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Chapter 60 – Family Contribution

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Author: Eltria Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

Though it was slightly later than planned, my mother resumed her work as an alchemist to coincide with my enrolment in middle school. The reputation of being a skilled alchemist apparently still held, as news of her resuming work spread, and the very next day, requests for her services flooded in.

“Everyone seems to have a lot of requests,” my mother murmured as she organized the orders that arrived first thing in the morning, her eyes sparkling with happiness. Resuming work must be a good opportunity for her to reclaim her own time.

It was amazing that she dedicated herself to me for twelve years since I was born. Grateful once again for the immense amount of love she poured into me, I tidied up the dishes after finishing my meal. I returned not only the dishes I used but also the seasonings like salt and pepper back to the cupboard.

My mother finished reading through the orders and stretched her arms toward the ceiling. Knowing how diligent she was, I could only hope she wouldn’t push herself too hard to meet everyone’s expectations.

“…Mother, I’ll take care of the dishes,” I said as I wrung out a cloth to wipe the table.
“Thank you. That’s a big help, Leafa.”
“I’m becoming a middle school student now, so it’s only natural. Also…”

While I would like to offer more help, assisting with alchemy might be a bit much. It was safer to stick to household chores.

“What about lunch, Mother?”
“Well… We have some supplies in the magical fridge, so I’ll drop by to make it.”
“Thank you. Understood.”

Though I obediently backed down, judging by her tone, she probably intended to make lunch for me. Once Mother went to the atelier, I should plan for lunch. Since we had supplies, I might as well prepare something for dinner too.


Thinking my mother was heading to the atelier as she stood up from her chair, I was startled when she suddenly called my name.

“If anything feels different than usual, don’t hesitate to tell me.”
“I’ll be fine, Mother.”
“…Hmm. Alright then…”

Her smile seemed somewhat forced, suggesting she was still worried about my health. I felt perfectly fine, and once the new semester started, I could have Alfe use her Pure Eye to check on me. This was something that would need to be conveyed over time through actions rather than just words.

Even though I hadn’t come up with a solution yet…

If I kept it in the back of my mind, a good idea might come to me eventually. While soothing my anxious feelings that it was impossible to do something right away, I opened the door of the magical fridge and began checking its contents.


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