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Chapter 48 – Outside the City

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Author: Eltria Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

As we ventured outside the city on Arkecius, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much greener the surroundings had become than when I was Glass.

Back in my days as Glass, the areas outside the cities in this world were quite desolate, so witnessing this progress in greening the environment brought about a sense of deep emotion.

Alfe, who had recently visited Porpoise City, continued chatting as usual. It was curious how relaxed she seemed sitting atop the three-meter-tall subordinate unit, even if she could use levitation magic.

“…Aren’t you scared, Alfe?”

I tried speaking through the loudspeaker installed for communication with Alfe. Her voice quickly returned through the pickup microphone installed in Arkecius’s head.

“I’m having fun because I’m with you, Leafa.”

Alfe’s smiling face appeared on the visual display in front of me. From the tone of her voice and the expression on her face, it seemed like she was genuinely enjoying herself. It still amazed me how Alfe could find everything fun as long as she was with me.

“That’s good to hear.”

Having confirmed Alfe’s well-being, I scanned the surrounding area once again. In the distance, I could see intercity vessels passing through the forest that Alfe had likely traveled through on her way back from Porpoise City.

While the area before the forest still showed signs of desolation, it had significantly greened. During my time as Glass, many lands had been turned into toxic swamps or barren wastelands due to attacks by demons and other dark forces. Each time, I had to relocate my atelier. But now, with Arkecius in my possession, perhaps I could visit Glass’ atelier once again.

It’s hard to believe that the city ravaged by that poison would return to its former state in about three hundred years.

Perhaps out of consideration for me, Alfe stopped chatting and began humming a tune. It sounded somewhat like a song I had learned in the basic education classes at St. Salaius Elementary School, but I couldn’t discern it well. While I never had any interest in singing or listening to music, I didn’t find it bothersome either.

Until today, I had always wondered why people enjoyed singing so much. But now, I didn’t question it. In fact, listening to Alfe’s humming seemed to help me concentrate on piloting Arkecius, distracting me from the ambient noise around us. Perhaps listening to songs or music could improve work efficiency.

As we moved from the desolate land into the shrub area and further into the forest, Arkecius strode along. The intercity vessel I had spotted earlier continued on toward Porpoise City, disappearing beyond the dusty horizon. Fortunately, there were no signs of large creatures like the magical beast within our visible range, allowing us to move safely closer to the forest.

I had prepared combat drills just in case, and I had heard that my father and the others were patrolling this area, so the chances of encountering a massive magical beast were extremely low. However, once inside the forest, the risk of encountering them would inevitably increase, as it was known to be their habitat.

“Alfe, we’re about to enter the forest. Are you really okay with this?”
“Yeah. No matter what happens, you’ll protect me, Leafa.”

If anything were to happen, I had planned for Alfe to use her levitation magic to get to a high point while I dealt with any threats. That seemed to be her interpretation of it.

“Of course. I’ll take full responsibility for keeping you safe, Alfe.”
“Hehe. Leafa, you’re like a prince.”
“A prince…”

Well, hold on a second. While my previous incarnation as Glass was indeed male, Leafa was a girl. This struck me as slightly odd, so I decided to ask Alfe about it.

“…Do you call girls ‘princes’ too?”

It seemed like she hadn’t thought too deeply about her earlier comment, as Alfe began to consider it seriously.

“…Well, princes usually have to do with birthright and stuff, so it might be different… Oh! For me, you’re always a hero, so maybe ‘hero’ is better?”

Glass was recognized as a hero after death, wasn’t he? This coincidence was amusing.

“That’s an interesting perspective.”

I had intended to give a casual response, but my genuine thoughts slipped out. Upon hearing my answer, Alfe beamed with delight.

“Hehehe, yay! Leafa, please always be my exclusive hero.”
“As long as that’s what you wish, I’ll make sure it stays that way.”
“We’ll always be together, Leafa1.”

Alfe responded with a dreamy voice, swinging her legs on top of Arkecius. Her gesture indicated that she was extremely happy. While I couldn’t quite grasp what was so great about it, Alfe’s feelings warmed my heart. If I had known such feelings when I was Glass, perhaps my life would have taken a different path. Ironically, being “executed” by the Goddess led me to experience this now.

—The Goddess.

In a sudden moment, thoughts of the Goddesses flashed through my mind.


Just then, Alfe suddenly stood up on top of Arkecius and exclaimed loudly.

“What’s wrong, Alfe?”
“I see a geyser over there. It looks like there might be dark matter! Over there, by that dead tree.”

Following Alfe’s directions, I maneuvered Arkecius.

“Alfe, just to be safe, put on your gloves and goggles.”

Alfe unpacked the supplies from atop Arkecius and put on the gloves and goggles. With her hair tied back and the goggles on, her slightly pointed ears, reminiscent of her elven heritage, became visible.

Alfe may face struggles in hiding what doesn’t need to be hidden, but to me, she’s still Alfe. Her Pure Eye and her ears, I think they’re simply wonderful. I knew it was not the time to discuss that, but I couldn’t help but look at her.

If only I could see dark matter like Alfe can, how wonderful would that be…


Lost in my thoughts, I heard Alfe’s sharp voice.

“What’s wrong, Alfe?”
“Something’s coming…”

Although I couldn’t see anything, Alfe probably sensed the movement of aether. Describing it as ‘coming’ likely meant it was a magical beast.

I halted Arkecius and observed the withered tree in the forest, our target destination. Within moments, the trees rustled, leaves scattered, and a small magical beast appeared before us.

“A Bloodtail…”

A Bloodtail was a small, bipedal magical beast characterized by a crest-like vocal organ on its head. It had blood-like reddish-black scales, sharp claws on its legs, and typically lived in groups of around five. This individual, measuring just under two meters in length, was likely the leader of its pack.

“Grah! Graah!”

It seemed like we’d encroached on its territory, and the Bloodtail was issuing a warning with its distinct cry. If it’s here, there must be a concentration of dark matter nearby. Whatever Alfe was seeing was definitely dark matter.

“Alfe, fly up high.”

Alfe levitated using her floating magic.


The Bloodtail emitted a surprised sound, focusing its attention on Alfe. Meanwhile, I pressed the detach button on Arkecius’s right arm, dropping it to the ground. Then, I retrieved the drill arm from the backpack on its back with the left arm and attached it.



  1. Silva: If she can still say that after she enters her rebellious stage, she’s a keeper
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