the failures of my past life.”
“Taboo… right…”

Aurora murmured hesitantly. As I had researched beforehand, it seemed that even Ars Magna did not touch on any taboos.

“…If I were to say, perhaps it’s the fact that you were born retaining memories due to Fortuna’s caprice?”

Despite feeling relieved for a moment, Aurora uttered something unbelievable and pushed back.

“However, that is not your fault, Glass. Therefore, let us end this current existence and prepare a new vessel.”

A trembling voice of denial echoed in response to the terrifying thoughts of the goddess. Whether it was anger or fear, I couldn’t tell. But the strong feeling of refusal supported me.

“I promise you a happy life this time. There’s nothing to worry about.”
“…I’ve had enough of being manipulated by your circumstances. What will happen to my parents if I die?”

As a result of my reincarnation, a different life that should have been born to that couple has been disrupted. They’ve been dragged into this mess because of me. For me now, the couple, Rudra and Natal, were undoubtedly Leafa’s biological parents and irreplaceable individuals. I’ve only just realized that.

“As for that couple, they will be fine. Initially, they will grieve as humans do. It’s sad when a child dies. However, if you provide them with a replacement life, their sorrow will eventually heal.”

In a tone reminiscent of a soothing lullaby, Aurora expounded her philosophy. Is this what was considered the compassionate words of a goddess?

“…That won’t solve anything. I will live as myself. I refuse to let my life be manipulated according to your wishes.”
“It seems we’ve encountered a complication after finally finding you. Perhaps I should have disposed of you when you were still a baby.”

The Auro Rabbit scratched the air with its forepaws, extending its sharp claws. In response to its aggressive stance, I tightened my grip on the control stick.

“And you call yourself a goddess? It’s incredible how someone could come up with such cruel ideas.”
“That’s from the human perspective. It’s just a passing point in the cycle of long-lived reincarnations1.”

Aurora’s voice echoed, growing louder. Along with it, the Auro Rabbit continued to enlarge, surpassing Arkecius, reaching a length of about five meters.

chapter 54

“It won’t go as you wish.”

Sensing the impending battle from the enlarging Auro Rabbit, I pressed the detachment button on Arkecius’ right arm, dropping it to the ground. Then, I retrieved the drill arm from the backpack on its back using the left arm and equipped it, keeping some distance.

“Then, I’ll have to make you listen by force, Glass!”

The Auro Rabbit’s claws swung down sharply like a ceremonial axe. I instinctively jumped to the right with Arkecius, avoiding the attack. The impact of the Auro Rabbit’s blow gouged the ground where Arkecius had been, sending stones flying and raising a cloud of dust.


My vision obscured by the dust, I attempted to create distance using the vernier thrusters, but it was too slow.


Hidden in the dust, the Auro Rabbit swiftly closed the distance. As its menacing eyes loomed large on the screen, Arkecius was struck by its powerful charge, sending the machine flying.

“gh… ha…”

I slammed my back against the cockpit, momentarily breathless. There was no time for screaming; even my panting breaths carried the scent of blood.

“My apologies. I misjudged the distance.”

It was troublesome that despite its enlargement, the agility characteristic of the Chateau Rabbit remained intact.

“I’ll make sure to finish you off next time.”

I raised Arkecius while gazing up at the Auro Rabbit. With Arkecius standing at three meters tall and the Auro Rabbit towering at around five meters, there was no chance of winning a direct confrontation due to the vast difference in size.

If I were to have any chance of victory, I had to exploit this unfavorable situation and strike at the enemy’s weakness. My only weapon was the drill, so my best shot was to pierce the Auro Rabbit’s heart with it—there seemed to be no other option.

Fortunately, the Auro Rabbit seemed to prioritize height for its viewpoint, standing on two legs, making its weak points easier to target. But simply approaching with the vernier thrusters would likely result in being swatted down by those claws.

“There must be something. Anything…”

I gritted my teeth and scanned every corner of the screen. I needed to use anything available to create an opening, while both Arkecius and I still had the ability to move.

“Shall I take the gamble?”

I spotted a patch of desertified wasteland slightly below our current position. Leading the Auro Rabbit there could potentially create an opening.

“Focus, Leafa.”

Reminding myself, I pressed down on the foot pedal and raced towards the sandy terrain.

“Running is futile, you know.”

As expected, the Auro Rabbit chased after me. However, this time it approached with leisurely steps rather than a sudden rush. It seemed like a bad joke that a Chateau Rabbit, originally prey, had grown to such size and was now pursuing me. But it was clear that Aurora had full confidence in her superiority.

As the machine sank slightly into the center of the sandy area, I realized the sand was deeper than anticipated, a fortunate miscalculation.

“So, this is where it ends. Understood.”

