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Chapter 73 – Artificial Life Creation

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Author: Eltria Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

The creation of a homunculus could be categorized into three main components.

Firstly, there was the cultivation vessel, the test tubes. Secondly, the magical culture fluid, the Amnios fluid. And lastly, the genetic information forming the base.

Right now, before me sat a cultivation test tube filled with Amnios fluid mixed with my own genetic information, blood. The vessel was connected to an oxygen inhalation magic device, powered by a small aether tank, supplying oxygen into the Amnios fluid.

As I watched the oxygen bubbles slowly rise within the vessel, I meticulously inscribed the homunculus alchemical circle onto the floor. Using magical ink, I carved the circle, ensuring it remained clear and intact. The first thing I drew was the fundamental technique of ‘Human Transmutation,’ which defined the human form of the homunculus. Based on this technique, the homunculus defined by genetic information was born within the cultivation vessel and began its growth.

Since it typically took about 2-3 weeks for completion, to ensure growth during the winter break, I added the formula of ‘Growth Acceleration.’ Doubling the growth rate would result in the completion of a girl-type homunculus in approximately one week.

Next, essential was the intelligence to be imparted to the homunculus. Although the body was prepared, the homunculus was completed in an innocent state. While it was possible to educate them like humans, it was inefficient, so in modern times, it was recommended to implant minimal knowledge during transmutation.

Usually, abilities were imparted one by one, but I required immediate efficiency. Therefore, leveraging the memories from my previous life, I decided to attempt ‘Transcription.’ I had no intention of revealing this secret to anyone, but for a homunculus pledging absolute loyalty, it was a different matter.

I added the formula of memory transcription to the human transmutation circle I had drawn.

«Memory Transcription: Synchronization Subject: Leafa Naga Rjuna»
«Reference Items: Education, Common Sense, Language Proficiency»

Completing the alchemical circle formula on the homunculus side, I drew the formula of ‘Designated Synchronization Subject’ on the back of my left hand. This should have initiated synchronization between the homunculus creation and me simultaneously.

By the way, the magical ink, with its strong adhesive properties, wouldn’t come off without a specific removal agent, so it posed no issue for daily life.

Basic intelligence was handled without any issues thanks to the transcription, so the next step was enhancing combat abilities. My primary goal in creating the homunculus was to protect myself and my loved ones. For that purpose, it had to be the strongest weapon and shield.

I maximized skeletal strength, muscle strength, dynamic visual acuity, and reflexes, while also improving flexibility, cellular activity, natural healing ability, aether adaptability, mecha adaptability, and spatial awareness.

To ensure it could withstand my aether influence, I also enlarged its magical organ. Additionally, I needed to suppress emotions of anger and fear so it could face threats calmly.

After incorporating all the necessary formulas, I gazed at the test tube.

While the alchemical circle remained inactive, there were no noticeable changes in the Amnios fluid. Just watching the bubbles rise in the tube and imagining the homunculus floating there sent shivers down my spine.

“…If I let this continue, I’ll end up with another me.”

And since neither the homunculus nor I would grow, it would be quite eerie. Considering it would always be by my side, I should carefully consider its appearance.

However, I’ve never been particularly concerned about appearances, so I couldn’t settle on a thought. For now, I decided its gender would be the same as mine, but what about its size?

While being large would be advantageous in combat, it might be intimidating when standing together, so perhaps smaller would be better. As for physical capabilities, they should be enhanced by the alchemical formula, and if they’re lacking, I could address it later.

Next, its hair color should be different from mine. White hair with red eyes seemed fitting. For its facial features, I’ll try to make them as charming as possible to appeal to Alfe.

It’s a field I haven’t been particularly interested in, but upon reflection, it’s quite amusing to differentiate between myself, Alfe, and the homunculus. Back when I was Glass, I would have decided on a whim, but now, considering Alfe’s and my parents’ reactions, I found myself getting caught up in details like facial features and lips. Before I knew it, six hours had passed.

Although it had already become night, I was satisfied with the highly detailed alchemical formula I had created.

However, I had delved into such detail that activating the alchemical circle would require a vast amount of aether consumption. Trying to activate such a nonsensical amount of information in the circle would typically require bringing at least thirty top-notch mages, but that wasn’t a problem for me now.

Kneeling on the floor, I placed my palms together at the beginning of the human transmutation circle. As my aether reacted to the alchemical circle, golden aether spread throughout it, visibly manifesting like that of the goddess Aurora, radiating a divine aura.

Generate: Homunculus

In response to the incantation, the alchemical circle glowed red, and the blood flowing in the Amnios fluid seemed to pulsate with a will of its own, gathering at the center of the test tube. In the next moment, it transformed into a small mass of flesh, barely the size of a pinky fingernail, and began to pulse.

“…Even though it wells up endlessly, using this much aether at once is quite exhausting.”

Due to the doubled growth rate, the embryo in the test tube was gradually taking on the form of a fetus1.

“Now, all that’s left is to wait for it to grow…”

Nevertheless, it would still take a week for it to be completed. Although keeping an eye on the homunculus’ development every day seemed like a hassle, it was starting to become somewhat enjoyable.



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