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Chapter 34 – The Power of the Pure Eye

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Author: Eltria Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

The afternoon class began with magical engineering. To avoid contact with other students, I left the cafeteria a bit later and returned to the classroom.

“Is the next class also about creating formula boards?”
“I hope we can make fairies again, Leafa. I want the two of us to do joint work.”

Joint work, huh? If I supplemented Alfe’s desired creation with my knowledge, we might be able to create something quite ideal. It might be easier than making a cheap-level slime.

The next magical engineering class involved hands-on work, and we were instructed to move to the workshop.

As I gathered my textbooks, notebooks, and pencil case, Alfe, looking like she was on the verge of tears, started anxiously rummaging through the drawers and bag beside me.

“What’s wrong, Alfe?”
“I can’t find my textbook…”

The magical engineering textbook was Alfe’s favorite. She liked it so much that she brought it even on days without classes, so there was no way she could have forgotten it. However, despite searching together through bags and desks, and even as the bell announcing the start of the class rang, we couldn’t find it.

“… What’s wrong? It’s time to move to the next classroom.”

Passing by, Teacher Anais calls out to us, who remained in the classroom. As Alfe lifts her gaze, her eyes are on the brink of tears.

“She can’t find her textbook. But I’ll lend her mine.”

Even if someone had intentionally hidden Alfe’s textbook, being late for class because of malice wouldn’t be the right course. For Alfe’s sake, it’s better to avoid such a situation.

“Let’s go, Alfe.”

I pulled Alfe’s hand and urged her, but she shook it off in opposition.


It was an unusual reaction from her. Usually, even if reluctantly, she’d agree to follow me. It was the first time she resisted and shook off my hand.


Alfe seemed surprised by her own actions. Something must have bothered her quite a bit. It would be best to have a proper conversation about it.

“What’s wrong, Alfe? We’ll be late for class.”

Trying not to show too much concern, I asked Alfe in as calm a voice as possible. Alfe just lowered her head and shook it from side to side.

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“…I don’t wanna…”

With eyes filled with tears, Alfe muttered weakly. It was clear that something was different from the usual atmosphere, but I wasn’t sure what would be the best course of action in this situation. At the very least, giving up on heading to the classroom without being late seemed inevitable.

“…Alright. I’ll help too.”

Teacher Anais, without asking for the reason, offered to assist in searching for the textbook. Even in this situation, her attitude of respecting the autonomy of students was apparent.

“Hey, Alfe. Did you not want to share the textbook with me?”

As I checked the contents of my desk and bag just to be sure, I asked Alfe.

“It’s not that… it’s because…,” Alfe hesitated, and then finally burst into tears.

“…Hic… because…, I put the formula board I received from you in it. So…”
“Oh, I see.”

I knew she cherished that formula board a lot, but it didn’t occur to me. In that case, there should be a way to find it, and the problem could be resolved quickly.

“If that’s the case, why don’t we trace the flow of Aether?”
“The flow of… Aether?”

It seemed my intention wasn’t communicated well to Alfe. It would probably be more child-friendly to ask Teacher Anais for an explanation rather than trying to explain it myself.

“Right, Teacher?”
“You noticed it well. That’s correct. Though it might be faint, there’s a high possibility that the spellcaster’s Aether is still present. With her Pure Eye, Alfe should be able to see through it.”

Formula boards operate by channeling Aether to activate what’s inscribed there. The formula board I gave Alfe should have traces of both my and Alfe’s Aether.


Alfe finally realized and blinked.

“Can you do it, Alfe?”

Alfe stopped crying, calming her breath. Regaining composure, she opened her eyes wide and carefully scanned the classroom.

“Over there.”

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Alfe pointed to the shelf in a corner where cleaning supplies were stored. It seemed that Alfe’s Pure Eye accurately reflected the flow of Aether.

“Here it is.”

I opened the door to the cleaning supplies, but I couldn’t see Alfe’s textbook within my sight.

“…There it is, Alfe.”

Following Alfe’s guidance, Teacher Anais reached up to the top shelf and found the textbook for magical engineering.

“Thank you.”

Alfe held the textbook to her chest, a relieved smile on her face. The teacher nodded and, looking at Alfe seriously, continued.

“No problem, I’m glad we found it. I will strictly warn everyone so a similar situation does not repeat.”

Afterward, Alfe and I moved to the workshop with the teacher.

We arrived at the workshop significantly late, disrupting the class that Teacher Lionel had started. However, he understood everything when Teacher Anais brought us in. Teacher Lionel interrupted the class, yielding the podium to Teacher Anais, and the workshop fell silent.

“Rather than demeaning others, strive for your own improvement. Life is finite. You’re still young, and even if you can’t comprehend or acknowledge it, it cannot be helped.”

She politely spoke about their current foolishness.

“If you want to turn back, now is the time. We, at least, do not seek students with such intentions. If you choose to continue, appropriate measures will be taken.”

Teacher Anais smiled gently. Despite being a person delivering a reprimand, the expression was oddly mismatched, yet it carried much more persuasive power than displaying anger.


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