I could sense Aurora smiling through the Auro Rabbit. I poised my hand over the vernier thruster button, waiting for the right moment.

“Let’s finish this in one strike.”

The Auro Rabbit swung its right arm just like before. Its sharp claws extended fiercely, aiming directly at Arkecius.


As the Auro Rabbit’s strike descended, I maneuvered the machine slightly to the right and simultaneously increased the output of the vernier thrusters. Amidst the swirling sand obscuring my vision, I rammed Arkecius into the Auro Rabbit with all my might.


Despite Aurora’s cry, I paid it no mind and drove the drill straight towards its heart.


The Auro Rabbit screamed, blood gushing from its chest. The sheer volume of blood, staining its distinctive white fur in moments, told me I had dealt a fatal blow.


“…You’ve really done it now…”

Aurora’s blood-red eyes widened, her voice sending shivers down my spine.

“…The drill!”

Simultaneously, the drill that had been piercing its chest began to spin uselessly, unable to move any further. The blood-soaked white fur around the wound began to tremble as if alive, and the area around the injury started to glow with a golden light. Then, the unbelievable happened.


The golden light covered the Auro Rabbit’s wound, and flesh began to bulge out from within, pushing the drill out. Before I could react in shock, the hind leg of the Auro Rabbit kicked me, sending me flying.

“Ugh! Ahhh!”

Instinctively sensing danger, I activated the vernier thrusters, halting mid-air. Both mentally and physically shaken, my mind was in disarray.

“What is going on…?”

The wound on the slowly rising Auro Rabbit had already healed completely. Not only that, but the white fur, soaked in fresh blood just moments ago, had returned to its pristine state.

“It’s quite simple. The mana of light governs regeneration… And the source of light mana is us, the goddesses.”

Aurora responded with elegance, her composure fully restored.

“Don’t tell me… you’re immortal?”

I repeated the question to buy some time, desperately trying to formulate a plan.

“That’s not entirely accurate. However, by human principles, one cannot destroy a god2.”

Before she finished speaking, the Auro Rabbit leaped forward, closing the distance to the front of the Arkecius in one bound. Without hesitation, its sharp claws pierced through the cockpit hatch.


The door was flung open, allowing the outside air to rush in. The impact threw my body into the cockpit.

“Now, come out quietly.”

“…I refuse…”

As I tried to get up, pain shot through me. Something had shattered during the impact earlier, and the Darklight crystal I had placed had broken, its shards scattering.

Instinctively, I grasped the Darklight crystal and returned to the pilot’s seat, slowly pushing the Arkecius back.

“…Think. Think…”
“Let’s give you a little time. Use it to consider your next move.”

Whether she heard my murmurs or not, Aurora issued her final warning in a gentle voice. Her words reminded me of something she had said earlier.

‘I used this one’s body to descend on the surface.’

“I see, it’s ‘Divine Possession’!”

Aurora was controlling this Auro Rabbit from the celestial realm using aether. Darklight, the crystal of dark matter, had the power to absorb aether. Maintaining the enlarged Auro Rabbit would consume a significant amount of aether. If it were to leak out, she would lose the ability to sustain its size.

Luckily, the Darklight was in my hand. The crystal had cracked in half during the impact, but it was a fortunate turn of events.

“I have decided, Goddess…”

With the drill of Arkecius, I pierced the ground beneath me, burying the legs of the machine, then looked up at the Auro Rabbit.

“It seems like you hit your head too hard. Such childish antics—”

The Auro Rabbit, aligned with the buried Arkecius, began to charge on all fours.

“I’m serious… Arkecius, please…”

I exerted force on the pedals, keeping Arkecius’ center of gravity low. With both drill arms spread wide, I positioned Arkecius to intercept the oncoming Auro Rabbit.

“Ahh… Ahhh!”

The Auro Rabbit collided with Arkecius. It was a powerful impact, but by using the vernier thrusters to provide the machine with thrust, I managed to somewhat absorb the blow.


Without a moment’s hesitation, I leaped out of the cockpit and onto the head of the Auro Rabbit.

“Glass, what are you–!”

Clutching the shard of Darklight, I thrust it into the Auro Rabbit’s skull.


Ignoring the pain as the shard sank into my hand, I exerted all my strength. In the next moment—


Aurora’s voice was cut off, and the Auro Rabbit erupted with golden light.


I was engulfed by the swirling golden light, thrown from the massive form of the Auro Rabbit and crashed to the ground.

Before my eyes, the body of the Auro Rabbit withered away rapidly. I could only watch in stunned silence.



  1. Silva: This goddess is a lunatic, she’s been alive for so long she forgot what is compassion
  2. Robinxen: Yeah well, we’ll see about that. As long as it’s alive, it can be killed, even a god.
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