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Chapter 67 – Past Life Trauma

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Author: Eltria Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

As the lunch break came to an end, Alfe and I went our separate ways to our respective elective classes.

“Starting today, we’ll be moving on to topics related to homunculi,” announced Mr. Lionel.

Following that declaration, he began explaining the overview written in the textbook.

“Homunculi are artificial beings created approximately seven hundred years ago by the alchemist Albion Paracelsus. Albion created these artificial beings as ideal human resources, but the details and circumstances of his research remain undisclosed.”

The contents written in the textbook aligned with Mr. Lionel’s explanation, but based on my knowledge, homunculi were supposed to have been born as a byproduct when Albion, in his later years, engrossed himself in the study of immortality. It seems that history has been tampered with by the hands of the goddess, making it appear as if Albion developed them as human resources.

In other words, the study of immortality is taboo.

Given the suspicious deaths of Albion and the researchers surrounding him, and the altered history being narrated as the natural truth, it could be inferred that Albion was also executed by the Kamut.

“In this class, we’ll be covering homunculi, a field of alchemy that has been researched with the aim of ‘mass-producing ideal human resources.’ About two hundred years ago, during the Third Holy Emperor War, the Empire’s army, facing unfavorable circumstances, deployed homunculus soldiers as suicide weapons, resulting in significant casualties. This later sparked the homunculus human rights issue, leading to restrictions on the production and possession of homunculi by the Verse Treaty, an international law.”
“Mr. Lionel!”

The textbook contained illustrations depicting the gruesome scenes of the Third Holy Emperor War. Amidst the solemn atmosphere of the classroom, a high-pitched voice rang out.

“Lyle, do you have a question?”
“Yes. Does that mean we can’t possess a homunculus?”

The one raising his hand and asking the question was a boy named Gutenberg. Apparently his name was Lyle Gutenberg.

“No, you can. If you pass the alchemist qualification exam, you’ll obtain the ownership rights1. There are special, first, second, and third-class exams for alchemist qualifications, but since this isn’t an alchemy-specialized school, the highest you can take is the third-class exam.”

I see, so even during our enrollment, we could obtain ownership rights by taking the exam. It was a good question coming from the Gutenberg kid.

“What class are you, Mr. Lionel?”
“Of course, I hold a first-class qualification.”

As Mr. Lionel responded to the girl’s question with a soft smile, cheers erupted from various parts of the classroom.

“Mr. Lionel, you’re so cool!”
“…But there are always higher levels to strive for. I haven’t reached Grande yet.”

Since the Grande title was still around, my true ability would be classified as special class in modern terms. Anyway, during middle school, I’ll be stuck in third class regardless.

“If you’re determined, you can all challenge and obtain it during your enrollment. By the way, the exam for students of this school is held only once a year, in October.”

Speaking of October, there are only three months left. Would taking the exam this time attract too much attention…?

“Now that I’ve answered your questions, let’s continue learning about the process of homunculus creation,” Mr. Lionel gently halted the whispers and guided the students to the next step. With six years of experience, he seemed to exude a similar authority to Ms. Anais.

“What is primarily needed for the production of homunculi can be broadly categorized into three things. Firstly, a cultivation tube for breeding, secondly, the magical culture fluid known as Amnios fluid, and finally, the genetic information serving as the base.”

Amnios fluid was a liquid used in the field of biological alchemy for cultivation. It aimed to reproduce magically and scientifically the functions of amniotic fluid in the uterus of viviparous animals, providing physical protection for the homunculus within the liquid, protection against bacterial and viral infections, temperature regulation, as well as supplying nutrients and managing metabolism.

The textbook contained illustrations of homunculi submerged in Amnios fluid, and everyone stared at it with earnest eyes. From those illustrations, I couldn’t help but associate them with Glass’ copies.

“… They can’t breathe in this, right?”
“Idiot, babies are in the same state before they’re born, right?”
“Sharp observation. The Amnios fluid contains a very high oxygen content, allowing for liquid breathing by filling the lungs.”

Mr. Lionel picked up on the whispered conversation and provided further explanation. Since the textbook naturally omitted such details, other students began jotting notes in their notebooks.

“…As for the genetic information serving as the base, it doesn’t involve creating humans, so there’s no need for fertilized eggs or embryos. While blood is mainly used, during the Third Holy Emperor War, which sparked the homunculus human rights issue, there was controversy over the use of the remains and fragments of the deceased due to their efficiency and high success rate.”

Perhaps imagining something from the preceding grim scenes, a low growl could be heard from Gutenberg.


As I dwelled on thoughts of Glass’ foster father, I felt terribly nauseous. The man who had only seen Glass as a ‘material’ for homunculi must have intended to use my brain as well.

Having grown accustomed to peace, I had completely pushed aside why I had been so concerned about homunculi. The trauma from my past life, unexpectedly unearthed, gnawed at me to the point where I couldn’t even focus on the subsequent lesson.

“…Leafa, are you okay?”

After class, Mr. Lionel approached me with a smile and asked quietly, so only I could hear. Apparently, I must have looked quite unwell.

“…It’s nothing… just imagined something from the past…”
“Like Alfe, you also have a vivid imagination, don’t you? Today’s discussion was straightforward about humanity’s foolish and tragic past.”

Thanks to Gutenberg’s question, he fortunately misinterpreted my circumstances. In passing, I managed to grasp the content of the lesson, which I hadn’t paid attention to.

“No, it’s not your fault, Mr. Lionel. That discussion is necessary to prevent us from repeating the same mistakes.” It was also necessary to avoid touching upon the taboo of the Kamut again.

“Thank you. By the way, Leafa, do you plan on taking the third-class alchemy certification exam?”

I couldn’t understand why he suddenly asked me that, so my response was delayed.

“You obtained the Dark Matter handling qualification when you were in elementary school, right? I thought that if you also have this qualification early on, you won’t have anything holding you back in the future,” Mr. Lionel explained.

Indeed, that made sense. I should consider it.

“Thank you. I’ll discuss it with my mother.”

It was convenient to have a mother who was an alchemist at times like this. As I expressed my intention to consider it like a child, I heard Alfe’s footsteps approaching hurriedly.


As expected, Alfe arrived. She chose magic studies at Ms. Anais’ request. It seemed today’s class ended early for her.

“Mr. Lionel too, look at this! I made it with magic!” Alfe said, showing me a deep blue crystal ball.

“Take a good look at it…” Alfe held the crystal ball with both hands and closed her eyes.

“Twinkling stars, gather in my hands―”

As Alfe began chanting the projection magic, a night sky with stars appeared inside the crystal ball.

“Wonderful, Alfe.”

Both Mr. Lionel and I couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration at the beautiful night sky and stars appearing in Alfe’s hands. The starry sky projected by Alfe into the crystal ball not only had stars floating, but occasionally shooting stars streaked across the sky, showing changes moment by moment.

“To achieve all this with just the basics of projection magic…”
“I wanted to show Leafa the shooting stars. With this, doesn’t it seem like all sorts of wishes could come true?”

Alfe smiled at me, beaming. That smile seemed like a ray of light, like salvation, to me right now.



  1. Robinxen: That… I mean sort of makes sense… it still leaves a weird taste in my mouth… I’m not sure how I feel about the whole “making a thing to die in 20 years” part honestly. But then pet animals are like that too anyway? Is that the same thing? Autsim.exe has stopped working.
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